Inside Saint West’s First Days Home: Kim and Kanye are ‘Managing to Get Some Sleep’

12/12/2015 at 09:14 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have had their hands full being parents to 2-year-old daughter North and one-week-old son Saint.

Lately the couple – who are temporarily staying at grandma Kris Jenner‘s house in Calabasas –  are “managing to get some sleep” since welcoming their second child on Dec. 5.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West name son Saint


Kim has a baby nurse for an extra set of hands, but she’s obviously very involved,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s up and about but of course feeling exhausted at the same time.”

Although this was her second pregnancy, Kardashian West did not have an easy labor. The reality star suffered from placenta accreta, the same condition she experienced during North’s delivery.

“Kanye was really supportive at the hospital,” the source shares with PEOPLE. “And at home, as always, he treats her like a queen. She’s his queen. Having Saint hasn’t changed that.”

Fans have yet to see a photo of newborn baby West, but according to a close family insider “he looks exactly like” his big sister. North’s baby pictures may serve as a good placeholder for the time being!

“He’s definitely a saint. It’s perfect,” Kris told PEOPLE about how her new grandson at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment Breakfast event recently.

Kimye and Saint are feeling the love from their family and friends as seen in Kardashian West’s first livestream following the birth, in which she shared a video of all the beautiful floral bouquets they’ve received, including floral arrangements from parents-to-be John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as well as designer Roberto Cavalli.

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Kathy on

Thank god for breast pumps and nannies. Of course they’re getting sleep. Someone else is parenting the baby.

Mrs. B on

I’m not fond of this baby’s name, but he’s not my child. I just hope he doesn’t grow up to be arrogant with a name like that and a dad like Kanye. I can’t wait to see a picture of the cute little guy.

Tiff on

I am sure it’s been said many times already but I am going to go with nannies. It’s not hard to get sleep as a new parent when you aren’t one.

jg1965 on

Disgusting. They have no idea what it means to be a parent and the work involved. This child, like their first, is simply an accessory. She is NOT hands on and neither is he. That poor poor child, and his sister, will grow up with a warped sense of family, reality and self.

jg1965 on

Disgusting. They have no idea what it means to be a parent and the work involved. This child, like their first, is simply an accessory. She is NOT hands on and neither is he. That poor poor child, and his sister, will grow up with a warped sense of family, reality and self.

egni knov on

Exhausted what a load of bs she has all the help she wants people that mother her child while she rests.Does she even know what real mothers with new born babies go through of course not.
What a phony family.Think about your children first Kim otherwise you will be sorry later when they won’t care about you.
There is a beautiful song about that by Cat Stevens.

Marc on

F this loudmouth N, the $Lut, and their two Diarrhea Babies!!!

Tessa on

Everyone’s a critic…

Nikki on

oooooh pls enough already…she had a kid, she knows what its like…mothers do it all the time with smultiples and yet they are making a big deal out of this..some ppl DONT have shut up!…and People magazine..shame on you this is boring news..ppl have babies everyday

Sr on

Is everyone else surprised they haven’t posted one pic of this new baby? I wonder if he has Kanye’s big ol head? 🤐

jane on

ha ha ha exhausted my ass! A baby nurse , chef, nanny, makeup artist etc. ( of course all new moms get those, right??)

Janie on

Oh please! If anyone believes she’s doing anything for this baby that requires her to move, I have a bridge to sell you. If her mouth is moving, she’s lying. She’s still waiting on a payday to show a photo. She never got it with North, and it won’t happen with this one, she’s too disliked. I wish the baby well and sweet little North.

Beth on

They don’t have anything on me. I am richer, more successful, have three nannies and a security force. One day if they both work hard enough they’ll be like me!

Betty on

I agree with Kathy. Who are they kidding? They are entitled to have whatever help they want, but don’t insult the rest of us who take care of our children entirely on our own and truly experience lack of sleep.

