Kanye and Kim Still Haven’t Chosen a First Name For Their New Son — But They Might Have a Middle Name

12/06/2015 at 01:59 PM ET

Naming a baby is one of the biggest decisions new parents have to make, so it makes sense that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are taking their time choosing a name for their new son.

A day after their second child was born, the star couple still haven’t chosen his first name — or, at least, they aren’t sharing it yet — a source tells PEOPLE.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

The pair took almost a week to name daughter North, 2, and, shortly before her son’s arrival, Kardashian West told PEOPLE that they still didn’t have a name picked out. However, the source did say that Kardashian West reportedly told people at the hospital that she was going to use her late father’s name — Robert — for the child’s middle name.

“It’s like the last thing Kanye and I did when North was born,” she shared. “We didn’t name her for like seven days. I feel like it will just come to us.”

A source close to West also told PEOPLE that they hadn’t shared the new baby’s name yet.

“He never said anything about the name. Even if they had one picked out, he wasn’t going to share it. He doesn’t believe in telling anyone the name until the baby is born.”

The first source also reveals that Kardashian West did not have a C-section to deliver her baby, which was surely a relief.

After she learned that her baby was breech, the reality star wrote on her website and app that she was hoping to avoid delivering via C-section.

“Obviously, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section — but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not,” Kardashian West wrote.

The new mom had plenty of support throughout the delivery: Most of her family members stopped by the hospital on Saturday to deliver gifts and see their newest addition. And, the source says, older sister Kourtney, who has three children of her own and to whom Kardashian West has said she often turns to for pregnancy advice, stayed with her sister throughout her labor.

— Andrea Park with Steve Helling

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marie on

She will be in the hospital for a week having plastic surgery on most of her body.

Ski woman on

They are doing this for more publicity

Guest on

Kanye Jr. Only choice for these two egomaniacs!! Slightly surprised North wasn’t Kimmie, or something equally awful!

Guest on

Not that North isn’t awful, it is awful. Hit Post before I was ready.

jan on

The baby’s name won’t be revealed until PMK has finalized the “announcement” deal……

Anonymous on

You know they have a name, they just aren’t releasing it yet to drag the story out in the media #MediaWhores

Anonymous on

Obvious choice… South.

Anonymous on

Good Lord, what will it take for these people to go away? Or at the very least, what will it take for People to stop giving them the attention?

Pequaboy on

Key – Key West would be most appropriate for this disgusting faux family. Since they pretty much offend most of the normal people, why not an entire society on a epic scale!

Truthfinder on

The fact that what is being reported to give the middle name Robert for her father is a nice honor. I hope they don’t mess it up with a ridiculous first name. It is so unfair to the child. Having given my humble opinion I will just say “Congrats” to the family on the arrival of a healthy boy!

honky on

“still haven’t chosen”? They can wait six months or a year if they want! don’t use Robert, that’s her brother’s name. Give him an Armenian name! they gave their daughter the best name I have heard in years, so it’s a tough act to follow

Kim on


Carmen McGee-Jeter on

How about the name Kenyan West.

Carmen McGee-Jeter on

How about the name Kenyan Robert West. Call him “Key” for short.

christine on

I suggest that if they wish to keep it in the “K” family, how about Klan West?

Anonymous on

I would be really surprised if it isn’t Kayne Jr. I would think he would want to continue the awesome legacy that is himself!!! *Snark*

jj on

I would be really surprised if it isn’t Kayne Jr. I would think he would want to continue the awesome legacy that is himself!!! *Snark*

Moore on

She says they didn’t pick a name for their daughter for seven days-our hospital wouldn’t even think of releasing me until they had a name for the birth certificate!

GU on

Your magazine is so trash now!

Anonymous on

I’m happy for you Kanye and Kim KardashianWest family. Special time of the year, And I’m sure now again you get to feel that Special feeling you get when you give life. God bless you! For your healthy baby Son and beautiful daughter, beautiful Family! Kim, I have a daughter that shares the same birthdate with your new born son. And u have a son of mine that shares the same birthdate with your daughter June 15. Take care of yourself, Bless.

