Kate Hudson Brings Her Adorable Sons as Her Dates to the Kung Fu Panda 3 Premiere

01/16/2016 at 05:35 PM ET

Just call them Kung Fu kids!

Kate Hudson brought along two very special dates to the Los Angeles premiere of Kung Fu Panda 3 on Saturday: her sons Ryder Robinson, 12, and Bingham Bellamy, 4.

Kate Hudson with sons Bingham and Ryder
Todd Williamson/Getty

Hudson, 36, held her blond boys close as they posed for sweet family pictures on the red carpet. The trio appeared to have a fun time walking the red carpet, laughing and goofing off with each other and Hudson’s costar Jack Black, who also brought his son along to the premiere.

Kate Hudson with sons Bingham and Ryder
Vince Flores/Startraks

Ryder’s father is Hudson’s ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham’s dad is the actress’ ex-fiancé Matthew Bellamy. Although Hudson doesn’t often bring her sons to Hollywood events, she shares plenty of sweet pictures of them on her various social media accounts.

Last summer, for example, the “cool mom” posted a video on Instagram of her and Ryder dancing side-by-side to “Trap Queen” — but noted that she’s still not ready to let her “preteen” have his own Instagram account!

— Andrea Park

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dee on

Aww Bingham is so cute!

Librababe on

Aww, they’re both so precious! I haven’t seen a photo of the oldest since he was a little kid with long hair. This is adorable.

msliftbig on

I’m guessing they have no clue what a Trap Queen is or she probably wouldn’t be letting her son listen to it!

skigirl25 on

Of course she did! I was a great photo opportunity.

Looking Good on

Kate looks fabulous. Her boys are absolutely adorable. She seems to be a great Mom. Good for her.

Jaimie on

She looks terriible in the top pic and she is supposedly still under 40. Compared to Halle Berry or JLo she is aging horribly. Most white woman just don’t age as well. Oh my. She is done!

Mazda3 on

OHMYGOSH! I Didn’t realise how much her older son looks just like her when she was a kid (you know before she filled out/had plastic surgery.) Bingham definitely takes after his father. Spitting’ image that one 🙂 Both kids are precious. Hope they had a gr8 time!

Carolyn on

Someone commented that she looked old, cigarettes will do that to you.

Just a Duck on

What happened to her face?

Billie burris on

Where is the oldest son, Nick?

Nik on

Wow- she looks old- she’s a smoker- white woman age bad?
How about all of you post your pictures!!

By the way I’m white (thank GOD) and have aged graciously. I can’t wait for all the comments!

haha on

Not all white women age bad. Her skin at 36 is giving white girls a bad name. Don’t smoke ladies!

mary on

Her boys are adorable. Kate seems to have aged a lot recently. She looks more like 40 rather than 36. Still pretty though.

semcrae on

They all look disheveled and Kate is looking very unwell.

lynn on

Her oldest is tiny for 12!! Wow.. my 11 year old is at my ears innheight!!
She looks rough and the youngest is cute.

JR on

So much work done to her face! The tip-off: she’s starting to not look like her mom anymore.

Anonymous on

@Jaimie…learn how to spell. And post your pic please.

Erica2 on

My god Kate looks haggard! What has she done to herself she looks sick! Ryder is growing into a handsome young man he was so homely as a little boy bing is just too adorable! kate really needs to stop whatever she is doing she looks horrible normally she is the definition of California cool but she looks almost 20 years older overnight she looked terrible at the golden globes leave the joe bro alone he is sucking the life and looks out of her! Black don’t crack unless their on crack! Thank God I have chocolate skin!

Guest on

Exactly what a mother should do. Spend time with their children.

Sue on

Geezzze… give the little guy a haircut…annoying hair in face, but cute kid.

guest on

They’re so cute! Ryder looks just like when she was younger

chloe on

Aww, the little guy looks just like her! Sweet!

Dajoka on

awww her boys are really cute.

Vol on

Her boys look so cute, the younger one needs haircut though.

Anonymous on

Wow! Ryder looks so much like his grandpa Bill Hudson!

Sue d on

I’m sorry that dress she is wearing looks like something my granny wore 30 years ago. And perhaps all kids are somewhat cute but I really don’t think hers are. Maybe it’s cool these days to have every kid from a different dad…maybe I’m old fashioned.

Anonymous on

Um the younger son so much looks like her mother.

Shawna on

Billie burris – She doesn’t have another son, what are you talking about?

Cathy on

Aww her sons are so cute.

sososad on

Poor Ryder. Getting into that awkward-looking-kid stage. Don’t worry, honey, your mom has a GREAT doctor!

anonymous on

OMG her younger son looks so much like her mother, only the hair is little too long.

Karen on

Kate and I are 1 month apart in age and our kids are a few months apart and she looks far older than me as of recent….my mom and I watched the golden globes together and we gasped when she spoke because you could see the labial folds of the face from the nose to the smile start..it’s all injections like her mom. It looks like it’s pretty fresh so it hasn’t settled yet. Definitely botox too on her shiny forehead. Too bad she felt the need to do that to her face 😦 It makes all us other 36 year old moms feel like it’s a must, I have always been told by my maternal members “grow old gracefully, don’t even hide the gray hair it’s a sign of your wisdom just like your stretch marks were a sign you giving life to a child”. That’s how I live. How do these celebs not have stretch marks??? I had zero until the 28th week then boom, purple marks. Her kids look a lot like each other which is adorable, I’m glad Bing doesn’t look like his dad and looks more like Kate 🙂

Vol on

She seems a very nice person and her kids are cute.