Proud Dad! Mark Zuckerberg Shares Sweet Moment with Daughter Max

12/08/2015 at 05:50 PM ET

This is a definite thumbs up: Mark Zuckerberg is one proud papa.

The first-time father took to Facebook to share a sweet daddy-daughter moment with newborn Maxima.

“Full of joy with little Max,” Zuckerberg, 31, writes of the cute candid, which shows him smiling at his 2-week-old baby girl.

Mark Zuckerberg daughter Max photo
Mark Zuckerberg

The social media mogul and wife Dr. Priscilla Chan welcomed their first child in November.

The unforgettable event prompted the two to co-found the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and pledge a donation of 99 percent of their Facebook shares — currently worth about $45 billion — during their lives for the advancement of human potential.

“Your mother and I don’t yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the future. Your new life is full of promise, and we hope you will be happy and healthy so you can explore it fully,” the couple wrote in an open letter to Max while announcing her arrival.

“You’ve already given us a reason to reflect on the world we hope you live in.”

— Anya Leon


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Fred on

Baby looks Chinese

TitanMoon17 on

So? And?

Catherine on

You can’t tell from that photo that the baby looks “Chinese”. Priscilla is Asian and yes, the baby does look like her. If one parent is Asian those genes usually predominate. Anyway, I love this picture! It’s really cute.

Anonymous on

Get the baby off the floor!! Get the baby off the floor!! Blanket hello!!

KW on

Guess they (mom and dad) aren’t aware newborn babies can’t regulate their body temp yet.

maryhelenc on

So many perfect parents (and racists). I’m sure Mark & Priscilla are taking good care of little Max. Let’s all focus on how sweet this moment is.

guest on

The carpet (which I’m sure is NEVER vacuumed by their housekeepers) and no clothes. Oh the horror. How did my kids survive me doing the same thing?They don’t have her in the mud and I’m sure their home is warm. Holy cow. Look closely. Is her diaper too tight or not the “right” brand? They will do what feels right and one day they will realize that they should have done something differently like most parents do in some area. As long as she is cared for properly don’t worry about it.

Lala on

In regards to the comments — they’re not on the floor. Or at least not directly. You can tell they’re laying on a soft surface. Also, if it’s their home, I’m sure they’re clean enough people, that the baby is not in danger of catching anything from the floor…. Also, pretty sure they know newborns can’t regulate their body temp. But what you don’t know — how warm the room is. Maybe the heat is turned up? Maybe they’re somewhere with a warmer outside temp? You don’t know, so stop assuming you know better than the parents. Lastly, you can’t tell the baby looks Asian, by the back of its head. You’re just assuming, because the mother is Asian. But yes, the baby likely has some Asian features — and if she does, so what?? Not your baby.

tristensmommy on

Anonymous: very certain that baby will be just fine on the floor. good grief! i bet you’re a non vaxxer as well. an infant doesn’t have to be wrapped in a blanket all the time.

mary on

The comments on here by the ‘know it all parents’ are sad but hilarious. I don’t think this couple needs to be told how to look after their baby. The baby’s mother is a umm… pediatrician.

Anonymous on

People are so mean,mother mom is a paediatrician, so therefore would know that babies can’t regulate temp. They also live in California, such a cold place(sarcasm), and I’m sure they didn’t leave her there for long, even so, she doesn’t look to be in distress. Babies can be on a floor, obv not for long periods, I’m sure they were just doing a photo shoot

ImALadyToo on

My handsome nephew is married to a lovely woman from China. I hope that when they have a child, he or she favors both – her beautiful features and kind heart, and his handsome features and warm personality.

Just a Duck on

@Anonymous. Baby looks like it’s on a sofa, not the floor. And if I can get maids to clean my house twice a week, I’m sure the Zuckerbergs can too (or every day if necessary). Her mom is a pediatrician. I don’t think the kid is going to die.

KT on

Darling photo. I wish they had clothes on her. It’s December… !! I’m dressed in my pj’s, thick socks and have a blanket around me.

Gem on

What a beautiful gift their giving to the world it will bless so many !!!! A wonderful Tradition for people at sometime in the year to give only what they can afford to give from their hearts

Janet on

LOL to all the helicopter perfect douche bag of parents out there. What a bunch of losers you are.
1. They are on a bed…see the pillows behind him and the head board.
2. You can clearly see her onesi in the left portion of the picture by his elbow.
3. Babies are usually required to be semi-undressed when being changed.
4. The picture takes a minute to snap.
5. You are raising the generation of self entitled little brats…who will be the end of the world.
6. If I ever met you or your spoiled children I would gladly tell you to eff off.
7. How about enjoying the beautiful portrait of the father with his daughter.


A normal mom

Stacy on


Eve on

Baby girls have a way of stealing their dads hearts.

Elaine on

Max is short for Maxima, so she does have a girl’s name.

jmquinnn on

Max’s momma is a pediatrician and it’s likely she took the photo. So chill everyone…

cfan on

Janet – you are the voice of reason! Thank you for posting.
Did everyone forget how intelligent these parents are? He CREATED FB when he was a college student. She has multiple degrees. They have the means to have a clean home. I highly doubt any of you are as intelligent or wealthy. C’mon people, if you can’t say anything nice about a sweet pic and a happy new dad than don’t say anything at all.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful mime meant of baby and dad! I hope we get to see more!

Janet, you rock! I wish you would write that post on every article. You say it much better than I ever could.

mer on

@Janet, so well said, all of it!!

Dominique on

Just beautiful seeing dad take pride in his daughter. ..and as she grows dad will be more protective…that love and knowing you have someone who will love you unconditionally is the most beautiful. ..I know how you feel. ..congratulations parents. ..welcome to parenthood. …

Anonymous on

Yup they named her a nice normal name!