Kim Kardashian West Is Taking Placenta Pills Again: I Had No ‘Signs of Depression’ After North’s Birth

12/14/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

Jeff Vespa/Getty

Kim Kardashian West has found a way to avoid the “baby blues”: consuming her own placenta.

The reality star, who just welcomed her second child, son Saint, with husband Kanye West, revealed that she’s having her placenta made into pills.

“I’m having it freeze-dried and made into a pill form — not actually fry it like a steak and eat it (which some people do, BTW),” she shared in a new post on her website.

Kardashian West, 35, said she heard stories during her pregnancy with daughter North, 2, of other mothers who steered clear of placenta encapsulation and then suffered postpartum depression with their first child. However, those mothers, she said, didn’t have depression when they took the pills with baby number two.

“So I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose?” she shared.

After finding success with her own postpartum hormones following her first pregnancy, Kardashian West said she wanted to replicate the feeling.

“I had great results and felt so energized and didn’t have any signs of depression,” she explained in the post. “I definitely had to do it again. Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good. I totally recommend it for anyone considering it!”

While Kardashian West appreciates the healing benefits of her placenta now, it caused a problem for her during delivery.

A source previously told PEOPLE the star suffered from placenta accreta, the same condition she experienced with North.

“She had a really tough birth because of the issues with her placenta,” the source said.

— Lindsay Kimble

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susipeach on

Wow, how proactive is that? Does she chew her toenails after a pedicure so that she won’t get ‘athlete’ foot’? Hahaha, oh, I crack myself up!!!

Debbe on

Every pregnancy is different and how do you know you need the pills? I had mild depression just when breastfeeding when the uterus was contracting down, but it was tolerable and for most women tolerable. Unless the placenta pills has more health benefits, I personally wouldn’t waste my time on them.

Edie on

Well, of course, you are.

Lettuce Pray on

Does she eat her own dookie so she won’t get an upset stomach.

Enough of this so called news, kinda like reporting on daily ongoings of a landfill.

PaulaDFW on

Wow!!! Just incredible…. LOL! Is there anything she won’t do? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it??

Awaremom on

I did this too and it prevented post baby blues and increased my milk flow. We’re the only species who doesn’t ingest the placenta. I had the pill option too and I’m glad I took it.

FFS on

Or maybe she is just not prone to depression? Eating your placenta does not remedy depression. Therapy and sometimes medication helps control symptoms.

Guest on

Good lord…she forgot to tell us how many times she peed yesterday. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THESE “FAMOUS FOR NOTHING” FREAKS! Go take care of your babies and stay off social media you placenta eating fool.

Whiplash on

That placebo effect is strong. More money than sense.

Ohnoshedidnt on

Omg I just threw up in my mouth. That is absulotely beyond disgusting. I might need therapy after reading this article…

PacificGirl818 on

The obsession with this fking family continues. Encapsulation is not a cure all for depression. This chick does everything for attention. She is not an advocate for depression. She’s too dumb to be! Go away!

fatalreview on

BOOO BOOO BOOO-I thought the cow was in “hiding” and on twitter silence after her near death birth fake drama

JEL on

How does she, or anyone taking this pill (I am not knocking it…just want to know!) truly know that is what staved off the depression?? Perhaps she just wasn’t going to get depressed??

jewels1972 on

It’s called psychosomatic. She believes in it, therefore it “works”.

Sara on

This makes a mockery out of those who suffer from Postpartum depression. Calling them the “baby blues,” People magazine? Good for her for not suffering from postpartum depression for her first child and if she thinks eating her placenta will help, more power to her. But to blame postpartum depression only on a mother’s choice not to eat her placenta is ridiculous and inflammatory.

Steacy on

Sounds like she had a tough delivery because of said placenta and how it was being a jerk. Why ingest that jerk now by your own free will?

You already have Kanye.

Truth Hurts on

Her family is the joke of the country so I believe she’s depressed. All the manipulation to pretend it didn’t start from a filthy sex tape hasn’t worked!! Kanyes career down the toilet. Oh she’s depressed….

Mandi on

Anything to stay in the news!

Truth Hurts on

Oh she’s depressed all the media manipulation pretending it didn’t start from a filthy sex tape hasn’t worked. Family is the joke of the country. Kanye can’t buy a career!! Oh she’s depressed….

Ash on

This is the kind of stuff that bothers me, because people will listen to this woman and possibly not seek help if the condition gets worse. There’s a difference between the “baby blues” that can come right after the baby and last for a few days or a couple weeks, then there is postpartum depression which is different. Postpartum depression can give a mother thoughts about ending her own life or the life of the child. It a serious disorder that needs to be diagnosed and treated with the help of an actual doctor. My mom’s friend did not have postpartum depression with her first daughter, but she had horrible depression after the birth of her second daughter.

