Kanye and Kim Kardashian West Name Son Saint

12/07/2015 at 02:55 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West welcome son
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North West‘s little brother has a name — and it’s not Easton!

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have announced that their son, who was born Saturday morning, is named Saint West, according to her website and app.

“To our fans. Saint West. 12.05.15. 8 pounds, 1 ounce,” the update reads.

The new addition does not have a middle name, despite sources previously suggesting the couple would use Robert, in honor of Kardashian West’s late father Robert Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West name son Saint
Kim Kardashian West

Kardashian West, 35, announced well before her son was born that they would not be keeping with the “direction” theme.

“I think it’s so stupid,” she said in an interview with NPR’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! in June. “I don’t like South West. North will always be better.”

And during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show in September, Kardashian West shared that although she did like the name Easton West, her husband was not a fan.

The new mom revealed to PEOPLE in November that she and West, 38, were putting off choosing a name until the last minute.

“It’s like the last thing that Kanye and I did when North was born,” she said. “We didn’t name her for like seven days. I feel like it will just come to us.”

That’s not to say the power couple didn’t receive their fair share of suggestions — Kardashian West shared that her nephew Mason and niece Penelope “come up with different names all the time,” and that even 2-year-old North put in her two cents on the matter.

“She just says, ‘Baby brother,’ ” the reality star said. “[We ask her], ‘What should we name baby brother?’ [She says], ‘Baby brother!’ ”

— Andrea Park

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Lamob on

guest on

Why not. Dad already thinks he’s Jesus.

Julie on

Should’ve named him Brooklyn.

Megan on

Better than I thought it would be, so I’m happy. Congrats to them.

Kate Wollaston on


Brittany on

You’ve got to be kidding me. The stupidity and narcissism of these people never ceases to amaze me.

Wendy on

She thinks directional names are dumb, but they America their son, Saint. Congratulations on the birth, but the name is stupid too!

JS on


Anonymous on

Just not shocked at this point.

V-Dodds on

Saint West! You’re kidding right?

anomoyous on

Arrogant jerks, don’t they realize this baby has to live with this name forever?

kdm on

D. Bags.

Anonymous on

Pffffff …. don’t even want to comment … such a waist !

Ali on

What a bunch of asses…seriously

exit82 on

sounds fine to me- congrats!

L on

Of course they did…..

Moni on

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh dear! I mean, it’s Kanye and Kim we’re talking about! It was to be expected!!!! How FAR up their @rse is their head!!!!

Cb on

I thought Dash would have been nice. Oh well, one big eyeroll. That kid is going to hate them.

Maria on

Isn’t that.. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy’s kid’s name? Man, I’d be pissed if I was Pete haha.

Anonymous on


Skiwoman on

What a ridiculous name

Mel on

I actually like the name .

Anonymous on

Dumb….just dumb

Kate on

Pete Wentz also named his son Saint.

Sfingaaa on

Honestly no name can fit with surname West.
So, this is even okay…

bkable on

Hey guys! There’s an upside to this!
North West isn’t sounding half bad anymore *face palm*

Mrs. Stevens on

Oh boy, the complex this kid is gonna have. Plus the therapist on speed dial. Will look stupid on a business card too, not to mention a report card.

boober on

kids are gonna call him taint….

happy on

Big whoop…riding it out as long as they can for more publicity. Here’s a tip losers : YOU ARE NOT ROYAL! Not royal in the least. Get over yourselves.

YenniJ on

Wow – I wasn’t sure how they’d top the ridiculousness of the first kid’s name. Now I know.

LK on

Do these people OWN a dictionary?
Any bets on the full name being Saint Kanye West??

LK on

Do these people OWN a dictionary?
Any bets on the full name being Saint Kanye West??

Disgusted on

This name is terrible. It doesn’t roll off the tongue. Ugh.. His name sounds more like Satan…. At least they didn’t name him THAT!

suzy on

Poor Kid.. Doesn’t have a chance in life with two narcissist parents.

Dawn on

Kanye’s going to h-e-double hockey sticks for all of his stupidity making religion look stupid!

Noneya on

OMG! But – didn’t expect anything less than ridiculous!

Meggie on

Hmmm interesting name. Reggie Bush was “Saint” while he and Kim dated.

Pnut on

It will be a perfect name when he decides to start his career as a drag queen.

Moneypenny on

North’s suggestion of “baby brother” is better than Saint.

Rebby on

I’m surprised they didn’t name him Yeezus!

Bella on

It’s times like these when i often wonder if these celebrity names are actually REAL names, or just stage names they use for their children, and that they keep their real kids names a secret. To think that North and Saint could be Naomi & Samuel. Guess we’ll never know, will we?

