Baby on the Way for Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell

01/06/2016 at 11:55 AM ET

Keri Russell pregnant Matthew Rhys
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Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell have received their latest mission: parenthood!

The Americans actress is pregnant with her third child, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“They’re thrilled,” a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE.

Already mom to daughter Willa Lou, 3, and son River, 7½, this will be Russell’s first child with her Americans costar.

After months of relationship rumors — and several sightings of the two together — PEOPLE confirmed in April 2014 that Russell and Rhys, 41, were an item.

The former Felicity star, 39, has been honest about the hardships that come with balancing a family along with a successful career.

“I like working hard, but my life outside of my career is equally important to me,” she told PARADE. “Maybe I’m not ambitious enough, but I’m just as interested in my friends and my relationship with my family.”

But becoming a mother has changed Russell for the better. “You instantly become less selfish. You can’t be the biggest person in the world anymore — they are. It really grounds you,” she said.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard and Julie Jordan

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*Sigh* on

This whole situation reeks of a mess. Keri left her husband (and father of her two children) around the same time that she began filming the show with Matthew (coincidence?) and now she’s pregnant with Matthew’s kid. Nonetheless, pretty unprofessional behavior to become pregnant with your co-worker’s child, but I guess that’s the standard in “Hollyweird.”

Poppy on

Keep your legs together, jeez.

Sara on

They seem to be a good couple together who genuinely care and respect each other. Congrats to them!

rachel on


Rebeccah on

As happy as I am for her, it’s always disheartening to hear a woman basically say that her life meant nothing before she had children. Childfree women are not all selfish and all about ourselves. For all the women out there who cannot or did not have children for whatever reason, it’s an insult. You can be happy about being a mother without shaming those of us who are not. I contribute to society in many others ways rather than breeding in an already over-populated world.

Susan on

Does this happen outside of Hollywood? Do people start new jobs and then leave their spouses for the hot new co-worker? I’m not talking about the guy boffing his secretary but the guy (or gal) who changes partners the second they start working with someone new. It’s so odd to me.

saralee on

*Sigh*–It is only a mess in your world. Take care of yourself!

saralee on

Amal–Ever heard of minding your business?

Guest on

I’m surprised! Said no one…

saralee on

Poppy–Really? Is that what you do? Well . . . it doesn’t have to be what everybody does.

VirgotheVirgin on

The husband/wife Hollywood merrygoround. Out with the old and in with the new. Start a new series, must be in a new relationship with your costar. *Saralee* You’re a fan, so I’m sure you’ll have a comment for me too.

CBR on

Wow–so much judgement on this thread. No one here knows the quality of Keri’s relationship with her former husband. Stuff happens and it is rude to pass judgement especially on people you don’t personally know.

Congratulations Matthew and Keri. I love The Americans!

Katie on

Didn’t know her well, heard she was a good actress, congrats.

Olivia on

Congratulations to them.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Wonder if they’ll write this in and we’ll get a Philip and Elizabeth baby?

Andrea on

She has a son at age 7 1/2? Remember she was very young when she was on Felicity.

Meena on

@Rebeccah-Not sure how her feelings about motherhood is about you or other childless women.

AmelieDiamond on

I prediction Keri Russell having a Girl

AmelieDiamond on

Stunning Couple

bjd on

Interesting that pretty much no news outlets are remembering to say that SHE’S STILL MARRIED TO HER HUSBAND! So, I believe that technically he would LEGALLY be this new baby’s “father” in the eyes of the law…….just sayin’……..

Abi on

You and I don’t have the same definition of professionalism. Why is it pretty unprofessional? They have been together for almost two years….with all due respect and with the comment you just made, you’re the weird one.

TheNina on

Her husband and her separated on great terms. They even had family times together. Sometimes 2 people can agree they fell out of love. I’m sure her ex is happy that she found someone who loves their kids.

I do agree with her about becoming a mother. You won’t understand if you don’t have kids. She isn’t calling you selfish but saying you just can’t think of you anymore. You have to think of the kids and how things will work out for them.
Example –
Mother says “man I’d love to go out tonight but I can’t get a sitter. Bummer.”
Not a Mother says “man I’d love to go to the bar tonight, let me see who else wants to go!”. That’s not you being selfish, it’s just you only have you to worry about. You don’t want kids? Great. That’s your choice.

Jane on

@Abi–Yes, it is unprofessional. Have you ever worked on a film or television set where the principal actors started a romantic relationship and/or became pregnant? I’ve had the unfortunate experience of working on such a set. You have no idea how much pressure such situations place on the writers, set, crew and PR people. Off-screen romances between principal actors cloud fans’ interpretation/perception of the writing and promotes unnecessary tabloid/media scrutiny on productions that simply want to put out good, quality work. Furthermore, the actors in a romantic relationship become strained from adding a baby + working long hours together on the set, which causes for an overall strained set.

Librababe on

She’s still married, she’s not officially divorced. Kinda skeevy.