Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams Clash Over Public Breastfeeding: ‘I Don’t Need to See That!’

01/06/2016 at 09:15 PM ET

Alyssa Milano Wendy Williams
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Alyssa Milano isn’t letting anyone get her down about breastfeeding in public.

The actress often shares photos of herself breastfeeding on social media and has been a vocal advocate for nursing mothers. On Wednesday’s The Wendy Williams show, Milano, 43, found herself at odds with the show’s host, who has a different philosophy.

“I don’t need to see that,” said Wendy Williams, saying if it were her, she would go breastfeed her baby in the car.

Milano pressed Williams on the issue, asking why it was fine to show a picture of Miley Cyrus in a scantily clad outfit but not of a woman nursing.

“I don’t know why I feel this way,” Williams said. “Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things.”

Milano, mother to daughter Elizabella, 16 months, and son Milo, 4, countered that breasts were not sexual objects.

“Biologically they’re not made for sexual things, that’s what we’ve done to them,” Milano said.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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Williams, 53, is mother to Kevin Hunter Jr., 15, whom she said she breastfed for about two weeks.

Milano has been outspoken regarding breastfeeding, particularly the right to do so in public. (Forty-nine states in the U.S. have passed laws specifically allowing it.)

“I think that breastfeeding moms feel like what they do needs to be hidden, or not feel like they’re getting the appreciation that comes along with being a breastfeeding mom, and it meant something that someone was being vocal,” she previously told PEOPLE.

“When I post pictures of me breastfeeding Bella, it’s not that I’m trying to be very outspoken about breastfeeding, it’s that it’s a very special moment in my life. What [other people] take from that is a whole other thing. Support from not only breastfeeding moms, but moms everywhere, has been really powerful and really overwhelming.”

— Aaron Couch

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Actually, from an evolutionary biology standpoint, the purpose of breasts is to attract a mate, and then to feed any offspring that results from that attraction, so Alyssa is incorrect about that. I guess I don’t understand why anyone would want pictures of themselves nursing their newborn splashed across the internet. I guess actors are exhibitionists by nature.

Miss S on

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do not believe one should force their opinion on others but to compare Miley Cyrus dancing around naked to a mother feeding her child is unbelievable. Wow.

No longer a fan of Wendy Williams.

Bay View on

KBRN, and breast were designed to contain milk to feed offspring. In the US, they are extremely sexualized and in more mature countries and cultures, it’s not nearly as horrible when it comes to unwanted attention.

So, maybe rather than try to correct Alyssa, maybe recognize that there’s truth to her statements.

It’s not about exhibitionism. If you think it is, go to a restaurant, order a meal and take it into a toilet stall and eat. Then think about which is a better environment for feeding a human.

Stacey McRae on

It used to be people just kept their personal lives personal. It’s shame people now want everyone to know their business.

Dawn on

I’m so glad Alyssa Milano is standing up for breastfeeding moms. If you don’t want to see it don’t look.

lisa on

BabyView, awesome point about the taking your meal to the bathroom! Never thought of it like that and you are so right!

sally on

So glad I live in a state, Michigan, where it is legal for women to breastfeed in public.

VirgotheVirgin on

A lot of people would prefer not to see Wendy and her distorted face and body in public, but hey…we have to put up with that thing. I would rather see a woman breast feeding, then that tranny.

Mountain View on

The purpose of breasts is not to attract a mate, it is however to feed offspring. I don’t see dogs, cats or cows checking the other’s nipples/udders out before they mate. So glad Alyssa is outspoken about breastfeeding!

Melissa on

I really liked and watched Wendy but she totally just lost me as a fan. Wendy grow the hell up. Feeling sorry for little Kev. Your Mom is no mom.

nanam on

I think breastfeeding is a very bonding time between a mom and baby! Some of us for medical reasons were not able to experience this joy! So while I am glad Alyssa Milano is able to feed her children and feels comfortable posting this time with the public! I as one who couldn’t do this be made to feel less of a mom! As for Wendy she is entitled to her mom opinion also!

Courtney Bracey on

Breastfeeding – solid food – formula feeding – cup or no cup – bottle or no bottle – can ALL be acceptable! I am super PRO-breastfeeding and so are babies! I’m not super PRO social media so I keep my boobs more private if possible but I would and do absolutely feed my child what is needed in a way that is comfortable for BOTH of us – despite other preferences.

IMO on

Ms. S, Alyssa according to this article made the comparison to Miley.

Destiny on

@Courtney Bracey- everything you said

Exhibitionism and advocating by seeking to normalize and de-stigmatize a natural process are two different things.

NoBoobies on

I agree with Wendy!!

Kendall Kanoa Hawley on

Oh Wendy Williams. You may not need to see that, but guess what? You also don’t not need to see it. Is your life different because you saw a mother feeding her baby. No, it’s not.

