Coco Austin Gained 13 Lbs. During Pregnancy: ‘I Would Be Second Guessing’ My Bounce Back Too

01/06/2016 at 01:00 PM ET

When Coco Austin proudly showed off her toned figure just one week after giving birth to daughter Chanel Nicole, she faced backlash from her social media followers — and the star understands why.

“If I was looking at pictures of myself, I would be second guessing that person too,” she told Inside Edition on Tuesday.

So how did Austin get her abs back so quickly after pregnancy? A healthy diet, according to husband Ice T, who appeared alongside her for the interview.

“She started eating a lot of fruit, stopped drinking all alcohol,” he explained.

While the first-time mom, 36, was initially worried she would “blow up like a whale” during her pregnancy, Austin said she only ended up gaining 13 lbs. because she was already in good shape.

“It has been the most wonderful experience ever,” she said of motherhood.

In the December side-by-side photo, Austin shared a picture of herself at 36 weeks pregnant and a second shot of her one week postpartum.

“I was basically in shape before I got pregnant,” she wrote at the time. “I lost 10 pounds before I even started to gain baby weight probably because 1- I stopped drinking alcohol. 2- I stopped weight lifting and lost a lot of muscle and 3- I ate really healthy and took my vitamins every day.”

Austin shared a photo of her family dressed up for the Inside Edition taping on Instagram Tuesday.

“I love to color coordinate w/ my family its fun,” the new mom wrote.

— Lindsay Kimble

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cynic1018 on


PCC on

When you are drinking enough that it is effecting your weight, that’s probably a bad sign. She only gained 13 lbs, half of least which was baby weight.

Polly on

The average healthy weight gain is 30-35 lb , anything less is not impressive .

zombie_hands on

please….I still don’t believe she carried that child. I think she used a surrogate….

annie on


Pam on

That’s not healthy! That’s why her baby is so tiny.


Wow some of these comments are NASTY. Its important to remember that every woman’s body will respond to pregnancy in its own way. Al thought her weight loss was minimal I don’t think there is anything bad about it. I was sick my entire pregnancy and everything edible made me sick. I lost weight almost my entire pregnancy. GUESS WHAT MY BABY CAME OUT 100% HEALTHY. Everyone should remember the moment she gave birth she lost probably 10lbs between baby and after birth.

mel on

This is not a big deal.. I would have thought it too before I became pregnant with my first child at 36 and only gained 14 lbs. my baby was just shy of 5 lbs. I was a type 2 diabetic and forced to eat nothing but loads of healthy organic fruits, vegetables and meat. No starches, sugars… I wasn’t gaining anything in the beginning. I was eating so good but so healthy as I did not want to jeapordize my babies health. So yes, I can see if you eat healthy that this could happen!

tri4 on

If you read closely she actually gained 23 pounds and probably more due to muscle being replaced with fat. She says she lost 10 pounds before gaining weight during her pregnancy so if she started day 1 of pregnancy at 120, lost 10 to 110 and finished at 133 (13 pounds more than pre pregnancy weight) she actually gained 23 pounds.

Dawn S on

Just stop giving this woman airtime. A 13 pound weight gain is just not normal or healthy and nothing to brag about.

Whitney on

UMM she stopped drinking? She hadn’t been drinking for 9 months…….so did she go on a rip-roaing binge right after giving birth? Either this is a classic case of poor editing by People, or an unsurprising dumb quote by one of these two “celebrities”

sandy on

If she truly did eat healthy good for her! Many women think pregnancy means getting to start chowing down on anything and everything! The only problem I have is I do not believe she gained enough to promote a truly healthy pregnancy. It is not a time to diet and worry so much about yourself. Did her daughter get enough fats/protein to develop her brain? I hope so- because she’s awfully tiny! But Coco gets to keep posting photos of herself so once again- this narcissistic famous person shows how it’s always about them and no one else.

slk on

someone give this gal a banana so she can shut up and stop explaining how much weight she gained, etc……

JustRelax on

I was so sick with my second pregnancy that I only gained 14 lbs and lost 10 during the first trimester. I had a healthy 7.5lb baby. So all of you saying it’s unhealthy need to curb your opinion because you don’t know what went on in her pregnancy. She may be in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she wants to share everything. Just be happy that the baby is healthy and loved.

