Seeing Double! Kim Kardashian West and North Rock Matching Braids for Christmas

12/26/2015 at 01:50 PM ET

Like mother, like daughter!

After making her post-birth appearance debut at momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas Eve bash, Kim Kardashian West and daughter North West took on Christmas Day with matching hairstyles.

The mother-daughter duo sported identical pairs of French braids, which Kim shared a photo of on Twitter.

“Merry Christmas everybody! Good night!” Kim captioned the sweet snap.

Kim Kardashian and North West braids
Source: Twitter

This Christmas was a big one for the Kardashian-West krew, as it was the first with new addition Saint West, who was born just a few weeks ago.

Saint may be only a few weeks old, but he’s already a part of the family’s holiday traditions.

I guess Penelope and North are the only nice ones 😝 Merry Christmas! 😘

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Aunt Kendall Jenner shared a photo of the many Kardashian-Jenner stockings, and little Saint already has one of his own.

A very Kardashian Khristmas, indeed!

— Diana Pearl

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Anonymous on

OMG…now THIS is news.

Commentor on THIS is NEWS. Braids. Who could have foreseen it???

Anonymous on

Sorry for the double post. First one didn’t show up right away.

Marc on

Da Trooff issz dat dey bofe louck lyk Dyarriaah!!!!

LIN on

Didn’t know you could braid hair that’s only a couple of inches long. Tell me she did NOT put extensions on a two year old! Disgusting.

Sandy on

Noreee has extensions.And what’s up with the matchie-matchie gorilla suits?

ann low on

where was Kanye? its Christmas shouldn’t he be with his family.

Anonymous on

Kim looks like a vulcher

elegant gypsy on

What a beautiful pic and family. Happy Holidays, Kim!

Andrea on

Since Kim is only posting pictures of her head – tells a lot about how her body must look! Heaven forbid she would have anyone see her before she loses all her pregnancy weight.

Xaviera on

Some of you are mean for no reason. No this child doesn’t have extensions in her hair. If you’ve looked at pics of her hair in puffs she has enough for braids. Stop being mean behind a computer!

Mia on

Tacky hairstyle for a 35 year old woman. North looks cute though.

cheryl on

Black outfits on Christmas….r u kidding me………unreal….they r idiots…………….kim is a oxygen hogger……

Paula on

They probably used hair extension, looks cute though.

msliftbig on

I don’t think the baby has extensions, just looks longer when it’s braided.

Kia on

You people do understand every time you click or comment on a story it generates more stories? If you hate this family as much as you say, stop commenting and clicking on the stories!

Raquel45 on

She wants to be Black SOOOO BAD.

Pinky on

That’s cute picture! Marry Christmas.

Zeph on

The fur makes me absolutely sick. It isn’t necessary anymore. It isn’t done humanely and Kim should be ashamed

Marla on

They must have stylist did for them, don’t think Kim can do it herself.

Else on

And more dead animal pelts. How monstrous to teach your child such a cruel thing is acceptable.

Tootsuite on

Say what you want about Kim but yall don’t have thick, lustrous locks like hers. Maybe the odd person so fack all yall b!tches.

Anonymous on

Look those stockings! Merry Kardashian Khristmas LoL!

Jasmina on

Man please! This hairstyle dates back to the early 1900’s. What is the big deal…and her extensions are showing. That is fake hair if ever was. Her hair not that full–yep it’s weave!!!!!!!

Fake a$$ perpetrator. I can’t stand this plastic-Botox-fake butt-fake lips–psychologically imbalanced (Kris Jenner) family!

Anonymous on

Whaaaaat! Kim Kardashian is wearing her hair braided? I CAN SEE YOUR WEAVE KIM K. LEFT SIDE OF YOUR HAIR FAKEY!
Kim K: u are sooooo fake and want to be a woman of color so bad.
Sorry, u gotta use Botox and fat transfers for your lips/hips/butt/boobs.

Anonymous on

Whaaaaat! Kim Kardashian is wearing her hair braided? I CAN SEE YOUR WEAVE KIM K. LEFT SIDE OF YOUR HAIR FAKEY!
Kim K: Everything about you is manufactured.
Sorry, u gotta use Botox and fat transfers for your lips/hips/butt/boobs.
And no, none of you looks real with your skinny legs and fat-filled-phony AZZ!

Kuntrashians on

Tyga? Scott? They’re not even family! Lol, also the coats that fugly Kim & her boy-looking daughter are wearing look like they killed a big crow to make them!

ellwn on

This is adorable. Mommy and me play is fun. Very sweet picture.

Everyone has a past. Leave it there. Not one of you perfect posters mentioned Kim is with her child…not a nanny, not Kortney. But it’s still not good enough for all the perfect people in the world. Just have to be nasty. “Where is Kanye”? Maybe he took the picture, maybe he is right there in a chair holding their second baby. Maybe he had to go potty. SHEESH! And if he was there, it would be blahblahblah from you guys!

Sweet picture!

Maxine on

OMG this is the rare sweet picture of Kim and North.

Ilona on

black Crow…for the mother !!!

Vax on

Funny picture actually

Lori on

Why is Kimbicile and her daughter wearing dead animals on their backs?

treion phelps on

I like this