On the other hand, a baby most definitely needs to eat. The idea that mothers should put your comfort level over the needs of her baby is totally preposterous.

jackie on

I fully support breastfeeding. The moment my daughter was born and we created that bond was amazing on so many levels. I’ve always loved Alyssa growing up and I support her meaning. But…I don’t know about the picture though…baby doesn’t appear to be “attached.”

Mrs. B on

I think breastfeeding is one if the greatest things you can do for your baby. I breastfed mine. What I don’t think is so great is to show the world pictures of this special time between mother and child. If you have to feed your baby in public, then cover yourself.

Irish on

I’m a mom and while I am all for breastfeeding, doing it with your breasts out for all to see is kind of strange. By all means, do it in the restaurant but put a sash or blanket over the exposed breast. You don’t have to go to the bathroom or car, but don’t whip out a tit either. I have a 13 year old son and while he knows breastfeeding is normal…he is still a 13 year old boy who is staring at a woman’s exposed breast…and that kind of makes me uncomfortable. Just be discreet and everyone wins!!

Kimber on

I’m with Wendy. Don’t want to see it.

Betty on

It is very special, and that’s why for me I don’t post pictures or feed in public. I felt more comfortable in private and felt that also respected my son. But that is just me. I fully support breastfeeding wherever.

meme on

I don’t understand the need to show the world u breastfeed. If you were doing it for the pure loving moment with your child then u wouldn’t think oh I need to take a selfie and show this to the world. It’s awesome some moms choose to breastfeed but I don’t understand why they NEED attention for doing it. I just think of some perv seeing pics like these and using them for their own disgusting wants.

Also, there is no nutritional value in breastmilk past the age of 1 yr. After 1 yr it’s apparently more for personal gratification.

Kitty on

” If you don’t want to see it don’t look.”

Fair enough. But what if someone does want to see it? Are they allowed to stare? Can they take a picture?

The problem with that attitude is the hypocrisy. Its our bodies and we should be able to do whatever we want in public, but if a stranger in notices then they get screamed at for seeing what you just displayed in public.

I do understand the “feeding a baby is natural” argument but it does seem like many people breastfeed in public just so they can make their “natural act” a spectacle that becomes more about the nourishing the mom than nourishing the baby.

Em on

Breasts aren’t sexual? Ask your husband what he thinks about that! They’re dual purpose, pretending otherwise is dumb. That said, I breastfed both my kids and while I never did it in public, I will support any woman who does. It would never bother me if my child saw a woman feeding her baby in public. It’s not obscene or perverse- you just explain that’s one way to feed your baby. I cannot stand the prudish attitude of the average American.

gymluv on

“Almost 16 months of breastfeeding” sounds like a humblebrag to me. Literally she is saying LOOK at me. I am awesome. Breastfeeding is wonderful, no doubt about it. But I do not understand the need to post self congratulatory pictures. It is an incredible bond between mom and baby, not between mom, baby and social media. Breastfeed discreetly in public, show respect to the same people you want respect from.

Kandice on

Why do breastfeeding moms need to be appreciated by anyone other than their babies? Gimme a break.

kima on

Good for Alyssa Milano

Stiletto on

Firstly, as a woman with a 38G bra size, I cannot tell you how false it is to say breasts aren’t sexual. Tell that to men that oogle at cleavage. They’re not thinking, “Oh, I bet she gives great breastmilk. Jars full!” So that’s BS.

Secondly, Alyssa needs to get some other hobby to tout as this acting like she should be congratulated over this simple body function is getting old. Every woman is born with the ability to breastfeed, Alyssa! Even animals do it! Get a blanket, cover yourself up and stop putting it in our faces to sensationalize this stupid issue!

Mindy on

Wendy Williams is an obnoxious, annoying woman with no class. She has no room to speak. Sit down and STFU, Wendy. The only reason you talk crap about other people is because you feel so low about yourself. I would suggest using your money and getting professional therapy!

Anonymous on

It’s not the fact that a woman is breast feeding her baby in public it’s the fact that she’s doing so while probably not covering herself with something while doing so. Yes the breasts are natural things and they are sexual things. If I had a child I certainly wouldn’t want them to see someone’s breasts at a young age. If a guy were to see a woman breast feeding and it looks like he was staring,you couldn’t call him a pervert for it being your fault for not covering up like you should be doing in the first place.

JJ on

I agree with most of you. Pro breastfeeding, pro doing it as needed, not pro bragging or showing the world. A simple blankie to cover up, nobody suffers, everyone wins. Baby gets what they need and are happy.

Linda Z on

I lost my modesty completely when I started breastfeeding. Heck, my little ones ate so often that I think everyone that came to visit saw my breasts. And to be honest, I was always a little uncomfortable around breastfeeding moms before I was one. But I would also be uncomfortable if I was around Miley Cyrus dressed like that or even Wendy herself with her extremely large enhanced breasts. I’m glad Alyssa is standing up for breastfeeding moms.