Avery on

How is this a story? It’s pretty easy to get sleep when you have a houseful of help! Kim is such a saint…getting an expensive diamond choker as a reward for birthing her child and managing motherhood while living in her mom’s house with nannies! If only the rest of us could be as great of as a mother…and I know, stop clicking on these stories so they’ll go away 😕.

ginger 1949 on

Boo hoo,like the rest of us didn’t have babies and no help. This entitled piece of trash and her angry,hideous, dumbass Chicago rapper husband are perfect parents!!!! He’d be in jail and she’d be cleaning toilets if it was for their pimping mothers.

People Reader on

So happy for them. Congratulations to the West family!

Guest on

All new mothers are tired. Oh, but I forgot that Kim is a lot more special than the rest of us! Lazy cow…

LG998 on

Is the baby sick? Why would they need a nurse in their home? Millions of families around the world take care of their own babies without the help of medical staff. Why is their baby news??

Tess on

For those who think they are so well hated, somebody’s keeping them in diamonds.They will go away when their youth and looks deteriorate. No one follows an old has been. So , in the mean time, don’t click on if they annoy you .

People Fan on

Of course they are getting rest. This child was born in to a wealthy family why wouldn’t they hire helpers? I think even with the help they will still be hands on parents both of them seem family oriented. Congrats to them all!

Skiwoman on

With a baby’s nurse,of course they are getting some sleep

LEzlee on


lm on

Well, of COURSE they have a friggin’ baby nurse!! Despite staying with her mom and having all sorts of extra hands available, they still have to hire someone else to take care of their kid…..PATHETIC!!!

Guest on

Boo boo for her. Exhausted…ha! I am a mother of a 5 year old with autism, and a new born. Because I don’t produce enough breast milk I pump and supplement. I am also a small business owner and have no maternity leave. When the baby sleeps and my son is at school I am managing my law practice. I could give her a lesson in exhaustion. I am not complaining…I am blessed to have my family and my practice, but people like her drive me nuts. She has no clue about reality.

Pillowpants on

She has no clue what exhaustion means as a parent.

anomoyous on

How much are the Kardashian’s paying People magazine to put this garbage in the media daily? Surely they can’t be doing it for free, seeing all the criticism from the public.

ann low on

oh please she has nannies, she lives at her mom’s house just makes me sick at the way you here at Peoples kiss her ass

Dee on

I’m so relieved to hear they are getting sleep! That’s very easy when you don’t lift a finger to care for your children. Why is People interrupting my Saturday with this trivial nonsense???

patti on

Of course they can sleep. They have hired help to do everything for them.

tim schneickert on

All I have to say is good luck Saint your going to need it. The K Klan hate men Sorry Pal

Edie on

I wish I understood how these stories are submitted to the magazine. It all seems so … SUPERFLUOUS.

patti on

Unfortunately this child will have a god-like complex just like his father. That is how he is going to be raised. How could he not with a name like Saint. A little presumptuous, don’t you think?

Patty on

Wow…she’s involved with caring for her own baby. What a shining example of motherhood. She probably picks him up and holds him at LEAST a couple of times a day!!!

beth garcia on

When I had my second child, I had gestational diabetes, toxemia, and placenta previa. I began to bleed out during delivery and almost died. When I got home, I couldn’t lift anything, do chores, or cook. You know who brought me the baby to nurse, cleaned house and cooked the worst meals ever (I did not care)? MY HUSBAND! That’s what’s supposed to happen.Step it up, Kanye! You don’t need a nurse.

Sam on

Ofcourse they are sleeping with all their nannies caring full time for their baby as well as of North, as usual. She is probably not even breastfeeding, just popping into the nursery now and then.

mommea on

Nanny and living with Mama, of course you’re sleeping…. This family wouldn’t know reality even if it slapped them in the face!

Lola on

Is this a joke? She has a chef, nanny and basically no job… And you’re telling us she’s “managing to get some sleep”. Insulting to mothers who actually do the work of mothers. I don’t know who’s more at fault here, the Kardashians for being the Kardashians or People for the offensive and insulting way you report their NON news. I have a baby and I haven’t slept in MONTHS. Then again I treat him like a baby and not a handbag.

ella on

oh puleeeeeeeze. She has a night nurse as well.

