Bristol Palin Welcomes Daughter Sailor Grace

12/24/2015 at 05:50 PM ET

Congratulations are in order for new mama Bristol Palin.

The Alaska native and daughter of former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, welcomed daughter Sailor Grace on Wednesday, just two days before Christmas.

Palin, 25, took to Instagram on Thursday to share the news with a sweet snap of herself and her bundle of joy in the hospital.

“My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn’t be more complete,” she captioned the photo, adding a double heart emoji.

Bristol Palin Welcomes Daughter Sailor

Baby Sailor’s arrival officially makes Palin a mother of two. She welcomed her first child, son Tripp, in 2008 with then boyfriend Levi Johnston.

The unmarried mother announced her second pregnancy in June in a blog post on the religious website Patheos, explaining that she understood fans might be disappointed in her.

“I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant,” she said. “Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.”

In a second post on her own blog, she clarified that her family would be her number one priority.

“My little family always has, and always will come first,” she said. “Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful.”

In October, she took to Instagram to announce she was expecting a girl [DASH] who we eventually learned would share the same name as Kristen Cavallari’s new baby — and has continued to be open about her pregnancy, sharing multiple photos on social media.

— Naja Rayne

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David on

A better name would have been “Hypocrisy-Ann.”

Ruby on

I hope she practice what she preach. Oh wait, baby number two. Nope she doesn’t.

In Obama hell on

Bastard child number two and let me guess…. Tax payers are footing the bill.

Cee on

New mom implies she is a first time mother, which is not the case. The “journalists” for this rag are terrible.

clockworkcouturesux on

Aww look at that beautiful proof of how abstinence only education doesn’t work. Let’s not be hard on Bristol, there is no way she could have learn how babies are made after having her first unplanned child and then being paid thousands of dollars to preach to people about not having unplanned kids through abstinence. I mean and really what’s worse, having to raise a child you didn’t plan for and are ashamed of and shows what a hypocrite you are or using one of those condoms that God clearly states in the bible are super duper evil and bad?
Good for you Bristol for showing the moral and real behavior of conservative, fundie Christian and folks who just about do and say anything for a dollar.

KT on

The best moment EVER. Congrats to her on a healthy baby!

Kathleen on

Keep your “chin up” and your legs closed.

GrowUp on

I have much more respect for someone who tries to live morally and fails than someone who makes no effort at all. The same people who judge her grin, smile and celebrate mothers who pop out kid after kid on welfare with no father in sight. These same jerks smirk with glee when their co-workers or friends intentionally and immorally have kids. Double standard anyone? Liberals are only intolerant towards Christians. Grow up, we can see right through you!

Sally on

“…welcomed daughter Sailor Grace on Wednesday, just two before Christmas.”
Although I know it should say two DAYS before Christmas I shouldn’t have to. Get an editor.

Anonymous on

Hopefully she will stay out of the public eye from now on. What a hypocrite!!!

LilahK on


kewe88m on

Only God has the right to judge humanity, whether good or bad, Christian or not.

Anonymous on


Melanie on

Congratulations! I’m not a fan of the name but to each his own.

Guest on

Congrats, Bristol, Tripp, and Dakota! She’s beautiful. How much did she weigh? Welcome to the world, Sailor Grace!👶🏻🍼
I just said the other day, it would be cool to have her before Christmas, also Happy early birthday to Tripp! On another note, does anyone notice how she just gave birth (when the picture was taken) and she has on a full face of makeup? Why?

Dee on

“Hypocrite” has in effect become the Palin’s middle name.

amc on

two children with to different men someone teach this woman about birth control .

kewe88m on

Do you want her to be your girl?

JR on

Several typos and missing words in this piece. Get it together, People.

Anonymous on

Strange she thanks her little family couldn’t be more complete. Where is daddy?

Insert Clever Name on

Dya notice that there is no mention of ex-fiance or whoever the baby daddy is?

kewe88m on

Teenage years are arguably the most HATED age group in humanity! We all used to be teenagers, we had our own struggles back then, especially between the 18-29 age group.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the family. I feel bad because that sweet little girl is going to be robbed of her birthday since it’s so close to Christmas. I hope they can make it special for her.