Anne on

meme, you are incorrect in stating that there is no nutritional benefit to breastfeeding past 1 year of age. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age, and continuing breastfeeding while introducing solid foods u until the age of 2. Please see this web site:

Ed on

For one thing, As a man i myself i think its a beautiful thing for a mother to breast feed their child no matter where they are, Now as a gay man i don’t believe that Wendy Williams ever breast feed her child, because i have been around thousands of drag queens and sex change women and i absolutely think she has had that surgery JUST MY OPINION

Debbe on

I am with Wendy, and really for me, no reason at all except that I don’t want to see that intimate moment between mama and baby. If it were a bottle fine, but her breast, no, uncomfortable for me and a lot of people. Like watching someone do do. Normal bodily things but I don’t want to see it.

stacey on

Alyssa, cover up and give it a rest. Good god!!!

Debbe on

I have one child and I breastfed for a few weeks until my nipples bled and my son was losing weight on my milk. With that said, I would never breastfeed in public AND I don’t prefer to see anyone else do it. Wish some women would not try to shove it in the people’s faces that do NOT want to see it. I don’t want to see it so try not to look at her pics or women doing that in public. Just my preference of not wanting to see it.

Silly on

Elizabella? Couldn’t decide between Elizabeth and Isabella?

As long as the woman keeps it covered up, I don’t see the problem with public breast feeding. It’s the ones that have their t*t freely flopping around that are the issue.

Roro on

No Alyssa, contrary to the popular belief among of lactivists, biologically breasts are made for sexual purposes too. Human breasts are unique among primates, as they are the only ones to stay plump regardless of whether or not a female is breastfeeding. Scientists have shown the evolutionary purpose of human breasts is to signal and attract mates, and then feed the offspring they produce. Even if people refuse to believe that, at this point in time, without a doubt, breasts ARE now sexualized – men are biologically aroused by breasts. Yet many public breastfeeding moms expect men to completely constrain their natural attraction to breasts when faced with a pair of naked boobs. I don’t mean it’s ever okay for a man start getting off in the corner, or for anyone to run screaming out of the building clutching their pearls in shock at the display …BUT it’s also unrealistic and unfair to not expect some wandering eyes or stares. Or to expect everybody else to feel totally comfortable, just because the mom is. There is no need to feign outrage or take offence to people who prefer to quietly walk away/leave the room or shield their children from the view.

Roro on

No Alyssa, contrary to the popular belief among of lactivists, biologically breasts are made for se/\ual purposes too. Human breasts are unique among primates, as they are the only ones to stay plump regardless of whether or not a female is breastfeeding. Scientists have shown the evolutionary purpose of human breasts is to signal and attract mates, and then feed the offspring they produce. Even if people refuse to believe that, at this point in time, without a doubt, breasts ARE now se/\ualized – men are biologically aroused by breasts. Yet many public breastfeeding moms expect men to completely constrain their natural attraction to breasts when faced with a pair of naked boobs. I don’t mean it’s ever okay for a man start getting off in the corner, or for anyone to run screaming out of the building clutching their pearls in shock at the display …BUT it’s also unrealistic and unfair to not expect some wandering eyes or stares. Or to expect everybody else to feel totally comfortable, just because the mom is. There is no need to feign outrage or take offence to people who prefer to quietly walk away/leave the room or shield their children from the view

Roro on

No Alyssa, contrary to the popular belief among of lactivists, biologically they are made for se/\ual purposes too. Humans b@@bs are unique among primates, as they are the only ones to stay plump regardless of whether or not a female is breastfeeding. Scientists have shown the evolutionary purpose of human b@@bs is to signal and attract mates, and then feed the offspring they produce. Even if people refuse to believe that, at this point in time, without a doubt, b@@bs ARE now se/\ualized – men are biologically aroused by breasts. Yet many public breastfeeding moms expect men to completely constrain their natural attraction to breasts when faced with a pair of naked b@@bs. I don’t mean it’s ever okay for a man start getting off in the corner, or for anyone to run screaming out of the building clutching their pearls in shock at the display …BUT it’s also unrealistic and unfair to not expect some wandering eyes or stares. Or to expect everybody else to feel totally comfortable, just because the mom is. There is no need to feign outrage or take offence to people who prefer to quietly walk away/leave the room or shield their children from the view

Roro on

Babies need to eat, and I don’t think women should have to hide in the bathroom to feed their babies, but I really don’t get or agree with this insistence to let it all hang out and be totally exposed. While in a public place, respect and consideration for others goes a long way and is just common courtesy- show some consideration and use a partial cover. These excuses not to run thin. In public, the world doesn’t revolve around a mom just because she’s breastfeeding, and it’s rude/selfish to not show this kind of consideration, just because it’s “inconvenient”.

bebe on

Wendy actually wasn’t joking when she said she breastfed her son for two weeks. It was difficult for them and causing her stress. She has spoken about it many times.

If it makes you uncomfortable, just subtly avert your eyes without any comment or exaggerated facial expression. I don’t want to look, but I understand it’s natural and don’t think there’s any obligation for the mother to cover up. She should get over it.

