Kim Kardashian West Debuts Her Post-Baby Figure as Daughter North Happily Meets Santa

12/28/2015 at 03:15 PM ET

While Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were dancing the night away at mom Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas Eve party, little North West was busy meeting the big guy with the sled — and mom Kim Kardashian West was making her post-baby debut.

Accompanied by Kanye West, the toddler, 2½, chatted with the party’s Santa Claus as Kardashian West looked slim in a sheer top, high-waisted skirt and fur coat, just three weeks after welcoming son Saint.

Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

Wearing a black mini fur coat and her hair in braids (just like Mommy!) North stared happily at the bearded man – the same Santa the family has used at the party for 25 years – while perched in Kanye’s arms.

In another photo, the family posed in front of Kris’ lavishly decorated Christmas trees. Kim and Kanye’s newest addition, son Saint, missed out on the shindig. The baby, who was born on Dec. 5, has yet to make his public debut.

Courtesy Kim Kardashian West
“For as long as I can remember, my mom has hosted a Christmas Eve party, and this year’s was SO amazing,” Kim shared on her website, alongside several other exclusive photos from the bash.

“She put so much thought into all of the incredible details and the whole night felt so festive and fun surrounded by our friends and family. We even had reindeer in the yard for the kids!”

North West Steals Kanye’s New York Fashion Show Spotlight

The 35-year-old also revealed that the matching hairstyles were North’s idea.

She shared, “North wanted her hair braided just like mine so we matched the whole night.”

– Lindsay Kimble

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Kim and Kanye are idiots on

Why don’t they put North in a pretty red and white Christmas dress? She has her whole life to wear black. I could seriously find something cuter for her to wear for $20 at Walmart or some place like that. This child is cute but she seriously needs to fire her stylist or her parents. Whatever comes first.

bluphin on

Not sure about the post baby pic. She is dressed wearing wide voluminous capes and shoulder pads to balance what is likely, 150 pounds or more of weight gain. She now has the daunting task of having to shed 170 pounds in order to look somewhat like herself in her late 30s.

Daunting indeed. I’ll bet she will always be shot from the neck upwards in photos until June.

Sonya on

Cancel kuwtk

Yasmine on

Kanye always looks happy (you can see it in his eyes) when he’s interacting with North, but miserable when he or his “wife” are hor-ing themselves out. Keep that in mind, Yeezy.

Cindy on

Put North in a pretty Christmas dress! Enough with the black! And I am not a prude but what new mom has her breasts hanging out to visit Santa with her husband and child?

Steacy on

I’m not even a KK fan, but damn- y’all are so rude.

She looks really great considering what she went through with her last delivery and North is so beautiful!

Robyn on

Nothing says Christmas like dressing your child and yourself in all Black & NOT smiling

Brooke on

You just had a baby. FFS COVER UP.

That being said??? North looks adorable in both of those pics. She is really turning into a beauty

rubyovertherainbow* on

You can’t even see her body.


Someone needs to tell her that all those hideous sheer shirts are not doing her any favors. Kayne always looks like he is ne step away from ending it when he is around Kim but you can tell he loves that little girl so much.

Anonymous on

Waste of time. Who cares

Miesner06 on

Not sure how a see through top is appropriate to visit Santa with your daughter….and does anyone besides Kim…Really give a crap show she looks after having a baby

Guest on

This woman is butt ugly!

Allie on

She looks like she has two big balloons under her ugly trashy top. She constantly flaunts herself to be noticed. It is sad that magazines and the media even support this obscene obnoxious family who do nothing but flaunt their money and name. She is not a role model for anyone and looks more like a porn star than a mother.

Ally1 on

Looks like a woman who gained too much weight while pregnant to me. I’m glad her new baby is healthy, but she really should just dress better 😦

Shelly on

I am betting Kim is wearing a girdle.

