Liv Tyler Expecting Third Child

01/08/2016 at 05:15 PM ET

Steven Tyler may soon be back in the delivery room: Daughter Liv Tyler is pregnant again!

The Leftovers star is expecting her second child with fiancé David Gardner, they announced Friday on Instagram.

“Oh my goodness it seems the stork is visiting us again!! I am growing another little Tyler Gardner in my belly. Our family is growing!! So grateful,” Tyler captioned a black and white photo of herself.

Gardner shared his own image of Tyler on the beach, writing, “My beautiful baby is pregnant !!!! Sooooooo excited and so blessed.”

Liv Tyler pregnant expecting third child

Tyler, 38, and Gardner are already parents to 11-month-old son Sailor Gene, while the actress is also mom to Milo, her 11-year-old son with ex Royston Langdon, and the sports manager/agent is also dad to son Gray, 8.

After welcoming her second child, Tyler revealed that her father did the honors of cutting her baby boy’s umbilical cord.

“Never in a million years would [I] have thought I’d give birth with my dad and my sister, but it was actually really sweet because … we were laughing a lot,” she said.

🏝🌺So so nice to be warm!!!!!☀️🌴

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Although she was spotted several times wearing a sparkly band on her ring finger, Tyler and Gardner managed to keep their engagement under wraps for almost a year.

“It was very sweet. I was very surprised. I had no idea! And I didn’t look very attractive,” she joked in December of Gardner popping the question during her pregnancy.

Despite her personal and professional success, Tyler admits it’s her kids who continue to teach her some of her greatest life lessons.

“My favorite thing about being a parent is that I learn so much from the push-and-pull dynamic of mother and child,” she told More magazine. “Having children, I learned about my own strength.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Liz McNeil

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NAT on

CONGRATZZ, but dang you just gave birth woman!

jones on

I’ve always liked her. She seems very grounded and down to earth.

NY'er on

Fertile myrtle after you have a baby they say. Lol But good for her. God bless her if she can deal with the sleep deprivation. I’m pregnant and know I’m in for a rude awakening with the up all night routine again. Lol I love Liv.. She’s so down to earth!

CC on

Hey she has the money to take care of them and time so I say go for it.

sandy on

Keep up the good work- hope you have a daughter! I’d have at least five! God knows she has the money!

Lily on

Congrats!! I hope it’s a girl!

robinepowell on

Maybe they’ll have a girl this time. Enough boys in their family.

LAcanyonmom on

Ghyay- really with the ‘yikes’? she’s 37, not 57. Not all of us felt we had to have our kids at 19. Some of us went to college, graduate school, medical school. did a residency and internship and Still managed to have healthy pregnancies and babies in our 30s. Being a teen parent is nothing to brag about.

Kel on

But her body didn’t even get a chance to heal from her last pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth is very tough on a woman’s body.

Claire on

Aww, how nice!

Why do people feel the need to comment on her age? And who cares if her kids will be close together – she can afford a crew of nannies, chefs, maids and anything else she would need. It’s not like she’s picking rice with a baby strapped to each breast to feed.

And another thing….why do you want her to have a girl? Do you know the genders she has already? Has she expressed a desire to have this pregnancy be a girl? There are a lot of us that REALLY wanted boys and were thrilled when we got them. I was asked for years if I was going to “go for the third and try for a girl”? No. I stopped after 2 boys BECAUSE I didn’t want a girl. How presumptuous.

Congrats to them!

Edie on

How can that be her 3rd child. She has an 11 yr old and a 8 yr old and a 11 month old. that would be baby number 4 if i am counting right. People mag do the math.

rachel on

@Ghyay you must live a sad, pathetic life if you think you’re old and can’t take care of a baby at 37. Following a toddler around at a park isn’t that hard! I had my first three kids in my late 20s. My 4th at 32 and my fifth at 35. I’m a strong, capable woman who knew 35 wasn’t old. My mom had her 7th baby at 37 in the early 90s. People have children in their 30s all the time. It seems like you’re missing out on a whole lot of life (like expanding your family) if you have the mentality that 37 is too old to have a baby!

Callie on

Hey NAT – learn to spell. She sure is birthing a lot these days. She must be hearing the clock go “tick tock”.

Veronica on

Congrations to her and her family.

Em on

Lacanyonmom- while I’m fine with your sentiment, one is not either a “teen mom” or a late 30’s mom. There’s an in between there, too. Mine were born when I was 26 and 28 and that was best for us. Since she said “I couldn’t deal” I’m assuming she meant she personally couldn’t deal with a new baby at 37 years old. I don’t think I could either! No need for everyone to get defensive over thier life choices…

Barbara on

I hope you get a baby girl this time Liv! But a healthy child is all we pray for. 🙂
I’ve read many comments about waiting until your body has recovered until you have another baby. Sailor is 11 months and the “standard” waiting time is one year. I am soooo happy for you and your fiancé. Congratulations to you and the family!!

guest on

Edie.. the 8 year old is her stepson.. liv’s hubby to be has a son..

KT on

That is fabulous! She always wanted more children. She seems super nice. I’m so happy for her! She’s beautiful.

Tonja on

Awe congrats! She looks pretty. I didnt know that her father cut the cord after her last birth. That’s really cool. My mom cut mine with my first baby since my husband didn’t want to.

Emily on

My sister and I were very close in age…less than a year…and it was wonderful for us; we shared a room, shared clothes, friends, always had a friend to do things with, and out mother did just fine. I also had 2 children close together…if you have taken good care of yourself, exercised, kept your weight under control and eaten healthy, it shouldn’t be the end of the world. My two were very close all their lives, played together, shared a room, and have always been supportive of each other. Her age isn’t an issue either. 37 isn’t old and gray for most women, and she takes good care of herself. Not everyone is ready to start a family at 23, and not everyone even has met someone they want to have a child with until they are in their 30’s. Take care of yourself, and you will be fine having a baby into your 40’s. As for Down Syndrome, or issues similar…I’ve seen that with teen mothers, mothers in their 20’s or whatever age, and I have seen healthy pregnancies well into the 40’s. Congratulations to Liv and her family!

Libby on

Congratulations Liv! 🙂

I have a totally different issue with having children when you’re “older.” When I look at let’s say Bruce Willis and how old he is and how he still gets new children I ask myself if this is a good idea. Kids should have their parents for as long as possible. Kids with older parents won’t have much of their grandparents or maybe never meet them. My parents were pretty old themselves when they got me and all I can say is that we don’t really have a big family anymore. If you have “older” parents their relatives are either just as old or even older. So many aunties and uncles I had when I was still little are now gone b/c they were already “old” when I was born.

It’s not that bad in Liz’ case but I see it as an issue when a kid is born into a family that won’t last for long b/c of the age.

Jen on

Edie – Liv has 2 children, the oldest being Milo and her baby Sailor. She’s currently pregnant with her 3rd child so for once, People mag have got it right.

Vila on

Congratulations to them.

Donna on

Edie, She has an 11 yr old and an 11 month old. Her fiance has an 8 yr old. This child will be her third and his second. Therefore, she has three children and a stepchild.