Miss S, Wendy did not compare breastfeeding to Miley Cyrus. Alyssa brought her up, because Wendy had shown a poo picture of her during the previous segment.

Canadian on

I totally agree with Alyssa! Breastfeeding is natural and women shouldn’t be forced to remove themselves from public when doing so. That being said, I do think it would be considerate to cover one’s self while doing so. Natural – YES, but so is conceiving a child but we don’t want to see that in public do we? 😉

Kay on

Amazing how people act as though they have a right to be offended by someone feeding their baby. The holier-than-thou attitude from other mothers who believe open breastfeeding is exhibitionism is absolutely deplorable. Breasts during breastfeeding are gross! To act as though anyone is using their child to purposely show off their swollen, veiny boobs clearly has a completely different inferiority issue towards other women to begin with.

Missy on

I dont care to see it either. Cover up your breasts and Alyssa your hair is so ugly…..stop trying to be relevant with your boob stuck in your kids mouth.

Gulu on

That’s right, not everybody wants to see a woman breastfeeding her baby. I think this is too intimate, it’s a special moment between mother and baby, not to share it with all the world. If breasts are not biologically made for sexual things, as A.Milano says, why are little girls (as young as one year old) wearing one piece bathing suits or a bra when they are on the beach? Nowhere in Europe would you see children wearing them at that young an age.

Sarah on

The simple solution, if you don’t want to see that? Don’t freakin’ look. Done deal. Move along.

mommytoane on

The pic isn’t bad. I’m not a huge one for posting pictures of one breastfeeding or of completely bearing it all in public to feed, but I am for breastfeeding. Every woman has the right to feed her baby as she sees fit. Now, for bearing it all…to me its like eating with your fingers in a fancy restaurant. You wouldn’t do it. So you don’t need to show the entire world your entire chest to feed. Discretion goes a long way.

Anonymous on

I have to say I’m with Wendy on this. But I do like the way Alyssa handled herself.

Princess on

I agree with Wendy to a point. I believe women who nurse in public should cover their breast. IIt is a sexuall and a food source. As a food source, it has body fluids. I was an overproducer, there. Have been countless time when my breast spewed milk like sprinkler

Guest on

What about mothers who pump because their babies won’t latch? When I am in public and need to pump I have to go to my car and sit in the back seat…it would be nice if their was designated baby feeding areas. This would provide a clean, private place for breastfeeding moms (those that have children who latch and those that don’t).

mer on

It’s easy. If you don’t need to see that, don’t look. I’m fully pro- public breast feeding.

vero on

just my opinion you do not need to post your child breastfeeding on social media why does the world need to see something so personal?

Qdpie109 on

Let me just start by saying I was a breastfeeding mom. With that said I think every woman has a right to feed their baby whenever and wherever necessary but what is the problem with just covering up? I feel these woman who whip it out, for a lack of better words, have no consideration for anyone around them. Just another example of how self absorbed people are these days.

Barbara on

I feel breastfeeding your baby is completely normal and healthy. I don’t think it’s fair in Some Cases for a woman/mother to whip out her breast and feed her baby in front of everyone in public places when it can be done with a cover up and have just as much bonding and closeness with your child. There are so many ways to breastfeed your baby discretely and in comfortable way when out in public where heckling and stares are going on. I am not against mother’s breastfeeding in public but many are. Why not use a cover up while feeding out in public and while at home who cares how you breastfeed your child/baby.

Tomlin on

Breast feeding is a natural bonding experience. Mothers if there is not a designated area, should breast feed in public but cover up. It protects the babies privacy . Plus it takes away the need for unwanted intrusion. Next thing we’ll see is mom who wish to change diapers in public and tables at restaurants to make a point.

Breat feeding is the transfer of body fluids, and covering up provides meeting health guidelines while supporting moms who wish to feed. I am concerned for her need to post pictures on social media as well as not understanding why a 16 month old is still being breast feed. Does she permit her older child to still feed. How long did she permit her older child to feed. There has to respect and boundaries

Guest on

At almost two and a half, it is weird to me to still have your child breastfeeding off of you IMO. My nephew is that old and he’s a pretty big boy now. I don’t think it’s necessary to be showing that pic either.

Anonymous on

Why not just put a light blanket or scarf over when breastfeeding. Why not just cover up…and chances are most people would even know!

facelessbandit on

I don’t have an issue with a lady using a cover and breastfeeding somewhere. I barely blink at that because you can’t see anything. But whipping your boob out like its nothing is ridiculous. You wouldnt do that with you vayjay and its built for child bearing.

Moz on

I’m glad that she is outspoken and support about the right to do the breastfeeding in public, though not necessarily in social media.

Elizabeth89 on

I don’t know how this country has the most sexually deviant culture I’ve ever experienced, and simultaneously have the most hang-ups about sex. Breastfeeding is a normal part of caring for a baby. Why everyone’s so outraged by seeing it is beyond me. Are you people so sick mentally you get turned on by it? Get your sick minds out of the gutter. There is nothing sexual about a mother feeding her child.

