Kevin Manno and Ali Fedotowsky Expecting First Child

01/06/2016 at 02:45 PM ET

There’s a baby on the way for this former Bachelorette!

Ali Fedotowsky is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Valentine In the Morning co-host Kevin Manno, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“We are thrilled, excited, nervous, and in awe that we are going to be parents! We feel incredibly fortunate to be lucky enough to welcome a little one into this world,” Fedotowsky, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Fedotowsky confirmed the news on her blog, Ali Luvs, Wednesday, sharing their excitement and her and 32-year-old Manno’s decision to keep the news under wraps for awhile.

“I can’t believe the news is out. That’s right, we’re pregnant! It feels surreal to let everyone know, since this has been our little secret for a while now,” she writes.

Ali Fedotowsky Pregnant Expecting First Child Kevin Manno
Ryan Manno

“I honestly started getting so nervous last night knowing that we were going to share the news today. Normally I am SO excited to share news with all of you and don’t get me wrong, we are very happy to share it, but something about this news felt SO personal that we almost felt like we were giving away a piece of ourselves by sharing it with everyone.”

The mom-to-be has already gotten several glimpses at her baby on the way — and can’t get enough.

“This is going to sound crazy, but I finally feel like I discovered where babies come from! Ha! No really, I’m not even kidding. Obviously I understand that sex leads to babies, but I never fully understood the absolute MIRACLE that happens inside of a woman’s body,” she explains.

“At every ultrasound I am in awe at how much our little one has grown. It blows my mind that I can gently push on my belly and wake him/her up. How is that possible? How did we create this life? It’s all so overwhelming and beautiful.”

The blog post also includes the couple’s pregnancy announcement photo, which shows Fedotowsky dressed in “mom jeans” as Manno watches her with an overwhelmed stare.

“Well we came up with the idea over Christmas. We were at Kevin’s parents house in Indiana, playing an SNL trivia game that his parents bought us. One of the trivia cards asked what the slogan was for the ‘Mom Jeans’ commercial on SNL. We both knew the answer was, ‘Cause I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom,’ and we both had a laugh,” she recalls.

“Then it clicked! Mom jeans would make a GREAT pregnancy announcement. So we went to Goodwill and bought a $3 pair of mom jeans and Kevin’s brother Ryan (Uncle Ryan!) took the photos! I have to admit that the mom jeans were REALLY comfortable. I told Kevin I might just have to start wearing them. Then he made the face you see the picture above. He isn’t nervous about the baby. He’s nervous about the Mom Jeans.”

The reality star announced her engagement to her TV and radio host beau — and debuted the gorgeous ring — in September.

Later that month, Fedotowsky told PEOPLE she and Manno were thinking of making the planning process quick so they could potentially tie the knot just a few months later.

“I always thought I wanted a destination wedding. But now that I’m actually planning, I don’t know,” she said.

The former reality star also discussed the couple’s desire to have children, and though she doesn’t want a big family, she’d like to have two kids so the first one “wasn’t an only child.”

As for the vibe of the couple’s nuptials, Fedotowsky confessed she is “so not traditional” and “would almost rather elope.”

In true non-traditional form, the star was thinking of going super-casual: “I definitely won’t have a ballgown dress,” she explained. “I plan on being either barefoot or wearing Converses on my wedding day. It’s one or the other. No heels.”

And as for Manno, he’s playing a part in the planning process.

“He just wants to do whatever makes me happy, but he wants to be involved with everything,” the bride-to-be said. “Neither one of us is traditional in the sense of, ‘Oh, the woman plans the wedding.’ It’s our day, we’re going to plan it together.”

— Aurelie Corinthios with reporting by Aili Nahas

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sarrah on

Thats a stupid baby announcement…except for the husband. Lol

K on

very original. i like it unlike some of the other stupid baby announcements out there

sandy on

What was the big rush? Geez, it’s called birth control! Can’t they have just enjoyed the engagement and wedding and some time as a couple before a baby? Plenty of time to be a parent- trust me I know! Make some memories as a couple first- so many women make the mistake of rushing into baby. Not good for the relationship!

