Mark Zuckerberg Takes Daughter Max for Her First Swim: ‘She Loves It!’

01/24/2016 at 03:05 PM ET

Mark Zuckerberg‘s streak of cute candids with his daughter continues!

The Facebook founder shared a photo Sunday (on Facebook, of course) of him and Maxima in the water together.

“Max’s first swim,” he captioned it. “She loves it!”

Mark Zuckerberg with daughter
Source: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Zuckerberg, 31, has shared a string of sweet moments since his daughter’s birth in November, including reading to her alongside his wife, Priscilla Chan, and snuggling with her just days after her birth.

The couple also created a baby time capsule for their daughter, and Zuckerberg wrote at the time, “A few weeks before Max’s birth, Priscilla and I took a morning to reflect and record our hopes for her and all children of her generation. It will be deeply meaningful to show this to her one day.”

Max’s arrival prompted them to give back, too, when Zuckerberg and Chan created the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and pledged to donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares toward the advancement of human potential.

“Your mother and I don’t yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the future. Your new life is full of promise, and we hope you will be happy and healthy so you can explore it fully,” the couple wrote in an open letter to Max.

“You’ve already given us a reason to reflect on the world we hope you live in.”

— Adam Carlson

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Just a Duck on

Hope he’s on vacation somewhere. It’s in the 50s in Palo Alto!

Ginger on

I love this couple and their sweet little baby. How wonderful that there are kind, good people still left in this crazy world.

Meg on

Such a sweet baby.

DaddyMark on

He may have screwed those twins out of their FB money but he sure seems to be a good dad!

Liz on

Hey Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, this is how a REAL parent (and CEO) behaves, not insisting on being back at the helm 12 hours after birth.

Sam on

So cute she is able to swim even she is a toddler.

guest on

Liz, you are something else. It’s none of your business how someone decides to parent. Neither are abusing their children or doing anything illegal. Mind your own business. So tired of comparisons and people slamming others who don’t share their thoughts………………

VZ on

Aww a sweet picture.

Karen on

She is such a cute baby!!! Love that family.

drgrady on

It’s so adorable to see how in love he is with his baby girl!

Yaya on

He seriously needs some sun and some chest wax lmao

Maxima is so pretty. I hope they don’t pressure her to be an over achiever and will love and accept her even if she doesn’t want to be the one who brings world peace lol Like if she grows up and wants to be an artist or (like Laurence Fishbourne) a porn star lol

I have a lot of similar views on parenting as Zuckerberg/Chan but at the same time I know that my dreams may not be the dreams of my children-no matter how righteous or noble they may be. They will be their own person and make their own decisions regardless- it’s our job to educate and guide them as much as we can without stifling their own talents and dreams.

nvs on

So cute! Those chubby legs in a swimsuit are adorable! My husband started taking our son swimming when he was only a few weeks old and he is still a water baby at 13! 🙂

Sara on

Fatherhood looks so good on him! I love it!

melissaklausler on

That’s not a lake, it’s a heated black-bottom pool.

Julie on

What a sweet baby. She’s beautiful.

Wonder Woman on

She is simply perfect! So beautiful and I love her chubby legs 🙂

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful little baby!

bar on

Nice kid too bad her dad is a Bolshevik dickhead

Anonymous on

She is so cute!

Jamie on

I love seeing Father’s completely smitten by their children. You can tell she is his world as will be any other kids Priscilla and He have. It’s really sweet.

digal704 on

He seems to have embraced fatherhood with gusto! It’s so beautiful to see them together. Love the pictures he continues to share!

jewels1972 on

@JustaDuck: Don’t you imagine with his money he would have at least 1 luxury INDOOR pool?!?? smdh

Kanhaiya Raghu on

“Cute & nice” innocent blessed baby in relax mood in the safe hands. KanhaiyaRaghu

Qt on

Love the cute swimming suit she is wearing!

Anonymous on

Nothing about the picture indicates whether he is in an indoor or outdoor pool. He may or may not have an indoor pool in his house…or he could be at a fitness club or any number of places you can be in an indoor pool 😉 that isn’t what the picture is about.

For any parent who lives near or is around water often swim lessons from a young age are very important! I highly recommend Infant Swim classes. They teach your infant/toddler to turn on their back and float, even with all of their clothes on, in case they fall into a pool. It saves lives!

Anonymous on

Mark is such a rich guy, he could afford a swimming pool in his backyard.

Sigh on

The baby looks nothing like him.

ZZ on

Is she closing her eyes? LOL

meeeee on

I know this should be about the kid, but …. $45 million and he can’t do anything about the farmer tan?

meeeee on

I know this should be about the kid, but …. $45 billion and he can’t do anything about the farmer tan?

Christina on

It’s so refreshing to see someone known as a businessman fully embracing and honoring the importance of parenthood and their child. He definitely has his priorities in the right place.

KL on

That lil baby is just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Aww their daughter is so cute!

NBA on

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