Chelsea Clinton Says Daughter Charlotte Doesn’t Understand a New Baby Is on the Way

01/11/2016 at 10:45 PM ET

Chelsea Clinton Boston Pregnant Charlotte
Chelsea Clinton/Twitter

Despite many attempts to help her 15-month-old daughter, Charlotte, understand she’s going to be a big sister, Chelsea Clinton says the little one just doesn’t quite get it.

“I don’t think she has any idea what that means yet, but we’re talking about it a lot,” the former First Daughter and current Vice Chair of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation told an audience in Boston on Monday at the American Library Association Conference. “She says ‘Baby,’ and then points to herself!”

A lifelong lover of reading (Clinton says she used to read the newspaper to hide how much honey she put on her Cheerios, since mom Hillary Clinton ran a no sugar-y cereal household), Clinton says she doesn’t leave home without a book these days.

“I read everywhere,” said Clinton, who wore a loose black and white blouse and blazer, which just barely showed her burgeoning belly. “Now my favorite place to read a book is curled up with my daughter on my lap, legs crossed, Indian-style.”

When it comes to which of her parents is the best at reading to Charlotte, Clinton can’t quite choose between the two.

“They’re both great readers,” she told the audience. “I’m really grateful that I don’t have to [choose]!”

With distinct memories of her parents reading to her as a child (Curious George was a Clinton family favorite) Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky are carrying on that legacy with their own kids. (Chelsea is expecting her second child this summer.) But that means the couple find themselves discussing children’s books more often than adult ones.

“We have deep conversations about Click, Clack, Moo,” says Clinton, who recently released her own book for kids, It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired, Get Going.

But one topic Chelsea won’t be going into anytime soon is whether she’s willing to follow in her parents’ footsteps and run for public office.

“I always answer the question the same way. I absolutely understand why you’re asking me that question. My last name is Clinton. My dad was president. My mom’s running for president. I understand,” Chelsea told the crowd. “But you also should be asking yourself this question. That’s a question that every one of us should be asking ourselves.”

However, that doesn’t mean Chelsea won’t be stumping for Mom in Boston. Later Monday evening, she headed to Boston Chops, a restaurant in the city’s South End, for a private fundraiser for her mom’s campaign.

— Megan Johnson

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blessedwithboys on

Um, I thought we had to call it “cris-cross applesauce” sitting now…

Susan on

Indian style? No.

whatever on

Boy, this site is pushing for the Clinton’s.

Jen m on

Come on now, get rid of the “Indian style” part of the quote. Not needed. Not appropriate.

NLG on

Oh come on! You knew what she meant! Stop being so damned politically correct.

stacey on

15 months and doesn’t understand!! Well hello, she is still a baby herself!

Claire on

“Indian style” is what it’s called because it’s not derogatory. Indian pudding, Indian corn, etc are all still used – and not authentic or originally Native American. *eyeroll*

Besides, criss cross applesauce is just plain stupid – regional, too. In case you’ve never traveled beyond your state to know that such things exist.

It’s obvious what your trying to say about her, about that name, and the shade you’re throwing is pathetic.

People throw rhetoric at this woman and her baby sitting in a racially-charged and incorrectly named manner *another eyeroll* while Trump is demanding Americans who have Freedom of Religion protection under our Constitution to be corralled and evicted for being Muslim.

Nice try.

Where’s your indignation?

Remember the Japanese Internment camps? At least they got to STAY in th US. People all split hairs over a yoga position but support open hatred and prejudice. How positively Christian of you.
I can’t wait to see Chelsea as First Daughter again! She grew up under a microscope and survived. Now she’s highly educated, runs a huge non-profit and exemplifies a modern American woman in ways the children and, indeed, even the First Ladies couldn’t dream of. Maybe she’ll make a run of the Presidency one day, too. A dynasty to beat the Kennedys!

Kar on

It’s always been Indian style, always will be. Stop making nonsense out of nothing. So freaking ridiculous.

ImALadyToo on

You PC police drive me nuts. I am not going to change the way I speak for anybody and everybody who might get offended.

really on

No crap, she’s a BABY, of course she won’t understand. Good Lord some people are just freaking dumb….my 15 month old doesn’t understand. No sh*t Sherlock.

Lol on

Newsflash: She doesn’t understand ANYTHING. She is a friggin’ BABY. Sheesh!

Intrepid17 on

Relax. You don’t have to get mad about everything. I’m sure they don’t expect a 15 month old to know a baby is coming. She’s just making conversation with an audience. Maybe she was asked that question directly. As for the sitting comment, who cares. It’s not an insult. It’s a comment. This political correctness has gone way too far.

Tam on

Wow Charlotte looks a lot like her grandmother Hillary!!