Carrie Moricle on

Pitiful! Poor child.

Bee on

Pete Wentz did it first and he’s friends with Kanye (or used to be, I don’t know). Not very original but incredibly narcissistic…

Too Shy on

Actually, I would have liked the name Easton. But, really? Saint? One day when they fall, they ‘re ALL going to fall hard.

Patricia on

It doesn’t matter what his name is, they’re rich. He won’t be filling out any applications. So congrats to them all!!

Shannon on

Saint…No that is not narcissistic at all…

Penny on

Oh dear God. Enough of these two, already

sammy on

guess they were visited by the dumb name fairy again….

Debs626 on

Those poor children to be stuck with two of the most self absorbed parents.

Anonymous on


Allura on

Why? talk about setting the kid up for failure, if celebs want to be unique they should give their kids average names like James, or David or something…sheesh.

benjim on

There the reason California needs to fall into the sea

Linda on

Can these 2 be any more arrogant? I absolutely can’t stand these 2 losers. When will they ever get over themselves?

Pnut on

That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard since they named North. These people are SHAMELESS. Since they selected only male embryos to put up in her, I hope to the gods that their kid turns out to be gay or transgender. What would Kanye think of himself or his Saint then? You shouldn’t choose the sex and features of your child ahead of time. What a bunch of narcissistic idiots.

icky on

Why not. It sounds like they got to the point where they couldn’t agree on anything so they just threw something out there. The least they could do is give him a middle name. Shall we start taking bets on what he changes it to when he’s legally able to?

Taylor on

Poor Kid! Should of just named him South for goodness sake!!
(kidding) How embarrassing!!

Mildred on


Anonymous on

Better than Spurgeon!

Ayisha Green on

Everyone wants to jump on the Brooklyn bandwagaon, why should she name her child Brooklyn? are they from Brooklyn? No, what sentiments does Brooklyn have for them? none probably…

Ariana on

it’s right up there with Apple, Blue Ivy, North and every other ridiculous name celebrities name their poor children. I know they really wanted. Christmas baby so they could name him Messiah.

DrunkElle on

She used to date a Saint. Named Reggie Bush. What a fail!!

PoorKid on

Stupid, yet hardly surprising

PacificGirl818 on

The lies continue to make it more than what it is. Insecure much? She already had North’s name picked out, she said it on her show. I guess when you are so obsessed with yourself and have to have every moment of your life on video, you forget the ish you say. SMDH.

Anonymous on

Poor baby. What a awful name.

Amy on

What else would it be! A perfect and fitting name for the product of the two most narcissistic creatures on earth.

Ali on

Was God taken?

ds on

I didn’t think they can outdone themselves after the first one. But, ….this is just beyond… They both must really have deep rooted complexes to name a kid saint (and the father yeezus).

michelle on

Oh hahaha….SAINT? Oh my goodness, these 2. I know they want attention but even to the worst kind? I feel bad for the kids getting laughed at with those names. NORTH AND SAINT. Oh goodness, oh goodness. What’s next?

Anonymous on

Good choice since his closet case father thinks he is Jesus.

Natalie on

I ac. foolishly thought for one moment. Kim Kardashian would have a brain. Name her son something tasteful and use her late father’s name as part of the name What a couple of narcissistic morons!!!!

heather on


Baby Saint is a Saint please don't mess him up on

Someday they’ll turn to Saint West for forgiveness of their douchiness! 😂

guest on

I’m so disappointed they didn’t name they baby Wild. They could have used the same name for the middle name too, and it would have been even more epic.

Carol on

I don’t understand the big deal about these people. They are no better than any one else. Just because of their last name. Which really means nothing. Ever one is created equal, I don’t care if their name is Kardashian or West. This country has bigger problems than what they named their baby.

Guest on

Ridiculous, but what else would you expect from dumb & dumber???

lola on

Well, it could’ve been so much worse. Pete Wentz also named his son Saint in 2014 or I believe.

Anonymous on

God they are the stupidest people on the planet.

Kingking on

It’s obvious Kanye named the kid. Really, Saint? Easton was so much better. Love you Kim.

ddp on

stupid as the first time.

Renee on

And that’s better than Easton…figures he’s such a moron!

alabama on


lynne on

How pretentious ,but I’m not surprised.

dancer92136 on

Saint…seriously? Why

DH on

It is this kind of stupidity that has now made them so disliked by the public! The arrogance of these two in mind numbing!

katy on

Blah blah blah, narcissistic freaks. Sure they’re so religious.

really on


Freddy on


Kate Middlman on

Better than Spurgeon.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard.