Mum on

I’m a breastfeeding mum. Sometimes, I have to do it in public, and while I am as discreet about it as possible, I can’t use a cover because my child pulls it off or if it’s one of those apron things she strangles me. Not everywhere has a dedicated parents room, and sometimes when there is one, it is so disgusting that I can’t sit there for the required time. For a lot of mums, feeding in public is not about being an exhibitionist, but simply feeding a hungry child. You may see me feeding, but you’ll only see my boob if you’re really looking for it.

Inga on

I don’t have any issue with women breastfeeding, wherever, I just don’t necessarily want to see her breast. Respectfulness goes both ways. It seems both sides want it all or nothing.

Anonymous on

I find it interesting that the actress divides mothers into two categories in the last paragraph: ‘breastfeeding moms’ and ‘moms everywhere’ which can be read as implying that one type is better; as if keeping your child healthy and alive were some sort of competition where a winner will be crowned. The other thing I find really odd about this article is the quote in the paragraph ‘. . .not feel like they’re getting the appreciation that comes along with being a breastfeeding mom . . .’. Since when is feeding your child something the general public, be they parents or not, must show appreciation for? Just get on with it.

Aeol on

I’m coming up on 2 years of breastfeeding. I never thought I’d make it three months, but it has been amazing to see how that has affected my bond with my daughter, and how healthy she is. I usually brought a pumped bottle along, but sometimes she just needed the boob. Sometimes she would nurse under a cover, but sometimes she didn’t want to. Don’t know why the swell of my breast would upset someone when it’s the same amount of exposure as a woman on the beach in a bikini. Which would people rather deal with – a screaming, hungry baby, or a happy, quiet nursing one? I’m not one for breastfeeding selfies, but I appreciate Ms Milano using her public platform as a means of advocacy and support for normalizing breastfeeding. People who get upset about public breastfeeding are just exposing their narcissism.

Keena on

I think Milano is losing the plot a little. Ok, we get it…you are a super mom and breastfeeding seems to be your biggest hobby.
But that doesn’t mean that pics have to be posted everywhere. It’s a bonding and special moment between a mother and her child. And yes, it can be done publicly, but do it discreetly. I breastfed all of my three kids, yet I didn’t do it on display and shovelling my breasts in everybody’s face. My kids are bigger now, and even though I don’t condone breastfeeding in public, I don’t want to see some saggy boobs while I am having coffee or eating my lunch. Cover them up ladies, it doesn’t hurt anybody!!!

A Finn on

First world problems.
Now, I go to the sauna with my kids where they will see me naked. (BTW that’s the way it has been done here for centuries, it’s natural and there is nothing perv or sexual about it. It’s just like breastfeeding)

Liz on

Alyssa Milano couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, no one wants to see your boobs. Second of all, boobs ARE a sexual thing. How do you think women attract men? Jeez, she’s dumb!

Aeol on

Two more points –

1. Many breastfeeding babies do not like eating under a tent. Many are fine with it. I am more comfortable nursing privately, or with a cover, but not enough places have designated nursing facilities, and sometimes my baby gets hot, sweaty, and agitated under a cover. It’s MORE exposing when she’s battling against a cover vs nursing peacefully against my chest.
2. The World Health Organization knows a lot more about infant health than most of you wondering why a baby would still be nursing at 14 months. The WHO recommends babies nurse at least until 2 for optimum health benefits. My daughter will be 2 in February and at this point mostly just nurses at night now, but she has never been sick and sleeps great. I rarely have the need to nurse her in public anymore but I did just nurse her on a 7 hour flight and she fell asleep for 2 hours. I’m sure those around me were happier with the sight of a baby curled against her mother quietly, with nothing exposed, and then asleep, than the other three mothers who spent most of the flight pacing up and down the aisles with their children.

jk on

Breastfeeding does not give you the right to flash your boobs everywhere you go. How many moms would just let their boob hang out for everyone to see if they weren’t breastfeeding??? I don’t think any would, so cover your boob and feed your kid.

Liz on

Another reason why women should be discreet when breastfeeding in public is children. They REALLY don’t need to see a woman’s naked breasts at such a young age. Talk about ruining their childhood! I’m all for breastfeeding. But if you need to do it in public, be discreet about it. This isn’t the Playboy mansion, for God’s sake.


As a currently breastfeeding mom I will say that stories like this give me pause. They make me feel more insecure. When I have to be out and about with my baby I tote along a bib shaped cover (which goes over her and covers my chest) and usually feed her in the car or in designated nursing mother lounges or private areas, but sometimes you just don’t have that option. There have been times where I need to simply feed her in a less than private space, and I always hope that nobody will be offended. I know that comments like Wendy’s make me even more nervous and insecure, and I would venture to guess that they could possibly dissuade mothers from continuing to nurse for fear of offending people like her. It is a shame that we need to feel so much insecurity about a natural biological function.