Lu on

Good evening, fellow forum posters!
It seems as though a great many of us are sick and tired of the amount of Kardashian/Jenner stories on People Mag. But what can we do about it? We can stop clicking!!
Beginning January 1, 2016, I will no longer be clicking or commenting on ANY Kardashian/Jenner story. If you are as tired of this family’s overexposure as I am, please join me in no longer clicking or commenting on their stories! it’s the only way to make this family disappear from our screens.

OinkOink on

Your a disgusting PIG Kim for wearing fur!!!!

robinepowell on

What’s with the all black for Kim and North? Is Kim obsessed with the colour or something? Christmas means wearing read and green, with black or white thrown in.

Common on


skigirl25 on

She looks stunning!—And unlike the haters, she looks very happy!

Sara on

Whoa…for a second there in the first picture in front of the tree, I though Brandi Glanville had thrown on a brown wig and snuck into a picture with Kanye. Did Kim have more plastic surgery while in the hospital recovering from childbirth?

Guest17 on

Stop with the stupid and nasty comments. The family looks as happy as can be. Why should Kim show her body? So you can cut her down with your hate filled comments?

huh? on

They manage to make everything look tacky

Dingosbaby on

Stuffed into too tight clothes as usual. And a real fur – please stop glorifying animal torture.

ZJ on

I’ve never commented on this family, but her tirade against her mother in a recent episode prior to and in Saint Barth’s, is inexcusable. She thinks she’s entitled …silly, stupid woman. But not for your mother, you’d be waiting tables.

Skiwoman on

How can you tell with the outfit she has on?

Carolyn on

What an awful looking trio. Kim looks like a pig in a blanket and poor little North is dressed like a little stripper.

Deanna S. on

I imagine Saint hauled up in a tower somewhere … way to parent by excluding a child until you have the ‘perfect’ photo opp.

linda on

Lu – good idea. I will be joining you. As of 01/01/16 I will no longer click on any K/J story.

Robin on

If you don’t like the Kardashians stop reading about them! I think they’re fabulous. They can do whatever they want with there money. I love KUWTK. They are beautiful, funny, smart and loving. I feel bad for them having to put up with all you miserable haters. Thank God they have each other. You people don’t even know them. All of Hollywood says how nice they are. And I agree. So why don’t you haters find something useful to do with your lives, be nice, give back.

Tessa on


Guest on

Kanye looks SO incredibly happy in that pic where he is looking at his daughter, but miserable in that previous one. That being said, I just can’t get over how trashy Kim K is. I’m all for showing your goods off and being a strong, sexy mom, but it’s ok to wear something not sheer right after giving birth.

gymluv on

Oh she did not miss the party at her mom’s house. She did not take North to see Santa either. Santa came to the party and this was her mom’s backyard. Wearing black, taking a picture straight on, would even hide a fully pregnant belly. No doubt there were endless pics taken and photoshopped in order to come up with one she approved.

From Jan 1st boycott clicking all K & D articles if you want to stop the media from posting stories. Stop the madness.

Mema on

Santa looks like he smells something bad

guest on

I hope they had Saint in a family photo. I get not releasing one but don’t exclude him.

Olivia on

I will be joining you on that one Lu.

Anonymous on

Ewww. Trying to flaunt your b**bs at 36 when you are overweight looks very unflattering. She may as well be wearing a bra with nothing else. Disgusting. And Yeezy looks miserable in the first pic. WTF??

Lori on

That top that she has on underneath that sheer number looks like it’s 10 times too small.

aude on

She looks amazing

ImALadyToo on

Lu – You are correct. That is the ONLY way that it is going to stop. By people clicking on their stories, we are enabling them not to work and live like millionaires. They haven’e earned a cent.

signfine on

I am with Lu. No more clicking on anything Kardashian/Jenner. Let’s get rid of these people! Let’s see how fast we can make them disappear!!

