Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Reveal Plans for Babies: ‘He’ll Be an Amazing Father’

12/17/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

Peta Murgatroyd may be in no rush to walk down the aisle, but she certainly can’t wait to start a family with fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“I would just like to bask in this engagement bliss for a little bit. Maybe for a year. Maybe a little less,” the Dancing with the Stars pro says in PEOPLE’s latest cover story. “But I would like to start [having kids] pretty soon. A little boy, and then a little girl.”

Chmerkovskiy disagrees on that plan of action.

“A little girl first, then a little boy. I think an older girl would be more responsible. I was an exceptional older brother, but I think that was just a one-in-a-billion thing,” he says with a laugh.

“You are one in a billion,” Murgatroyd, 29, replies. “Maks always wants to take care of everybody, which, to me, was the biggest sign that he’ll be an amazing father and take care of me the rest of my life.”

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Baby Plans  Jim Wright

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Baby Plans  Jim Wright

For more from Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd — including their wedding plans — pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Baby Plans  Jim Wright

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Baby Plans  Jim Wright

Whatever their future holds, Chmerkovskiy, 35, says he looking forward to a long future with his bride-to-be.

“I’m not just looking forward to the next 20 years. I’m looking forward to the 20 years after that, when the kids are out of the house and it’s just the two of us again. I can’t wait.”

— Patrick Gomez

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stinky on

i hope he treats her right, she’s lovely

Annie on

They are a beautiful couple – I wish them all the best.

Jason Sanborn on

I thought he was dating the gorgeous Kate Upton. Don’t settle dude.

Juniper on

Excuse me. SHE will be an amazing mother. And he better not push her around.

Jason Sanborn on

Kate Upton>>>>this chick. No contest. Kate is one of, if not the most, beautiful women in the world.

Kim on

To be an amazing father you have to be capable of thinking about someone other than yourself. So Maksim will fail.

Questiion Girl on

Does he wear a toupe or has he had hair transplants done?

Sandy on

Make sure he’s an amazing husband, first.

Poppy on

Ugh, these two are attention whores. She’s desperate and he’s settling for his second or third choice.

alex on

She more looks alike gigi hadid….. wish them the best !

Jason Sanborn on

sure alex, if gigi was 45 and manly looking.

Anonymous on

It’s all sounding a bit over the top which never bodes well.

Anonymous on

Didn’t know they were dating. Congrats!

Allie on

Please stop talking Maks. Every time you open your mouth you put your foot deeper in it and sound like a bigger idiot. Peta on the other hand is just an idiot.

yodel-lay-hee-hoo on

Glad to hear. I heard they’ve been on-and-off for a while. He is such a player though that I don’t know how long it will last. I guess we’ll see!

Michele King on

Love Maks and Peta. They are so cute together. Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness.

Betty on

Isn’t this his third engagement and second co-worker relationship?

Gracie on

Good grief! Thay can’t agree on a honeymoon destination (Peta wants Greece, Maks wants Maldives), they can’t agree if they want a boy or girl first. My prediction for their honeymoon is Peta will go to Greece and Maks will go to Maldives! Ha! And what is this crap “Your’re one in a billion.”
Sounds so phony, everything sounds insincere. Maks said he doesn’t talk about his personal relationships, but money sure does. Wonder how much they got paid for spewing this crapola. Anything for a buck and to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

KarenS on

All this money People is paying them will pay for some pretty good divorce lawyers!

Vikky on

They’re two pro-dancers and they’re have known each other for long time, so they seem going to last once they’re married.

Gracie on

I am still puzzled how these two attention seekers got a People cover. Is the entertainment industry news slow during the Holiday season?

jasonsmom285 on

Maks is a wonderful person and so is Peta, I love them both and am so happy for them. I think they are going to be very happy together.

Jason Sanborn on

He’ll be dreaming of Kate Upton and her sexy curves every night.

Francesca on

He should have made it work with Merle Davis……she was his only match!!

KoolBeans on

I think they are doing all this attention for a reality show. That is the only thing that makes sense of all this fame wh0ring nonsense. The proposal was planned to lead to the cover of People to lead to a reality show. Maks is an egotistic, hot head, control freak. Peta is gonna need all the good luck wishes that she can get.

Kel on

In all the years Peta’s been on TV the only time the gossip rags care about her is when she’s boinking Maks. Since he left DWTS the only time the gossip rags care about him is when he’s boinking someone. Pimping this engagement is their new careers.

BabyJane on

Maks would be ok if he didn’t have such an arrogance to him. It is very unattractive and I really like his brother Val a lot better. Val is a sweetheart and is not so explosive as Maks. Val has been kinda stealing the spotlight from his brother lately, so I guess Maks pimping his engagement is the best he can do to get some of that spotlight back.

KV on

Mak and his brother Val have different personalities, one is kinda hot tempered, the other is more softer. Glad they’re both doing well, good for them.

Jenna on

Gee Whiz, People Mag, an online article everyday on these dancers? Why? Something smells funny.

Anonymous on

Love these two together. Congrats to them.

dfhan on

IMO, I think it’s funny how all of you people can accept that this is a put up deal and phony, but none of you can accept the fact that his attitude and hot headedness is part of the “show and tell” of the DWTS show. If any one of you people had firsthand knowledge of Maks or Peta I might take your garbage a LITTLE more seriously. However, I do happen to have personal knowledge of both of them and you people are absolutely ludicrous and laughable. All of you could not be more wrong.
If, and that’s a big IF, any of you were correct about any of your criticism and hateful words, the fact that you would spew it out like a fountain sure doesn’t say much for you except that you are no better.

Cheryl Barnhill on

I am sure they will both be amazing parents. Laura and Sasha will love be awesome grandparents. Val will be a perfect uncle. Any child of these two will have the most extended support from all who love both of them.

B.J on

I don’t believe any of this!

Irma on

Maks and Peta are beautiful inside and out and the cover of People Magazine of both of them one of the best I have seen ever. I wish them great happiness.