Bettie003 on

Planned Parenthood had free birth control!

pcc on

So did the ex-fiance show up to see “his” new daughter? No?

kewe88m on

Jennifer is arguably the most popular girl’s name in the world! Some of you, you’re being annoyed of the Jennifers, Jessicas, Ashleys, or Brittanys in your school.

Andrea on

Mistake number 2

Anonymous on

Oh the hypocrisy – makes me sick, really

Kim on

Not condoning her actions but last time I checked, it took TWO to have a baby. Why isn’t the baby’s daddy being held to the same standards? Just wondering…..I get he is a military hero, and I totally respect that, but he participated in creating this baby!!

txn81ve on

Wow! So much nastiness! You’d think the Christmas spirit will live a little in some people but most of you here are just plain ol’ nasty! Congratulations to the Palins! What an adorable Christmas gift!

Leslie on

Well here we go another. Another “celebrity” having another child out of wedlock. It is my sincere hope that she keeps her legs closed, until she gets married.

canna on

This dingbat hypocrite isn’t worthy of being on People. With any luck, she’ll use protection from now on. Country certainly doesn’t need any more Palin spawn.

Olivia on

Congrats Bristol, on your beautiful daughter!

Gwen on

All you haters,get a life! Congrats Bristol and family.

Meanos on

Why is everyone so mean to her. So what she believes in abstinence or whatever, it’s her right. Yes it failed obviously but it’s her life- that is her perogative. Why the hateful comments?? I don’t think it’s hypocrisy if she absolutely believes in it. Congrats to her and her family.

Esther on

Why is everyone so mean to her. So what she believes in abstin@nce or whatever, it’s her right. Yes it failed obviously but it’s her life- that is her perogative. Why the hateful comments?? I don’t think it’s hypocrisy if she absolutely believes in it. Congrats to her and her family.

Teresa on

Wow pretty blown away by the comments here. As someone who considers herself both a liberal and an atheist, I can’t believe some of things you guys have written. While I agree that abstinence is a failed concept and that Bristol acted like a hypocrite. I believe it’s disrespectful to tell her to keep her “legs closed” and discuss her “moral character.” Sorry guys but none of you have the right to go there. You might say but “Hey it’s called free speech!” No there’s a huge difference between free speech and being a downright jerk off. At the end of the day it’s her child and her problem. She’s the one who will have to support and deal with the child for the rest of her life. None of us will. And to the idiot who said the taxpayers will have to support her; are you serious? Do you know much money she has made alone from her little “don’t have sex until marriage” campaign? Get real. Some of you need to seriously think before you post a comment. Don’t just give your opinion for the hell of it. Make sure it even makes sense or is logical. Christ.

D'Glester Hardunkichud on

Does anyone care?! Journalism is dead.

Josaphat Watch on

It’s always a blessing to choose life. Congrats!

Jester on

One screwed up family!!!

Guest on

Seeing this family makes me wonder what would be worse,Palin as vice president or Trump as president? Tough call.

stinky on

congrats to her on the birth of her new baby. I will say something nice bcuz everyone else’ postings are so hardcore! But i am a little over the name “Sailor Grace”

Anonymous on

Who’s the father? DNA test time.

centurio1 on

It’s been two days. Is she pregnant with her third yet?

d on

is there a reason we should care and why is this on my news feed

ronald on

Imagine how well she could be doing if someone would want her as a wife. But then again, not doing so bad. Go girl, go …

Common Sense on

Abstinence? Birth control? Self control?
“Drill baby, drill.”

jim on

Young Ladies out there this is NOT a woman to emulate. sorry Sarah, you blew it somewhere

Jim on

Good name Sailor, is that cuz mommy can’t member name? Sailor is the whole freakin navy

Jane on

So birth control is evil but producing two innocent children who have to grow up in a broken home is forgivable?

stephanie on

Where is the father? At least her FIRST “baby daddy” Levi was there for the kids birth. Probably baby daddy number 3 will be there, maybe even marry her. So much for christian values and abstinence.

spowalla on

Okay she’s a big fat hypocrite. I get it. But a new life is a beautiful thing and this child will be well cared for. At least she’s not on the public dole. And to the people calling her sl ut, her ex-fiancé is the father. I don’t know how many bf’s she’s had after Johnston but I haven’t heard of many. If it were anyone else we’d be saying it’s a normal amount of men she’s been with for being 25. Again I realize she preached one way and did another but it’s over and done with.