Pam on

Lol! Of course they did. 😏

robyn scherer on

Thought for sure it was going to be Yeezus 😉

Julie on

I’m so embarrassed to admit that I know a few of his songs,and paid for them. I’m part of the problem. I truly loathe them. Poor baby Saint.

Destonia on

Idiots.. Kid is going to grow up to be a complete ahole. Just like his parents.


ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah …..MEGALOMANIAC !!!! ah ah ah ah

judy on

Hope he is going to be home schooled.

Taylor on

I kind of like Saint West. It suits their family and he’s destined to grow up great with a name like that. Pete Wentz also named his baby Saint. It’s unique but it don’t matter what everyone else thinks as long as they love it.

Tiffanysue2 on

Hey with a name like that maybe he is destined to grow up and do something good for the world unlike his parents! (Doubtful but one can hope!!!)

meggy on

It would have worked better if their last name was Bernard.

Jane on

This is worse than NORTH. Holy crap! That poor child. Someone needs to save those kids from these idiots.

Anonymous on

These two disgusting, pathetic people, who the the hell do they think they are..seriously! You give a child a name like that, he should be bullied…my gosh…these people are disgusting..I wish they would just disappear…really, there is so much going on in this world, and then there is these people. So pathetic!

Danielle on

They really hate their kids.. and have severe narcissist issues.

these two kids have no chance

Noyindebbie on

Stupid…just like his parents

Penny on

Didnt her ex boyfriend Reggie play for the Saints? Lol!!! I guess Kim is still wishing she was with Reggie.

maryhelenc on

Pete Wentz also named his son Saint. It was awful then too. But, to each their own.

Anna on

Oh my……………

Truthfinder on

“LK and benjim” are both right! Wouldn’t be surprised if the middle name was in fact, Kanye. “Saint Kanye West”
I live in California and do believe California should fall into the ocean, too. We are full of liberal, narcissistic loony’s! Just give me the heads up before it happens, okay!

allie on


marie on

I thought they would name him Bruce.

Maddie on

And the name stupidity continues.

zfitz on

What a stupid name. I hoped for better, but expected the worst. They did not disappoint

Janie on

Not getting enough attention you two? I knew you had a name all along. Wendy Williams was right, she said you’d announce this afternoon. Congrats! Now go away and enjoy your new son and leave us alone.

taxi21 on

The arrogance is appalling, but not surprising

Julia on

How do they say his name without busting out a laugh? dumbest name ever. I feel for these kids. How embarrassing for them. What are your names? “I’m NORTH and he is SAINT”. “oh, hahahahaha YOUR PARENTS MUST HAVE HATED YOU”….

stacey on

Awful! Should’ve went with Easton.

Leah on

Lol I knew it would be something pretentious like that. I was thinking either Prince or King, but Saint is right up there.

Jenna on


Janet Burkett on

That’s a little selfish of Kanye. This little boy should have had Kim’s Father’s name, Robert, as his middle name. After all, North has Kanye’s Mom’s name for her middle name.

Jaydub on

If brains were dynamite those two wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses.

Anonymous on

way to go sow your kids will be bullied for the rest of their lives. poor kids

DS on

Remember, Kim’s “career” was over when she ended that farce of a second wedding. Kayne swooped in an saved her with his money and forced connections. I bet that was the deal and why they dated so fast. There always has to be an exchange, whether it is good or bad…your soul or your first born….there is always an exchange. Guess Kim took the second option and added a male child to sweeten the deal to last. Kim, Kanye, and the entire Kardashian clan ( Kylie too, and maybe Kendall depending on if she admits it was her name that got her the modeling career), are insecure, needy, and have personality narcissistic disorder. They are adults so what they do is on them, it is the children that I have compassion for. Look how the Smith kids turned out. Ruined by Scientology. While the Kardashian/Jenner may not be into tax-evading cults, they have sure established their own cult of delusion. I really hope those kids get some good therapy and leave home as soon as they are of age and don’t look back!

askkkme on

Two of the names he will probably be called at school: Saint Bernard, Stain. Still better than Shiloh.

Kat on

surprised they didn’t just name it Jesus


Initials still equal a DIRECTION…..HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

G. K. on

I guess God was already taken

Anonymous on


Catidid Life on

Poor child…having to live up to that name.

Plumeria on

I usually wouldn’t respond.. but I don’t think that these people take their kids into consideration.. seems like they got this one horribly wrong, poor kid! I thought Reign, was a dumb one.. but this makes it seem mainstream…

Brandi on

God help this poor child. Immediately the first thing that popped into my mind after hearing the name Saint was Bernard so I can only imagine what other things will come to mind as inspiration for others to tease him. Easton Robert West (the name I’ve seen mentioned by Kim and “sources close to her” in other articles about possible baby names) would have been a better choice and Kim’s father being the inspiration behind the middle name would have been meaningful. I also can’t help but to think how ironic it would be if their son turns out to be a terror with Saint for a first name…lol 😆

Kat on

Son of idiots was too obvious.

