Kim Kardashian West Feels ‘Fat as F—‘ as Due Date Nears: ‘My Cankles Are Out of Control’

12/03/2015 at 01:16 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West
Jeff Vespa/Getty

Kim Kardashian West hasn’t been shy about what a “miserable” experience pregnancy is for her, and her latest update as she enters the final stretch before her due date this month is no exception.

The expectant mom took to her website and app Thursday to share her 9-month pregnancy check-in — and with the baby about “the size of a pumpkin,” Kardashian West, 35, admits she’s certainly feeling the strain.

“I’m feeling fat as f—. My cankles are out of control,” she writes, adding that she’s “craving Lay’s Barbecue potato chips.”

The mom to daughter North, 2, has fiercely defended her weight throughout her pregnancy, shaking off fat-shamers earlier this week and posting a nude mirror selfie in August to slam her critics.

Meanwhile, Kardashian West — who still hasn’t chosen a name for her son with husband Kanye West — reveals she suddenly dislikes all the suggestions she’s hearing.

“We need to think of a good name,” she adds. “This is so hard!”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told PEOPLE exclusively last month she feels like she and West will settle on a name when it feels right.

“It’s like the last thing that Kanye and I did when North was born,” Kardashian West said. “We didn’t name her for like seven days. I feel like it will just come to us.”

As for North, Kardashian West said her daughter has her own idea of what to call her future sibling. “She just says, ‘Baby brother,’ ” Kardashian West explained with a laugh. “[We ask her], ‘What should we name baby brother?’ [She says], ‘Baby brother!’ ”

— Aurelie Corinthios

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hayj30 on

Maybe you wouldn’t feel “fat as f—” if you stopped painting your clothes on daily.

Patty on

Maybe people wouldn’t fat shame her if she wore clothing that fit appropriate. When you wear tight clothing all the time, it’s going to show every bulge. So it’s hard to feel feel any kind of sympathy for her. She brings it on herself by thinking Kuntye is dressing her stylishly and allows him to do it. . Her cankles wouldn’t look so huge if she wore shoes that weren’t heels. This woman is just dumb beyond belief. Both her and Kuntye, dumb and dumber

Anonymous on

If she would eat healthy is dress appropriately, she wouldn’t feel fat as f***! She is a joke.

Janey on

This woman has done nothing but complain.

Jen on

I have known many women who had fertility struggles, and let me tell you; the LAST THING they were repeatedly whining about after finally getting pregnant was how miserable they were, how fat they looked, etc. etc. They felt blessed beyond measure to finally be pregnant! This waste of space has got to be the most narcissistic, superficial person on the planet. I really am floored by the fact that people out there actually watch her “reality shows”.

Dawn on

She wears tight clothes, high heel shoes with thin straps, and feels fat as F—! Compulsive complainer! that is all she is. Whiney little baby. And in that picture, no one wants to see her huge breasts!

jyinnj on

If she didn’t wear see through clothes people wouldn’t make fun of you! That outfit in this pic is horrible! Cover yourself a little!

Kristen on

I hope when her children are old enough to read someone shows them all the nasty things their own mother said about them. She may be ‘fat as f..’ she is also stupid as sh*t.

Anonymous on

News flash, you aren’t fat, you are pregnant. Gaining weight comes with the territory. If you don’t want to do so stop having children. Also, there are plenty of maternity lines that carry fashionable items that don’t make you look like you are wearing something that is about to burst at the seams and wore shoes that could help when your feet are swelling. At some point you have to stop trying to look high end and dress according to what is best for your body.

Anonymous on

If there was ever a person who “DID NOT” deserve to be pregnant or have children, it would be her………..she has done nothing but complain and piss and moan the whole time about how she hates it, blah, blah, blah……You can’t tell her fat ass from her stomach. I have never seen anyone look as horrible as her when they were pregnant. DISGUSTING……….

SusanH on

I am not fat shaming but edema is caused by sodium, i.e. Potato chips. Edema cause elevated blood pressure, i.e. Pre-eclampsia. Stop worrying so much about what you wear and think about what you put in your mouth.

drixmom on

I support all women with ALL different body types. I am by no means a small girl and just gave birth to my first child and still am struggling with the emotional toll of gaining and the inevitable body changes. But I’ve had enough. Every time she mentions her disdain for her pregnant body, she brings more attention to her body. I haven’t heard her talk about her future son as much as she talks about her “fat, swollen, uncomfortable” body. I know it’s tough, I just went through it. But the more she complains, the more I want to rip my eyeballs out for even reading this. It’s not all about our bodies. It’s about the beautiful miracle growing INSIDE our bodies.

myuntidydesk on

Try wearing clothes and shoes that fit!

