Cam Newton Welcomes a Son

12/30/2015 at 11:50 PM ET

Cam Newton girlfriend welcome son

Cam Newton is a father!

The Carolina Panthers quarterback took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce he and longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor welcomed a baby boy.

“My longtime girlfriend and I were extremely blessed to have a son last week,” Newton, 26, wrote. “Our family is excited and thank you all for the well wishes!”

The baby was born on Christmas Eve, according to The Charlotte Observer. The football star was seen leaving practice early on Dec. 24 in order to travel to Atlanta, where Proctor, 27, gave birth.

Recently, fans were perplexed when Newton performed a new touchdown dance during Sunday’s Atlanta Falcons game when he cradled the ball like rocking a baby to sleep after reaching the end zone in the first-quarter. It all makes sense now!

“I’ve been quiet about this because I didn’t want to create a distraction for my team and appreciate the privacy in this joyous time,” Newton added.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Mel on

Congratulations on your new son Cam and Kia!

Guest on

Good QB, but he’s an egotistical a$$. Hope he sticks around to be a real dad.

guess on

They are married! It’s called fact check

Carly on

…So he can’t marry her, but he can reproduce with her. Typical black guy.

Bail on

Congrats Cam Newton and Kia Proctor, do the baby dab Cam! You should be proud and good luck with the parenting!

Lakeside on

All the best in 2016 for Cam Newton and Kia Proctor along with their little bundle of joy! Congratulations!!

CarlyisanIdiot on

You are an idiot Carly. Like Hugh Grant? Who just “reproduced” for the second time (fourth overall) with his girlfriend?

Sista on

So Cam got the rookie rich bl$$$ man athlete requirement to get a Hispanic, light skinned or blonde chick pregnant? ? Cam always sound so illiterate so not surprised! ! I told my girlfriends he would get a trap queen like all of them!

LilahK on


gracie on

@guess…if they are married, why does Newton’s Twitter post refer to Kia as ” my longtime girlfriend”…why not as “my wife”??

Ginger on

Great, a child raising a child.

Also, Carly, you’re an idiot.

Ginger on

Great, a child raising a child.

Also, Carly, you’re an idiot. A stupid racist one at that.

mic on

to guess— they are not married…….. fact checked

cynic1018 on

i find this very surprising. i would have bet my last dime that he “swung the other way”. hopefully he won’t pass on his horrendous leadership skills to his son. what other QB in the NFL does the posturing that he does??? classless jacka$$

mic on

congrats cam and kia on your baby boy!!

Lynne on

Don’t recall any comments about Tom Brady having an out of wedlock baby with Bridget Moynahan (all while dating Gisele). Scott Disick is a unwed father to 3! Matt Leinart, Kroy Biermann, the list can go on….

NaturallySonja on

Congratulations Cam and Kia on the birth of your son! Stay blessed!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Cam on your bundle of joy

GaryGuillermo on

Could not help but wonder why no photos of her? So I looked her up and caught the strip video . . . Longtime girlfriend— wow . . .3 years . . . I guess it took that long for the seed to take . . . so she hit the ghetto lottery and no one got killed. If he has any brains he will do a prenup if he ever does marry her. I can’t understand how none of the K girls never got a hold of him? What ever happened to that other QB with the hot girlfriend and the “no sex” vow. She makes this chica look like “wolf, wolf.”

Ck on

Wait, Cam Newton is black? I thought all QBs we’re white… I should watch football more…

Anonymous on

Congrats!! but I thought he was gay? guess that’s why he wont marry his “long time” girlfriend.



Lisa on

So Carly let me get this straight ONLY BLACK GUYS HAVE BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK !!! YOU SOUND PRETTY STUPID DONT YOU!!! Congrats I hope he does the right thing and be responsible. Look at Terrell Owens you don’t wanna be like him. Ya make too much money not to wrap it up now. Be smart Cam

Anonymous on

GET A LIFE CARLY!!!! BLACK MEN DONT ONLY HAVE BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK!!!! YOU SOUND STUPID DONT YOU!!! Congrats to him and Kia. I hope he does the right thing if she is for him. Don’t be like TO. You make too much money not to wrap it up. They’re looking for pay checks some of them. Hell it’s better then being on welfare. Good luck

April on

Congrats Cam!!!!

Guest on


Anonymous on


edna on

I wouldn’t be impressed if my neighbor fathered an out of wedlock child neither am I with this man. Not a good example for young people at all. I hope the child grows up with a better sense of morality.

Celimar on

Big deal. Puerto Rican men have kids out of wedlock all the time and never stick around to raise them. Marc Anthony has six kids with four different women and one of the mother’s had to take him to court to get a lousy 300 dolar per month child support.

Anonymous on


Linda on

Congratulations Cam and Kim on a blessed miracle ever! It takes a man to be a father, marriage has nothing to with being a parent! Believe me you are going to be a great dad, and God bless you always Chosen, you’re one loved son!