CanadaGurl on

Poor child to be stuck with a name like that and to be born into that family. I can imagine what a nutball he’ll be when he’s grown up

Di on

It’s their child, but I can’t understand?

Anonymous on

Omfg Saint West!

lisa on

Why can’t these people give their children normal names, like Robert? Terrible name1

Amber on

What a dumb name, especially for a kid from these two dweebs. How do you not name your kid for 7 days? What do you tell the nanny “Can you get feed whatshername?”

Juanita on

Well, his cousin is Reign Disick!

StupidName on

It’s too bad names don’t have to be approved like they are in other countries

Angela on

Okay…I’m not even going to make jokes about this little boy’s momma and the meaning of the name “Saint” in connection to her lol…I’m going to be nice this time. It’s actually kind of a cool name I guess. Ohhh the memes this will generate…but I’m just going to be nice here and say congrats to them, that’s all!

Tish on

LOL. Well, I was right. It is super dumb, but slightly better than Poop.

bob1der on

The amount of my caring could not be discerned by the Hubble Telescope.

Tracy on

Aye yae yae. Poor kid.

Anonymous on

copying Pete Wentz…. booooo!

Tlou on

Did they get the name idea from the Duggars? I think this was what Jessa and what’s his name rejected when they chose Spurgeon? I am sure these two kids will be besties forever. Brought together by horrible names 😛

Christine on

Oh well. Saint West. There was already some meglomaniac celeb that named their kid saint. Don’t tell Kanye though.

Dawn on

These people are so full of themselves! But, I do think it is better then North. But both are odd names.

Sue on

I’m more pissed off at myself for reading this…the name however is idiotic.

Judy on

Dumb, al I can say is dumb.

Laurie on

Oh for the love of god, these two need to get over themselves already.

SarahJane on

These people are turds. At least before Kim, Kanye had some talent. Notice I said “some” but his deal with the Devil he must have signed to be indoctrinated into that family is sickening. Kids with weirdo first names, no middle names… The best part is that their kids are going to grow up and become even bigger arseholes, narcissistic douchebags than Kim and Kanye themselves.

Tdot chick on

Oh for the love of god. Would these two get over themselves already.

jg1965 on


Givemeabrake on

Why do they have to have a DRUM ROLL..not necessary. There have been far more strange names than Saint.

Anonymous on

How are these people still alive and functioning.

Guest on

How do you shorten that to a nickname? They call North, Nori. So what kind of nickname do you get out of Saint? Well I guess its back to Isreal so they can baptise Saint!

precious victoria on

honestly i dont think its that bad but what would you expect from kim kardashian west

Anonymous on

Named after Reggie Bush’s team. How did she slip that by Kanye?

Sara on

Lol, a family famous for a sex tape names their baby saint. Yikes.

Jubby15 on

Yes, of course, “South West” is a ridiculous name for a baby. “North West”, however, is a brilliant name. The mind boggles. When are these people going to learn that “Saint” is not a name – it is a title? Probably never. South or East would actually have been better..

Penny on

I can’t even……

Kelly on

Lol lol lol

Callie on

Someone shoot me please!!!!! How full of ones self can these people be? Does any one else want to punch them in the face????

Katie on

I do not like the name but it is a far cry better than what the Duggar girl and her husband named their kid, what kind of name is Spurgeon? Saint and Spurgeon both are horrible names.

Ecarg on

Two idiots. Poor child.

Beth on

They did not wait seven days to name North. She picked it while she was pregnant. Doesn’t she know everything she does is recorded and televised?!?
But, yes, this is not a bad name.

Kendall on

So Hollywood now has a Saint Wentz and Saint West.
Hope they’re not in school together…

crysrandy on

I absolutely cannot stand these people and here is just another reason why! Stupidest name ever!!!! I truly wish they would just go away!!!

Anonymous on

Ask me if I really care?

spowalla on

I hope these kids rebuke their parents when they are old enough and change their names. The narcissism is off the charts.

Kim on

Should have gone with Easton. Saint? Seriously? That kids not gonna get beat up. 😏

Lee on

Seriously? Guess now he will have to find a girlfrind named” Devil”..LOL!

Stacy on

nice name. I like North’s name too

jody on

They need to start arresting parents who give these kind of names to children. It’s a form of child abuse as their kids will be bullied and made fun of for the rest of their lives having these ridiculious names.

