Elsa Pataky Works Out with a Stroller – and a Toddler: There’s ‘No Excuses’

01/20/2016 at 07:45 PM ET

Elsa Pataky is finally revealing how she keeps her fabulous figure in shape while balancing mommy duties.

Chris Hemsworth‘s wife shared a new Instagram video utilizing a stroller in her workout regimen — all while her son bopped around.

“This post is for all the busy moms who quit doing some exercise as they think they don’t have free time and the little they have is devoted to their children,” she wrote in a new post for her Glamour Spain blog.

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The former model, 39, said there’s “no excuses” for moms when it comes to fitting in fitness, and detailed ways to incorporate workouts into everyday tasks.

“I think it is fantastic any time we take up to everyday tasks to engage it in our little ones, it is actually the best thing we can do,” she wrote in translated English. “But I am going to teach some exercises you can do while you are walking outdoors with your children.”

The mom of three — India Rose, 3½, and twins Sasha and Tristan, 22 months — explained ways to incorporate both a child and a stroller for simple fitness moves that “work out your abs, legs, buttocks, arms.”

She added, “I assure you will enjoy them and so will they.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Meena on

No gym, personal trainer or chef needed to have a fairly decent body. Everybody can do something. It’s just a matter of wanting to.

Guest on

Exercise is healthy, we all know that. But why does she feel qualified to give other mothers advice?

Lee on

I think her point is, if you want to be healthy or work out, using the fact that you don’t have a gym membership or that you have kids is really an excuse and that you can find a way. Again, it has to be something you really want or any obstacle can be your excuse for not trying. I’m just lazy, therefore any excuse works for me!

Stephanie on

Must be nice to be able to walk outdoors for a nice stroll with your children right now. Some of us don’t live in California so this is practical for about half the year for me. Also, how many hours does she go to work each day? Good for her for maintaining her health and fitness. She looks fantastic. I get that we all should. But she is not someone that should be comparing herself with the average mom who is leaving the house at 6am and returning at 6pm to deal with dinner, homework, etc.

Poppy on

She might have a shred of credibility – if she hadn’t had extensive plastic surgery on her body.

warath on

She’s working out with ONE child of her three, obviously she has help. I can work out easily with one child. When all three are home, not so much.

nope on

no excuses is such smarmy crap.

i love to exercise and cant go too many days without it.

but this girl is required by her profession and her studly younger husband to stay thin and fit.
if she worked the night shift at 7-11 things might seem different.

Anonymous on

When you don’t have your beds made, meals cooked, nannies watching your other children, and your house cleaned when you get home from the park…,then talk.

mims on

I will never understand why actresses feel the need to make these type of comments. Tips about how to multi task to fit in a work out at the same time is welcomed. However making little digs at other mothers is not welcome! Are they so rich and entitled that they don’t remember what it’s like to actually work a 8 hour job then come home and have to function without a nanny or personal cook. These woman are delusional.

Katie on

She can afford to do that because she has nannies not like most regular women have to work full time for a living.

Courtney on

I do find it amazing that she has 3 under 4 – that’s a major commitment even with help. Working out is important to her but not most other people. I never felt better once I stopped working out while pregnant and switched to being active (cooking, cleaning, regular relaxing walks with my family and playing games with my son). Soooo much easier and more fun!

Anonymous on

I agree with her! You do not need to have money, nannies, cooks etc! I get up before my kids & exercise every morning. Check out Kayla Itsines exercises and you can too. Most of America is just plain lazy! Full of excuses.

Irish on

Well it’s 18 degrees here for the next couple months so I’m not taking my 20 month old out in it, no matter how much this woman feels it is an excuse lol. What a flake she is. And her child looks thrilled that his mom is ignoring him to squeeze in some push-ups. I get out and play and walk plenty with my child during the warm months, and I am far from fit. So screw her! Oh yea I also take care of my household and hold down a job all without help too. If I have extra time, it’s either spent with my child playing his games, teaching him, or picking up extra hours at work to pay my bills I am behind on….not spent working out. She is a delusional celebrity! She ha no clue how regular people live!

Xia on

She is delusional to think average people can do what she is doing. She has help, nannies and money, not having 9 to 5 job. Also you don’t need a gym or personal trainer to have a decent body, you can do anything at sometime.

Wow on

My problem is how she actually thinks she can comment on whether other mothers reasons for not working out are valid? Mothers should support each other and frankly this just seems condescending.

mer on

I’m not a mom, exercise regularly and am fairly fit – yet I see this remark as higly arrogant. “No excuses?” Some moms don’t have the support stuff, the money and nothing else to do.. How about going to work, then home to take care of the family, house, elderly and sick relatives..

excuses on

I hate this “no excuses” crap. It’s all about women shaming other women and it’s bullshit. She can do whatever works for her. But I have three kids under five, work full time, and have cancer. I’d like to see her have a single round of chemo and then talk about “no excuses”.

amber on

I make time to workout too and do physical activities with my young kids so I’m in pretty good shape so I kind of get her BUT I’d never post something like this on social media. It just seems judgemental and rude.

