It’s a Girl for Hugh Grant

12/21/2015 at 08:45 PM ET

Hugh Grant welcomes fourth child daughter
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Hugh Grant is a dad for the fourth time.

The British actor, 55, welcomed his fourth child on Wednesday, Dec. 16, according to Swedish newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning.

Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, 37, delivered a daughter, her second child with Grant, the Daily Mail reports. The pair are also parents to son John Mungo, 3.

“I can confirm that I have another grandchild,” Eberstein’s mother Susanne told Swedish paper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda. “It is wonderful.”

Grant is also dad to daughter Tabitha Jīng Xǐ, 4, and son Felix, 3 this month, his children with Tinglan Hong.

Hugh Grant fourth child Anna Eberstein pregnant
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Although fatherhood came as a bit of a surprise to Grant, whose firstborn’s name translates to happy surprise in Chinese, he admits it’s changed his life for the better.

“Lots of people warned me … [that] the baby period is not that exciting. But I am excited, actually. I thought, well, I’ll bluff through — but very little bluffing has been required,” he told The Guardian in 2012.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have had her, I really am. And I feel a better person.”

— Anya Leon and Sarah Michaud

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Bend Over Again on

Did he seriously go back and forth between these women and knock them up. First with tinglan then Anna then back to Tinglan and back to Anna again?!?! Good lord these women are pathetic. So is Hugh.

Sunny on

Agreed. Hell, I didn’t know he had ANY kids! I had to google it! Man whore. Loved him in Sense & Sensibility though.

Melanie on

He is a sleazy creep and I would never pay to see him in a movie again.

robinepowell on

So basically he’s like the Brown family, a polygamist. At least that’s what it seems like. :o)

Stacy on

welcome baby. congratulations Hugh and Anna. P.S. When Mr. Grant was 50 I don’t think he had any children. At 55 he has 4 children. And they say women are baby crazy, the man seems to have decided “in for a penny, in for a pound.” Great actor. Wishing him years of joyful parenting of his brood.

Just a Duck on

That man seriously needs a vasectomy.

Anonymous on

Wow I think 4 should be enough for him.. At 55 so close to retirement age , why in the world did he wait so late to have not one but 4 infant kids practically so close in age..? I wonder how involved he truly is going to be ..

mer on

I came just to balance out the negative comments. Yes, the setting he has with these women seems unusual, yet, it is just their business, they are all adults and made their choices. I am sure that the children are lover and well cared for, and that is all that should matter in any kind of family!

Heather on

Eeeeew. 4th child, fathered when he was in his 50’s. He joins the Spunk Club of Steve Martin, Tim Arnold, Rod Stewart & Alec Baldwin. These are guys who have wives who are still young enough to reproduce, thus are at least 15-20 years younger than their aging husbands who get off being able impregnate a woman 15 years their junior. Somehow it gives them pleasure to know their Spunk still works, without any regard for the fact that they will have low energy to care for their active kids and will probably show up at their kids high school graduation in a wheelchair, if at all, and their child will probably not have his or her Dad at their wedding and that their children’s children will have little to no memory of a Grandpa… incredible selfish of these ‘Spunkers’.

Hea on

Sundsvalls Tidning….

Anonymous on

Wow! That all I can say…

VZ on

Um he had lost my respect as an actor.

Lettuce Pray on

@VZ….he’s an actor? Oh yeah, he is great at playing women for fools. F-ing Brit twit.

Olk on

This guy doesn’t have any kids at age 50, now at 55 he suddenly have 4, that’s impressive.

Lyl on

What do you know about the arrangements between all of them? From what I remember he wasn´t in a relationship with his first daughter´s mum when the baby was born so who knows if they simply did not agree to have a baby number 2 just so Tabitha had a sibling? And then wonders happen. I think people judge him way too harshly without knowing the full story but good for him that he doesn´t want to talk about his private life. On the other hand, explaining the situation might have helped him.

Anonymous on

I offer the most sincere congrats in the world to man, moms & babies.
What a lovely thing & he is the most adoring DAD. Do you feel as joyous & blessed by your children as he does? I doubt it. Annie