Chrissy Teigen Is So Over People Comparing the Size of Her Baby to Fruit

01/02/2016 at 07:00 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen

When Chrissy Teigen finally gives birth, her Twitter account could be turned into the best pregnancy book ever.

The model has been characteristically blunt about her journey to motherhood, and has decided that the “most annoying part of pregnancy is the fruit and veg s—,” she tweeted early Saturday morning.

” ‘Your baby is 6 inches. A pineapple!’ ” she continued. “What the f— grocery store we at?”

But Teigen at least seems to have gained some new abilities during pregnancy, tweeting earlier that day that “I just smelled dough during a Pilsbury commercial.”

This is all after her New Year’s Day dinner: Hooters takeout. “Nothing sounds good to me except Hooters,” Teigen tweeted, adding a pic of the meal.

But whatever the ups and downs of the journey, Teigen and husband John Legend aren’t stressing about their impending bundle of joy.

“It is pretty exciting that I’ll have a little child running around that is the product of the love that Chrissy and I have for each other,” Legend, 36, told PEOPLE in November.

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Travelgirl on

For someone who supposedly had such a difficult time getting pregnant she sure is petty about so much regarding her pregnancy. There are countless women who would love to be able to compare their baby to a fruit. Perspective please.

ldstep on

She is such a drama queen. I wonder if she knows the baby will require her attention — she can’t sit on Twitter, Facebook, etc. all day and talk about herself. It would seem she’d be grateful to get pregnant since she said she’s had a hard time getting pregnant. What a self absorbed phony. And this is who John Legend wanted to spend his life with?!? Geez.

VirgotheVirgin on

And bubblehead whines again.

Linda on

Butterface drama queen…seriously, she needs to shut up.

Anonymous on

Dear Chrissy, all of us are so over you. Signed, America

Valarie on

Tough crowd… She’s not my favorite person in the world but that baby is being born into a loving home…

Tati on

I think she’s so excited that she wants to have the feelings of a pregnant woman whether its joy or irritability so that she can feel like she fits in to the circle. Nothing wrong with that. Let her enjoy her pregnancy. T

heather on

What is “very pregnant”? You either are or you aren’t.

This chick is the new Kim K. Complaining about how she can’t get pregnant and then complaining the whole time she is.

m on

Is there a time where she isn’t complaining? She’s worst than Kim.

Zeze on

I’m so over hearing her talk about her pregnancy. Didn’t she promise to stop a while back?

Harcinab on

Wow, everyone is so harsh on here!
I completely agree with her! Some of the fruit and veggies they compare the baby to is crazy. I remember some I had to look up the size, like kumquats and dragonfruit. Wtf!!!

Renee on

Why does she keep throwing her pregnancy in everyone’s face. Didn’t she say she was done sharing info due to mean tweets. She is putting it out there . Begging for a comment

casmia on

She is highly annoying. I really loathe a lot of the stuff that spews from her mouth. Just very childish.

Kathy on

Can this woman just shut up already? Great. She’s having a baby. We get it.

Mrs on

I’d say she’s having an easy pregnancy if that’s the thing she finds most annoying.

guest on

She’s like overly sensitive about everything Even before she was pregnant. chill lady

Guest on

I’m very happy for the couple and while nothing in Hollywood surprises me, I just hope she cleans her mouth up before the baby learns to talk.

Me on

Chrissy looks like fruit cake

Susie Q on

Well she is friends with Kim K so I guess she is learning from her to be annoying like Kim K.

Karin on

Most annoying celebrity. Period. Get over yourself.

Sista on

Is her horrible Fablife show cancelled yet so she can be a full time self absorbed mommy??? Please let kid have John’s Ivy League brain since the wrong head made marriage decision!

Angela on

I love Chrissy. I think she is totally hilarious and good for her for giving people a funny, sarcastic commentary on pregnancy. Not everyone has to promote the sunshine and “pregnancy glow” side of being pregnant. This chick is real, if you cant handle that, stop reading articles about her.

Sara on

I’m so over her.

Average Joe on

The general public is SO over her and her drama.
And grammar nazis are sick of people who improperly use the words SO and WAY.

anon on

@Angela: No one is saying she shouldn’t be honest about her pregnancy. But this is the same woman who back when the pregnancy as first announced was all “I’m not talking about my pregnancy anymore online because HATERS!!!!!!11!!!!” And then what, two weeks later? She was back to talking about it! She just comes off as a massive drama queen. But you’re right, no one is being forced to read these articles (and the less people that read them, the more likely they’ll goo away).


Pills bury ?? Lmao
That right there, shows she has no brains

Dawn on

And I’m sure a lot of us are over hearing about her and what bothers her.

Zol on

She looks gorgeous, doesn’t matter what she is complaining or what she eats.

Anonymous on

Most people are over HER. She’s so arrogant and egocentric.

Manny on

Yeah it seems she wants to be a tweeting queen.

VP on

Liked her ponytail, looks cute.