Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Welcome Daughter Maxima

12/01/2015 at 04:55 PM ET

Cue the likes: Mark Zuckerberg is a dad!

The Facebook founder welcomed his first child, daughter Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, with wife Dr. Priscilla Chan, he announced Tuesday on Facebook.

“Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter Max into the world!” Zuckerberg, 31, wrote. The little one arrived early last week, weighing in at 7 lbs., 8 oz., and mom and baby are healthy and doing well.

Along with the birth announcement — which included a sweet photo of the new family of three — the proud new parents announced the foundation of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization with the mission to advance human potential and promote equality. In an open letter to their daughter, the couple revealed they will contribute 99 percent of their Facebook shares — currently worth about $45 billion — during their lives to advance the cause, in addition to outlining their hopes for Max’s future.

Mark Zuckerberg Priscilla Chan Welcome Daughter Max
Courtesy Mark Zuckerberg

“Your mother and I don’t yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the future,” he writes. “Your new life is full of promise, and we hope you will be happy and healthy so you can explore it fully. You’ve already given us a reason to reflect on the world we hope you live in.”

Zuckerberg continues, “We will do our part to make this happen, not only because we love you, but also because we have a moral responsibility to all children in the next generation. We believe all lives have equal value, and that includes the many more people who will live in future generations than live today. Our society has an obligation to invest now to improve the lives of all those coming into this world, not just those already here.

“We’ll share more details in the coming months once we settle into our new family rhythm and return from our maternity and paternity leaves. We understand you’ll have many questions about why and how we’re doing this. As we become parents and enter this next chapter of our lives, we want to share our deep appreciation for everyone who makes this possible.”

The letter concludes with, “We can make progress towards these opportunities only by standing on the shoulders of experts — our mentors, partners and many incredible people whose contributions built these fields. And we can only focus on serving this community and this mission because we are surrounded by loving family, supportive friends and amazing colleagues. We hope you will have such deep and inspiring relationships in your life too.

“Max, we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children. We wish you a life filled with the same love, hope and joy you give us. We can’t wait to see what you bring to this world.”

In July, the couple used the social media platform to reveal they were expecting a daughter following years of trying and three miscarriages.

“This will be a new chapter in our lives,” they wrote.

Months later, the glowing mom-to-be showed off her baby bump in a fitted red dress while attending the Chinese state dinner at the White House with Zuckerberg in September.

Days before his baby girl’s arrival, the philanthropist announced he would be taking a couple months of paternity leave immediately following the birth.

“Priscilla and I are starting to get ready for our daughter’s arrival,” Zuckerberg, who also shared sweet black-and-white pregnancy portraits shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz, wrote on Facebook.

“We’ve also been thinking about how we’re going to take time off during the first months of her life. This is a very personal decision, and I’ve decided to take 2 months of paternity leave when our daughter arrives.”

— Anya Leon

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mer on

Wow.. the letter is huge. So.. I can’t even describe it. Congratulations to Mark and Priscilla. Max is an awesome name for a girl. And the way they celebrate her is beyond.. a lot. Hopes in humanity: up a lot.

Anonymous on

Simply gorgeous

dreya on

Congratulation to Mark and Dr. Priscilla Chan for their beautiful bundle of joy.

nope on


and thumbs up for the altruism.

Liz on

Max is a stupid name for a girl. Being rich doesn’t apparently give you any amount of good sense. Males and females, special each in their own way – you don’t need to give a girl a boy name. Just plain stupid.

LA6226 on

Good for them for giving back 99% of their fortune! Wow. They would only “have” to pay roughly half of that for tax credit..but 99% – that’s amazing and unheard of. Hope other uber-wealthy individuals take notice and are encouraged to do something similar.

Maryam on

Oh WOW Donating 45 $ billion is quite something. I’ve always been a fan of Mark and his family but now they took it to the next level. I wish them the best with their little girl.

michele temple on

that little girl is going to be wrapped around her daddy finger congrats to mom and dad.

Neatsy on

Congrats to them on the new addition to there little family. I think it’s wonderful that they want to give so much. What a different place the world would be if we all have just a little.

Diane on

This is awesome, what a generous and positive-minded couple. The world needs more people like them.

Jen M. on

What wonderful people with beautiful hearts to use their fortune for the betterment of humanity. Think of all the good that could be done with their monetary donations. It must be so fulfilling to have the opportunity to be able to help so many in need. We need more people in the world like them who care to make this world a better place and then maybe one day it will be.

