Meet Saint! Kim Kardashian West Shares First Photo of Baby Boy

01/02/2016 at 07:45 PM ET

World, meet Saint West!

Kim Kardashian West released the first picture of her newborn son Saint on her website Saturday. The cute shot, which shows Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North‘s finger, is titled simply, “BFFs.”

Kardashian West wrote on her website, “She said ‘He’s my best friend.’ ”

Saint was born on Dec. 5 in Los Angeles, weighing 8 lbs., 1 oz., at birth. The reality star, 35, and her husband Kanye West, 38, announced their son’s name via Kardashian West’s website and app that Monday.

Saint West
Kim Kardashian

Though both Mom and baby are happy and healthy, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star didn’t have an easy labor: A source told PEOPLE that Kardashian West suffered from placenta accreta, the same condition she experienced during her first pregnancy with daughter North, now 2.

“She had a really tough birth because of the issues with her placenta,” the source said of the high risk pregnancy condition in which a woman’s placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall and doesn’t detach, requiring a doctor to scrape it out by hand.

Despite the difficulties, the reality star was surrounded by her husband and close family for the birth, and a source told PEOPLE sister Kourtney Kardashian, 36, assisted throughout the labor.

She also had several several family members visit her at her luxury maternity suite, including momager Kris Jenner, 60, and Khloé Kardashian, 31, who were both spotted arriving at the hospital throughout the weekend of the birth.

A source told PEOPLE Kardashian West was “so happy to have the baby here.”

“She had some pretty intense anxiety the last couple of days and especially yesterday just before the baby came,” the source added. “But everything went according to plan.”

Kardashian West returned home from the hospital with the newest addition to her family on Monday afternoon.

— Aurelie Corinthios

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Annie on

I’m pretty sure that is North and Saint holding hands, not Kim.

Anonymous on

I don’t think that’s kims finger, probably its north’s

gerogirl on

Your child is not a BFF … Gah! FML.

Anonymous on

Pretty sure that is North’s finger Saint is grabbing

Melissa T on

This looks to little to be Kim’s hand! Plus look at the nails… my guess would be that he’s holding North’s finger… “BFF’S” makes more sense for the children…

Dee on

If that’s Kim’s finger the baby has his hands wrapped around, then he has some awfully big hands. Could that be Northwests finger???

Pnut on

Pretty sure that’s North’s finger, big dummies.

Good Grief on

That’s it? That’s the picture? His hand… Fooled again!

Vini on

Who cares!!!Its not even a full picture.

Sara on

That’s Norths finger not Kims

Lettuce Pray on

Its a pic of a hand, not a full blown picture of a kid so really does not count. Secondly that is not your hand, how stupid do you think we are.

Once again, another non story by this rag and another lie by the Kraptrains.

Nobody coughing up the money for the exclusive photo are they. Hahaha.

S on

That’s obviously North’s finger

marie on

Yep, there right he looks just like North.

Tania on

The cute shot, which shows Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North‘s finger, is titled simply, “BFFs.”


Sharon on really? Your heading Meet Saint was a lie. A finger is a picture is not ‘meeting their baby boy”.

Lori on

Oh wow, we get to meet his hand…

Shalla on

North is a beautiful little girl, no matter what haters say…from her big brown eyes to her pretty caramel skin tone. Saint is probably as equally beautiful. I’m no Kardashian fan, but Kim and Kourtney have cute children. Baby Reign is just as precious.

lafawnduh on

.. the magazine offers weren’t high enough to get a full shot of the baby..

khloey on

Lol that is some big hands & fingers!!!!

whatever on

Why do a picture at all?

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Oh pppthhh.

Nikki on

So which part of North said he is my best friend, meaning that is Saint holding onto North’s hand do you people not get? I mean really?

Rhonda on

Really that’s news? I have seen two black children holding hands before.

Anonymous on

If you read the article, it says he is holding his SISTER’s finger

Kelly on

I’m on pins and needles awaiting the big reveal. NOT!

Polkadotdog on

I am kind of sick of these pictures of fingers and toes! Either put the kids picture up or forget about it!!

Chris on

Note to Kim K. – a finger? Really?

Wrongqw on

Babies are born every day. They are all equally as special.
Kanye and Kimbo needs to take several seats.

