One Big Happy Family! Jenna Bush Hager Posts Sweet Instagram with Her Parents and Children

01/02/2016 at 03:58 PM ET

It’s three generations of the Bush family!

Jenna Bush Hager posted a sweet Instagram of herself, husband Henry, parents George and Laura, and her two children, Mila and Poppy on New Year’s Day.

“Happy New Year from my familia to yours,” Hager Bush wrote. “May we feel the unconditional LOVE of family every day of 2016.”

The Bush family

The group certainly looks happy, with George beaming out from under a hat, though Poppy, who was just born in August, still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of looking into a camera. (She’s got some time to figure it out.)

Jenna’s going to be spending a lot more time with mom Laura in the near future — the pair recently signed a deal with HarperCollins to release a children’s book about the National Park Service titled Out Great Big Backyard.

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Carmiecarms on

Über cuteness!!!

Gretchen on

What a precious family, and beautiful babies. Mila is absolutely adorable, as is her little sister. Very sweet. Not a time to discuss politics, either…Jana is the mother, and she had nothing to do with anyone’s politics, ever. Please, don’t even start; and I say that as someone who isn’t a Republican. Would so love for this site to return to being a pleasant place to just enjoy people’s new babies, or sweet families!

tracie on

Laura and George resemble each other greatly now. Wow! Beautiful family.

Mary on

Mila looks just like her mother!

Bobbie Sena on

Lovely1 I am so happy for all of them! Thank you, Gretchen, for your sweet comments.

Anonymous on

I think the eldest grandaughter looks just like her father, and the baby looks like Jenna.

sandy on

how lucky is george to be breathing fresh air when he really should be in jail for war crimes. what a cruel world!

sweetknees217 on

Be respectful and say President George Bush. I couldn’t stand the man, but he’s not some dude off the street named George.

Bugfan1 on

What a wonderful photo of a WONDERFUL family. May not have been a perfect president but he TRULY loved this country. And they were and still are good Christian people. And I can tell you this. Marriage would still be between a man and woman. Marriage between the same sex wouldn’t have even went to the Supreme Court. ISIS would be nothing but a “BAD MEMORY”. Muslims would be here ONLY legally. There would be NO Sharia Law even talked about in OUR country. There would be NO such thing as Sanctuary City’s. And you can bet the Constitution would still be just as it was and George Bush would NOT be trying to “RE-WRITE” it in any form or fashion. BOTTOM LINE!!!

Themoose on

Precious family !!! God bless you Mr President and your sweet family !!

Lizzie on

Jenna really looks like her dad, Pres. Bush. The other twin Barbara looks like their mom, Laura. For some reason I always thought the twins were identical until I saw a recent pic of them. Pres. Bush looks a lot like his dad, Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush now that he has gotten older. Nice pic of entire family.

Julie on

Jenna would be no where were it not for her fathers dirty coattails. It’s difficult to rejoice in this familly when so many gave their lives based on his inability to read it right.

stacey on

Oldest daughter is such a cutie!!!

Anonymous on

So beautiful. I miss them so much and wish them a lovely 2016!

guest on

Great Picture….I love the name Poppy!! So cute!

Frederica on

‘Out Great Big Backyard’? I’m quite sure it should be ‘OUR Great Big Backyard’. Proofread PEOPLE, proofread!!!

Emer on

Wow she looks exactly like her mother! But strange enough they all sort of look alike

mouse on

Why isn’t ole GW in jail yet?

julie on

They look happy! I like GW Bush soooo much better than his brother Jeb.

Gretchen on

BABIES is the name of this site. If you jail President Bush, you need to jail all the senators and reps, including Hilary Clinton, who voted to go to Iraq. This is not a political page, and politics should be discussed elsewhere. Period. If you have something rude, cruel or hateful to say…truck it over to CNN’s site and chatter away. This is all about people’s babies and families. That’s what should be talked about here. If you think GWB caused the whole ruckus, you need some history lessons, and a better understanding of the middle eastern mindset. Take your mean-spiritedness somewhere else. As I said earlier, I am not a Republican, but I think it is overdue to stop trashing and talking politics on this page. And no one knows who would have a job or who wouldn’t regardless of who their father is. Let’s see where Chelsea would be without the Clinton name, or any other of the president’s children through history.

Anon on

Surprised no one has mentioned Laura’s obvious plastic surgery.

Marilyn on

Mila is so cute, I can’t stand it, but so is Poppy. I miss President Bush as the leader of this country. He is a true patriotic American and things would be so much better if he was still in office. What a great family.

Angelica on

Such a cute picture. Congratulations.

Becca on

Beautiful family. To all haters: I’m sure you think YOUR President was perfect….smh…get over it.

casmia on

Adorable family. Wasn’t a big fan of Dubya, but seeing him as a Grandpa really warms me up inside. He’s just a delight to watch now!


dumb and dumber.

Anonymous on

Nice photo!

Lizzy on

Lovely picture and lovely family God bless them .FYI Im a democratc . And thats how i want my year to be, lovely ,lovely . God bless them

Common on

What a handsome photo! George and Laura have aged beautifully. God bless them all.

Hea on

While George scared the living day lights out of me while he was president there’s something special about devoted grandparents.

Olivia on

Lovely picture. Congrats.

Renee Marie on

George W, when I discovered you sitting under a mountain of difficulties in 2006, I looked for many heroes to help you. I found many, including Arnold and Dolittle, who helped you. But the greatest hero I found to help you was you. That’s really what I was trying to tell you with my daily letters while you served our Nation in the White House.
I didn’t want you to serve our Nation on weekends. I wanted you to save some of yourself for yourself.
Thanks for staying happy and healthy, Brother. That’s really all I asked you to do, Captain. Your Family is lucky to have you. You have a big Family, many of whom adopted you.

Katie on

Jenna’s oldest daughter looks like Jenna and her grandmother.