Ellie on

They seem like great people who truly care about humanity and have the money to create systems and programs and the technologies that will move things towards a better world.

They have high hopes for their little baby girl. I hope they will be happy whether she designs to be the scientist who discovers cures for incurable diseases OR whether she is artistic and just wants express her self through painting. OR if she has the gift to become the best clown, entertaining people. I just hope Max doesn’t feel any pressure to be exceptional. That’s a lot of weight to carry as you grow up and just trying to figure yourself out.

msliftbig on

They can feel free to pay off my student loans and maybe a few months rent! Lol

Kathy on

BS.. they’ll find a way around it, and still come out smelling like roses.

Debbe on

Very generous, that is wonderful. But I wonder if he realizes that ISIS doesn’t give a crap about equality and they are our current threat at the moment. I would have used the money to help homeless children, hungry children, etc.

Em on

That’s really great..I will believe it when I see it…and did I read that right..they are donating 99% to their own charity?? The thing I keep thinking is that they must feel compelled to donate to make up for the fact mark created the devil called facebook…so happy I am facebook free!

sue smith on

They said 99% of their stock, not their fortune,big difference there. Not all the money is in stocks for sure

Callie on

I just threw up! The name of the baby is stupid as is the letter. I like how they said “at today’s value” the donation would be worth $45 billion. If FB folds and they tank, there will be no donation so don’t get excited people. They aren’t donating this money today!!!

Callie on

I just threw up! The name is stupid as is the letter. I love the comment about “today’s value is $45 billion”, they aren’t donating anything today! If FB tanks there won’t be any money or shares which is what they said they would donate…shares!!!!

Callie on

I just threw up! Don’t get excited people. They aren’t donating $45 billion dollars any time soon. They said at today’s price that is what the “SHARES” of FB would total. However, if FB tanks there are no shares to donate. They want to donate their shares NOT their money

rubyovertherainbow* on

Good People.

Lynne on

This is great! Credit to Bill Gates (read: Melinda) who was a bit of a trailblazer in billionaire philanthropy, inspiring younger billionaires to follow suit. Looks like having a child is giving Z some [much needed] perspective. Also, just to be clear, even if they give away 99% of $45 billion they are left with 1% of it, which is $450 million. (That is: 45,000,000,000 x .01 = 450,000,000). Crazy that 45 billion is so big that 450 million is only 1 percent of it…

April on

Beautiful of them to invest in the future. Disgusted by the grubby, rich for no reason people and in awe of the smart, gracious, and generous rich people.

casmia on

Such a beautiful, lovely couple. The next generation of Warren Buffets and Bill and Melinda Gates…. they will continue to do a great many things in their lifetime to make the world a better place.

Jinx on

Congrats, she’s a beauty. I love how they are thinking of others, while celebrating the joy of their daughters birth. Max is a beautiful name, and she is blessed to have such loving parents.

Courtney on

This couple…this man is a man of tremendous morals and values. He wants to give to the world to better it, and I bet he and Priscilla will make sure their daughter, Max, will be raised to treat others the same way. She will most likely not be a spoiled brat born with the silver spoon. There needs to be more people like this in the world. Thank you, Mark and Priscilla! Congratulations on your little Max!

Kay on

Very noble and generous attitude, but giving your money away won’t change the world…. the evil will continue with their own money.

Anonymous on

Aww. The look in his face is just precious. He will be a great dad. Priscilla is a lucky mom! I am very jealous. Congrats to the family.

Mallory on

Aww. The look in his face is just precious. He will be a great dad. Priscilla is a lucky mom! I am very jealous. Congrats to the family.

ohiolaborlawyers on

You all are fooled.
He is giving away ONE billion dollars to a Charity HE controls.
I’m betting if you figure out his yearly income tax and SUBTRACT his charitable contribution, you will all find out he is NOT giving the money to the Charity, rather, the American Tax Payer is footing the bill.

Sandra on

Congrats on the baby and please enjoy every little moment that you can with her because the time zooms by.

Love on

Beautiful family, these are people that we want to read about who are making a difference in the world not the narcissist celebs that you publish every second who care more about selfie, looks and rubbish.

Stacy on

welcome baby

Anonymous on

Wow…45 billion and these amazing people had a baby shower sitting in plastic fold up chairs, eating tamales off of paper plates. God bless these two and all the good they are, and will be, doing for their little one and the world.

bebe on

Beautiful baby.

Melissa on

Such a beautiful welcome to a beautiful daughter!

