Naya Rivera Has Dropped Almost All of Her Baby Weight Just Four Months After Giving Birth

01/05/2016 at 01:10 AM ET

Naya Rivera body after baby

Well, that’s one way to kick off the New Year.

Naya Rivera took to Twitter on Monday, revealing that she’s just a mere four pounds from her post-baby body goal — just four months after welcoming son┬áJosey Hollis!

“2016 is off to a great start already!” the new mom wrote. “4 lbs away from my goal weight!”

Although the actress, 28, didn’t share the exact number of her goal weight, Rivera hit the red carpet in December looking amazing at the March of Dimes Celebrations of Babies — her first red carpet event since she welcomed her son.

Wearing a simple floor-length, white gown, which featured long sleeves and a turtleneck, the actress revealed to PEOPLE that she’d been working on her come back and had started hitting the gym again.

“[I’m]┬ádefinitely working out now,” she said. “I’m training and still spinning and all of that good stuff.”

The hard work has obviously paid off as the former┬áGlee┬ástar’s end goal is in sight.

Despite her quick bounce back, the baby weight was well worth it. Rivera told PEOPLE about her new role as mom, describing her son as “such a ham.”

“It’s absolutely amazing,” she said. “It’s just something clicks, and you do it really, really well and you’re instantly in love with this little person that you just met, but it’s awesome.”

—┬áNaja Rayne

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Liannek73 on

Hey People, correct your headline. It says she’s lost 4lbs of baby weight when it should say she’s 4lbs away from her goal weight. Either you did it on purpose as click-bait, which you do all the time & I admit I clicked out of confusion “why is there a headline about 4lbs???” or you guys really need to work on your proofreading skills.

twintosser on

Yeah i was going to say was this a joke? 4 lbs yay? Was hopeful she was being funny because of all the Look how much baby weight I dropped articles. Oh well. Who cares then right?

Anonymous on

She looks great only few months after baby! Doesn’t look like she has weight problem at all!

Curious s on

Ok I’m JUST ASKING a simple question, so everyone shouldn’t jump on me for this one. First off, this girl is beautiful. I’m just curious…. Was she always blessed with these high cheekbones, or did she have fillers? I’m just curious.

Anonymous on

I’m such an idiot for clicking on this. The title said she dropped 4lbs since having a baby. Shame on me for clicking.

rose on

Curious s she has had tons of plastic surgery. She doesnt even look like herself anymore. She was always so beautiful and it saddens me that she felt the need to alter herself so drastically.

Anonymous on

Great for her – she looks terrific. But why is it necessary to post this? All it does is discourage new mothers who aren’t able to drop all the baby weight in a ridiculously short period of time. A big component of Riviera’s job involves her appearance and she likely has a lot more time and assistance (trainers, access to expensive, ready made food etc) than most new mothers. Congrats to her but don’t present this as something every woman should feel obligated to strive for. There are more important things in the life of a new mom.

Kinna on

Only 4Ibs to drop? That’s not bad!

Cass on

Wow, poorly written. Clearly done quickly. You should all have someone who proofs the story before it’s posted.

me,myself and i on

Those cheeks are horrendous,exactly she shouldn’t have altered her face she was beautiful before, now she looks like everyone else in hollyweird

Annie on

Please stop posting baby weight articles. All it does it perpetuate a myth that women should be a certain weight. And then we act shocked when women get bullied for their weight. Have more social responsibility, People.

Gina on

@ Curious s : I really hope that you are being sarcastic and don’t really think that these artificial bumps on each side of her face are a blessing…

Just a Duck on

Sounds about right.

Anonymous on

What happened to her face?!

warath on

What did she do to her poor face???

mer on

Could we please stop focusing on women’s and moms’ bodies and not make someone’s losing weight news-worthy?

Van on

She looks great in the picture, doesn’t look like needing to loss any weight.

Hea on

A lot of the changes are possibly due to a ton of makeup ala Kim K. I’m sure she’s had a few things fixed but there seem to be about 50 shades of beige going on at once on her face…

VP on

Yes she got the right start of New Year resolution to drop few pounds.