Anonymous on

Trust me when i say this, dont pick an armenian name. Too hard to pronounce. Im armenian and have an armenian and sometimes i regret having this name because nobody can pronounce it..

guest on

why dont they name him “like” since she uses that word so frequently anyway

jezmyopinion on

From their stunted teen vocabulary they should just name it “Like Amazing Like Totes Like Bible Like West”.

GH on

Mason Disick’s middle name is Dash – after Robert Sr.

Emily on

If it took over a week to name North, then they are probably arguing over the name South for this kid!

innerjuju on

This is a dumb a$$ move. Let’s just not name ‘it’? Like you haven’t had nine months to figure this out? This is a ploy for more media attention.

Kb on

I wonder if kanye wanted donda for north’s middle name in honor of his late mother and Kim vetoed it. If so, it would be ironic that their son would have her dad’s name. Idk really.

Zippora on

Wild West 😂

LIN on

Who the H*ll cares? Not 99% of the world , I’m sure>

mary on

Wild West.

Dee on

They should give their son an American Indian name that combines references to both of the parents physical traits, like Scowling Face-Fake Ass West, or Duck Lips – Faux Rapper West…

jg1965 on

How about, like, naming, like the baby, like, LIKE…Like, LIKE might be like a name for the little boy, Like, yes, LIKE Robert West. Like it would be like original.

Guest on

Still negotiating terms for the highest bidder for the “name reveal.” The the baby picture reveal.

A. Sprague on

South. … duh.

Carolyn on

It took seven days to come up with that oh so clever name North? They are both gross.

Em on

She’s lying about naming North, I remember watching her show when her family was in Greece for vacation and Brody asked her if she was really naming her North and Kim said yes and this was maybe a month or two before birth. If you’re going to lie, at least be consistent with it but I guess she can’t keep up with all of them. I’m sure they have already chosen the name, they just want to keep people guessing and having magazines write articles about them.

Elladee on

Why would they choose Robert for the middle name when 1. Robert Kardashian Sr. already had a namesake in his son Rob and 2. North doesn’t have her paternal grandmother’s name (Donda West who also had passed away). North doesn’t even have a middle name! I’m betting it’s Kanye Jr.

թագավոր on

They will copy Prince when he used a symbol years ago or the baby boy’s name will be թագավոր which means “king” in Armenian!!

King or West? on

If it’s not “King” it will be “West.” I can only see Kanye choosing a royal title over a direction for his only son!

rubyovertherainbow* on

Kanye is the most unaffectionate man I’ve ever seen. This can only mean one thing. He likes men.

Rauluq on

It’s South Equator West. Obvious.

Anonymous on

She’s such a liar they had north picked out way before she was born it was on their show while she was pregnant when they were on the boat and kourtney was saying how cool it sounded. I hate when they lie about stuf like this to seem more important. U have damn near a year to pick the name. I hate them

Anonymous on

They have a name

halloween3 on

Maybe they will name him, Giveme [first name as in give me] [middle name] Money Robert

Jennifer on

I’m surprised she is giving a middle name. North doesn’t have one.

Tish on

I’m not sure they can top how dumb the name North is, but I’ll reserve judgment. Maybe Poop??

Kim on

Easton Robert West

Anonymous on

Kid will probably never have a name because fame whores love the spotlight and will USE everyone to ensure they stay there…

Anonymous on

1. Kim needs to stop using the word “like” as a filler for breathing, it makes her sound like a 12 year old

2. I doubt they don’t have a name, I doubt it took them a week to come up with North and for Jessa to come up a week with Spurgeon. They are going to announce in a week when the media attention has died down a bit and then come up with some ridiculous name because let’s be honest, they want attention and celebrities who name their kids after boroughs, fruit, one direction, or inanimate objects will be referenced all the time… Nobody talks about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garners kids names, but everyone knows Apple Martin.

Gretchen on

Stick with Easton.

Kellie on

Why is it so hard? Just announce his name of South by South West, and call it a day. Problem solved…

Heily on

CNN myff

Heily on


Susan on

How about Cash or Ka ching that all the Kardashians think about.

kabimima on

My guess is it will be Wylde Robert West.

curiousportlander on

And this is “news” because…??? Must be a really slow news day.

Anonymous on

Don’t insult the Armenian race by giving the kid an Armenian name. That honor is for an Armenian child which this one definitely IS NOT!!