Stacy on

Ugh! I had my baby in early November… blah! I’m just going to keep drinking my wine and enjoy my chocolate chip cookie and go to my Weight Watcher meeting tomorrow.

JK on

Greedy little twit! Who accepts 150 Christmas gifts from their spouse? This Madame! Give 145 of those to charity Kimmy…

Linblo on

Kim looks terrible!

Mel on

Yikes. Just a whole bunch of yikes.

ummmm on

Sad to hear her in interviews with a lisp because of all the aesthetic work on her face/lips. Her beautiful ethnic face is now a jumble of parts that look plastic and too perfect.

gaolgn on

Boobs in a bra and black – not the best color or form. I would recommend probably for all women to let off how she dresses ie. cover up. What are you saying? that she shouldn’t show her body bc she was pregnant? I thikn the boobs are bit much in any time period – pregnant or not…just need some values and morals again for that woman and her family.

Nance on

There is a point in one’s life when they can dress tacky or try silly things out..and she is beyond that expire date. Dress clasy, teach you kid to be classy. I’m sure she will be in her 50’s trying to pull off the 20s thing (like Madonna) or worse her 60s trying to dress like bruce. This whole family needs a reality check. Let’s drop them off in an island with no money, cameras, or help

Angel on

Is her bra padding showing or am seeing things!!!

Just sayin on

North is a very pretty baby, but they really should try and dress her up in cute clothes with color. I have never seen anyone dress their kids so dowdy and depressing..enjoy and let her be a little girl. And I love black clothes.
And dress fit to see Santa as it is yiu , Kim, could be on your way to an SnM party

Why! on

Why must she always show her body! As a mother of 2 AND a married woman, isn’t it time to cover up and dress like a lady!! What other man is she trying to impress besides her husband!!

maryhelenc on

They say if you can’t say anything nice…

But North is such a beautiful girl & clearly a daddy’s girl. She’s always beaming with her dad.

Anonymous on

Geez! Put the boobs away already! They look like huge water balloons.. Enough is enough

marie on

She looks awful in that get-up, still looks huge.

guest on

Wow, it looks like Kim had plastic surgery since she had the baby. Not sure who was taking care of the newborn during her recovery.

And, it’s morbid North is always dressed in black.

Anonymous on

I’ll join the boycott, too. Gladly.

Macry on

She looks “slim”? She looks as big as a refrigerator.

canna on

Ugh. She still wears fur…and now the kid too? I hate these people.

Betty on

Kim looks beautiful for just having a baby. They look like a nice happy family. North is adorable but I hate how they dress her.

Me on

Wow. You can’t find it.

By the way, Have the two adults been acquainted with the Nanny’s daughter?

Anonymous on

North actually looks so cute in the pictures.

Diane on

I am so glad my mother did not wear her bra showing out in public when I was growing up…I am glad she dressed like a respectable mother and human being and not like trash…Thank you mom for not being a skanktoid like Kim K.

Ned on

‘Looked slim’… much are the Kartrashians paying People for this article? I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s not looking slim oink!


Black does not always make you look slim.

Why? on

It’s like this whole family has forgotten that they’re only famous because Kim made a sex tape! How classy is that!! Now she’s a wife and a mother and still dresses unladylike. How can they diss Amber when Kim obviously ain’t no better! And the damn duck lips are ugly as hell!! IJS!

camsmom on

Are they going to a funeral with all that black on? Enough with those boobs.. she looks horrible…she still looks like shes pregnant with those long coats.

aowaytogo on

She isn’t showing any more boob than she always has..she just has big ta tas. And as far as’s only when she is out for photo op with mom that she wears black. If one of the sisters has her she’s in pretty pastels or white.
I am not a fan, but ctfo..don’t be such negative nellys because PR team and People sleep together.

aowtgo on

Whoops. 1 North not Morth. 2. 😆

IT 2 IT on

INTEL RUN ‘reality creation’ STEPS OUT.

