Khloé Kardashian Visits an ‘Excited’ Kim and Kanye After Birth of Their Second Child

12/05/2015 at 03:36 PM ET

Khloe Kardashian visiting Kim and Kanye

All is well with the newly expanded Kardashian West family!

After Kim Kardashian West gave birth to their second child, a son, on Saturday morning, she and husband Kanye West are “resting in a deluxe maternity suite” at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, a source tells PEOPLE.

“They both seem excited. The baby is doing well, too, and is able to stay in the suite,” the source said, adding that many of Kim’s family members have already visited the suite, including sister Khloé Kardashian.

“They are receiving a lot of gifts, including baskets and flowers. The suite is also decorated with blue balloons,” the source shared.

Another source tells PEOPLE that Kardashian West, 35, had been experiencing intense contractions before giving birth.

“Kim was having some intense contractions last night but everything went fairly smoothly and she’s so happy to have the baby here,” says the source. “She’s resting now. She had some pretty intense anxiety the last couple of days and especially yesterday just before the baby came. But everything went according to plan.”

Kardashian West, 35, announced the birth of her son on her app and website Sunday morning with a simple post, writing that “mother and son are doing well.”

The reality star’s second pregnancy was an eventful one: In the final weeks, Kardashian West revealed that the baby was breech. However, much to her relief, her son turned after she underwent an external cephalic version.

“It feels so good to not have the stress of thinking I need a C-section,” a relieved Kardashian West wrote on her website and app.

— Andrea Park and Elizabeth Leonard

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mary on

Weeks and weeks of this now, going to be as bad as the Duggars.

Naf on

I feel sorry for the baby being stuff with those morons as his parents!!

Naf on


butters on

Congerats and glad mother and baby are healthy

Sue on

Congrats, you guys!

Mary Frances Ring on

I’d bet my last dollar she begged to be induced. Glad the baby is healthy and hopefully grow up to be above the idiots who gave him life.

sophia on

….. it’s Saturday today lol

Vikiing on

Congrats! No doubt their son will be a good looking individual. Their daughter is beautiful.

Michelle on

She had her baby tomorrow?? Today is only Saturday, right??

Sabrina on

Congrats to the happy parents! I expect he is a beautiful baby if he looks anything like his big sister!

PlasticKoko on

KoKo looks like she has had way to many visits to her plastic surgeon ! She looks awful and the family can go away and the world would be a much better place !!

katie on

They both seem excited?? Well that’s nice.

suks on

He’ll be wearing a big gold chain any day now! start buying the black rap clothes! He will definitely not need any belts.

There's a Plastic Shortage on

I’m not a fan of these people but whenever I happen to see a blurb about them on TV or an article that I just can’t pass up the chance to read…I think this is only the third one I’ve read about these people…I think to myself, “At least Chloe looks normal and down to earth.” In this picture though…ugh. She looks like she’s towing the same line her other sisters are. Wait!! I remember the reason I liked her now…she was on Celebrity Apprentice and she was actually a smart cookie! (The reason I clicked on this article? I wanted to see what odd name they’ve assigned to their son.) curiosity got the best of me. Lol

Xenia on

In light of what is going on in the world who cares snout thiese narcissitic people who contribute nothing to society except pictures of themselves.

Edie on

ALERT THE PRESS: Expectant Mother Suffers Intense Contractions Before Giving Birth!!! [As the proverbial statement ever so eloquently goes — “No sh%t, Sherlock!”]

carolyn on

so we now have a south west as big brother to north west. glad everyone is okay. dont need to know anymore details.

CanadaGurl on

And so begins the neverending stories

emma figueroa on

Congrats to the West family a baby is always a welcoming event and especially around the Holidays.Good luck Kim ,Kanye and North.

Phyllis tein on

How do yiu get Chewbacca to stay in one place? Wet her lips and stick her to a wall.

Else on

Who is that mess with the screwed up mouth in the above picture? Anyway, thank god we can stop reading about her constant complaining about pregnancy now. Of course, now it will be whining about losing baby weight. Her sad life.

So confused on

I thought today was Saturday?!?

Fred on

What an exciting article. No paint drying stories available?