LadyV on

100% Team Alyssa on this one. While I’m sure there are some women that are a little TOO open with their nursing, the ones I’ve seen have been completely discreet. And to Wendy Williams – when I was breastfeeding my son many years ago, I didn’t HAVE a car – and even if had, why should I have been forced to take my baby outside in bad weather?

robyn on

Going to the bathroom, is a natural act but I cant do that in the middle of Target. If breastfeeding is so important to you pump before you go out.

Anonymous on

No matter what you think of what breasts are for I just wish our country could grow up and not make a big deal of a mother feeding their child when they are hungry. I breastfed all 4 of my kids and would feed them when they were hungry. I wouldn’t have posted a picture of it on the internet because that just seems excessive but I don’t believe mom’s should have to hide to feed their kids either. If it bothers someone, they don’t have to look. Period

kmk on

It would cause a lot less drama if woman would cover up while doing it. Breast feed if you want. Just do it with some class

Paulina on

If she wants breast feed in public that’s fine, it’s more like a personal choice, as long as with some discretion.

Alle Morris on

This was simply a “Agree to Disagree” conversation. They were both pleasant and Wendy stated that she does not understand why she feels that way. Many individuals feel that breastfeeding is a intimate moment that should be shared between mother and child. Many also just do not care it’s breast and being an adult who is sexually active you will see a lot more than a mother feeding her child. Alyssa has a strong stand/passion on this topic and you could see that with her graceful argument.

America’s media took a professional conversation and flipped it for clicks, likes and additional chatter to cause division between these two lovely women. Great job Wendy and Alyssa for being professionals and coming to a common ground even if still divided by standpoints.

Grow Up media outlets that are spinning this story!!!

goodie on

Actually @ KBRN your evolutionary idea is a little off.
The breast has always served a successful purpose in feeding so it remained. The question is why do men have breasts. Some guess its to bring symmetry and the eye to the pectoral muscles which is an attractant.
Being an exhibitionist and feeding your child is not the same thing.

guest on

So glad Alyssa stands up about what she believe something is right to do, kudo to her.

Man from Houston on

Wendy is a goof. Wendy has emotional, mental and social anxiety problems. All facts, google it. It’s a well known thing from her “hiphop” days and beyond. For her to bash Breast Feeding is ridiculous esp. since she is a mom her self. She obviously has no respect for her sister women nor motherhood. She is gross, looks gross, and her show is gross.. As for Milano, wow! Kudos to her. Great pic too. A perfect example of aging gracefully. Much respect to her on the way she handled that animal Wendy Williams. Ughh. Gross = vomit in mouth just thinking about Wendy.. Yuck!


Alyssa get over yourself already. So you breastfeed, you and thousands of other women. shut up already. Big freaking deal.

Eva on

I have no issues with breastfeeding or breast feeding in public. However your whole boob does not need to be out and there’s no reason to post pictures online of you breast feeding your child with your boob hanging out.

Emilie on

I understand that some people are not confortable with what they see. Then don’t look. As simple as that. No one is wiggling their nipple in your face where you actually have to look against your own will. All you see is a baby’s head on what seems to be a breast. It doesn’t bother you to see when animals do it. On the contrary, everyone would probably go Aaaawwww! And with the terrible things that happen in the world and ALWAYS the poor kids being the victims. Can you imagine a one year old child dying of hypothermia while crossing the sea with his Syrian parents fleeing war?? And you don’t want to see the back of a baby’s head on his mother’s chest area???? You guys are nuts. Most of you who say that don’t have kids. You have no sensibility what-so-ever. And most worrisome, double standards, and no common sense at all. That’s all. Good day.

Pam on

There is something wrong with a person who wants to constantly be photographed breastfeeding. Is she that desperate because of her declining career? Don’t use your child that way!

Vicky on

I don’t think any nudity should be on tv.

anne on

Sorry—I think breastfeeding in public is immodest. I breastfed my children but didn’t splash it on social media or in public. Sure, it’s your right—but it seems when a woman insists on breastfeeding in public, she’s trying to make a point rather than it being a necessity.

Sunny Lyons on

While the person who wrote “from an evolutionary biology standpoint, the purpose of breasts is to attract a mate” may seem to have given an intelligent response, it’s incorrect. Males are attracted to fertile females. Breasts in some animal and primate groups are used for play, but a male will never select in infertile female as a partner. He will select a female in heat, whose breasts will be engorged…she will 1. be a healthy mother who can get pregnant and 2. be able to feed her baby!!! The bottom line is that too many women spend all of their time stuffing their hoo-hahs into random men’s mouths and forget that they are for feeding babies also. If you do things with your breasts and then feel nasty about it then that’s your hang-up. Sex in the bedroom has nothing to do with breastfeeding. How could you look at a baby eating and think a mother should cover up? The answer is that you are not truly comfortable with what you do in the bedroom…you cannot separate your bedroom acts from what you need to do as a mother. You got the message from someone, somewhere, that breasts are dirty…that’s why. Wendy Williams’ reaction was a clear indicator that she feels uncomfortable about the things she does and now only feels disgust when she sees breasts. Sad. Very sad. A baby suckling at it’s mother’s teet is not sexual. Seems Americans are more comfortable with breasts being used as sexual playthings rather than for nourishing a baby. This isn’t even an issue in most countries around the world. If you can’t get over it, go to therapy and deal with your ridiculous hang up.

