Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Nipples Are ‘All Sorts of Weird’ During Pregnancy

01/13/2016 at 08:30 PM ET

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to keep it real about pregnancy boobs.

The mom-to-be revealed she’s in no need of a DIY pushup bra during Tuesday’s FABLife when co-host Joe Zee demonstrated an easy how-to of doubling your cup size.

Turns out, her baby belly isn’t the only body part getting bigger.

“I’m still second trimester and … I think I’m rocking a 40 double D now,” Teigen, 30, shared. “I have no idea how, but Joe, let’s double them.”

Chrissy Teigen pregnant FabLife

And when Zee showcased his simple hack using a black bra, the sample item took Teigen back to a time of pre-pregnancy breasts.

“That’s like a nipple cover for me right now by the way,” the model joked. “My nipples are all sorts of weird.”

That’s not all, as new mom and co-host Leah Ashley advised,  “Oh honey, that only gets worse.”

Teigen and husband John Legend are expecting their first child together. In December, the Lip Sync Battle star revealed they will be welcoming a baby girl in the spring.

“A lot of times, it’s tough because you’re getting used to a different size,” Legend, 37, told PEOPLE about his wife’s growing belly. “For her, it’s something to get used to when you’ve never had that experience before, but I think she’s handling it really well. I think she looks gorgeous all the time.”

Most recently, the couple were spotted on a PDA-packed dinner together in Los Angeles where the Oscar winning singer was seen “rubbing Chrissy’s belly, making sure she was comfortable.”

Speaking of growing baby bumps, Teigen took to Snapchat on Wednesday and posted a video in which she said, “my belly is bigger than my butt!”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Guest on

Has she always been this strange? Her comments are weird and offer waaaay too much information. I suppose we will be subjected to these updates until the end of time, or however long her pregnancy lasts!

Jennifer on

Three letters…TMI!!!

Yes she’s pregnant, but I highly doubt we need to know about her nipples.

Mrs. B on

Just because she says something doesn’t mean that People needs to write an article about it. It’s tacky no matter how you look at it.

Hawaiian Gal on

Whatever you do, don’t sterilize your nipples.

Jilliebean on

But you all clicked on that little link to read about it didn’t you? lmao

Intheknow on

Too much information. Seriously.

karen on

Definitely TMI!!! Why share this?

elegant gypsy on

She’s learning what pregnant women have known for an eternity. And we need to know, why? Social media gone mad…

Guest on

Way to keep it classy, Chrissy. I hope she learns how to keep her inappropriate comments to herself sooner than later. She’s going to embarrass the hell out of her daughter someday.

VirgotheVirgin on

Shut up already, Bubble head

kitty62862 on

Her TMI is adorable. I remember my boundless joy when I was pregnant against all odds. God bless.

Miss You Ty on

Someone joked she got pregnant to stay relevant on the show and I bet why Tyra left!! Is this mess cancelled yet…Omg Tyras Madtv skit had me rolling!

Liberalism is a disease on

Who is this woman, and why is there an article about her pregnancy every single day? I can’t be the only one who couldn’t care less.

Kathy on

Shut this women up already! Why People, why?!

Meg on

She drives me crazy! She needs to shut up!

rubyovertherainbow* on


TV on

And she wonders why there are so many people who keep ‘shaming’ her during her pregnancy. If she stopped putting out every single detail of her life for the whole world to read or hear then maybe she would be just a bit more tolerable.

Tee on

I have to admit that I find articles about Chrissy to be on the odd side. She was so adamant that she wasn’t going to discuss her pregnancy after being attacked on Twitter but it seems like she discusses it quite a bit these days. I have no problems with that, though I do think this particular interview crossed a SERIOUS line with the personal nature, but it’s just strange how she goes against what she said originally. Still, praying for a happy and healthy delivery for both Mom and baby!

Anonymous on

Yes it’s TMI!

guest on

Did not even read this article-just so disgusted by her behaviour I feel the need to comment. Either this woman is crazy because of her hormones or she is just insane should not be left alone with her child when it is born. I feel so sorry for this little baby!!

MB on

And this is coming from the person who swore she was done with pregnancy updates on social media. I guess now she’ll just go on a talk show and do her over sharing there.

Showmance? on

I thought she wasn’t going to constantly talk about her pregnancy, on social media? Personally I think she and hubby have a weird marriage. Seems they are trying to hard, to make people believe it’s a fairy tale and they are so deeply in love. When people act like they do, things aren’t always as they appear.

Frank on

This is exactly why Americans are seen as superficial and are very unpopular!! Just look at these four idiots…..superficial talk about boobs and looks. How stupid. Don’t they have anything else to talk about, or are all of them totally brain-dead. Especially Teigen doesn’t have a single brain cell. Is there ever something intelligent coming out of this woman’s mouth? She must be the biggest idiot in the US!!!

harry on

She so low class.

Van on

She is gorgeous and she needs to shut up the way she talks sometimes.

robyn on

I thought Kim Kardashians pregnancy was going to be long and drawn out- this one takes the cake. Every week its some sort of update about changing body parts. Keep some things to yourself.

PG on

She is just weird.

Liz on

It seems she likes to whining on her boobs!

KT on

Classless and just gross!!!! We don’t want to hear that!!! Nothing is kept private anymore. NOTHING!

Kay on

It’s so annoying when celebrities think they are the ONLY ones that are and have been pregnant!! There are 8 billion humans on Earth people!! Get over yourself.

Danique on

I love how weird and REAL Chrissy is

Anonymous on

Celebrities: “You are going to hear every TMI tidbit about my life every day of my pregnancy but when the baby is born I am going to ask everyone to respect my privacy until someone offers me enough money for a picture of my baby”

Claire on

Aaaannnndddd here comes Judgmental and Sanctimonious Ones like some kind of weird band.
She’s honest. And it’s about boobs during pregnancy – they become an issue. I have very large breasts and actually sprayed the wall on the morning when my son slept through the night for the first time. It’s an anecdote not a crappy, poorly written novel about 50 shades that these holier than thou women were sneaking into the bathroom to read because it had OMG BDSM. shhhhh!
This is why you people have hypersexualized breastfeeding and deemed anything related to the body parts that a pantsuit covers as taboo and verboten.
She isn’t talking about having sex (here, anyway). Grow up. The whole clutching pearls and fainting thing is so passé. If it bothers you so much, read something else or go back to recess because you’re obviously too immature to talk with the grownups.

Anonymous on

Ok Chrissy we get it your nipples are sorts of weird, what is the next?!

Fox on

Once the child is born, she should have not much complains or at least can shut up sometimes.