KEEP worshiping that RECTUM in this, the 11th HOUR
—————and OPEN globalist mafia USURPATION.

Tracy on

She looks great, except for that extremely immature outfit. Why can’t she be a tad more classy?

Amy on

Put some damn clothes on you skank! You should be ashamed to put your children in the middle of your trashy circus of a life!!! Ughh

Poppy on

Her balloons are going to pop.

Mandy on

This is a top story????? Beyond disgusting

rachel on

kanye looks absolutely thrilled to be married to Kim

Peter from family guy says on

Oh my God.. who the hell cares!!

TheTruth on

Looked slim? LOOKED SLIM?!? Is this what “slim” is now? I’m sorry but this is not slim whatsoever and she shouldn’t be expected to be any kind of “slim” since she JUST HAD A FREAKIN’ BABY! I’m so sick of people expecting every woman to be a size 2 right after a pregnancy, this chick is gonna need time and a tummy tuck before she goes back to pre-baby normalcy, she’s actually bigger than I’ve seen other woman so it’s just shocking to see the word “slim” used here, it’s simple English people.

Also she looks just like her mom here, like seriously they must have the same plastic surgeon. Also Kanye can’t smile even for Xmas? Even for one lousy photo? This dude is so annoying and is probably upset his wife doesn’t have her “body” back yet. He always has Photoshopped photos her though. In closing, please get this family off this site, off TV, and away from society since they’re just a terrible influence.

harry on

It doesn’t surprise me that this stupid, stupid woman wears fur. What a freak show !

Sunny on

Debuts? Cause we’ve all waited SOOOO long? Puhleeze. Big effing deal.

CG on

Did you just write “Debuts Her Post-Baby Figure”?!? Why are you doing this, People?!?

Anonymous on

They incite such anger just by existing. I’m with Lu below, done with Kardashian clicks and comments. It keeps them in our face.

Jenna on

@Lu I am with you. This family and now this magazine is striving for the lowest common denominator. Boycotting all Kardashian articles in the new year. Every time we click they get paid and we get more articles that we have to sift through and try to ignore. BTW nothing says Merry Christmas like a mother dressed like a wh@re.

Yoda on

I’m with Lu who commented that to make them go away we stop clicking on and responding to these stories. I’m done too. People has lowered its standards. This family is pretty despicable. Terrible role models for confused and impressionable youth. It’s like watching a train wreck.

Rachel on

Do you think she for once could wear something that covers her up and not skin tight. Is that too much to ask.

Stacy on

so sweet

Guest on

Lu, you realize by the comment you made, they made millions of dollars from it? Face it they aren’t going away.

guest on

Urgh, she can wear what she wants, dress her baby how she wants without a bunch of harpy shrews worrying about it! They look great. She just gave birth and managed to pull herself together and attend the party for her kid and her mom’s guests. No one ever gives this girl credit for the brains or work she has done to go from bad sex tape to multi multi millions in businesses and tv shows. She sees opportunities and takes them and works hard for what she has. Give the jealousy a rest its unbecomming.

Guest on

People- I implore upon you, with kindness, please stop printing articles about baby weight/figures. It puts unrealistic expectations on normal, everyday women who do not have personal trainers, the time or budget to do so… Don’t know much about the family, besides what I’ve seen in print, but wish them all the best anyway

Genie on

You and entire groupies are disgusting. If not for your sex tape nobody ever would have heard about you bunch of pigs. You came on the scene with nothing now you have millions and act like you actually deserve everything you have – none of you have any talent and have a momager pimping her daughters and herself buying a poor street youngster who just wants her money, hope he takes her to the cleaners. Ha ha ha

Tish on

North sure is a cute kid. I just hope the Kardashians don’t ruin her.

Sparkle on

I am shocked that Santa isn’t black!

Marc on

That whole family looks like Diarrhea!!!

Amy on

Kim is absolutely beautiful!!!! Doesn’t matter what she wears, bottom line is she’s beautiful!!!!