Carrie on

I’m guessing his name will be Omari William West – Omari being Kanye’s middle name and Williams being his mom’s madden name.

askkkme on

She inflated her upper lip so much that no upper teeth is visible.

Anonymous on

Oh, no! How will I be able to sleep tonight?!

Latoya on

Westof. So that would make the name Westof Robert West. But in case they change their minds about using Robert as the middle name, they could replace that with North for the name Westof North West.

Anonymous on

knowing their ego’s the boy will be named Jesus.

Nikki on

how lame not to have a name..they knew they were having a boy..just another excuse to make news

Kathy on

Where I live, you have to fill out the birth certificate before you can take the baby home from the hospital. The name need to be on it.

carmen on

All of you people who had nothing nice to say, you are just a bunch of haters! If you weren’t really interested and didn’t care, why did you post, just go away. Are you jealous??????..She is a model, a spokesperson, a business woman. She’s laughing all the way to the bank…are you?????? I am thrilled that she delivered a healthy baby and that they are doing fine. Kanye and Kim seem to be in a great marriage, considering they are always in the public eye, and yes, before someone posts it, they like that..Good for them. Didn’t your Mother teach you, if you have nothing nic to say, to keep your mouth shut….so SHUT UP!!!!!!

carmen on

All of you people who had nothing nice to say, you are just a bunch of haters! If you weren’t really interested and didn’t care, why did you post, just go away. Are you jealous??????..She is a model, a spokesperson, a business woman. She’s laughing all the way to the bank…are you?????? I am thrilled that she delivered a healthy baby and that they are doing fine. Kanye and Kim seem to be in a great marriage, considering they are always in the public eye, and yes, before someone posts it, they like that..Good for them. Didn’t your Mother teach you, if you have nothing nice to say, to keep your mouth shut….so SHUT UP!!!!!!

Frustrated Reader on

People Magazine, please get it together. You used to be a class act and now you’re on the level of Star Magazine and National Enquirer with all this trash “news” you report. I’m seriously considering letting my subscription run out after being a subscriber for over 10years.

jamaro on

Call it JEST West…because the entire family (Wests, Kardashians, & Jenners) and nothing but a big JOKE!!

Deborah J. on

Knowing Kim she will name her son Southwest. Gee, I bet the airline will be thrilled about that.

Nicole on

Anything for more publicity.

Cindy on

Huge congrats, what a great gift right before xmas. Many blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous on

Wish West. Wish to hell they’d all go off the grid.

Virginia Alexander on

if you do not like nor respect this miracle of birth …DO NOT READ or WATCH THEM . They are not asking you 4 anything !!!! Keep POOCHING ALONG TROLLS

Colibri on

East West.That’s the name.

Anonymous on

Kooky West

Claudette Torres on

I like Easton Robert West!

Anonymous on

My bet: they will name him Money.

Marc on

A Diarrhea baby,just like the other one!

canna on

LOL, Marie!

Anonymous on

Noble Robert West

digit on

Leaning towards Shallow West myself.

Kan't Stand the Kartrashians! on

How about Easton or Southie to go with the Mapquest theme? Congrats to North West! May yer brother bring you years of joy!

Beby on

If you do not like them, do something else. Don’t knock them down. Don’t degrade them. Just go on about your business and thank God they are all healthy. No nasty comments needed!

Aspyn on

I have it on very good authority that the baby is named Kanye West Jr and that he will go by “Junior”.

Scotty on


Tex on

stringing it out, stringing it out, stringing it out…

Morr Aan on

Paichec Robert West is the leaked name.
Congrats to all!!

Kate on

This family is the reason why I stopped buying magazines.

goodie on

Do the Kardashian family think we are waiting on pins and needles for this information.
No matter what they name the baby the public will criticize this woman. Instead of them constantly complaining that they have “haters” why doesn’t Kim et al take some time out of the spotlight and focus on becoming better human beings worthy of everyone’s compliments?

Molly on

Kanye Jr. sounds a good name.

Lulu on

Who cares?? It’ll just be something stupid again.

exit82 on

Thank God Spurgeon is taken

Celebsarah on

Maybe they’d already have a meow stupid name to announce if Kim had spent more time concentrating on things other than how meow fat/sick/tired/much she hated pregnancy, meow meow. My guess is Baby Yeezus just in time for Christmas, gag.

