Guess Who Kanye and Kim Kardashian West’s Son Saint Looks Just Like!

12/09/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

These days, the Kardashian West clan is seeing double!

In this week’s issue, a source close to the family tells PEOPLE exclusively that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s newest addition, Saint, whom they welcomed on Saturday, is both a looker and a look-a-like.

“He’s so cute!” the source tells PEOPLE.

But does he resemble Mama or Papa? The answer, says the source, is neither. “He looks exactly like North.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West name son Saint


The proud parents have yet to release an image of their newborn son, but it sounds as if 2-year-old North’s baby pictures may serve as a good placeholder.

The source confirms to PEOPLE that the newly-minted big sister was introduced to Saint in the hospital and is already taking to her new role.

And the parents are beaming, adds the source. “Kim and Kanye are so happy!”

For more on the Kardashian West family’s newest member, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newstands Friday.

— Elizabeth Leonard and Janine Rayford Rubenstein


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Sue's on

Who would he look like? Hopefully not the milkman…lol
As for him looking like North, yeah probably does, because that his sibling . Which means he looks a bit like his mother a lot like his father.

NoDoubt! on

Guess who doesn’t care?! Most people

KayGee on

I was going to take a guess and say Reggie Bush..?

Sandra on

@KayGee…That was funny.

Sheilajae on

Which means he is a cutie pie

lois on

Sure its going to be a cute baby. Kim is about having kids not a career at all.

stevie on

wow, this is newsworthy? i thought he would look like the pope being he was named saint.

Mike on

@NoDoubt! That sums it up….

slk on


Janie on

I bet he’s adorable. I’m just glad they’re finally mentioning North, she’s not much more than a baby herself. Congrats on your son!

Mary on

@lois, Kim is about having kids not a career? Puleese! You’ve got to be kidding! Her career is getting her name and all her family somewhere in the news, be it in magazines, newspapers, TV, etc. That’s what she does best. Bottom line, her family is her career and getting on as many major outlets as possible.

cj on

Thank you People! I was wondering about this since Saturday and you answered all my burning questions. Whew, now I can get back to obsessing over who will be the highest bidder on the first family photos. Please Please Please put me out of my misery and release that breaking news exclusive report soon.

Shell on

Heard they didn’t give a middle name either – i figured they were going to have his middle name be Nicholas.

Dacia on

Guess who doesn’t care? Most of the world! It’s so pathetic that they won’t release a pic (like I really care to see it) until they get top dollar for it. It’s all about the money and not being proud parents and wanting to show off their child.

Tiff on

@Shell, thanks for the chuckle

Alia on

Whatever. Just go home Kim, and she’s gonna hibernate in there until she loses enough weight then she’ll come out and be back “at it.” She’s also gonna get some cosmetic procedures done while she’s in hibernation so she won’t have to worry about the cameras catching it. During the day she’ll be surfing the web coming up with new outrageous outfits to wear when she’s done with hibernation. BUT, I’m still happy for her that she has a healthy baby!

robyn on

of course he looks like North- they used the same donor 😉

Volly on

He is going to look like cute pie.

Paige on

Probably look like Kim mostly.

Nancy on

Mr Magoo? What a stupid headline!

Guest on

Sorry, but North is no beauty. She looks like her thug daddy and that’s not a good thing. I’m sure she’s a sweet little girl, just not a pretty one.

Kim on

Congrats to Kim and Kanye on their new addition!

Anonymous on

Hope is doesn’t have that Kanye/North scowl!

Funrun on

Hope he doesn’t have that Kanye/North scowl!

Cb on

Five Kardashian related stories within an hour on my Facebook feed. Time to unlike People.

Des on

Who cares! What a stupid baby name.

vernica on

now she will be getting her tummy tuck, boob lift, and lipo suction. she isn’t a real mother. she is just a baby maker

Celebsarah on

Guess who Kim looks like in this photo that we’ve seen 800 times this week? Teresa Giudice.