Guest on

The article clearly states that it is North’s finger he is holding. Did ANYONE actually read the article???

Robin on

Now to get on with loosing the 65 lbs +. Lippo it and put it back in her butt. She needs it there!

Anonymous on

Why don’t you just show your new baby boy. Why are you treating your fans like this. You should be proud and want to show him off. I don’t get it?

Nancy on

“Meet Saint West”….are you kidding me PEOPLE. Of course putting the headline “Meet Saint West’s hand” wouldn’t get nearly as many hits. Your mag has seriously gone down the tubes!

Joanna on

@gerogirl Yes a child can also be a best friend to a mother. Witness Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. She called her mother her best friend in her valadictorian speech when she was graduating high school. I do agree that her child WAY WAY WAY too young to understand or know how to be a best friend to anyone. She’s most likely only saying that because she has to spend more time now with him than with North simply because he relies on her for everything. Kim should seriously think about what she said when her children are spoiled teens who demand an allowance in the thousands per month and have a horribly entitled attitude.

Christa Hafner on

It doesn’t matter what the public beliefs , it’s all about making $$$ ! We the people make it happen !!!!!!

suzy on

slow day again eh People?! Who gives a rats ars of a picture of the kids hands. let alone anything of this family.. Gawd.. i thought come 2016 i would not see these people again. It was my new years resolution !!

AlyAly on

To those of you commenting the articles clearly states it is North’s hand…the original article states it was Kardashian Wests’ hand. They edited the article to correctly state it is his big sisters hand.

Violet on

Well, duh to all of you “guessing that it North’s hand with Saints”….brilliant deduction since it says at the very top of the article that it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow, do you even know how to read????

Rachel on

This is a picture of two hands. This is pointless, could be anybody’s hands. This is not baby’s first picture. Sheesh.

Amy on

It ACTUALLY says it’s North’s finger he is holding!! Read the article, people, BEFORE you comment!!

Jean on

I’m surprised she stopped counting all her ‘Christmas prezzies’ from her ego bloated husband of the moment to even take a photo that wasn’t of her duck lips.

Justathetruth on

Both mom and baby are healthy? Moms fluffy! How’s the surrogate ?

Ginger on

Meet Saint’s Hand is what the article title should be. Ridiculous.

Anonymous on

Why did I click on this article smh!

People reader on

Awe ~ them some lucky babies.

KL on

It says in the article that his hand is wrapped around his SISTERs hand!! Read the article…
Cute pic

Me on

Who gives a f u c k

Tp404 on

What am I meeting? His hands. All 9 months I’ve been hearing about this pregnancy now all of a sudden we can’t see his face chuip

Nikki on

ANNIE READ WHAT IT SAYS>>>The cute shot, which shows Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North‘s finger, is titled simply, “BFFs.”

Me on

The child looks like a garlic knot.

Stacy on


KlareK on

The People article originally stated that Saint was holding Kim’s finger. Those that commented did read the article and pointed out it couldn’t be Kim’s finger unless Saint was a giant.

Maria on

Hos can this picture be rated as a Top Story? The finger doesn’t even look like a newbie baby’s finger.
Please people stop giving these people a platform!!!! I wish these Kardashians would just go away. They are such self indulgent, self important narcissistic people!!!!!!

Heather on

Why are these two important. I don’t get it …I’m embarrassed by my fellow human beings for giving them any sort of respect!! By the way ppl that is a baby’s fingers not the baby…ridiculous.

Manlove on

That kid is going to be same gender loving like most biracial males.

Anonymous on

Omg who cares. They act like she’s the first person to have a kid. This is news?

Bradlee TheDawg on

Call CPS and place this unfortunate child in foster care immediately, before his pathologically insane parents and extended family ruin him.

Abby on

I think everyone needs to read the article a little more carefully. It clearly states in the beginning that it is North’s finger.

justsaying on

until you see the face in the pic you cant be sure who is who in the picture even if the person claims its them. without the face of the person its not 100% them, the picture can be of anyone, after all its a picture of hands holding onto each other…

?!?!?! 🍀 on

How does a tiny newborn hand/finger become a “top story” for Lol

Anonymous on

Duh, oh …
teaching the kids early to be famous for doing NOTHING .

guest on

That baby got giant hands.