Ally on

Does this woman every shut her pie hole? Baby Yeezus can’t come soon enough.

Anonymous on

Wait until after the baby is born and then pick a name? Oh wait, better yet, ask North what what to name baby brother. That’s like asking a toddler what they want for dinner. Who are the parents here folks? Silly me, they want to be friends and raise bratty, irresponsible kids.

PJB on

How MANY people in her state were just killed and all this self absorbed village idiot can do is talk about herself?

BeForReal on

I read the Kartrashian articles because its entertaining to see these women do just about anything to bring attention to themselves.
KKW, believe it or not but you are not the only women on earth to have to go thru pregnancy. And not every moment you go thru during your pregnancy is as dramatic as you make it out to be. You are pathetic and a disgrace to all women! You are a big heifer but you eat like one! Have some self control.

heather on

Does anyone complain more than this woman?

Wasn’t she excited to even be able to have this baby? Stop your griping already.

HGP on

How classy!

cynic1018 on

i have never heard of a more ungrateful biotch in my life!! all that she has going right for her, and she has to complain about one of life’s greatest blessings!!!!! i truly wish she and that D-bag she is married to would wander off into the sunset together, never to be heard from again. and, BTW, she is fat as f___ all the time, not just now while she is pregnant!

Linda on

STFU!!! I am so tired of hearing this thing whine. Do us all a HUGE favor and get your tubes tied so we don’t have to hear your whining anymore. You should be grateful you can have a child. Many women can’t. Ungrateful fatass biotch!

Angel on

Uhhhh feels fat as f***? Hunni, go out & buy a mirror get your eyeballs full of how fat you look in your sausage casing outfit!!!Dummy…

Kate on

I would be so GRATEFUL to be pregnant again after fertility struggles, yet all Kim has done is COMPLAIN!!! What is wrong with her??? She is a selfish woman who doesn’t appreciate anything. I feel sorry for her.

rachel on

Her poor children. Without a doubt one of the most self-centered human beings ever born. Her daughter is 2 so I don’t believe for a second that she has real, legitimate “fertility issues. And any woman that genuinely struggled to conceive a child is never going to complain about weight gain. She’s simply having 2 children to check off the “mom” box, but she could really care less. They’re just accessories to her.

Jenn on

A few weeks ago I SWORE off PEOPLE MAGAZINE because it was becoming (Became) the Kardashian Bible….. For about …..3 weeks, I didn’t go on it. This week, admittedly, I’ve slipped a bit.
I was just reading about San Bernadino online…. I (slip) and logged onto People Magazine and saw……THIS. TRULY REVOLTING. I understand you cover “Entertainment” (Tho nothing about Screwing Ray Jay should make you an entertainer) but this headline about THIS PERSON THIS WEEK is just shameful of you. Honestly People Mag, I’m 37 years old, I GREW UP READING YOU. I’m totally disgusted in what you’ve become. I just guess I have outgrown you. But in a crazy way, I thank you. I won’t slip anymore – All set.

Kathy on

Why can’t this stupid bitch just shut up already and be thankful she can even have children?! She makes me sick!

tina on

WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SQUEEZE INTO CLOTHES YOUR FAT ASS DOESN’T FIT INTO…YOU are the idiot that put implants in your tits and ass…and than complain when you get fat b/c your pg…sad that God made it possible for your whining narcissistic self righteous entitled ass to get pregnant, where instead there is a woman going thru IVF treatments to get pregnant. shut up and count your blessings…so sick seeing your tranny Cher looking face complaining about the miracle your carrying. UNDESERVING!

katy on

Have some more Lays Chips you fat ass bitch, no wonder you have canckles, ie: Sodium causes water retention and swelling. Put on some flat shoes and clothes that fit and maybe you would be more comfortable!

Anonymous on

Poor Kimmie all that money and privilege and you still have to birth your babies the same way everybody else does. Boo f___ing hoo!

katy on

Keep eating Lays Chips you fat ass bitch, ie: Sodium causes water retention and swelling, wear a pair of flats and clothes that fit properly, you might be more comfortable.

Anonymous on

If you wouldn’t grease yourself into these outfits that would fit Kendall then maybe you would feel better. This is news WHY?

Anonymous on

Poor Kimmie. All that money and privilege and you still have to birth your babies the same way everybody else does. Boo f___ing hoo. Time to get Kanye a vasectomy!