Smiley925 on

Middle name should be Bernard. Poor kid.

Kathy on

That is just horrible! WTH do these people think they are?

sultex on


Anonymous on

That’s so stupid, it’s not a name it’s a word.

Lala on

Breaking news she is not the only that can give birth and name a kid

Janet on

There is a special place in Hell for people that name their kids stupid names. SMH
More proof that money does not buy brains.

Anonymous on

Disappointed! Though Easton was good! But Saint??? Really? They Have nerve!

suks on

They CHOSE a stupid name like Saint OVER her dead fathers name ROBERT? Not good enough for RAPPER BOY Kanye…… he has to have a name that sound like it makes his kid better than everyone else’s. Beyond repulsive. I WISH we could get rid of this family. They have done so much damage to what our young people are seeing as acceptable. It’s NOT.

Anonymous on

“Anonymous on December 7th, 2015
Pffffff …. don’t even want to comment … such a waist !”
Waist?? Your time spent on education was a total waist 😀

Jess on

Should have been St. Bernard.

Allie on

Are you Effen kidding me how pretentious can you get?

Susan on

When little Saint grows up and becomes a spoiled rotten brat will they rethink the name?

Stack on

S I C K ! ! !

tix on

Saint SISSY? What a lame name for a ego maniac rapper to give his kid. How could Kim not honor her dad with Robert??? Not ghetto enough for King Kanye. I feel so bad for this kid. Dad and mom will have him in black, boots and chains by the time he’s walking.

Anonymous on

Omg! Wait until “Saint” has a less than saintly day!

RS on

OK, Ltts vote here. What is dumber, spurgeon or saint. LOL LOL

Anonymous on

At least it’s better than Spurgeon. Not much, but a little. 😂

Anonymous on

At least it’s better than Spurgeon. Not much, but a little.

Ala Lemon on

I’m sorry some kids have to deal with their parents’ narcisism.
Also, I suppose they had to find a way to upstage his cousin Reign

Sandy on

I’m going to say this out. NOT GOOD!

TC on

I hope people call them out for it. Enough with the religious names, you are so not in that ballpark and I find this really an offensive true Kardashian stunt in every way, although I do blame Kanye more for it. Now we have to have the prime time special of the outing.

Really offensive, not good at all. Poor Kid!

amy on

Great, now both kids will have to endure bullying due to their names….

Karen on


Arianna on

Hey People Magazine:

How many times are you going to email me the link to this story??? Are you that hard up for readers??? You have sent this link to my email address 6 times in the last hour.

Nicole on

Hahahahahaha of course

lorify on

Pete Wentz already used that name this year!!!!!!

why not Saint Kardashian West? And it’s nice this bambino weighed more than 8 pounds even though he was early!

ann on

what is wrong with these people

anonymous on

I can’t stand how Kim calls North “Northy”. That is just so dumb sounding. But Saint really?? Please God don’t allow these two to procreate anymore.

karen on

I’m only surprised they didn’t name him God.

Anonymous on

what a joke out of all the names to choose from really lc?

OhYeezus on

This man calls himself Yeezus and now he thinks he son is a saint .

Dear Yeezus,

Your son will never be a Saint coming from trash!

Anonymous on

What a joke lc can she be done already

baby boy on

The name is actually better than I thought it would be. I like it much better than North West. I am very happy for them and very happy for Saint West. Welcome to the world little guy.

Guest on

Hm.. To each their own I guess but it’s not my own personal style. I think it’s a little boastful but congrats all the same. Ashame they didn’t name it Robert. That would’ve been a cute way to honor Kim’s father. Or at least made it a middle name

Anonymous on

They probably thought they were being so original. Wait until they find out there’s already “Saints” running around. I want a picture of kanyes face when he finds out.

Anonymous on

Taking different to another level what a joke

Lizzy on

Wow, this is just ridiculous!! Saint?? I bet you he’ll grow up to be anything but one!!

Mother Theresa on

Puh leeeeease!!

ginger1949 on

Should have been Bruce Caitlyn West,after her beloved step- something!!!!

jmquinnn on

Here I thought they were going to name him “President” so Kanye wouldn’t have to run in 2020…

guest on

I honstly think that that child is the antichrist.. wasnt the antichrist born by a whore?

skigirl25 on

Very cool.


All you people making mean comments need to take a look in the mirror. You are no better than the family you are criticizing. It’s a BABY and there’s nothing wrong with his name, just as there’s nothing wrong with the name “Jesus”, or “Madonna”, both of which have been used MANY times.

Katie on


….did I read that correctly?

Anonymous on

Don’t these people understand that these kids will grow up someday have to live with their parents weird choices?

