Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Are Twins in Throwback Baby Photo

12/10/2015 at 10:50 PM ET

Coco Austin and her new daughter Chanel Nicole have a lot more in common than their inherent modeling skills: The two beauties look alike!

Ice-T‘s wife took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a split image of the pair and baby Chanel. In the pic, the newest addition is featured on the left and Austin is on the right, but aside from just a few subtle changes, the difference is hard to tell.

“This is kinda a crazy… The pic on the right is me when I was born and Chanel is on the left.. A lot of the resemblance,” Austin, 36, captioned the photo.

Coco Austin baby Chanel

The couple welcomed their first child together days on Nov. 28, and haven’t been shy about sharing her with the world.

Just hours after their little girl was born, both parents shared photos on Instagram and Twitter announcing the birth of their bundle of joy.

“Surprise!!! Look who came early!! Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole,” Austin shared on social media. “A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound baby girl.”

Three-time papa Ice-T — who already has two adult children — followed up his wife’s posts with one of his own reading, “Ladies and Gentlemen! Please allow me to introduce to the World…Baby Chanel 5.7 pounds. Love is Love.”

Another trait she got from her mother? Baby Chanel is pretty popular! She already has 194 thousand followers on her own Instagram page.

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Pat on

Coco and Chanel? How ridiculous! And she’s only 36?! I would have guessed 56!! For real!

georgiabrit on

Her name (Chanel Nicole) is a helluva lot better than “North” or “Saint”! I think it’s a beautiful name!

guest17 on

She looks 36 if not a little younger. Your jealous comment shows you up for the troll you are. The baby must look like both parents because there have been a few photos where she looks exactly like her father!

Annie on

Actually she looks a lot more like ice t than coco. But of course it would kill People’s writers to liken somebody to their father. Bias against males is rampant on their site and in their magazine unfortunately.

Shawna on

There is literally no resemblance between them. If you are going to post a picture claiming your kid looks like you maybe actually have a photo where they do! The baby looks exactly like her father.

anne on

They dont look alike at all to me. Maybe in person, but not the pics shown.

NFA on

Other than the mouth (if even that), there is no resemblance at all! What is Coco thinking haha? Sorry Coco! So annoying when you’re the one who carries them for 9 mo and then they look exactly like daddy!

Theresa on

What I took away from this article is that there are 194 thousand loosers out there following a baby on instagram.

Olly on

Chanel is a brand, not a name, if you want to call that your baby you have to write it Chanelle.

Cathy on

How about she looks just like her Dad who i think is great!!!! Her Mom is a bit strange anymore!!! But very adorable baby bless her heart 🙂

cynic1018 on

an instagram account for a baby???? SERIOUSLY. WOW.

Candy on

Twins? Geez, I sure hope not …….

Suze on

Coco – or whatever her name is – does not look sexy, pretty, or beautiful. Instead she looks ridiculous, old, and somewhat scary!

Coco got a doll on

Look at meeee meeee meeeee meeeee!

mistie on

It’s amazing how many people post such hateful comments.

Anonymous on

Very Pretty baby, congrats to you and Ice!!!

Kay on

Seriously? You could put any 2 baby pictures together and say they look alike……… these 2 look nothing alike!!! She looks like her Dad!!

Poor baby on

Coco will turn out to be a bigger attention hog than Kim.

Hello on

The baby is cute and I can see a resemblance between them. Chanel has her father’s nose but her mom’s mouth, eyes and eyebrows.

TV on

Olly, Chanel is actually more than a fashion brand. I find it laughable that people aren’t aware it’s named after the founder Coco Chanel.

Anonymous on

I don’t see how they look alike. Chanel is iced t all the way.

Anonymous on

Sorry, she looks like her daddy! I love Ice-T! Congrats! She’s adorable!

Nartarlie on

She looks more like Ice-T. Congrats to Ice-T and the family on the new addition.

Lisa on

This baby is just a precious little girl. The pics of her first photo shoot is heavenly! Baby Chanel looks like her Dad……..what a lucky couple! CoCo…you were meant to be a Mommy! I’m so happy for you,Ice, and the Big Brother Bulldoggies!!

KL on

This baby looks like Ice-T all the way.

Bee on

All of you commenters are so mean! What she names her child and how she dresses isn’t going to be impacted by the hateful comments of strangers on the internet. Let her be happy and get over yourselves! She’s a new mother.