Damaria Senne on

I think her recommendations could have been framed differently. So now, instead of busy mothers hearing””here are some options for you to consider” they hear a message that judges them. Pity, because the audience it was intended for – busy mothers who don’t exercise – won’t hear it and the mothers who do exercise and feel like her will applaud. Preaching to the choir, I think.

CJ on

I could care less what she thinks. Now pass the pizza.

Ash on

I’d rather hear this from someone who doesn’t have 7 nannies, a rich husband, job paying her millions to look pretty, the ability to hire trainers and a chef. From Elsa? Piss right off – time for another plastic surgeon’s visit.

Lauren on

She has different schedule from most working women, on giving advice to regular full time jobs holding moms to do work out like hers are delusional. You don’t need a trainer to have a fit body. You can do any simple exercises at home or somewhere.

Rebecca on

I have depression and anxiety and getting out of bed is a huge challenge for me sometimes. I do my best to not be too hard on myself, but comments like “no excuses” really hurt and oversimplify the situation. I know there are so many other moms in the same boat.

I think Elsa (and some other people on here) should be thankful that you don’t have mental health issues and resist the urge to judge other people in relation to you. Everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about.

Tanya on

She does have a fabulous figure, she married a rich husband probably helped her to have the resources to keep her to have a fit body such as nannies , don’t have to work and having more free time than most of the people to do exercises.

Arlene on

Wow – Judgmental much – most moms don’t have the luxury of what she has.

Anonymous on

What a bunch of picky snarky excuse laden hens there are in every motherhood related article. I saw the video on facebook and didn’t know she was famous (the link didn’t have her name). I thought the exercises were cool, figured I could incorporate many of them into my daily routines. Its nice to be reminded if there is a will there is a way. If you WANT to be fit / thin / athletic there are NO good excuses, you either make time for it or you dont. She didnt say look like me or you’re a slob, exercise or you’re lazy etc.

I have no nanny, Chris Hemsworth isnt my husband, no chef, no millions , no nip and tuck options so I don’t feel the need to compare myself with her flawless well-earned figure. If you’re pissed at what she said you must be guilty of making up excuses.

Clair on

Here comes the excuse brigade!
She has a cook, trainer, good weather, free time, etc, etc.
None of that does a sit-up or breastfeeds. There are some things only you can do for yourself – that’s her point.

The fact is that it has become something of an alibi for women to stop doing ANYTHING once they have a kid. They can’t work out or cook or take up a hobby or bathe – there’s an excuse for everything. I think it started when the women who decided to leave their kids somewhere else when they returned to work were sore from being judged and they took to the manta that “working moms can’t do it all so we have to be kind to ourselves and do what we can”. In other words, if you don’t finish your job or do something well then blame it on the kids! Late for work 3 times a week because your kid is slow? Not your fault! How dare your boss get mad?? Don’t wear makeup or have sex with your husband – how dare he feel put out? You have a BABY.
Yet women have been having babies for countless millennia (not 7k years, religious people. We have Chinese pottery older than that) and they did it all. Women had babies in the field and didn’t stop working. Women had 8 kids and ran the farmhouse with all the hands needing meals. Women managed a whole lot more with a heck of a lot less conveniences like washing machines, ovens, baby gear and toys.
We have to stop using the excuse that women keep falling short and that’s OK. No. It isn’t. If you can’t manage your life then you need to stop procreating immediately. This woman is excercising and she has a toddler AND TWINS. In America, that means she doesn’t have to shower or return a text for 7 years.
Yes, I had kids. No, I stayed at home to raise them. While I did, I ran a non-profit for other mothers and went to college at night. I had my kids a few years apart so I wouldn’t always have a baby and devoted my time to them and the time when the baby was asleep to,doing everything else. I didn’t watch the Kardashians. I didn’t play Candy Crush or stalk people in Gacebook or look at pictures on Pinterest while complaining to all of my girlfriends.
Expect more from yourself and, if you don’t think you can do it all, don’t put yourself on the path of failure. Don’t have 6 kids. DO live.

anonymous on

Kudo to her for having a great body!

Zox on

She is kind of rude to give advices to average working moms since she is not a working mom.

Amama on

Of bugger off Pataky, you are rich and naturaly thin and probably have a cook and a nanny that allows you personal time to get all your other shit done. No excuss eh, how about the excuse of running a home business, raising toddlers, keeping house, planning meals, and having literaly not one second in the day to do anything but run to get all the stuff done and feed the babies.

Volly on

Um she is so judgemental and delusional.

Anonymous on

She’s dating Thor… what do you expect her to do, get fat?