Eva Longoria on Trying to Have Kids After 40: Sometimes I Think, ‘Is Time Running Out?’

12/21/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

Eva Longoria will soon be busy planning a wedding, but she’s also spent some time contemplating starting a family as well.

“I just turned 40, so I have thought, ‘Is time running out?’ ” the former Desperate Housewives actress says in the current issue of PEOPLE. “I should be thinking about [children], but I feel like my life is full.”

One thing filling her life aside from her fiancé José “Pepe” Bastón, are his three children from a previous marriage.

“They’ve been such a gift in my life. I don’t feel like we are lacking because we don’t have a baby,” says Longoria, whose new NBC comedy, Telenovela, premieres Jan. 4 at 8:30 p.m.

Eva Longoria on Kids
Cliff Watts

Eva Longoria on Kids
Cliff Watts

Not that she’s ruled out the possibility of having a child of her own.

“We are fulfilled,” she says of life with Bastón. “If there is anything else to come, it would be icing on the cake.”

For more on Longoria’s life with Bastón, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Monday.

— Patrick Gomez

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as if on

You have to ask, yes it is running out.

JustSayin on

Yeah Eva, time is running out and pretty much gone at this point. It’s possible but may come with a lot of complications to you and a baby. That being said just because you never birthed a child doesn’t invalidate your life. You can be truly happy and fulfilled without having gone through that experience. The only thing is, if that’s what you truly want. If you don’t want children fine, if you do….best get hopping to it.

Poppy on

Yes, your time has run out to have a baby.

truthbetold on

I am 45 and I am not worries – who cares? why do what other people are doing? I met someone who was 65 and his 49 year old wife just had twins!!

LOL on

Love all the people on here saying that she should not have kids at this point. So ridiculous. As long as she is healthy and physically able, she can have kids whenever she wants. 40 is by no means ‘too late’. Do what’s right for you, but dont tell someone else what to do.

Sarah on

Her home is shockingly poorly decorated.

carecara on

Yeah you are done,cant have your cake and eat it too

rachel on

Her time has not run out! She has a fortune at her disposal & modern technology, plus her body still works! If she want s biological kids, she can make it happen, one way or another

Anonymous on

She’d have one with Mr. Rich Guy if she was smart. Lock him in for life so that she gets a crazy great divorce payout.

Aude Piriou on

Eva, you don’t need kids to be fulfilled. Your life is probably more complete than most parents. Enjoy your life!

Rebeccah on

I like her attitude. Too many people in society have children because it’s the expected thing to do. My husband and I have no children and are 100% happy without them.

If she’s able to have kids and wants them, great. Women over 40 have babies all the time. It’s common.

Renee on

I married at 37, had endometriosis, fibroids, and an endometrioma removed from my fallopian tube 2 months before I got married. I worried, because I always wanted kids, but didn’t find the right guy until later. I lost my first at 16 weeks (had down syndrome)..and had to wait emotionally before we were ready again. Had my first at 39, my second at 41 and my 3rd at 43. (My second two were born at home and not so much as an ultrasound..wasn’t going to let them treat me like some old science project.) I never had high blood pressure, never had one problem..other than annoying pregnancy symptoms ie; constant nausea. I was so scared about whether it was too late to have my family; but felt secure in the fact it would be okay if I didn’t. My first was planned and my second two were complete surprises. God is the giver of life, not doctors, not technology and certainly not money. I knew, if he wanted me to have a family biologically, I would have one. I would say, if you are healthy, eat right, excersize etc…then you are safer at our age; but I obviously don’t believe that is the most important criteria. It is that you trust God; that if you are to have children…you WILL. Nothing going to stop that. Just ask any women who has a baby and it has defied all odds….this doesn’t just include advanced maternal age. Life is Gods…simple as that. Just live yours, and a baby will come if it is supposed to,:-)

The Free Woman on

she forgot her pants on the magazine cover!

Anonymous on

Her two dogs are very cute LOL.

Harp Numis on

Nope, my friend had hers at 48 and my grandmother at 56.

Karla on

Yay her new comedy show Telenovela is so funny, looking forward to that show.

Kat on

Medically it could be too late to have a baby, but that also isn’t the only option to have children. She will have children as a step-mother of three. But if she already feels her life is full, then she doesn’t need to add more to her blessings. It isn’t required for a woman to give birth to be a complete person.

Ala Lemon on

Motherhood is not compulsory. If she’s happy and feels her life fulfilled, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

OB on

As everyone already knows, pregnancy can be difficult to achieve at age 40. At age 35, she would already be categorized as advanced maternal age. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that she can’t or won’t get pregnant. However, her chances are diminishing with each passing year. For the storytellers reporting on older people conceiving, they are the exception, not the rule. Her answers are the classic ones for someone contemplating an attempt at pregnancy (if she’s not already doing so with an infertility specialist’s assistance) but is aware of the possibility of failure to achieve a pregnancy.

weddle32 on

So happy for her , she’s so classy and talented . I think she should have a little icing on her cake.

jacey_wacey on

Time already RAN out. You chose your career over family pursuits. And that’s fine.

Itsoktonothavekids on

I expected to read about her desperately wanting kids. I was pleasantly surprised. This was a refreshing read. Kids are overrated.

Heather on

I had my second child at 40 (almost 41). No problems at all.

casmia on

Good for her. Kids aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, seriously…. You can build a fulfilling life for oneself with or without children. It’s what matter to YOU that matters. As for the time issue, while more challenging, I’ve known a handful of ladies who had babies well into their 40s without help. It’s not as common, but it happens.

Miss Panama on

My boyfriend’s mother had him (her third child) when she was 56 yrs old and breastfed in for 2 1/2yrs afterward. She was in menopause for 10 yrs before he was conceived. She also birthed him at home (This was in the Caribbean). His mother first got pregnant when she was in her early 40’s, had her 2nd child in her late 40’s and then he was born. All three brothers, she also had a girl, but died several days later. All children born at home.
Do not shame women when they start having kids late in life!!!…you do not know the reason why. * Do not Judge*

Pitón on

Frisando ya la quinta década de la vida y con una corta estatura, esta bonita mujer, exhibe un cuerpo menudito pero de curvas voluptuosas, manifestadas en unos bellos y generosos senos y en un trasero regio, de opulentas nalgas, preciosas custodias de una candente abertura natural, invitadora a recorrer a horcajadas, los caminos de Eros y escanciar el summum vital, en un supremo coito y un espléndido orgasmo.