Jenny on

Seriously? I’m a mom – and still VERY much a woman.

Callie on

I don’t know who she is but the announcement is really cute and different

whatever on

It’s refreshing to see EVERYONE get pregnant by a fiance’ or boyfriend. Can’t wait for the wedding I guess. Another doomed couple. Yawn, nothing special. Same ole, same ole.

heather on

So don’t share the news. What is this woman complaining about?

Callie on

A lot of women on here acting like mean, nasty b*tches; sad and pathetic!

Baby on

@Sandy whats with the negative judgment being thrown around? Not every couple feels the need to wait before starting a family…trust me I know. Not all woman rush having a baby either. I don’t think you or anyone else should say what is good for ANOTHERS relationship. Focus what works for yours and leave people to handle their own.

Jayjay on

Being newly pregnant with our 2nd I have been looking up fun ways to announce our pregnancy, I’ve seen a LOT and this is the worst. It sends a message that because she is going to be a mom she is no longer sexy (the jeans) and no longer a woman? Being a mother is one of the most womanly things you can do, heck it’s exactly what makes us women and not men!

hautemom on

Everyone needs to get a sense of humor! This is a super cute, original announcement. I am pretty sure she doesn’t believe the “slogan”, it is a joke people! And a cute one at that! Congrats to them both.

guest on

Geez I’m sure she doesn’t plan on becoming a frumpy hag. It’s a joke. I grabbed the wrong jeans on a table once where I always get a certain type I like and they ended up looking like this. They made my legs look awesome but my rear was laughable. Nothing a long shirt couldn’t solve. My husband laughed when I put them on but his “damn your legs are smoking though” made me keep them. They were slimmer in style but way high waisted. Chill ladies.

'Jay on

OMG it’s a joke people! If you’ve never seen the sketch then you probs don’t get it. If you have and you’re still offended, lighten up! It’s a pregnancy announcement that was done with the intent to be funny. She’s not trying to be spiteful and seems excited about being a mom. Congrats to her! If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all please. There’s enough negativity in the world, we don’t need rude comments added to it

Sassymom on

I’m a woman and a mom. And damn was I sexy pregnant. I looked it and felt it. Never wore “Mom” jeans. I thought that was a horrible announcement. To each their own.

Danielle on

I’m pretty sure “we” aren’t pregnant.. “we” may be expecting a child, but only she is pregnant


Iron board

Poppy on

Being married before one pops out a kid is so passe. /sarcasm

Erin on

Such craziness whenever someone has a baby before or without ever being married, as if a ceremony and piece of paper makes a difference. Happy for this couple. If a couple is happy about a baby, that’s all we strangers who have no connection to them whatsoever should think about – if that.

Cow on

Oh Sandy…you sound like such a pathetic, jealous cow.


nancy on

adorable – I love this humor and fun!!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

I am always happy for a couple who is expecting a baby. What is better than that? I really hope they don’t make this a blog based on endless post’s of of how Ali is feeling and the fact that she no longer has a real job aside from blogging.

Riley on

Wonder if there would have been a wedding announcement if there wasn’t soon to be a baby announcement? Notice they didn’t give a due date? And of COURSE she’s going to downplay having a big, drawn out wedding planning and ceremony since she’s going to be big and pregnant and wants it done and over with BEFORE she pops out this baby. She’s not fooling anyone. She’s just another failed Bachelorette that somehow is still in the news. Her 15 minutes is over already, can we just move on??!!

Stacey McRae on

More than likely they will break up before the baby is even born.

Stacey McRae on

More than likely they will break up before the baby is even born.


people need to lighten up. Clearly this was meant to be a fun ha ha pregnancy announcement that sends a shout out to the 80’s. I like it but then again I have a sense of humor.

kay on

It’s really sad, and expected, when people can’t have a sense of humor! The announcement picture is a joke, seriously some of you need to lighten up.