Anonymous on

Who cares….none of us care

Anonymous on

shocker! since my kid’s look the same and at the same age and their 3 years apart… who would have thunk

Lawrence Faulk on

Congrats KIMYE

Anonymous on

I was so hoping he would look different than North.That child is homely looking….poor poor thing

Anonymous on

He is going to look like Kim LOL!

Omaka on

North looks cute and he looks like North, that is fine.

Tami on

Poor kid I hope he doesn’t look like Bruce!

David on


Steve on

They look like Buckwheat and Styme from the Little Rascals.

Lovely on

Congrats to the family!

Myla on

We only have to keep guessing until they get their fortune from whatever magazine pays them the most….

Oinker on

Wait until he sees the tape……

Sue on

Wrong, No Doubt, you and millions of others care, just as you and they will continue to make them and this mag site rich leaving millions of comments! You may be jealous and resentful of their lifestyles, fame and fortune, but you do care.

cookie on

Why is PEOPLE even interested in a baby their parents won’t even release a picture of??? Everybody is so over this elitist behavior..embrace celebrity or go away…you can’t have both……bye bye kimye… it’not a duplicate..poor censoring…

thuglicous on

the baby is proably a lil cutie like his sissy

Jan on

And you think North is cute? Hmmm

Speculaas on

Congrats KIMYE.
Can’t wait to see the pictures of SAINT…
I also could not wait to see baby NORTH and she did not disapoint..she is soooooo beautiful.
KIM.. I hope u got the best “Pushing Gift”.
Merry Christmas to the WEST FAMILY.

majorrn1 on

BTW, what happened to North’s Kanye scowl and the prominent forehead in the Kardashian Christmas card? They are already photoshopping this little child to make her look more like Kim! Wonder how long it will take for them to have a plastic surgeon change her look for good?

angie on

Considering her past…..I would say that could be up for grabs – maybe the baby looks like Ray J? However, what surprises me most is the fact they are still together; definitely a record for Kim!

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

I love babies and would love to see a picture of their son. But really it doesn’t matter. They act like they are the only ones having babies.
All babies are cute and sweet. It’s when they grow up that tells the story.

Ashleigh on

Now tell me how I figured out how Saint West. (Sry but tht is a STUPID name: Saint, North is a cute name….NOT Saint, just saying) anyway, HOW DO I KNOW WHO HE LOOKS LIKE from this pointless article? I have an intense gut-feeling he looks like a mix BETWEEN Kim & Kanye (based on the drivel from the article, anyhow!) Lololol

Slappy on

Looks like a

Curly on

Too bad he looks like north. Sorry but that child and is no beauty. Just like her dad, I haven’t seen one smiling picture !!!!

Nevermind on

Saint West looks like: Maybe a ‘male pig’ !

Anonymous on

Gorilla in the mist?

sleezefinder on

Sad We all know that these kids like everything that comes into contact with the kardashians will be commoditized.

wendywafco on

North does not resemble Kanye or the mom, Kim. But she has time to grow and may be in the future she will! WENDY WAFCO

jo ann on

You people born in the states are the most uncaring people in the whole world the hate and the feeling for people of color and to take this all out to wee bsbas that are come into this world full of love warmth and a filling of happiness may you be bless with some sort of peace in your world an may Kim and Kayna may they be bless that will come their way NOT ALL COUNTRY ARE FILL WITH HATE FOR TINY BABES

Don on

Bruce Jenner? ? ?

Gavin S on

Looks like a lot of Alabama porch monkeys I have seen, any of which could be his daddy !

maggie on

Why would they take a picture of him sleeping?This makes me wonder is the baby born with down sindrom witch is not a bad thing because I have a granddaughter that’s down sindrom and I love her with all my heart.If they are going to show him to the public show him sitting down not sleeping,this just me he looks with down sindrom…………

Kathy on

Kanye does not have any erratic behavior. It is him acting like he always does, publicity seeking and egotistical. Kim herself has said in the past, “he has no filter, he just sees his truth and speaks it. ” He and Kim need to get over themselves and get on with their life in the real world, not the Kim and Kanye world.

Butt Plug on

With those two wack jobs as his parents – he is in trouble no matter what he looks like.