Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Travel in Style to Visit Ice-T on Set in Chicago

01/15/2016 at 07:45 PM ET

Coco Austin and daughter Chanel are taking over the world one city at a time.

The mother-daughter duo traveled to Chicago this week to visit husband and father Ice-T on set of his show Law & Order: SVU where he has been filming the highly anticipated Chicago P.D. crossover special.

During the trip, Austin, 36, gushed about her baby girl on Instagram, sharing several photos of the 6-week-old traveling in style for her first getaway.

“Leaving Chicago… This how we roll,” the model captioned a snap of the pair at O’Hare International Airport on Friday.

Coco Austin Chanel Chicago
Courtesy Coco Austin

I love visiting the Chicago PD set but they are such long days

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Austin showed off her post-baby figure in a red and black print T-shirt and jacket with a pair of slimming leggings. Chanel could be seen peeking out of her mom’s black wrap carrier wearing a pink bow on her head.

While the family trip was well-documented on social media, with a previous post showing Chanel resting on her mother’s chest in the car.

The former model assured fans she’s safe when driving the baby around writing, “Oh and for people that are wondering this little girl has 5 car seats!! Were just snuggling.”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Yasmine on

Baby doesn’t appear to be positioned correctly in the sling – her chin should NOT be down!

Babywearing is a wonderful way to transport baby, and bond, but only if it’s done safely!!’

Ice T Fan on

Very beautiful baby girl. Congrats

Julie on

Happy for her. The baby is beautiful.

Kyndra on

She is adorable!!!

Holly on

Beautiful ! Nothing wrong with being a proud mom.Coco.looks great!

Monkeyfox on

I love this couple. Mom hood looks damn good on Coco. I bet she’s going to be such a fun and hilarious mom.

Anonymous on

no! no chin to chest! please don’t put your baby in a sling like that until they are bigger. if you want to use the wrap, that’s fine, you can have them vertical facing you tummy to tummy, but no chin to chest unless you want their lips to turn blue!

Lynne on

no! no chin to chest! please don’t put your baby in a sling like that until they are bigger. if you want to use the wrap, that’s fine, you can have them vertical facing you tummy to tummy, but no chin to chest unless you want their lips to turn blue!

Chicago mama on

Carrier is worn totally wrong you should be able to kiss the top of their head at that age. Totally unsafe

Bea on

Hope they were in a private jet to protect that precious baby from viruses like whooping cough. Pediatrician told my daughter not to take her baby on a plane for 4 months. Too many germs.

Meek on

And people give the Kardashian’s crap for being attention wh0res….whatever….

j on

doesn’t matter if she has 50 if the kid isn’t in it.

Pam on

UGH! Baby is NOT a fashion accessory. Plush sh isn’t wearing her right, that careless positioning could kill her.

Anonymous on

I love her and Ice T. They are going to be such fun and loving parents.

Mom of 3 on

Wow! How in the world did so many children live to see another day without all the wonderful people’s snide advice and nasty comments?
Back the f@#k off, quit giving out unnecessary advise to people not asking for it, and let this first-time mother learn like you and every other mother did. I guarantee none of you were put under a daily microscope and continously criticized when you had children. Coco has a mother and sister that gas had children. Let her get the advice from family, not you horrendous bystanders with nothing better to do!

Monkeyfox on

It’s so true that babies die daily by being carried in the wrong position. SAID NOONE EVER. How in the shit did I survive without my mother having the internet to tell her how to keep me alive. You are ridiculous.

Monkeyfox on

How did we ever survive without internet moms telling us how to hold babies. Give me a break. She’s a loving mother and isn’t going to KILL her baby by holding her “wrong”. Jesus. I love Ice and Coco. Congrats!!

Marge on

For the people complaining, shut up!! I grew up in a time where station wagons that normally fit 5-6 people the normal way fit up to another 3-4. I’m here, we’re all still alive. And so is Coco’a daughter. First the negative comments are she never carried the baby and now they’re how she’s literally carrying Chanel. Leave her alone!!

