Jana Kramer’s Blog: The Baby’s Coming Any Day Now – No Really, She Is (Just Hopefully Not During This Snowstorm)

01/22/2016 at 09:30 PM ET

Jana Kramer is pregnant!

The 32-year-old country singer/songwriter’s latest single, “I Got the Boy” has been certified gold, is sitting at No. 5 on the country charts and has been named one of the best songs of 2015 by the New York Times, as well as Rolling Stone. Her new album, thirty one, features 11 tracks, six of which Kramer co-wrote. Stream the record here.

Before moving to Nashville, where she lives with her husband, former NFL tight end Michael Caussin, and their three dogs, Kramer was an actress, playing Alex on One Tree Hill and guest-starring on Friday Night Lights, Entourage and 90210.

The couple wed in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May and are now expecting their first child — a baby girl! — in early February.

Kramer can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @kramergirl.

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Wearing hubby’s camo to play in the snow – Courtesy Jana Kramer

Well, it’s finally here. Everyone warned me of this time, that the last few weeks will be the longest and it’s so true. I feel like the days are creeping by.

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

I have been going to my weekly dilation checks and every time I’m more and more dilated, which is only making me more anxious. The last time we went in to the doctor, we were told any day now.

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

I’m starting to have contractions, but unfortunately they go away. Some are more intense than the others and I wish they would be more regular, but I know “any day” they will be.

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Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

My husband has done a really good job with trying to keep me occupied. Yesterday we went to get leg messages, raided Target and just to prove I’m extremely bored, we bought Legos.

It has come to that, ladies and gentleman! Haha

But honestly, I’ll do anything to keep me occupied.

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

As far as trying to kick start labor, I have tried everything! I mean everything — from squats all day long and working with my trainer Erin Oprea (she’s also trained my friend Carrie Underwood!), to walking the stairs in my house while my dogs look at me like I’ve lost my mind.

I’ve tried pineapple, spicy foods, and of course other more fun stuff I can’t type, but people say it’s supposed to work. 😉

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

I wish I could say my nausea went away. It hasn’t. And it has honestly gotten worse.

I continue to wake up every night and have to eat Frosted Flakes to calm my stomach and the frequent trips to the bathroom are just as annoying!

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

But I can honestly say just knowing our little baby girl is inside of me makes it all worth it and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Having said that, it won’t be right away. I need my time with wine again.

Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

My husband and I are so beyond anxious to meet our girl. We have our hospital bag packed, nursery completed, all her clothes washed, car seats in, and our hearts completely open to have stolen.

I wish I could say when it will be, but I’ll just hang on to my doctor’s last words of “any day now.”

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Jana Kramer pregnancy blog
Courtesy Jana Kramer

So here I am now, staring at another Lego house to build and watching it snow outside. We are getting hit with a major storm in Nashville. If she is a diva, she will come today when the whole town is shut down.

Come on little girl, we are ready for you!!!

— Jana Kramer

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Jax on

She is so cute pregnant.

DaisyMoon on

Wishing them the best…

(Thought her ex was hot…THIS husband is way hotter)

Tee on

Ach, bless her! I know when you’re nearing the end of a pregnancy, all you really want is to have your babe in arms. I imagine it’s even more so when you’ve been so nauseous through the whole thing. But I genuinely pray she doesn’t rush the process along artificially. Unless there is a problem, it’s best to simply let things unfold. First time babies often come late, no matter what natural measures you take to get contractions going steady.

Be patient and hang in there, Jana. You’ll have your daughter soon enough and I can’t wait to hear all about her!

Ruby on

Babies come when they are ready. And I wish doctors wouldn’t say this “any day now” stuff because it is just disheartening when you go past 40 weeks.

Anonymous on

Hope she comes soon! But hopefully after the snow has cleared up some so that they can have a safe drive to the hospital 🙂

I agree with Ruby though, I feel bad for the first time moms whose drs always seem to tell them once they hit 36/37 weeks, “any day now”…last Sept they told my sister-in-law that at 35 weeks….she went 2 days overdue and she was miserable at the end

blessedwithboys on

Jana, stop trying to force nature. She’ll come when she’s ready.


RN - nurse on

Have your Dr. swipe your membranes. I know it sounds like a science project (lol), but it works and is completely safe! If you’re already contracting and are effaced at all, a swipe of the membranes should have her out without 48 hrs! Better than having to get induced. Good luck!