Em on

The commenter who said 30-35 lbs is a normal weight gain for pregnancy (and any less is Not impressive) is flat out wrong. 35 is high. I gained 15 with my 2nd even though I didn’t modify or improve my eating. Also if you start out overweight they recommend only minimal weight gain (10-15 lbs.)
I don’t really even know who this woman is, from what little I do know she doesn’t seem like my cup of tea but she’s also totally benign and comes across as sweet and excited to be a new mom. So I actually feel sad for her- all you catty ass women picking her apart in these comment sections. It sounds a lot like jealousy.

Summer on

As another commenter noted, she really gained 23 pounds. She lost 10, then gained 23, making a net gain of 13. So she DID gain a reasonable amount. Many women, like myself, have severe morning sickness and lose weight in the beginning, only to put it back on over the months. Pregnancy gain iseasured as your net gain, though. Also, overweight women are advised to only gain 15 and no one flips out.

pep on

More worried about her figure than making sure her baby got enough nutrients.. Typical Hollywood mentality I must say although I detest the Kardashians Kim got big .. Was not ashamed in fact flaunted it Just to mske sure her child was healthy For that I applaud her

Anonymous on

This is not healthy. That is why her baby was born before the due date. You are supposed to gain weight during pregnancy. A healthy amount of weight. Not 13lbs. Also, not a ton of weight. Both extremes can have a negative effect on your baby. I should know. I am pregnant. If you don’t believe me look it up.

gymluv on

It pleases me greatly to know this is making Kim K stay at home, not post pictures of her half naked self and cram junk food in her puffy lipped face. Anything that keeps her out of the media is a win for humanity. And maybe she will actually get to know her daughter.

Sheri on

Wow all of you should be ASHAMED. You all are just jealous of her. Here she is a beautiful woman in great shape, has a baby, only gains 13 pounds. The bottom line is that she just takes care of herself. Not to many women especially when pregnant eat healthy, we all use the excuse “we are eating for two now” and then we gain 40 or 50 pounds, and not to forget to mention that we don’t exercise using the excuse ” I don’t want to hurt the baby”. Coco just took very good care of herself. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO QUIT HATING HER! Be happy for her. Coco is a great mother.

Momof2 on

I gained 14Lbs with my first and 15Lbs with my second. Who says a “normal” pregnancy has to gain 30-35 pounds? My first was 7.3 and my second 5.9 both 19 inches. I lost the baby weight within 2 weeks, both times. Get off her about it….They have a beautiful miracle any way you look at it. Congratulations! Every baby is a blessing!

samantha on

yall are so mad because you’re fat

samantha on

all of you being rude probably have kids and college and still haven’t lost the baby weight

onemom on

Yes 13 Ibs gain is quite below average, that’s why her daughter is so small.

Anonymous on

Every woman’s body is different, period.
I gained 30-40lbs with each of my pregnancies, I don’t think a 40lb weight gain is healthy but THAT happens all the time. I am sure had I ate healthier and continued to exercise (couldn’t due to bedrest) I would have gained 20-30lbs.I know of women who have gained 15lbs, not because they were overweight or trying to restrict their diets but because they ate normal, healthy amounts of food and that is just what their bodies gained.
At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if anyone thinks she was pregnant or not, she’s a mom. Quit wasting your valuable time.

Kay on

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!! The media is sooo horrible. Let the woman have a great experience and let women “envy” her and wish all pregnancies were so wonderful. Quit making it something bad!!

Amber on

My mom never gained more than 15 pounds with each of her three pregnancies because she was extremely sick the whole 9 months and is naturally a slim person. My siblings and I were all born within healthy 7-8lb ranges. Everyone is different!

roadapplescarclub on

She seems a bit obsessed with promoting herself – she wanted this child for years, maybe it’s time to act like a parent, stop flaunting yourself and child in front of every camera that comes your way

Anastasia Beavenhauiser on

Oh my goodness. Everyone needs to get off her back. My sister only gained 16 pounds with twins. Its all about your body type and also how you carry. If she carried far back of course she is not going to show that much. People need to take a chill pill. Her baby was small but healthy. Geez jealous much

Katie on

Nice picture of Coco, Ice T and their daughter looks adorable sleeping on her mother’s arms.

joan on

I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd pregnancy and only gained 15 pounds. I cut out all the sugar I could, drank water and tea and then gained a craving for ice. my daughter was nearly 9 pounds but healthy. I cut out as much sugar as i could for my last child, but had morning sickness for months….lost 10 pounds in the first trimester… and then gained 25 for a net of 15. She was almost 8 pounds. You dont have to gain a ton of weight for a healthy baby.

Oak on

Everyone is different such as different body type etc, some may gain 15Ibs, the others may gain 30 Ibs or so, it really doesn’t matter how much weight you gained as long as the baby is healthy.