Nina on

If memory serves me not long ago (pre-baby) SOMEONE that looks just like this woman said she would give anything to be pregnant again, she spoke so much about her having trouble getting pregnant again, etc. yet for the past month/plus it’s nothing but articles about her byatching about it. All mother feel this way at the end, we’re tired we’re cranky and it’s not like she hasn’t already been there so what’s the big deal? Suck it up KK, stop taking your blessing for granted..

Anonymous on

All this twit wanted to do was have another kid. What did she think was going to happen? And, I agree with the clothes comments.

Angela on

First of all, she dresses horribly in general, but especially for a pregnant body so no wonder she feels uncomfortable on top of the normal discomfort of pregnancy. Secondly, wasn’t it this woman’s dream, her one true desire to become pregnant, and all we hear about with each pregnancy are all her endless complaints?! I loved being pregnant! I have one child whom I adore. I would’ve loved to have two and she was blessed with two and has done nothing but complain for 9 straight months through both pregnancies. I wish she would shut up already and go away! She gets on my last nerves with this….seriously. If pregnancy is so horrible, then stop getting pregnant because it wasn’t like that for some of us and also for some women who can’t get pregnant, who actually enjoyed the experience or who cannot experience it again for whatever reason, we are tired of listening to this queen and her non-stop gripes. She doesn’t even know what she’s been blessed with at all.

jenna lee on

Oh North so sweet bless her,bet she cannot wait to be the big sister and boss her little brother around safe delivery kim hopefully this time next week.

Anonymous on

Mike…. that’s a great name

fatalreview on

since her sex worker days are over all she has is whining and wallowing in her self made misery-her gluttony and vanity are what makes her miserable while pregnant-she is too selfish to be a mother and karma is using her own hand to punish her-Kimmode has Munchhausen Syndrome at this point and is fast moving to Munchhausen by proxy she has endangered both her fetus over her vanity and gluttony-and hair dying and cosmetic “procedures” injections, flying excessively-overuse of ultrasound-GMO the kid to be a boy etc etc-she needs a mental ward

fatalreview on

craving ??? she already ate 3 bags of BBQ chips while texting

rubyovertherainbow* on

Put the bag of Cheetos down.

Liz on

It’s a baby, Kim, not fat… What if you child reads this in the future? She is a little girl who has no business being a mother. Damaged goods.. The show is degrading to women. Every stupid idiotic comment, ick! Makes me want to vomit! I do not watch and women that respects our gender should not. Every article makes me sick!

Andrea on

I have never in my life heard anyone complain about pregnancy as much as Kim has. All she cares about in this world is how she looks. She gets fat shamed because she puts her picture on social media constantly! She’s too dumb to figure out to cool it with having her pictures out in the public all the time.

Captain on

Really?! You have always been “fat as f-“.

Mia on

So you know what we’re all seeing? Great. Maybe if you wore actual maternity clothes instead of the latex you would feel better. So sorry your life is so miserable.

anne on

I hope that since this pregnancy has been such a horror for you, that you won’t repeat it. We have too many of your relatives in the world now..

Debe White on

I think it’s terrible to complain so publically. She soooo wanted to get pregnant and has complained since day one. As far as names – it took 7 days to come up the ridiculous, insulting, NORTH?

Else on

God, she’s stupid.

Avie on

She was fat before she got pregnant and dressing like a skank doesn’t help. Whoever told her that pants and skirts worn right under your breast looks good is insane. Her and her family have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.

Guest on

Wow,the first woman to ever be pregnant! She IS fat, but it wouldn’t look quite so bad if her clothes weren’t spray painted on…Dress the part cow, and you won’t be so uncomfortable. Everyone is tired of your whining!!!

Deb on

I bet she will have as many kids as the ugly thug wants. Maybe they will eventually get a cute one. That little girl is so sad looking.

Kate Kearney on

Stop wearing inappropriate clothing and footwear you DINGBAT!


In that first picture, Kim doesn’t look pregnant. Just her everyday fat picture.

Volly on

That picture doesn’t look like Kim is fat or pregnant.

Anonymous on

kim who???


Remember all those Churros and sweets you’ve been eathing during your entire pregnancy? Hmmmm… you think maybe that could possibly be the reason? Hmmmm….Lets ponder on that on for a moment! You have nobody buy yourself to blame for your Cankles! And by the way….nice potty mouth! I bet you talk like that in front of your kid like that.

Anonymous on

Whiny A$$, baby face, chicken head!

chris on

Who cares how this bimbo feels. She is a nobody porn star. You are fat, you fat ass cow.

Kimmy on

No one cares about her feeling LOL.

Mandi on

“Brother” would probably be a better name then the dumb parents would come up with.