Racheal on

Are adults asked to please leave a table and go to their car to eat? To cover their heads? To go to the bathroom? So why should we make a baby eat in those places?? Breastfeeding is natural, get over it

Anonymous on

Why is everyone getting so upset about this? Let a mother breastfeed her baby in whatever manner makes her and her baby comfortable – covered up, not covered up, out in public or in a car, etc., etc. And while I would encourage people to not stare, be aware that it may happen. Hopefully, one day, seeing breastfeeding in public won’t be a big deal seeing as though all babies need to eat and sometimes not in the most convenient or discreet of places.

Debra on

Milano and all the other breastfeeding activists need to get a clue. It’s a natural act and we get that. Bowel movements are also natural. I assure you nobody wants to see me pull down my pants and squeeze a healthy bowel out in public. I have class and etiquette, enough to know nobody cares to see it nor is it appropriate regardless of how natural and nourishing it is. Everyone who says it is natural, I implore you to do other natural private acts in public and see what response is drawn.

Anonymous on

Interesting comments, enjoyed reading them.

Rain on

It’s basically personal choice. If you want to breastfeeding in public, fine! But be classy!

Cristi on

Shame on Wendy Williams, she thinks her feelings (immature feelings) are more important than a baby’s needs!

Catherine on

That dimply leg of Wendy’s, I REALLY DON’T WANT TO SEE IT. GET FIT OR DON’T SHOW THAT MUCH BODY WENDY. You, your mouth, the way you present th ourself on daytime tv where small children can aborb your crap. Os embarrassing to the female race. Thays just my opinion and I just don’t want to see your nasty thigh on public tv

Margie A on

I breast fed 3 children for 15 months for a total of 45 months of breastfeeding. They are all grown now, but I sometimes had to feed them in public, but always fed them discretely. I think nursing a baby in public is ok if done discretely. It’s not difficult to be discreet. I feed my babies in the library in the malls and on the airplane in the 70’s and 80’s and most people didn’t realize they were nursing! Many people would ask to see my child and they were shocked when I would tell them they couldn’t right now because they were busy eating! They didn’t know the difference. I used a light blanket over my shoulder, but there are many new inventions now to help a new mother be able to feed their baby without anyone even noticing! Breasts don’t have to be exposed to the public. It’s not all that difficult to be discreet!

dutchtea on

people react so spastic to breastfeeding. It is the most natural thing there is. Why must it be done in secret? Totally team Alyssa on this issue

Amanda on

Why do new moms need this “appreciation”? The joy of motherhood is in being a mother, not in telling everyone about it and how you choose to raise your baby. Public is not necessarily an issue for me but when you’re in a restaurant or a public swimming pool, then that is where it is inappropriate. I believe their are health risks in certain locations and when someone who is uncomfortable can’t walk away or when someone looks they get berated by self righteous mothers who are doing “the natural and beautiful thing.” It’s natural for my husband and I to feel a strong attraction and desire to copulate while I’m ovulating, he doesn’t bend me over the booth at Applebee’s and perform a “natural act.”

VP on

I don’t have any issues with women breastfeeding in public, just do it in discretion and is respectful to anyone.

Slim on


paul674 on

The reason Wendy has an issue with this is that photos of breastfeeding can be seen as child porn. I agree with Wendy on this point – I think it’s disgusting and should be done privately.

Anonymous on

I’m very pleased to see her stands up and outspoken about the right of women breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding is the nature thing, nothing to shame about it!

Creature on

There’s really no excuse to not make an effort to be discrete about your breastfeeding, it’s just common courtesy. Considering that there is going to be a large portion of the people around who might feel uncomfortable by it, why don’t you try to be considerate and not expose them to your nudity? People these days just have no respect for others and it’s sad. I am only 27 and part of the same generation as these women but I just don’t understand how people can feel so much entitlement to do whatever they feel like and put so little thought into how their actions affect others.

Paige on

She looks great in that picture.

Shannon on

I dont need to see that either. I also have an eleven year old son and a seven year old daughter and if they saw a eiman pull out their breast they would be shocked! But of course they would prob get a nasty look from the woman who did it!!!! And yes they are sexual. Men dont generally look at a woman and say WOW! Those breasts would be perfect for breastfeeding!!!!! you think men only have sex to procreate too?!? Breastfeeding should be private…… It shouldnt be allowed in public.

ranthrop on

I have read some articles about women and breast feeding. Some women have orgasms while breastfeeding, So, in my opinion, breast feeding should be a personal, intimate experience with your child that I don’t think the public should be privy too. I recently had some words with my sons daycare at my gym about letting a woman breastfeed in front of my son. This led to some uncomfortable discussions with my son. If you are going to breast feed in public, don’t do it in front of children whose parents aren’t there to tell them not to look.