Deb E. on

Saint isn’t as bad as Spurgeon for a name, but not much better.

lassitude on

Simon Templar???

Not sure why they don’t use Kardashian West for both kids. North Kardashian West and Saint Kardashian West

shaynermaven on

Well, it’s better than “JerMajesty Jackson,” “Apple Martin” and several others. C’mon y’all knew they weren’t going to pick a normal name.

Ginger on

This family is just crazy. c-r-a-z-y

Jjds on

It’s ok, everYthing sounds good after the hillbillies named their son SPURGEON…

Anonymous on

Not a Kardashian fan, but I think it’s better than Spurgeon!!

Guest on

It just doesn’t surprise me. The first thing I thought was “narcissists” I mean Kanye refers to himself as Yeezus… I just don’t have high expectations when it comes to him. I think the saving grace here would be if the middle name was Robert after her father. Then he can go by Robert rather than Saint.

mizbjam on

No need to worry about how it will affect him. They have so much money it will be of no consequence. Not relevant that another person has the same name. There are lots of Kims in the world.

lillie on

I am shocked their heads have not exploded from their opinions of themselves. Most of all, I feel sorry for the children. They don’t stand a chance. People like them should not breed.

Maria on

Her ex boyfriend played for the New Orleans Saints.

I can’t believe Kanye agreed to this. It took Kim forever to get over Reggie.

freya on

They named their custom-made gender baby with another brainless adjective. WOW AND WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS BECAUUSE…..

paula on

HOHOHO, maybe they are paying tribute to Saint Nicholas, seeing how it was suppose to be a Christmas Baby! Kim is no saint, not she is the queen of porno with her pimpin husband

ariane on

I actually knew the pastor of some church once whose son and daughter-in-law named his firstborn grandchild Goddess. He was beyond mortified when he had to admit the name to members of his congregation who asked. I guess Saint isn’t quite as bad as Goddess, but it’s pretty darn close!

ELC on

Two imbeciles give their son a moronic name. My condolences to both their children…they have freaks for parents.

Justme on

I figured another Adam. Wonder what the nickname will be?

Emily on

It’s honestly better than I expected. I think Ashlee Simpson’s ex husband also has a son named Saint.

Michele on

Stupid name, stupid parents!

Jessica on

There are auch worse names celebrities name thier kids!
Such as:
Gwyneth Paltrow naming her kid Apple
Sylvester Stallone names his kids 21. Sage Moonblood and Seargeoh
Solei Moon Frye naming her kids Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg
Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg
Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg

All these are just as bad so don’t like kim and Kanye are the only ones that name thier kids unique names

Anonymous on

So is Saint in honor of Kanye who thinks he is Jesus? God, and no, I’m not meaning this religiously, but what is the point? I am spiritual, though grew up Christian (don’t judge), but I hate these pretenders. It is all for PR business and money. And I’m buying into it by commenting. Pay per click.

Oh please on

These people are so ridiculous. Saint and North … they should be locked up for child abuse, but then they should be anyway aside from the name. Poor kids.

guest90 on

They should’ve listened to North and named him “baby brother”. Definitely sounds better then Saint………..Geez

Kristen on

What utter morons.

J on

One has to die and go through a lengthy canonization process to enjoy that moniker…all this kid had to do was a one way trip down her well traveled vagina.

Pam on

What idiots. He thinks he is Jesus & now thinks his
Son is a Saint. Feel sorry for those kids

D on

Well thats messed up considering he has little chance of living up to his name considering the rest of the family are anything but saints.

Anonymous on

What do you expect from these two idoits ?????

guest on

well of course they did..due to his over inflated ego & god complex. what a total TOOL! Lord help those children with the VERY shallow end of the gene pool they had the VERY bad luck of being born into,,,,

Anonymous on

It’s no worse than, Prince, Reighn, Future, King, Cash I could go on…Apple, Pilot come on people Celebrities always want to go off a bit to be different. I kind of like it.

Niko on

Yet another baby Kanye named, because…..ahem……BECAUSE Kim isn’t allowed to name ANY baby that comes out of her womb, ever.

Joanne on

Well. Did we expect maybe jack, or Charlie, or Daniel? So figuring north always wears black, being named Saint maybe he will always wear white. Sooo much money. Sooo little talent.

Janey on

Ok, well I don’t see what the big deal is. Hispanics name their kids Angel and Jesus all the time. Saint not so off the wall, ya know? Now the kids gotta earn that title, maybe he will donate all the West/Kardashian fortune to the poor? You never know!