Anonymous on

Cute photos. I know you all have heard this but to repeat for new parents, the first few months are actually the easiest to run around with your kiddo, it does get much harder between 9 months and 2.5 years, just my opinion of course, but early they just sleep and eat and you can haul them anywhere,but from 8 to 9 months on they are BIG and need so much more stuff and can be SO loud… but by 2.5 or 3.5 years depending on the kid they then become a bit more responsive to directions and controlling themselves. There is a reason preschool starts at 3 or 4:)

Anonymous on

Such a pretty little girl!!!

Anonymous on

I think it’s awesome she’s so proud and so willing to share photos of her precious baby! Stop w/the criticism, she took her baby to support her daddy–what’s wrong w/that?!? They seem like a very happy fam and I’m happy for them!

Leg on

Guess all your kids came conveniently in the afternoon, all naturally of course, you delivered drug free and prob in your home, and you never made a mistake? Give it a rest!!! Maybe it was 3am, maybe she was not on her sharpest point–she’s got an infant–her first–and its 3 o’clock in the morning if you want the full description. Let the poor mama have a nap!

Moesha on

I love CoCo and Ice and Channel and I love the article!

sdb on

every picture you see with coco and her baby is so awkward. the baby is never held or positioned correctly. the poor little girl is being treated like a poodle or high end accessory.

Anonymous on


Sara on

Coco, you look great! And your daughter is so pretty! Congrats to your family!!!

Robaster on

The picture of them snuggling is a cute one. If she didn’t share pics the world would b*tch and complain that she’s being too private. Instead she does post a lot of pics, yet still everyone complains. With that said however, I myself do feel like her pics are always her posing more like a model, with her baby, and not as many candid moments like the snuggling one. But it is nice she is still sharing her & her baby’s pics for the world to see.

Isa on

Is it possible to change a diaper or give a bath to a little baby with huge nails like that? I cant imagine…

Mrs. B on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. The craziest one is the one about the baby not looking black or Ice might have to worry. Why would he worry when the baby looks exactly like him? Also, the baby probably won’t be very dark since her father is light complexioned and her mother is white!

Pam M. on

Your little girl is beyond adorable…. I’m enjoying seeing her grow and thrive…. You, Coco are doing a lovely job and thanks for sharing…. You’re a great Mom !….

Dajoka on

Whoa is anyone else worried about that sweet little baby suffocating in those massive mummeries?


Such a cute baby!

No more please on

Is it Coco commenting here herself or why are most of the positive comments so alike? Like always.
I can’t understand why would anyone be a fan of this fake self-absorbed woman who loves attention and doesn’t really have any talent. She’s famous because of her husband, let’s face it. That poor baby is her newest accessory.
It’s all about you Coco, isn’t it?

Don't believe the hype on

Go away Coco!

Mrs Vain on

It’s not about her baby, it’s about her derriere. Strike a pose Coco!

Tee on

One Tree Hill was always one of my favorite shows, so it’s so odd to me to see “Brooke Davis” on the set of a different show! I no longer have television service or I’d watch Chicago PD just to see Sophia Bush in a different role!

I think the pictures are very sweet, though I do echo a few others that are concerned about little Chanel’s positioning in the sling. Hopefully, she was not in it for very long! I’m sure Ice T was glad to have his wife and daughter come visit him while he was at work!

Anonymous on

Bea- babies have survived for a long time without being confined to bubbles. I flew from Europe to the US in the 80s at 2 months old with NO shots and was fine

Mandi on

Well at least if she trips and falls with those ridiculous high heels on the baby has air bags to save her 🙂

Sheri on

I just want to say what a beautiful baby and a beautiful mom. Coco truly seems to be very happy. Their daughter was just an added blessing into their family. I’m so very happy for her she seems like she is a terrific mom.