Chrissy Teigen Reveals the Maternity Style Tips She Got From Kim Kardashian West: Always ‘Go Stretchy’

01/20/2016 at 08:30 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen is looking to a seasoned pro when it comes to her maternity style: Kim Kardashian West.

The model reveals in InStyle Australia‘s latest issue that Kardashian West has given her advice in the fashion department.

“She told me to go stretchy,” says Teigen, who is pregnant with her and husband John Legend‘s first child — a girl.

“I always wanted to be the person who showed off the bump because it looks beautiful and I think you should embrace it. Kim does that well and I love seeing that belly of hers and I know Kanye does too — we’re lucky to be with men who find pregnancy sexy.”

Chrissy Teigen InStyle Australia
Steven Chee

So what are her new closet staples? “There’s this one Wolford tube dress that you can fold a million different ways, you can make it a skirt, a this, that,” Teigen explains. “I bought it in every color, in small, medium, large, in anticipation of the entire process, so I have, like, 45 of them.”

While Teigen’s embracing her new curves, she contends it’s difficult circumventing her cravings for what’s ultimately healthy.

Chrissy Teigen InStyle Australia
Steven Chee

“With me, it’s always been a tough balance — when I work out I can eat whatever I want, but I come from a family where we blow up really quickly; so does John,” she explains. “It’s like we have a bad weekend and you can tell. So we are really conscious of having a nice balance.”

The 30-year-old says she’s ready for the new addition, but she and Legend just have to settle on a name first. “We change the name every day, basically,” she admits.

Chrissy Teigen InStyle Australia
Steven Chee

While searching for the perfect moniker is high on their to-do list, designing the ultimate nursery for their newborn daughter is not.

“Nurseries have always been silly to me because everyone always wants them to be so beautiful and so perfect, but this thing is just going to barf everywhere and poop everywhere,” Teigen says.

— Lindsay Kimble

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rubyovertherainbow* on

I wouldn’t take any advice from Kim Kardashian.

heather on

Why is her hand on her vage in the first picture?

Anonymous on

She looks gorgeous!

Marsha on

Bothers me a bit that she refers to the baby as “this thing” – she’s done that a few times…? Odd for a new Mom to be jaded like that.

Guest on

She is still so tiny they made her pose like that so people would know she’s pregnant. Why not wait until 8 or 9 months so they don’t have to photoshop the belly lines? These shots are so strange and awkward.

elegant gypsy on

Yeah, right! Like that stupid beige dress Kim is wearing alongside another pregnant friend in another article on this site! Kim’s style is so tacky: Her company should be named TRASHY, for her style.

Sandy on

Word to the wise…..NEVER do anything that Kim Kardashian does…!!!

amyinoaktown on

I wouldn’t be taking any fashion advice from KK…she totally doesn’t know how to dress for her shape, and most of the stuff her husband picks is UGLY and unflattering!

What???? on

Taking fashion advice from Kim K. is comparable to taking medical advice from a witch doctor.

Mandy on

She looks adorable, there’s no denying!!!

Observer on

Taking advice from Kim K is like getting an endorsement from Sarah Palin.

What on


Pork Chop on

Chrissy…..KK has to do stretchy cause her fat azz has no choice. Even her Spanx buckles under the pressure.

Taking advice from her is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.

Lolita on

Second or third time she’s referred to her baby as a “thing”. Not surprising, seeing that she takes advice from Kim Kardashian.

Lol on

Lol, she thinks Kim’s maternity style looked good? She has awful taste then. Kim wore regular clothes that were never intended for pregnancy bodies and compounded it by trying to squeeze into clothes two sizes too small. She looked like a potato more than once. Wear maternity clothes, they stretch where you need them too.

Anonymous on

She looks fantastic on the cover magazine, that’s for sure!

Robin on

I wouldn’t take maternity fashion advice from Kim. She’s had two pregnancies and didn’t know how to dress. Especially since she said Kayne basically dressed her the second time around.

Stacey McRae on

She annoys the HELL out of me!