Deborah on

I get it, she has a persona/ ‘dynasty’ to protect, but seriously ?? Take away everything colored, injected, inserted, added, pasted, what do you have ?? This is one woman who cannot be embalmed when she passes as she already has enough plastic in her for many life times… Harsh, but tell me I am wrong !

Redskintothend on

Who cares! Fake ass woman and her fake butt, lips, and breast want to be black queens! Never!

Bella on

My mother dressed me up in black all the time, just like Kim does with North, and i grew up normal. Just saying lol.

Sloan on

Kim looks disgusting, North unfortunately looks like the ugly father

ellwn on

The picture of Kanye holding his baby girl is beyond sweet. North has the brightest smile and she knows she is her daddy’s girl, exactly as it should be! Beautiful picture!

Most of you need to stop yourselves. North IS SMILING. She IS WITH HER PARENTS. They have her VISITING SANTA CLAUS. No frowns, no nannies, no fashion show..but you still can’t SHA DUP. You haters need to check yourselves, because your comments and insults and name calling are worse than the stuff you are spewing about. Nasty bunch of posters!

Akexis on

Thanks Lu, count me in too.

Kimberly on

I hate seeing little kids in black. It’s horrible.

biteme on

Kim and I are so alike, whenever I go to a Christmas party I dress like a wh0re too.

KJ on

I think that all you people who get on here and bitch and moan about what Kim wears and how she doesn’t do anything are just plain jealous! You’d love to look like her and have her life style and everything that goes with it. As far as her clothing goes……she dresses for hetr husband. How she dresses her children is just not anyone’s business but theirs!!!! You might try minding your own damn business for a change…….then you won’t have time to mind theirs!!!!!

Sally on

Post baby figure looks like an elephant

Jerry on

@lu I’m with you, but I think I’ll stop coming here all together. I’m sick of peopleDOT shoving the lo sers down our throats. They are sick excuse for humans

SomewhereOutThere on


Hea on

I’m starting to wonder if there is something wrong with baby Saint. These people never hide anything from the public.

guest on

Kim looks great. Why is she wearing all black? Why is she not home with her new baby? When you have a baby you need rest. They need to rethink their outfits next time. North is so cute.

jc on

I hate the way she dresses,it’s ubsurd,but I don’t think she looks like she gained to much weight. She looks actually really pretty sans the horrible outfit. She just had a baby a couple weeks ago and already people are expecting I really don’t know what. I’ve had 4 babies, it takes time,get over it.

Angela on

Is there ever a situation where this woman has her breasts covered up? I mean honestly. She’s with her daughter seeing Santa for God’s sake! Why is she dressed like a stripper yet again for some family event? She’s supposed to be this “style icon” or whatever, but she looks awful most of the time she appears in public. She doesn’t dress for her body type at all like she’s severely squeezed into everything she puts on. Her breasts are always hanging out or her butt has to be shown in something see through and even though she’s not an older woman, she has curves and that’s fine, she steps out like she doesn’t know how to look sexy or elegant without looking like a hooker. She’s a 35 year old mother. She could do a lot better than this.

Volla on

North needs to wear more colorful dress, it’s holiday season.

Amy on

Kanye always looks too casual and Kim always over done in her usual color, with breasts in full view. Black hides a lot so I understand why she chooses it. But come on, North needs something more than black, gray and white. Hideous attire, sorry!!

Joey on

The Adams Family!!

WhoCares? on

So where is “Saint?”

Jenny on

Good grief. Put those things away.

Charlotte95 on

Such a gorgeous family! North is so precious!

Val on

Aww North looks so cute in the pictures.

Carolyn Evaretts on

Merry Christmas, your family looks very nice and I’m proud of you keep up the good work as a mom. It takes a lots of work..And Happy new year

Jannifer on

These are very nice photos! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the happy family.


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