Grandma of 10 on

For all you haters – I believe you are just plain jealous. A child is loved – that is what matters. If they can afford help and it makes their lives a little less stressful, I say good for them. Those babies are loved and cared for and that is what matters most. You don’t have to be with your child 24/7 for it to know it is loved. Jealousy is showing its ugly head. I raised 4 without help, but I say good for them!

Anonymous on

A baby nurse! Enough said…🙄

Gramma2four on

So true, Kathy. You beat me to it with the comment. lol

ginger1949 on

Kris, pimp mom, Jenner had to breed 6 times. This is what we get when losers keep having kids, even with a boy who wants to be a girl. Kim having a baby takes the embarrassment off of Kris, so Kimmy & Brucie, get all the attention from People magazine. This group needs to go for a swim in the Pacific & never return.

Cheryl on

And here we go, day 1, baby wakes up, day 2 changed his diaper, and on and on and on. Jeez people magazine, with everyone else in the world can’t you find someone else IMPORTANT to talk about? Disgusting

Sandy on

I find it oddly amazing that these two are still back at Kris’s house. They should have been settle by now, what is all the hold up! That was fast, already Grandma such as she is, is taking over.

jane on

Poor things are tired with a new baby, a toddler, in mamas mansion, with all her staff,oh and baby nurses and nannies. Yeah it’s real hard to be new second time parents. I’m crying for them over here in reality.

claudia on

Yeah Yeah and I believe anything these narcissistic people say

Kate Middleman on

She has a baby nurse, a baby for her toddler, housekeepers, gardeners, a personal assistant, private chef…yeah, I’m sure she’s exhausted.

Patsy on

Don’t you think for one minute they don’t get any rest. They are probably in the East Wing, and the children are in the West Wing. I can not see The adorable baby spitting up milk on Kim’s prescious body. UGH!

BonBon on

Wow, big deal, they hired a night nanny – whatever! Doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t hands on. I’m a single mom in my mid-twenties with a two and a half year old daughter & I thank god for my own mom being available and willing to help me when my daughter was born. And I’m nurse myself, who works in a children’s outpatient centre – I’ve had tons of experience working with sick, cranky and/or fussy children and babies. But I gladly accepted my mom’s offer to stay over. It isn’t that I didn’t want to do the work or spend the time with my daughter, I adored doing both, but a newborn is a 24/7 job, and as humans, we all need sleep! Sometimes the way to be the best parent you can be is to take some time to care for yourself (if that is possible). There is a reason why the emergency instructions on airplanes stress the importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first – because if you run out of oxygen, you’re not going to be a help to anyone. Taking care of yourself isn’t always selfish, often it is what helps you better care for others. It can be especially important when you have had a difficult or traumatic birth and you are still recovering yourself. Kim & Kanye, or any other celebrity, or any other regular person, shouldn’t be looked down upon and shamed for having help – whether it professional help or a willing family member. Help isn’t the difference between “good” and “bad” parenting. & It doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being hands-on. You can spend all day being a hands-on parent, caring for and bonding with your baby, while also allowing yourself help (IF you have those options) to minimize the sleep deprivation at night. Being a good parent isn’t based on the level of struggle you endure. Now I’m ranting, but I just resent that way of thinking. It’s like those women who chose natural child childbirth and turn their noses up at women who chose to have an epidural, or give birth by c-section. Having a natural childbirth is a personal choice, it doesn’t make you a better (or worse) mom. Women who have options and would like to use them shouldn’t ever feel pressured to endure a painful birth or endure total sleeplessness solely to prove their worthiness as parents. You are not less worthy for choosing to make it easier on yourself when you can. Besides, there are millions of people, like myself, who have their moms come stay over and help them out the first couple weeks with their newborn (or other kids). The only difference is Kim and Kanye hired a professional to be that help, as opposed to solely depending on Kris (Indon’t blame them!).

jan on

of course she’s exhausted-gotta be so tiring to tell the baby nurse and nannies what to do, telling the chef what to cook for her, telling her assistants what to go fetch for her, etc. And asking PMK “when’s the deal for the first pictures going to be done?”

