Olivia Wilde Thanks Kanye West for Giving Her Son a ‘Good Sense of Rhythm’

01/08/2016 at 01:45 PM ET

Kanye West has given Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis‘ son Otis Alexander the best gift of all … rhythm!

​”​We played a lot of vinyl and [Otis] went to a lot of live shows​ [during my pregnancy],” Wilde, 31, told reporters at a TCA panel promoting her upcoming HBO show Vinyl.​

​”​We went to see Kanye’s tour that year and the bass was so strong, I think that’s why Otis has such a good sense of rhythm. We can thank Kanye.​”​

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The happy couple, who welcomed their first child together in 2014, have incorporated all things music into their lives.

​”​I think music has been such a huge part of my life, from the very beginning, and the same for Jason​,” says Wilde. ​”We want to give that same gift to Otis. And he’s already so in love with music and inspired by it.​”​

Peek a boo.

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And although he’s only 20 months old, Otis already has his favorite artists lined up.

​”​He’s a huge Bruno Mars fan​,” shares Wilde. “​He likes anything Mark Ronson has produced. But he loves Bruno Mars, loves, loves​!​ He loves ​’​Uptown Funk.​’​ He calls it, ‘​Too​ ​Hot.​’ ”

But nothing can beat the occasional kiddie tune, the actress jokes. “We love Yo Gabba Gabba!” says Wilde.

Finally behind bars. #heartthief

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Music aside, Wilde told The Advocate in a separate interview that her greatest wish for her son is to grow up in a world free of labels — particularly those surrounding a person’s sexual preferences.

“There’s this idea that bisexuality is somehow a lie, or irresponsible because you can dabble and not commit. I don’t agree with that. We need to embrace fluidity,” she explains.

“My hope is that my son, by the time he’s my age, doesn’t recognize a world in which we’re stuck in definitions others put upon us.”

— Christina Dugan

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Sally on

Good grief

Katie on

There is nothing wrong with being male or being female. Bisexuality may exist…not arguing that point…but I don’t believe it is something that is common; young people are being told by people like this that it’s “perfectly normal” to experiment with anyone and everyone, and play some sort of game with the world as to who you are. Small wonder I see many young people not having the ability to hold a job, stick with school and focus on making a real life for themselves. Everyone seems so obsessed with sex, having sex, being sexual, and focusing on that to the point it IS their life, not a small part of what they are doing. In the meantime, they are running up thousands of dollars of debt, flunking out of school, and have no real moral base of any kind because the first thing they learn out in this fabulous sex driven world is that their parents are old people who don’t really “get it” and they are idiots if they think the words “wait”, “no”, and “later” might apply to them. I am watching my son follow this new way of thinking as to “no rules, and if there are, they don’t apply to me”, and “I should be able to make my own decisions and you should pay for it while I find myself”, and it is heartbreaking. Can’t some of these people who are in the limelight just say something that makes sense, and doesn’t lead these young people down a very sad road? She may be able to buy her son out of whatever trouble he gets into because she is spewing silliness, but the rest of us can’t and it’s painful to see how much happens to them while they are sexually involved with people they don’t even know, bring children into the world who barely know one of their parents or a whole side of their family, watch while they flail around in life because they think real life should be like a movie…SMH.