Psychic_One on

Glad the birth went without complications and the baby is healthy. I’m sure he is adorable. That family has beautiful babies.

johnson on

congrats! now i want to see, liam & sophia; briana & louis’ zayn & gigi hadid babies

Lisa on

Congrats……..I hope they decide on a normal name. I also hope we don’t see every blow by blow pic of her weight loss again. First she couldn’t wait to get pregnant….then she hated it…….enjoy the child!

she on

Normally, would not comment on trivial hollywood, but glad, mom & son are okay – regardless of status.

heather on

Who writes this stuff? Sunday?

Nice touch with the source giving fake information. I doubt she started contractions. Scheduled c-section, we all know it.

karen on

The whole damn K clan needs to stop breeding. Sasquatch’s lips look ready to explode.

Elaine on

Khloe, please stop with the fake lips and just an overall horrible look.
You were so much prettier when you just left your face alone and had darker hair. Just be yourself; stop competing to look like your sisters.

Patricia on

People come to a story, click on the story, read the story, then post a comment telling us how victimized they feel about the story being there in the first place.

LIN on

Get ready to have this shoved down our throats for the next 6 months, UGH!

ginger1949 on

Who hasn’t had intense contractions,when having a baby.People magazine your as insane as the Kartrashians & hideous Kanye.

Sionainne on

To all those who have negative things to say, shame on you. If you don’t like these people don’t read about them or post about them. Some of us are actually happy that mom and baby are doing well. So congratulations Kim and Kanye, happy to see that your new son is finally here.

Nancy on

Holy cow, she had intense contractions before having a baby???? That’s crazy!!!!! Whatever….

Sam on

I never read anything about the Kardashians’, but I came on here to see the Deluxe Maternity Suite; Darn, no pics of that…

E elyn Smith on

So very nice.
Congratulations Kim and Kanya.
Hope mom and baby are doing well.

nootaramus on

all that is missing is the smell..and I am sure its on those girls thick and heavy..grease from fried chicken, bo and afrosheen..butts are already there.

cheryl on

another California Rasian

Em&Jo on

“…experiencing intense contractions before giving birth.” Really? How unusual. Definitely newsworthy. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this weird and agonizing experience for months to come.

Anonymous on

Glad the baby is healthy. Sorry he has them as parents…

Thea on

Gve me a break. She had a c-section . She had “intense contractions” (oh my) and then everything was fine? No mention of how long the labor was? Come on people, read between the lines. She didn’t want the stress of a c-section…lol but long ago stated plans to go under the knife for a tummy tuck at the very least.

Aboz on

Why do people come on a people moms & babies website and then complain and ask why this is newsworthy??? It is a celebrity baby news website lol

rubyovertherainbow* on

Contractions are supposed to be intense. LOL

Ivf on

Why is he resting? All he had to do was jack off into a little cup 9 months ago.

Angel on

Is that an old picture of Khloe? My god what happened to her face???????????

Judy on

Fake marriage for publicity purposes only. I would bet that Kim an Kanye have never even been intimate. Wonder if the pregnancy was fake like Coco’s?

Rafe on

Isn’t their marriage just a sham (a contract)?

Jenna on

The alleged “couple” don’t even live together. The have their own lives and share the kids with the numerous nannies . Those kids were made from “deposits” he placed in a disposable cup. EVERYTHING IS FOR PUBLICITY>

Carol on

Wow. Intense contractions usually happen before having a baby. They act like Kim’s the first woman on the planet to give birth. Guess what Kim…I beat you to it!!!


I told everyone last evening Kim was having contractions and no one believed me. Told ya!

just my thoughts on

I’m always happy when a healthy baby comes into the world. Glad to hear that Kim had competent Dr’s aiding her (as she should) unlike those ridiculous Duggar girls.
Many congratulations to the happy family of 4!

wil on

I might be more excited if the child’s parents were humble, contributing, compassionate world citizens, but these people are just breeding more useless, self absorbed narcissists that will contribute nothing valuable to society. They are as bad as the Duggars, just in a different way.

myuntidydesk on

She whined about not being able to get pregnant a second time, then when she did get pregnant she bitched about feeling awful, all while having gained too much weight and wearing tight clothes and high heels. I hope she never gets pregnant again because I can’t stand to hear a rich person with all the resources in the world at their fingertips complain about things not going how they imagined it would in their heads.

celebsarah on

New low on non-news reporting for this family…Kim had contractions before the birth?! Poor dear. That is so unusual—what a rock star.

gbaby on

OMG you would think this was a royal family birth,,,,NOT! Glad the baby is healthy and doing well. However, feel bad these children have THEM as parents. So sad!