Sally on

Formula and nannies…the best thing they can give the kid.

missyp63 on

I’m sure they have all the help in the world but saying that I do think the this family love’s each other and kim and Kanye will have a great life and that’s fine they work for it I don’t care for this family but kim and moma got this family started and now look at them their millionaires many times over so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Anonymous on

I have a feeling Kim doesn’t even see the baby until at least 10 AM.

Jane on

Saint. Really? Ack. I hope this kid isn’t as ugly as the first one. And please tell us she had her tubes tied….

Celia German on

Shut the hell up all u f haters. You wish u could be in her shoes!!!!!!

GB530 on

She has a 2 year old AND a newborn? No woman has ever done that before! She has an army of hired help, of course she is getting sleep. She is famous for being a sex tape whore, and he is a narcissistic moron. Why is this even a story? I knew a lady that was a single parent with 4 kids, one with special needs and serious medical issues. She took care of those kids by herself while working and going to Nursing school. That’s a story worth people’s time and sympathy. These whining idiots need to open a can of STFU go away, and celebrity news sites and magazines need to stop with these ridiculous stories.

Anonymous on

lol you all spend time bashing them. pathetic. hide behind your computer and comment on social media websites and you wonder why theres psychological problems and shootings.. keep it up. you’re all doing well for our society..

Guest 3 on

This is so silly… would think a woman has never had a child before Kim Kardashian…..This comment ( below that she made telling everyone she was about ready to “pop” is so stupid…..
. “I’m at the stage now where I wake up with a flat belly but then as I eat and by the end of the day it pops out! This means it’s about to pop,” Kanye West’s wife wrote.
Where in the FUCK did she come up with this logic ? Sorry Kim, I agree with everyone else, you used a surrogate, despite all the photos of you in clothing so tight, that kid probably couldn’t move if you really were pregnant.
I have had 4 kids, and never was my stomach FLAT in the AM…and them just “POPPED” out later in the day when I was close to delivery. Sorry Kim, you are a FUCKING LIAR……

Lou on

The comments here are just ridiculous. She has a baby nurse, so what? How she chooses to mother her child is her business alone. People need to stop acting like the Kardashians are Nazis. It’s just petty, judgemental, and undeserved.

Sandra on

Kimbo and tweezy had nurses and nannies standing by, literally awaiting “saint’s” arrival. Kimbo was induced with Pitocin. Thus, the terrible contractions that were complained about. Then a D&C to retrieve debris from the placenta. Epidurals all the was through.
Everyone signed a confidentiality agreement. Kimbo’s meals were catered according to her order.
Let’s hope we don’t have to go through this ordeal again!

Angi Key on

Has anyone found it hilarious that he’s called the same name of the team her past lovers football team is? Hmm who came up with this name?

Missy on

I’m no fan I think the media makes these celebrities out to be above the average Person and their not so over these trashy. Kardashians

Read the news on

Poor Bruce done lost his mind and don’t know where to find it. Wait did he check his pocket book? Dude look like a la no! Dude look like a dude! All that money and can’t find something better to do than dress like a woman. So sad.



icky on

Wow. Rough life — not only a nurse nanny, but Granny Kris right down the hall. Must be nice. After 40 1/2 hours or pregnancy (seven days after my due date), I gave birth and left the hospital two days later. Somehow with three other children (one disabled), a husband working full-time, a house with rental unit to maintain, six cats, four stray cats and various other wildlife, and a job that I had to get back to, I did this with no help. Maybe if I had placenta accreta, as well, hubby would have gotten me a nanny nurse, too.

traci on

“Obviously very involve”? OMG. Props to her. Most of us relish every single moment with our newborns. How sad for her. How sad for that baby. A terrible name and a terrible mother. Blessings on him. He’ll need them.

V on

Marc, do you even know the meaning of the N word. Which is how you referred to Kanye, because your comment proves you fit it more than he. Don’t be a jealous hater, because you were taught that he should never have more than you. That’s what really bothers you. Kanye concerts sells out! I loud mouth, really! You’re a hater!

lindy on

You would think at their ages, and the money they have between them, they would be able to rent a property, rather than stay at Mom\s house. Sounds so juvenile. Why? Yea like they are losing sleep, she propably has a wet nurse

VP on

No matter what those comments are, the above picture actually is an adorable picture.