Don Rump on

these palins really crap them out don’t they

spowalla on

@Cee: yes they seem to call any celeb a “new” mom even when they’ve already had kids. I don’t get it. Why not just say “So and so gave birth to her second child…” But this is the entertainment section of a quasi-news magazine so I guess we shouldn’t expect much;)

Anonymous on

Wow. Shut your mouth and your legs. You are the worst advertisement for abstinent education ever. And you seem proud to be the poster child for hypocrisy. If you hadn’t lectured others about abstinence, then maybe we’d cut you some slack. As it is, shut up and use contraception.

No You Grow Up on

@GrowUp keep your political rant to yourself. Your generalizations are false.

orionsaint on

Oh no. Another Religious Brainwashed Conservative human in the world, ugh!

htjohnnyvegas on

Klassy like a Kardashian!

john on

does the word “whore” come to the surface?

OldCarMan on

Named after St. Sailor, no doubt!

Apparently, birth control pills & condoms aren’t available in Alaska! Never mind abortion. Not the sharpest tool…
Is she on state or Federal welfare aid?
Good luck with a career & raising a family… Sad.

John on

Who is the daddy.

Conejo on

If this was an African American or Latino woman making minimum wage, the conservatives would claim how these people are part of the problem with this country. But “OMG is Bristol Palin, much blessings to her wonderful family.”

A Christian family.

Jane on

I am not a republican nor am I Christian. She is living her life and not harming anyone. I hope she doesn’t let all the criticism bother her and finds it in her heart to be less judgmental and self righteous in the future. Enjoy your baby, Bristol…it’s what life is about….not what others think

Fran Fuller on

There are a lot of f_cked up women (& men) who are hypocrites no doubt spewing vile comments to Bristol! Either they’re jealous or just plain evil! That’s ok bitches Karma is a bitch! Bristol is surrounded by loving family! Her babies are innocent and deserving of love from everyone. As for haters go away & vanish into thin air. The world will be a better place without you!

kaktyc on

God Bless Her and Her Family: wishing them health and happiness!!!

Janet on


Jeb Bush on

Bast ard number 2

Anonymous on

Bristol Palin is a tramp. Plain and simple. Sarah Palin needs to clean her own house, instead of always criticizing others.

At least they TRY to be decent folk, her daughter just tramps around having baby after baby by different men. Use birth control or a condom Wonder what the other one is going to be up to

Jeb! on

“Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed” – Jeb Bush in his 2005 book

Dee on

So who’s the Daddy? People magazine doesn’t list who he is……..Oh well in about 6 weeks she’ll be healed well enough to be on the prowl for baby daddy number 3.

JAS on

I cannot wait to see the paternity test episode on Maury. Anyone want to guess how many possible men she will be bringing on to test?

raynemarie on

Looks like mom and baby are both doing well! I hope she enjoys her daughter’s first Christmas!

Anna on

Congratulations Bristol!

Cedeboo on

Let us dedicate the Amateur Transplants Hallelujah , Hello Sailor verse to this.

Katie on


CaseyL on

What is with the name Sailor?? It’s awful for a boy or girl. Seriously, I’d rather name a child Apple.

Strykeroo on

Paternity has been narrowed down to two possibilities: the basketball team or the football team.

Ronald on

What a Tripp she is on!

Alix Broissel on

Congratulations are NOT in order. Brainless people should be discouraged from breeding another generation of brainless people.

Anonymous on

Congrats!!! Love the name!