Ali on

Don’t take advice Kim K . She so ugly and your fashion is so better

Anonymous on

Love the dresses, especially the polka dot one on the last pic. Very nice and classy.

Bimba on

Love the dresses, especially the polka dot one on the last pic. Very nice and classy.

Anonymous on

I don’t think KK has a good taste of maternity dressing style. She could get advice from many other celebrities moms but not from KK!

Anonymous on

She definitely wears it better than Kim did!!

Becca on

She looks better than Kim. She’s stunning!!!

kitkat on

KK doesn’t have good taste in anything, before, during or after pregnancy! Any husband that allows or encourages a wife to expose her body in public doesn’t value her as his beloved @ all because those private things are supposed to be for his eyes only!

Sally on

Here’s a suggestion, wear a bra. Now is not the time to go braless. Don’t sag those things to your belly button like your friends are

Mare on

Kim isn’t the one to be giving out maternity fashion advice, or any other fashion advice.

Cecile White on

You’re really going to take advice from someone who looked horrible during their pregnancies by squeezing into stretchy non-maternity clothes that made her look like a stuffed sausage about to pop? Chrissy has a much better body than Kim so if she insists on wearing stretchy, I’m sure she can pull it off much better.

Anonymous on

Kim is lumpy.

Deborah on

What a moron she needs tips from mommy dearest. Hope she doesn’t need parenting advice as well.

jewels1972 on

Chrissy, expectant moms who wear loose clothing aren’t doing it to “hide their bump”. They are doing it to be COMFORTABLE. Of course we are proud of our “bumps”; it has nothing to do with being ashamed of anything!! But who wants to wear tight, restrictive clothing when you’re already feeling bloated & uncomfortable anyway? Dress for comfort!! Plus the whole world doesn’t really like seeing every roll & protrusion burgeoning out when you’re stuffed into your outfit like a dang sausage!! You can still look good & be sexy without painting on your outfit. Like I said, do yourself & the world a favor – ignore Kim K. & DRESS FOR COMFORT!!

julie on

45 dresses? Could she be more frivolous and inadmirable?????

and it seems she copied that unfortunate topknot too.

Kim’s “pregnancy” style is nothing. Try emulating Meryl Streep’s pregnancy style. Try emulating Susan Sarandon’s.

I don’t think the fundus is beautiful. It’s just what is. I found it uncomfortable myself.

Valarie on

That had to have been a meeting of the minds between those two…

Raidergirl926 on

She’s such a attention whore!! Go away already!!


I hope she has a safe delivery & healthy baby, but for goodness sakes, she’s almost as bad as the Kardashians-Jenners. I’m sick of seeing her face & comments everywhere.

Amy on

Kim should be the last person giving advise, unless you’re into sausage casing.

harry on

Another dumb ass!

Sista Gurl on

@jewels-AMEN!I was 5 10 125lbs didn’t look like I had a baby next day in military in Cali. I had no desire to wear tight uncomfortable clothes just to brag how small I was but then I didn’t need to use my pregnancy to stay relevant! BOOM!!

Teresa on

I am happy for her but I honestly cannot tolerate her. Lip Sync Battle is a fun show but I cannot watch it because of her. She is just an extremely annoying person and obviously not very smart if she wants to emulate the woman who detests being pregnant and spent it looking like a sausage in a casing.

Whatever on

Well any pregnant woman can look lovely when they have a stylist and someone doing their hair and make-up for a magazine article. Lets see what she looks like in the privacy of her home with no make-up, her hair in a ponytail and wearing baggy sweats. LOL! BTW, taking fashion advice from Kim K?? My CAT has better fashion sense…..

Anonymous on

She is emulating KK on maternity dresses!

VP on

I’m happy for her but don’t think she needs fashion advice from Kim Kardashian.

Vaz on

Yay she looks adorable.

Anonymous on

She is a stunning lady! Congratulations to them!

Sunny on

Apparently Kim told her to flash her boobs.

Star Dust on

Did I read right, fashion advice from whom….

AF on

Forget about Kim Kardashian, she has good fashion sense herself.