Xerxes Claudius on

Bobo Jenkins Short Bus Aurelius Yesus Key South Wilde West

Anonymous on

They can’t remember how to spell South.

KIMSALardAzz on

Dick KumHoe West

iceblurose on

Good! Now we can finally stop hearing about how much this woman hates being pregnant and how awful it is. Kim needs to have a sensitivity chip implanted inside of herself. Some women cannot get pregnant, no matter what they do! She needs to just shut up and never complain about how much weight she’s gained or how big her ankles are. She should. just stick to what she does best: sex tapes, plastic surgery, wearing ugly clothes, and posting nude pictures on Instagram.

TrashiansSUCK on

Ricardo Baby Ray J IgNori. II

Katie king on

Please make them go away. Are you kidding me? With all that is going on in this world people really don’t care what Kim names her baby!!!!

Heidi on

EASTON was the name Kim wanted and she is probably trying to convince him of it.

Brandy on

Name him Norwood Robert West. Ray J last name since it might be the father anyway.

Daphine on

Her face looks so messed up.

Milly on

JaKy Robert West
Ja (for Jay- Z), Ky (Kanye) Robert West

Guest on

Obvious name choice Wyld Chyld West…….

Wendy on

Still copying the royals I see..as if she will ever have 1 1/100 of the class

GoFigure on

Terrorists kill 14 of our fellow Americans and injure 17. Obama addresses the nation tonight about it. And yet People magazine’s top story is a non-story about Kim’s unnamed baby. Your priorities are incredibly sad and pathetic, People magazine.

meganmaz4 on

LMIAO! Are you kidding me? A typical pregnancy is 36 to 40 weeks, and THEY’VE yet to name him?

cass082 on

Heard they may name him Easton…

cass082 on

Heard they were thinking of Easton as his first name…

cass082 on

I think I may end up with doubles lol. But I heard they were naming him Easton.

Aly Rose on


Kathy Perez on

OMG! They use whatever stupid s**t they can to get publicity, so sick of them & they think we the public are naive enough to believe their constant bulls**t!! Nobody cares what the baby’s name is cuz we know it’ll be something more stupid than they are! I suggest they name him “LIKE” cuz nobody really does like them & its Kims favorite word that she uses every time she opens her big superficial mouth!! Lol

icky on

I remember the baby register lady breathing down my neck for two days wanting a name for my birthson. I kept trying to tell her that the adoptive parents are naming him and to hold her arse for a bit. I wasn’t about to call the adoptive parents and say, “Hey, I need a name right now”. They could threaten me with not leaving the hospital. I was enjoying the room service.

Anonymous on

Who cares really what they name this demon semen seed,anything they produce is another tax write off.They are so gross about their looks and how much money they have and don’t deserve.Call it VaJay Kim probably was asking for a Va Jay Jay tighter.So that name would fit the occasion.These people act like royalty,who the he’ll do they think they are.?

Guest on

A good solid Armenian name: “Mgurdich.” Kanye can use a variation of his mother “Donda’s” name: Donde. It means “where” in Spanish. Voilá.

phre on

What about Wild? Muahaha…

Lisa-Anne on

I cannot wait to find out the name though!!!

Nikki D on

How about Donye Robert West?

Guest on


Guest on

They Are The Top Story?????? People Magazine get A grip.The Top Story Should Be How Do We Get America Back On Track As a Safe Nation.GET Real These People Are Parasites Of Society.Their Nothing But Whores And Kayne Is A Racist Black Freak Who Compares Himself To God.Really? THIS IS SICK!!!!!! And We Wonder Why This Country Is Where It Is.

guest on

who gives a rat’s a$$??? People ,magazine you are pathetic! With all the turmoil going on in the world you are fixated on this waste of oxygen of a family…With all the shootings in Paris, Colorado, & San Bernardino. I am appalled at the coverage you keep thinking anyone cares about with these self absorbed a$$holes….

ed roberts on

name him target half the country had a shot at it

Mich on

There’s a name. They have called him Saint. Saint West.

Anonymous on

Huh the Kim family give another uncommon name Saint like North.