Louis Ferris on

Very clever. Congrats!

KP on

This is hilarious! I’m not a fan of cheesy/cutesy baby announcements, but this is original, smart and funny 🙂

suzy on

Gawd I hate when people say WE”RE Pregnant.. THEY are BOTH NOT pregnant. Its sounds so stupid!

Maggie on

Forget the baby announcement! Where can I buy mom jeans! I hate these cut-ya-below-the-gut jeans Im constantly having to adjust-yank em down, hike em up. UUUUGGGHHHH

The Truth on

Why is this news? Because she was on The Bachelor? Didn’t like her then, don’t like her now. She has absolutely no talent.

Lolly on

I KNEW it! I was waiting for someone to take offense to it!! Good grief people get a sense a humor!! They got the idea from a SNL skit!! Why do people have to be offended about everything!!?? Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore!!??

The Whole Truth on

@ Callie, we are giving our opinions and not at all catty or mean spirited. This woman is pregnant with her fiance and she is announcing it on the internet. I don’t think it’s especially cute how she announced it but many do, so be it. I have met Ali in San Francisco just at the same time after The Bachelor show she was in ended with her walking out. She was stuck up, extremely smug and only did The Bachelor to get on TV (she had just left her job.) Actually what’s pathetic is having people like Callie bitter because she doesn’t like what people say, good or bad. You’re a joke!

Sabrina on

You guys never watch SNL, huh?

Laura on

Isn’t this the Bachelorette that put down the girl who won the Bachelor Jake, acting holier-than-thou? Then as Bachelorette the men she liked literally left the show to escape. This fiancé looks like a real doozy. Lotsa luck.

Julie on

@sandy not everyone wants to wait. You can still have a family and a life. My husband and I waited now we wish we had of started earlier b/c of fertility issues. Not everyone has to live life on your terms Sandy!

Kate Summers on

I don’t know who this is, but the announcement is hilarious. For anyone who thinks it’s offensive (or original) watch this:

kayla on

stupid and corny

thesportygirl on

Did no one read the article? I understand if you haven’t seen the SNL skit but the article clearly states it is from an SNL skit that was with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and I think Rachel Dratch. Google it, watch it, and chill out. It’s a play on a skit not an actual statement that mom’s aren’t women. Also every mom I know has the same amazement in being pregnant. She’s not being stupid she is saying what most mom’s think which is being in awe of the amazing thing that a body can do.

mistie on

It’s a joke people! She does not really think that, lighten up. who cares if she is having a baby before marriage..IT’S HER LIFE
People should really stop being so judgemental

mimi on

Wow! Her a$$ is flat!!! And no mom jeans can’t make it that flat!

Laura on

Channeling Joan Rivers…Who bought the ring? He works on FM radio…”Can we talk?”

Anonymous on

Believe it or not people the piece of paper does make a difference. That piece of paper makes it not so easy to just up and leave anytime anything isn’t perfect. It encourages couples to try to work it out (key word, try). Our culture is one of serial ‘engagements’, couples get engaged because they want to show how serious their relationship is with no wedding date in sight or one years into the future. I can’t tell you the number of people I have personally known who have been ‘engaged’ multiple times. It is kind of ridiculous.
That said, I don’t believe a baby will ruin a relationship or make it so the couple doesn’t have time together. I had my first before I was married. Was it the best situation? No, but we made it work and we will have plenty of time to be a couple when the kids are grown…not to mention we make it a priority to spend time as a couple now. It takes two stubborn, motivated people, but it can work. We’ve been married 12 years now and have watched friends who didn’t have kids until after marriage get not only married but also divorced in the last 12 years.

Anonymous on

Um thought she was engaged to the other guy before, guess they went separate way.

Linda on

For all of you saying she’s ruining her relationship by rushing…she’s 31 and already lost one pregnancy. Not everyone can get pregnant right away. Be happy that her pregnancy is going well, and stop being so mean! Jeez!