Ezra on

I don’t believe you have to be married to have kids BUT, this girl is a walking, talking hypocrite. She was paid six figures for years to tell other girls that abstinence was the ONLY way and now, here she is, with two unplanned kids by two different men. She’s the poster child for all the reasons why sexual education and access to birth control IS A GOOD THING. I am not talking about the baby, cause again, I believe you can have a baby and be just fine without being married, but it’s clear that not only does she NOT practice what she preaches, she also acts like it’s no big deal to be a hypocrite. She and her family have CONDEMNED people for pushing sex ed and saying that access to birth control is a much needed issue in this country, but here’s Bristol, having two babies out of wedlock with two different men. So many people are saying ‘at least she didn’t abort the baby!’… well, if she used birth control, she wouldn’t have aborted it either cause she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant! So many idiots out there say that NOT using birth control is the right way to go, but then condemn those that fall pregnant (which clearly, happens, just ask Bristol). Then when that woman can’t take care of the kid, they wanna say ‘oh well, you shouldn’t have gotten pregnant then.’ Pro-lifers should just call themselves pro-birthers cause after the kid comes out, they could care less what happens to it. Bristol Palin is a horrible role model for the abstinence crowd and maybe, just maybe, she should consider getting on birth control– or stop collecting those paychecks and telling other girls not to!

amystery4sure on

All the hateful remarks make me hope these sites quit allowing comments (I’ve noticed a few already are stopping the comments). Where do all the judgmental, crude and just plain mean people come down on abortion? She didn’t hide this pregnancy and mother and baby are healthy and taken care of. Congrats!

Lisa on

Congrats to her. I’m glad that they are both healthy. God continue to bless and protect them. Its too much hatred and negativity in the world. What is wrong with people. This young lady just had a baby, it is an exciting time for her and her family. Why make mean comments to try and tear them down. If you don’t like it just move on to an article that you are more happy with. That’s all. Its not that hard. The world has enough problems don’t add take away. God Bless The World.

joyn on

Sweet name. In keeping with the nautical theme, Sailor’s nickname will be Bass Tardie.

Joe on

The baby’s dad is a Marine. She names the baby “Sailor.” How childish are these backwood’s rednecks. I had so much respect for them but they are so childish.

Rachel on

Congratulations to her… though I’m still struggling to figure out how using birth control to keep from having unwanted children is any worse than having sex before marriage, accidentally (ha!) getting pregnant TWICE and then not staying with the fathers of either child. Clearly abstinence is not working for her.

Hea on

The dark ages are over, America,. Deal with it. Unwed people have children and married people divorce. It happens. Grow up.

Valarie on

Cute name! Congrats.

ALM on

GrowUp: Liberal and Christian are not mutually exclusive terms. But one term you obviously do not comprehend the meaning of is “hypocrisy”. Which is the only issue anyone has with Bristol Palin, who loves to judge others, while not living up to her own strict standards for the rest of humanity.

Olk on

Don’t know who is the father but congrats anyway.

Anonymous on

Bristol Palin, Mary Cheney are typical samples of hypocrite republicans.

kewe88m on

Jenelle Evans is the worst teen mom in the world too. She has been pregnant by several boyfriends.

Wanda on

Congratulations Bristol and baby Sailor. Any one judging you will be judged themselves. I am sure you have your reason for having another baby. Please know that there are some people out here that will pray for the best for you.

Annon on

Ba stardom child #2…. can’t wait for #3….. close your legs and use birthcontrol!!!!

Katie on

Love the name Sailor! Congrats.

Jen on

So she has had sex at least twice in her life and she’s not married. Big deal. So what. Has she killed anyone? No. Is she living off the State? No. Move along to news.

Gene Claiborne on

From Dakota Meyer’s Facebook page Bristol’s IV label on her wrist reads 11/04/15. So why wait until December 23, 2015 to send the picture to Dakota? Who is the real Daddy, because Dakota is not.

Qan on

Yay this baby is probably from her 3rd man.

Mireille on

Congrats! people will say horrible things about you and your daughter, but no one is perfect, but that sweet baby is. Chin up, learn for mistakes…sometimes it takes a few tries. All you can do now is try and be the best mom you can be to your two little ones.