J award m on


J ward on


harry on

stop now, there are enough ass holes in this world!

Sionainne on

I said it before. Shame on all of you for all the negative comments here. People is not know for covering the news. It is known for covering celebrities and their lives. If some of you don’t like it then don’t read. Pretty simple.

Kerri on

Congratulations Kim & Kanye. Glad your baby boy made it safely. And Aunt Khloe you look fabulous girl!

Anderson on

Baby born on Saturday. Slow news day. Pitocin, used to induce labor, causes intense contractions. Baby will make its debut at the Christmas Eve party. Probably dressed in camo swaddling clothes.

Anderson on

Cedars threw in the maternity suite in exchange for publicity. Business is business.

Sandy kay on

What the world does not need is more Kardashian-West trash…..some people should not reproduce!

N ax ncyJ on

Poor kid having to be the spawn of these 2 useless creeps.

Alexis on

O.K. got it and congrats. People Mag., do you have to shove articles about EVERY single person in this family visiting them down our throats for the next year? I would appreciate it if you would refrain yourselves.

Alexis on

O.K. I got it and congrats. People Mag., do we have to have articles about EVERY single visitor who goes to see them for the next year? I would appreciate it if you would refrain yourself.

Miller on

For those people who say shame on you for posting negative comments about this story, I say shame on you! We all have the right to express our opinion here.If you don’t like it too bad, get over it.Not everyone wants to post something saying” Happy and Congrats to you.” Not everyone is a fan of hers.

Kimmie on

Kim Kadashien giggles, “More money, mama?”

Kris replies, “Well, after 20% to Ryan Seacrest, 10% to the devil, 8% to me and 5% to E!, BuzzFeed and US Weekly and $10 a month to Yahoo, yes!”

jmquinnn on

“Another source tells PEOPLE that Kardashian West, 35, had been experiencing intense contractions before giving birth.”

Yeah, that’s how labor works, dummies!

jmquinnn on

So…what are the guesses as to his name? KKW has said it wouldn’t be South because “it’s stupid.” I’m going with “President.” Then Kanye won’t have to run in 2020…

Arabella95 on

Can’t wait for Khloè to have a baby too! Congratulations to Kim, Kanye and North!

Val on

Yay looking forward to the picture of Kim’s baby boy.

Nikki on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!

Suzie on

Babies are always happy news!

Gumby on

The world will not stop for7 days.

Anonymous on

Khloe’s face!! Horrible looking

eusebio manuel vestias on

I love Mrs Kim Kardashian love from Iberian

Anonymous on

Is it ever going to stop with these fake people. Look at them, looks like all of them put on lipstick when they are drunk.

Dame on

Congratz Kim God bless your beautiful family

Sheli Maning on

Disgusting egocentric s l o r e

Carrie Haberkam-miller on

Hey @kimkardashianwest I hear your having trouble thinking of a name for your new baby boy, btw congrats!!! How about Phoenix? #kimkardashianwest #newbabyboywest!!

Connie on

Why did she ruin her looks like this? I thought she was the prettiest but now she just looks like the rest of them. Not against subtle changes but she just looks awful!


Wrote more about the “resting in a deluxe maternity suite” flowers and balloons than the baby. So materialistic. Poor child to grow up that way

Anonymous on

Now she’ll go in hiding for a few months so she can have all her surgeries.

Annie on

Why is this news – family members usually visit when these things happen.

Jacqueline on

So where’s the baby?

Anonymous on

Three sisters, only Khloe doesn’t have children. When is she going to have a baby?

Lisa-Anne on

I’m just so happy for Kanye and Kim! They’re my fave celeb couple and I’m just extremely thrilled to see their family grow. I wish them all the best!

Zov on

Congratulations to them!

Katie on

North is finally having a sibling LOL.

sososad on

KHLOE! Stop putting that $#!T in your lips! Looks like they stuffed lumpy mashed potatoes in there.