Most humans also do not eat their own or another specie’s fecal matter, as many animals do. Most humans do not eat their own species, as some animals will do, especially if something happens with the young ones. There are more examples, but I feel like those are two big ones. Because “just because we’re the only species that doesn’t do it” is not a good reason.

Ana on

You know what would have helped with my mental state after I had my kids? Down time. Somebody to do my cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, gardening, school pick up/drop off, a nanny to allow me to have “me” time…..that added pressure doesn’t help matters any. If a new mom could just put her feet up and chill it would do wonders. I don’t think taking a pill is that easy or it would be more widely spoken about. Unfortunately if you are going to get it you just get it

IZ on

If she wasn’t prone to depression before, how does she know the placenta pills staved depression off the first time? Not every woman gets PPD.

amyinoaktown on

TMI…do we need to have a story on everything this woman is doing? People Mag must be getting some kind of funding or kickback from the K clan due to the obnoxious amount of stories posted daily.

Guest on

Kim Kardashian eating her placenta is peoples top story? Looks like they’ve sunk to a new low!

Anonymous on

Guess what? I never had PPD after having all three of my babies and I didn’t eat my bloody (pun intended) placenta. Junk science.

gymluv on

I hope she removed the ‘doctor’s fingernails’ before ingesting the pills. After all, she claimed he had to use them to scrape out her placenta. Let me guess, she will now hashtag the links to the company that she uses to do this. #placentaplacebo #literallylikeobsessed #bible #saint #theyjustsentmeacheck

Mom Of Twins on

To each it’s own, I guess.

Mom Of Twins on

@Lettuce Pray You have me in tears, too funny.

D Reading on

ugg wonder if kantye will pee on the placenta before she eats it, or if they will fly in ray jay to provide pee

Lettuce Pray on

Gets to squeeze Taint a few more times out of her fart box now.

Nicole on

Why did I click on this article to read more details about Kim’s placenta? And now I’m actually commenting on it. I am so over her placenta issues. Is there nothing else going on in the world? 60 seconds of my life I can never get back. *yawn*

Jilly on

Abnormal placentas are submitted to pathology for examination. The mother never has a chance to eat them or even look at them. It would be foolish for a hospital/OB to let her have it instead of following protocol. If it isn’t examined and she ends up with health issues she could sue the hell out of everyone for malpractice.

Alex on

What on earth?? The weirdest part of this article is people’s reaction-I don’t like the Kardashians particularly either so I don’t watch the TV show and choose not to read articles about them- however this article I was interested to hear a person’s experience with placental pills as I’d never heard of them before. I know it’s the internet but the level of rage present in the comment is outstanding- you’d think she was guilty of murder. I really hope she never has to see these, she’s still a person..

Alex on

I would just add to all those complaining ‘is there nothing else going on in the world? I am so sick of only hearing about this stupid famous-for-nothing family’, Yes there is much much more going on in the world. If you’re having trouble getting that news, I’d say change your choice of news website.

Shawna on

Just because Kim is doing it doesn’t make it wrong. Ingesting placenta pills worked for me. I had severe postpartum depression with my first daughter. I was barely even functional and ended up on meds. With my second daughter I used the placenta pills and I had absolutely no issues at all. And it was not placebo, as I am prone to depression and felt the best I’ve felt while taking them.

Lettuce Pray on

Dear Diary, Day 1. Pills are pretty tasty. Can’t wait for the results.

Dear Diary, Day 2. Starting to feel energized.

Dear Diary, Day 3. Kicking in, feeling the warmth and glow in my innards.



Kim is as dumb as a rock.

Lettuce Pray on

I actually have a rock. It says nothing, sits in one place, does not make porn but I do pee on it once in awhile, it does not take selfies or make babies while wearing crap clothing. It is not for profit and loves me for who I am so actually a rock is smarter than her.

Whodat placenta? on

How does she know it’s her placenta she’s eating? Geez, you see stories all the time where labs screw up. My doctor’s lab just misread a bunch of results. We all had to do re-takes on our tests. This woman will eat anything and believe anything it seems.

Paula on

Kim is taking placenta pills? Sounds kinda stupid.

Anonymous on

Glad she found a way to avoid the postpartum depression, happy for her.

Anonymous on

That’s is just gross

Paula on

Eating her own placenta? That’s ridiculous!

Janel on

If she really had placenta accreta, then she wouldnt have been able eat her placenta, it would be too ‘unhealthly’