Sherri Saum Doesn’t ‘See the Point’ in Cutting Her Twin Sons’ Hair

12/15/2015 at 12:55 PM ET

Sherri Saum has her hands full with 19-month-old twins Michael Luís and John Rubén, but she has luck on her side in so many ways — starting with their sleeping patterns.

At the premiere of Disney On Ice‘s Frozen, the mom of two boasted about how her boys have taken after her in the snoozing department.

“They sleep through the night,” Saum, 41, told PEOPLE. “We don’t need a DNA test because they like to sleep like me, so I know they’re mine.”

Adds husband Kamar do los Reyes, “They’ve been giving us nine to 10 hours and they wake up for a quick bottle and go back down for another hour and a half.”

Sherri Saum Kamar de los Reyes twin sons
Ari Perilstein/Getty

Saum has avoided cutting her boys’ long curly shoulder-length locks — and isn’t planning on taking the plunge anytime soon.

“I’m not going to ever,” she says. “I just don’t see the point unless they have a job interview coming up, then I might consider it. But even then, I might try to fake a pin under a bun or something.”

John carries a slightly darker shade of brown than his brother Michael, who sports natural highlights. “This one is a little blond,” says Saum. “Teri Polo, my costar on The Fosters, is always like, ‘That’s my son. He’s blond!’ I don’t know what happened biologically, but he’s mine.”

Though their sleep patterns and hair length are the same, differences in their personalities are definitely starting to show. “From day one, Michael was like, ‘Hey, I’m the showman,’ ” Saum says. “John is super chill, we call him ‘super chill.’ ”

The couple are encouraging their children to learn Spanish and admit their bilingual skills are in full force.

“They have a repository of vocabulary words now,” says Saum. “We speak to them in Spanish so they have about six, seven, eight words now. They’re saying, ‘hola,’ ‘luna,’ [and] ‘mas.’ The big one is ‘mas’ — more, more, more! Mas! Mas! Mas!”

The family will be enjoying more and more festive cheer as they set up their home for the holidays. “They’re starting now to just notice a lot of things so we will decorate a tree,” says Saum. “They’ll be able to decorate a tree for the first time.”

As parents, they know things won’t be perfect and that when it comes to the tree the kids will probably “knock it down,” Reyes jokes. Which makes the holiday all the more fun for this family.

“We’re going to take it as it comes,” Saum shares. “I’m big on not forcing things and not trying to be the perfect Christmas mom. I’m just going to be like, ‘Let’s get through the day and see if we can have a candy cane and call it success.’ ”

— Raha Lewis

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Sue's on

Love both of them, when they were on One Life to Live.

Sandra on

I concur, leave it long until their is a good enough reason to shorten it. My son walker around for six years with a big ol’ Ludacris fro and if it wasn’t for a bubble gum incident he would probably still have it.

Twinkle on

Some kids suit long hair, they do not. They just look unkempt

happy on

You mean your little girls.

Julie on

@Anon, I thought the very same thing….little girls!!

Xan on

Every parent has the right to keep their children’s hair as they see fit–terrible as it may look to the rest of us!

veronica on

So, does she put their hair up in little boy buns?

b on

Oh man their hair is awesome, LOVE it!

Momof3girls on

Beautiful little girls…and at 19months they both should be off the bottle!!

SMiaVS on

Some of you people must have some really ugly daughters if you think these boys look like girls. They have very obviously male faces and it wouldn’t make a difference even if they didn’t. Hair length doesn’t matter. Jesus and the disciples looked like a bunch of “dirty hippies” if religious imagery is to be believed. They’re raising open-minded, loving individuals. I daresay that’s a sight better than most of you are doing if you spend your time making disparaging comments about strangers’ children.

MHR on

What happens if one or other wants to cut his hair?

DaisyMoon on

The kids are adorable, but they absolutely look like little girls…their sweet angelic faces look feminine at this age, (as with many boys)…
I don’t understand why a parent would want that??

Claire on

I’m sorry but those kids are homely. Talk about a derpy countenance.
Cut their hair, Mom! They look positively feral.
So what if your 19 month old kids sleep through the night. My eldest started at 7 weeks and my youngest didn’t until he was almost a year….but 19 months? They should absolutely be sleeping 12-14 hours a day. Maybe they’re especially tired from holding those giants heads up with all that ratty hair?

Someone on

Too bad that she doesn’t because they look like twin daughters this way.

Milky on

Omg their hair is awesome, no wonder they don’t want to cut it! And why should they, hair length is a personal choice regardless of gender. People get upset about the silliest things for no reason – let go of gender stereotypes and we’ll all be better off

Grace on

Wow, that is a lot of hair! I’d be worried about food getting stuck in it or, God forbid, head lice. My daughter was bald for the first 2 years so I really don’t have ground to stand on. Their kids, their call.

Brooke on

Sorry – those kids need a haircut. Unless you are raising mini-Fabios??? Cut it.

Guest on

Cut their hair, get them off the bottle, and train them to sleep through the night! It can be done!

Katie on

The twins are so cute! They need to get an hair cut though.

sgtmian on

you people are fucking weird. no, they don’t look like girls, and also, who gives a shit if they do? that is how their hair grows from their head. i don’t know who decided that males look better with short hair and females with long, but anyone who perpetuates such stupidity is a fucking moron. it’s such a stupid notion. gender roles are stupid. and you’re stupid, brainwashed little pawns.

Jo on

handsome and adorable. I love you Sherri💋