MB on

Beautiful letter, beautiful picture, beautiful family! What I love most of all is the beauty and compassion in their hearts. Wishing them health and happiness in this new chapter of their lives.



Lee on

Isn’t he the one who created all these ways of spying on us ? Yet he worries about HIS privacy ?

kathy on

Max, seriously? If I had a dollar for every time I met a dog named Max…. well…
Why are parents doing this to kids?

KT on

Amazing couple and lucky little girl. We are fortunate they are so caring and giving. We need the best future possible for our children and future generations. I love when people with big hearts become wealthy and make a positive difference with the money. It’s like divine intervention. God bless Mark, Prascilla, and their new angel, Max! BTW, Mark sounds like an incredible husband and Dad to take two months of paternity leave! He’s obviously a very secure man; not many men with money would take that time off from work.

Anonymous on

They are riding on the high after the birth of their daughter. I hope they really do accomplish what they have stated for the world to see. I would like them to give to all the little charities in the United States that help so many- like shelters, Women’s Safe Homes, Pregnancy Centers, etc……. Just think- what the shelters, food pantries, etc… that do such much for their communities- could do with that money.

Kimberly on

Congratulations on this sweet bundle of joy, children are such a blessing! I don’t think Max is a bad name Liz, considering the names in Hollywood I think it’s kind of cute, as my Nana used to say people don’t name their baby to please you. As long as they like them name that’s all that matters!

Kimberly on

Excuse the typo, of course I meant to type as long as they are happy with the name that’s all that matters! I haven’t had my coffee yet, lol…by the way I think Priscilla is a beautiful name but Max is pretty cute too. I think simple names like that are very cute. That is one lucky baby!

Toni Olson on

Hey Mark and family Congrats on your new baby! I see you want to some money away. I just broke my knee cap 2 days ago and will be out of work for about 6 months. Wondering if you could send some of your money this way! We sure could used some! Again Congrats!

bkable on

@Liz… her name could be Maxine? That’s a girl name. Even if it is just simply Max. Doesn’t mean it’s stupid. I’m not a fan of your name but I’d never call it stupid. She’s a sweet baby so move on and have a better morning .

Valerie Evans on

You are going to give 99% of your money to a Charity? That’s stupid. Why not make sure your child is provided for. Or is this just something to make you look “cool” to the General public?
I think it’s very selfish not providing for your own child

crysrandy on

Incredible. Congrats to the Zuckenberg/Chen family. Max is adorable.

Callie on

I have NO obligation to take care of future humanity. If people choose to have children and want them to have a better life than they can take care of them and their future. I certainly do not have an obligation to do so

arabrabbra on

Thank GOODNESS they are donating all that money! NO ONE needs that much money! No one needs a billion dollars let alone 45!!!!!!!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! Also, kudos to them for putting their Money where their mouths are and committing to making the world better for Max. She will be so loved & as she grows, be proud of the example her parents are setting.

Karen on

Maxima is such a wonderful sounding name. The Queen of the Netherlands is named Maxima too. I have always liked the couple. Congrats to the both of them for their bundle of joy. Their generosity is beyond touching. Way to go Mark and Priscilla!

Karen on

Maxima is such a wonderful sounding name. The Queen of the Netherlands is named Maxima too. Congrats to them. Their generosity is beyond touching. Way to go Mark and Priscilla!

Karen on

Maxima is such a wonderful sounding name. The Queen of the Netherlands is named Maxima too. CONGRATS in order to Mark and Priscilla.

Brooke on

LOVE Maxima. Adorable name

vernica on

max is a beautiful name. maxum, maxie, you can feminize a boys name. who says max is even a boys name. where do the names really come from. liz you be a boys name for all you know

Rose on

Congratulations to Dad, Mom & new daughter. Being a parent has been the most rewarding part of my life & I am sure that you will/do feel the same.Enjoy every moment & try to never take life for granted. God bless you all.

kim on

All the comments going “Max is a dumb name for a girl” Her name is MAXIMA. Can’t you read? F-ing R-tards.

Anonymous on

@ Liz on December 1st, 2015 Wrote-
“Max is a stupid name for a girl. Being rich doesn’t apparently give you any amount of good sense. Males and females, special each in their own way – you don’t need to give a girl a boy name. Just plain stupid.”

Agreed. I don’t think that was a good name for a girl to be having. Later in life, she could be made front of for that. They should’ve have picked a name that a boy and girl can have. Like Sam, Cam,or charlie.

Ellie on

Beautiful letter, overflowing with love and humanity. I feel that already this child is changing the world. Best wishes to this loving family.

admin on