MISSY007 on

It’s more entertaining to come and read the comments than it is to read the article itself… I don’t understand why anyone would even care what she named her child… did you ask anyone for permission to name your child? You keep saying the kids are going to have a hard time in school or get pick on.. BY WHO? Children of their generation all have odds names, were any of you flower children picked on in school… I know these articles are for open comments and congrats but why are you in so much of a frenzy about this.. I doubt you will ever get those 2 cents you want them to give about what you think.

larkwoodgirl on

It isn’t surprising that a man who has called himself Jesus would name his son Saint. What a shame for the kid.

Jennifer on

Poor little baby. Why oh why would somebody do this to a defenseless baby.

Marilyn on

KIM has a normal first name but names her kids North and Saint, both of which will be teased at school. Kim and Kanye = a pair of idiots.

Tiff on

hahahaha of course. They need at least 1 in the family.

Des on

WTF!! I’m so tired of hearing about these people & their damn baby! Why don’t we hear about real news. These aren’t even real celebrities.

Monique on

Where do they come up with such stupid names! I predict they will have two more children and name one Pole and one Nick. Then they will kids named North Pole and a Saint Nick.

jenna lee on

Samuel would have sounded better given the time of the year,Saint unusual name could have been a middle name and not a first name Congrats 8 pound plus weight big boy, have a great xmas.

guest on

i still think filler or botox or lips should have been given to this brat

sososad on

It only costs a few hundred to change your name, kid. Good luck!

ana on


m1ch on

Narsassistic Kanye already thinks he’s a God so it makes sense he’d have a Saint! Lol 😂

wil on

Just when you thought they could not do worse than “North”.

miimi on

Terrible name! Poor children!

Violet on

Methinks SOMEONE was trying to top “Reign”.

Nikki on

saint isnt a name…its a title…typical of them, more so him i think..kim is brain washed by him..stupid name..feel soory for the boy when he grows up..they want to be so different they look so stupid in doing so

Jill on

You have got to be effing kidding me!

Tia on

This makes me want to barf both of them have a ego so big it’s bigger than the United states bigger than new York and Canada combined

Momma on

Is he named after Reggie Bush??? He played for the Saints. LOL

Guest on

Congratulations! Regardless of the name chosen, they’ve still just welcomed a baby, which is always exciting and joyous

Carolyn on

Another stupid a s s name from two morons.

Anonymous on

you’re making fun of a three day old baby

Rose on

The Power Couple!!!!! Oh, Barf. I bet that kid won’t smile either. Really, the name is like Blanket. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON. NOW, there was TALENT, still has more talent then Kanya. GROSS

butterfly61 on

I haven’t thought a name was this dumb since North West was born, what is wrong with these two?

Izzi on

Valuable space is being taken up with this silly announcement. WHY does the press continue to drool over everything these people do? WHY? Do they add anything to society? Are they helping to keep America free? Let’s have more on the soldiers that are fighting their butts off for us. And to think we are able to read junk like this because of them. How bizarre is that. Not fair to the Military guys and gals….Give them press…They deserve it.

Julie on

She just wants to punish these kids with names they can be teased about. Think ahead Kim and Kanye!

J.P. on


YRhino on

I can’t believe I am saying this but I think I would have liked Easton better. They are taking picking stupid baby names to a new level.

heather on

I think it’s rather cool… Different. And lest we forget that Pete Went of Fall Out Boy named his son Saint… He wasn’t persecuted for it.

heather on


staceyhead84 on

Stupidest name ever….poor kid

Anonymous on

THANK GOD…..there are not going to be anymore of these stupid names….and thank god we don’t have another pregnancy to deal with

Sally on

It’s not original. Sounds like Pete Wentz’s baby Saint Wentz’.

Saint's momma on

As the mother of a son named Saint..I must say you people are very judgemental. My son has not suffered any harm because of his name. People love it. It is a family name and no one has ever had a negative thing to say.
My only complaint is that neither Pete nor Kim consulted with me first. It’s great to be the mother of a Saint!

JessM on

Maybe Kim used it because she still wished she had a Saint as in New Orleans. Obviously Kanye was a poor partner choice. Should’ve stuck with Reggie!

Ana Lopez on

Well I was hoping they would name their son Wild. The would have been a great name. Oh well.

Laughing@U Guys on

It always cracks me up reading these comments! People constantly talk about how much nobody cares yet they read the article and commented. If you don’t care or you come here to talk about the “bigger issues” that exist in the world, why click on and read the story. Obsessed much???

Don’t be so offended by a name–it’s just a name. Geez!

Claire on

Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush plays for the Saints. Wonder if Kanye realized that! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Bee on

Sant West: Patron saint of embarrassment and conceitedness.

Karen on

I was hoping for Wild West. Oh well!!