Reese on

Such a cute and adorable pic! Can’t wait to see the little guy! Many blessings to the whole West family 🙂

Deidra on

Neither one of those hands belongs to a newborn infant! They are both way to big to belong to the new baby

moonie on

This is technically click bait!

kate on

The story says is is NORTH and the baby!

Claire on

Are you people that stupid?

People like this peanut gallery show that the world really is in trouble.
Basic reading comprehension is a thing of the past!

Gurst on

The article CLEARLY states that he is holding NORTH’S finger! Read, people!

Anonymous on

um, that’s Big sis North’s finger!!!!

Valarie on

I hope Kim and Kanye got paid a ton of money for the first photo of his hand… Totally worth the money… (Eyeroll)…

Sarsie on

Reread the story before you post something you sound like a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous on

Why all the speculation about whose hands these are? The article plainly states it’s Saint’s and North’s.

kali1998 on

She did the exact same thing with North. Made everyone think they were going to see a pic and it was just a hand. Anything for attention and these stupid magazines and shows think we enjoy this????????

Anonymous on

Are you all dumb…read the title. That is not Kim’s hand. Learn how to read.

LiL on

Hello – in the SECOND sentence of this article – it clearly states that Saint is holding North’s finger – pay attention.

Cheryl on

She must be waiting for the highest bidder to pay for a full picture. But that’s not her hand, it’s got to be North holding his hand and “they” will be best friends forever. Big deal. Next week we get to see his arm. God I can’t wait. (Sarcasm )

Kathy on

That’s not a baby picture. But if people actually read the article, it says it is North’s finger and that she, North, said he’s my best friend.

Momof32016 on

Are you all reading the same article?!!! It clearly states: (and I copied and pasted it) Kim Kardashian West released the first picture of her newborn son Saint on her website Saturday. The cute shot, which shows Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North‘s finger, is titled simply, “BFFs.”
So that is NORTH’S finger. Learn to read people before complaining. And I’m not a Kimye supporter either and I just wanted to see the baby photo. I am just someone who can actually read!!!!

D on



THE ARTICLE WAS EDITED TO SAY NORTHS. The comments were posted BEFORE the article was edited.


Jeff on

People actually pay attention to this kind of crap?

Sara on

… says the guy who took the time to read the headline, click on the story, read the article and then comment!

Anonymous on

Who cares about Kim kardashian and her kids that’s disgusting I’m sick of seeing her all over the internet.

NMB on

The original version of the article said IT WAS KIM’S FINGER. It’s been edited to say North. The shocking point is that People actually edited one of its many poorly written articles! And as for this stupid pic, I hope they released it as a joke to eff with their “fans”. I’ve seen far too many people claim this pic is amazing and sweet and precious. IT’S A HAND! Get an effing grip. Kim and Kanye are probably laughing at all of the coverage: “Hey, I have a hilarious idea: let’s release a pic of his HAND and see what happens!”

gymluv on

Hopefully North will treat her brother better than Kim treated her BFF Rob.

Paula on

OMG that hand holding is so adorable.

Kayla on

That is most certainly a child’s hand and based on the BFF caption it is Saint’s sister, North’s hand. Kim would have manicured or properly groomed nails anyway…

Shanna on

Like Kim would every release the first picture on her website, thats FAR too normal. plus, she wouldn’t get paid for doing it that way!

Ellen Smith on

It is the hand and fingers of two people, possibly of some African-American heritage. That’s it. May not even be her kids’ hand and fingers. Could be hand models subbing for her kids. Like stunt doubles. A really pic of the baby is probably not being shown because he probably isn’t that cute and, like Blue Ivy, they are waiting to see if he gets to a “cute stage” so there’s no criticism. Again, maybe they can get a stunt double baby to fill in until this one gets some cuteness going.

Anonymous on

People, read the story before you speak. It reads that Noirth said as Saint was holding her finger, Saint is her bff.

Anonymous on

I’m not trying to be funny but I don’t think that is North or Baby Saint hand, both hands are too big and long, a new baby hand is not that big and if you look at recent pictures of North hands they are not that long or big, that probably is Mason and Baby Reign hand. Ijs think about it people

Anonymous on

No one really cares who’s hands are these!

mary on

When are Kim nd Kanye going to release a photo of Saint? I have been waiting a LONG time. Come on now, folks!