Quann on

It’s nice to see Alyssa Milano is standing up for breastfeeding moms, they have rights to do what they need to do.

Ljk on

I don’t mind breastfeeding in public as long as it is tasteful. In other words cover up and don’t bear all. What I find a bit disturbing is the fact she is still breast feeding at 16 months!? It’s just my opinion but I find it wrong to breastfeed after the child has teeth and can eat solid food. In the Western world it has no merit. I mean the child can eat solid food and food is plentiful. No reason to continue to breastfeed when they can get all their nutrients from a proper diet. In poor countries I understand because that really is the best food for the child. IDK, like I said kind of creeps me out when the child is that old. But nobody has the right to say she can’t, or take away her milk if that’s what she has decided to do.

sabrina on

People saying breast are sexual didn’t listen. They are not suppose to be that way(we made them that way) YES they are suppose to be attractive to a male, because bigger means more milk to feed a baby(ironic). Its are primal instinct to be attracted to them unconsciously for that purpose. The reason we find them sexual though is because of society and porn. Tribes don’t think twice about their womens ta tas out because its not an instinct to consider it sexual. I don’t believe we should switch to wearing no shirts to normalize it in modern society but to shame a woman for feeding her baby because you saw side boob is outrageous compared to showing lots of boob for fashion.

Mommaof3 on

Great job Alyssa! Why does everyone feel the need to bash one way or another? Calling names or making fun of, aren’t we supposed to be against bullying? I am pro breastfeeding in public, people argue that women “expose all” when doing so, but I have never once seen anymore than I would with a woman wearing a low cut shirt. So what is the big deal? I am not for one posting pictures of myself breastfeeding on social media, but maybe I would be if I had the kind of platform to go off of such as Alyssa, she is encouraging other women not to be ashamed of breastfeeding, plain and simple. And it IS something to celebrate, it IS an accomplishment. Many women aren’t as fortunate to be able to breastfeed as they and their infants had trouble getting the knack, it is not so easy as everyone makes it out to be, sure some catch on no problem while others really have to work at it. If you have such an issue with women breastfeeding in public then you should also have an issue with women wearing low cut shirts/bikinis. And yes, men are attracted to breasts, but my husband would never oogle a breastfeeding mother, or a woman wearing a low cut shirt, he has respect for women. And people worried about the children? Shouldn’t we be bringing them up to know about breastfeeding, to teach them that breasts have a purpose other than to be looked at? I don’t hide breastfeeding my 5 month old from my 5 year old, he knows it nourishes baby and will grow up to be respectful towards women just like his daddy, as we teach him that women are not “objects” and not to be looked at in a sexual manner whenever men see fit.

Mom of five on

Can people not prepare a bottle with breast milk in it ahead of time , or is that too much work ? If I’m in a public restaurant I would like to enjoy the meal . I don’t understand the NEED for these women to push their views on me as much as they don’t lime hearing my opinion about it. Just have some consideration for those around you . Go buy some bottles for your venture out, and everyone is happy.

Mom of five on

Awe you got your feeling hurt because someone doesn’t agree with your breastfeeding views ? Public means public so you should respect that not everyone wants to see your breastfeeding. Just as a misbehaved child in a public restaurant should be temporarily taken away from the area , so that others can continue to enjoy their meal, so should a mother excuse herself long enough to feed her child. Better yet , prepare a bottle in advance with your breast milk for your child. Or is that to much effort ? Or just stay home and have your beautiful moments to yourself. Discretion goes a long way . Maybe it is a generational thing , but whatever, it’s rude to impose on people in a public area, period. But I bet you are a person that has issues with authority and respect’re going to do what you want no matter what because that is who you are. You are the only enlightened person and no one who disagrees with you matters.

Amina on

I was on a really packed train once and a woman had four children with her, including a baby. The three older kids were causing havoc running around and the baby was screaming. She whipped out her boob to feed the baby but her hands were full of shopping so couldn’t do it properly and managed to squirt her milk all over the place, including on me. She’s the one who chose to have a multiple children in her life, I didn’t, for a very good reason. I don’t want someone else’s baby forced onto me. That’s obviously an extreme example. Saying it’s the most natural thing in the world is Irrelevant.. You know what else is natural? Anthrax.

Stephanie Cates on

I know I am a little late posting on this subject but western culture is the only one that finds breastfeeding past 6 months to a year is unheard of. Most culrure breastfeed until the child is 4 to 6 years of age. I am an educator and working on a nursing degree so I am knowledgable on the subject. It is recommended that a mother breastfeed at least until the age of 2. Then the mother should let the child decide when they no longer want to partake in breatsfeeding whether it be at age 2 or 4. Wendy Williams you judge people harshly. I once was a fan, but after watching you bash people while not fully considering both sides to the story has made me rethink your morals.