Jules on

Saint has a religious descend, yet the family is anything but holy. What idiots! I

Rachel on

I have had two criminal clients with the name Saint, both black. He will be on his way to a criminal life in some way just because there rich means nothing true colors will show

Ellen on

My first thought -wasn’t Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, a New Orleans “Saint”?? Hmmmm…. Surprised Kanye let that happen!!!

Terrance on

I thought it would be Jesus Christ Jr. or His Royal Majesty Jr. These poor innocent children do not have a chance for a normal life with these two narcissistic trolls as their parents. I hope and pray that they are done reproducing.

dutchtea on

I guess Easton was a little too normal right?

sierra on

Hmmm, and what team did reggie bush play on when he was with kim?

cendy on

sounds better than “Kanye”!!!

Jayne Steiner on

We don’t have to like the name. Its their child and their decision. Congratulations Kim amd Kanye.

Claudette Sosnoski on


stephanie brooker on

eww thats’ the ugliest name ever!!

Alexis on


NickyAngel on

People Mag like Eonline worship the Kardashians (they probably get royalties or something) it might as well be called kartrashian.com

KL on

Seriously Saint??? They had 9 months to come up with a name and thats what they come up with?!?

Doris on

This is sad. Its tough name to live up to. A Saint. Its too much.

Better on

At least it’s better than calling ur son spurgeon. I’d choose saint any day of the week over that

Anonymous on

Saint is just a ridiculous name!

Vol on

Ooh they didn’t make another directional name.

Mandi on

Selma Blair named her kid that….it could have been so much worse!

Mandi on

Saint’s momma – you cracked me with in your last sentence!

Lilly on

The egos these people have are unbelievable.

Lila on

Cute 🙂

Anonymous on

At least they didn’t named him going South LOL.

Holly on

Wasn’t Reggie Bush a Saint? Lmao!! These people are crazy!!!



guest on

For one to achieve saint-hood, they must be deceased and have done many amazing acts during their lifetime to be worthy of such a moniker. Makes a joke out of real saints. Truly moronic, narcissistic and sac religious quite honestly.


I smile a lot…..because it’s not my baby !!!! THIS PARENTS ARE SO STUPID !!!

Pamela Jacobs on

I think the baby’s middle name should be: Kobart.

Bee on

Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance already let alone when he gets older with all the hateful post. Grow up already and quit being so jealous over people’s money. They can name their baby whatever they want. Congrats on the new addition to your family.

Shanie on

When your ex put it on you so good you name your son after his football team. #Go Reggie

Guest 3 on

Well, like I have said for months, this couple ( and entire Kardashian/Jenner families ) will do anything for attention. The bad thing is that the child(ren) are stuck with these awful names…..That is maybe until they get old enough to change their names themselves. Remember Barbara Hershey-Seagull ? She named her son “FREE” and he later changed his name to “Tom”…..
This is ridiculous…..a man and a woman that has been given the status of these two should be absolutely forgotten. Come on everyone this has to stop. This whore and the likes of her husband ( who by the way probably isn’t kidding when he says he wants to run for President of the United States in 2016 ) thinks they’re beyond reproach…..and in a way they are, if everyone continues to make them feel as though they can say and do anything they please….
This poor child…It’s sick, just sick…..
To me, this couple should never be in the public eye….just like the Duggars, this couple and the KarTRASHians / Jenner families they should be removed from the media and TV….it’s sick.

Anonymous on

They could have named him Ki-Kan!

Colibri on

I thought it would be Far West. I am so disappointed lol !

corinna on

I have never heard of people more consistently name-impaired than the duggars and the kardashians

Jaelan on

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy named his son Saint over a year ago.

Marray on

Congrats, nice name Saint

Guest 3 on

Obviously Kimye didn’t think about the name they gave their daughter….I mean North West ? Really…sounds like an airline to me. Hope the kid ( North ) doesn’t gain a lot of weight….she will be known for several jokes about airlines etc. Saint West ? Well, that’s even worse. Thank GOD Kanye has a criminal record…..so he really can’t run for US President like he thinks is going to happen. This couple is ridiculous. Wonder what’s going to happen to Kimmode when the media fixes on someone else ? She will get rid of Kanye just like her other husbands…..she wasn’t raised in the best of homes regardless of her “Money” status….we all know now that Kris & Bruce Jenner obviously had SERIOUS marital issues……Come on people, quit idolizing this couple…..They’re ridiculous….and you the American public keep fanning the fire for this stupid couple ……

Kamilla on

Why are people hating on this name? It not your baby.

shay on

imma let you finish but pete wentz named his son saint over a year ago stop copy catting!