Kim Kardashian West’s Baby Is No Longer Breech After ‘Painful’ Procedure

12/01/2015 at 12:45 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West delivery fears have been alleviated – her baby is no longer breech.

The reality star posted a pregnancy update to her website on Tuesday, just a week after revealing that her son was in the wrong position for childbirth.

“This weekend, I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an external cephalic version (ECV), which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position,” the 35-year-old shared.

Kardashian West, who is 37 weeks along, said she was given an IV with medication to relax her uterus while three doctors worked together to turn the baby. The procedure, according to the star, came with several risks, including the chance that her water might break or her baby’s heart rate would drop. In either case, an emergency cesarean section would have taken place.

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Kim Kardashian on Baby Number 2: ‘Can’t Come Soon Enough!’

“They don’t give you any pain medication, and let me tell you: This was soooooo painful. Probably more painful than childbirth,” Kardashian West, who was joined at the hospital by her sisters and husband Kanye West, shared. “BUT it worked!!!”

The baby is now in the “right position,” and the star said “it feels so good to not have the stress of thinking I need a C-section.”

Kardashian West, who is “so thankful” for her doctors, isn’t out of the woods yet though – she now has a cold and sinus infection.

So how will she recover while keeping up with mommy duties for North, 2? With the help of her favorite babysitter: sister Kourtney Kardashian.

“I’m going to have North have a sleepover with her cousins for the next two days so I can really sleep and get better,” she shared. “She loves sleepovers and I really need this time to get better. I haven’t been able to sleep and just need to catch up.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Amanda on

I guess I can sleep more soundly now

Jen on

I had this procedure done and they told me it could take up to 20 min if he baby was not cooperating, then the doc would stop. It took 1 doctor 10 seconds to turn the baby. I think this was likely made a little more dramatic than needed to be for the show.

Mandi on

Oh I’ve been out of the news for 5 minutes, quick do something.

yikes! on

My son was breech day before my scheduled c-section so the doctor wasn’t concerned. As I walked out of the hospital from a test he turned around himself in utero – yes, it was painful but not even close to the pain of labor. Kim’s a drama queen. Also I was told he could flip again – no guarantees.

Anonymous on

Blah blah blah poor her. She is the only one that goes threw this.

Laurin on

Just have a c-section. You’re not less of a mother if you have one. I had an elective scheduled c-section because I wanted one and it was the best decision I’ve made. Piece of cake and so much easier than going through labor.

Lala on

So this is news because she made her crying face?

Katy on

I had the same thing done. It took one doctor all of ten seconds. Uncomfortable, yes. Painful? No. The baby’s heart rate did drop a little while after and we had a scary moment of where I was about to rushed to surgery, but all went well and I delivered a few days later. She’s a drama queen.

Grace on

Geez, this woman should just not be pregnant. I have never heard about anyone ever complaining about every single aspect of being pregnant as much as she does! Does she not realize that some women would go through ten times what she has gone through (and without the help and money) to be able to be a mother?!?! Talk about ungrateful and selfish. Just freaking have your baby, give it to the nanny to raise and shut up! You are an insult to real mothers (biological, adoptive, foster) everywhere.

Tati on

Not a fan of this family at all. But I am a human. One who has just gotten through a very troublesome pregnancy. And I really feel for her. I can totally understand her pain and anxiety and wish nothing but a safe delivery for her and the baby. Regardless of how annoying she may be, she is still a woman going through scary issues women face. And if no one has the heart to have SOME kind of sympathy for her then shame on you. I totally believe she is going through these trials.

habebba laila on

So glad her baby’s ok

Anonymous on

OMG folks, this is PEOPLE not CNN so this IS news for PEOPLE… and its entertaining.

mizbjam on

OMG folks, this is PEOPLE, not CNN and it is NEWS on PEOPLE. Plus it is entertaining or none of us would have clicked and read it, much less commented.

Guest on

Please…this is SO not newsworthy. She’s such a whiney baby. Referring to her as a “star” is such a joke. Porn star maybe.

Anonymous on

She’s such a whinner. You are no less a mother if you have a c-section. My daughter was 9 lbs 12 oz. and breech and i decided just to have the c-section. I’m only 5′ 0. I didn’t want to put any more stress on my baby girl than necessary. Even then it took 3 Drs. help to get her out. She is now taller than me, and she is autistic, but we love her very much. 🙂 But i’m glad we went with the c-section.

Proud grandma on

Glad her baby is ok, but give me a break. This woman just should not go through pregnancy for all the grief she goes through. Her mother had how many kids? I’ve lost count. For goodness sakes Kris, tell your daughter to stop whining and grow a pair. I kind of hope when she goes into labour, the hospital will have no epidural drugs on hand. Then she will have something to cry about. Silly female.

Seriously on

Because Kourtney doesn’t already have her hands full with 3 kids and relationship issues????? If you can’t take care of 1 kid when you have a cold there is something wrong. Some people are tough and others, well……

Sandra on

All the little fishies in the sea cry for Kim kartrashian.

Guest on

Love your post, Grace! It’s laughable that she has to send her kid to a sleepover so she can rest. Like she’s such a hands-on mother. Wish these people would go back to Armenia and dissappear.

Colleen on

Oh please I had this done….my pregnancy version procedure did not make…..give me a break….not painful at all….sure its lots of pressure but give me a break!

PacificGirl818 on

She’s not due until 12/25 so there’s still a chance the baby can turn. Wonder why they did the procedure so early.

Baby can flip back... on

The baby underwent considerable trauma so Kimme could delivery without needing surgery, aka the C section. The baby can flip back, so the entire thing will have been for nothing. Kim has had so many plastic surgery procedures, what is a C section if it keeps the baby safe. I refused the version and had a c section for my 3rd child, I had two prior ‘natural’ deliveries and figured the baby would turn, she didn’t and that was fine, a C section it was. I would never risk the health of the baby because I didn’t want a C section. As ugly as Kim is on the outside it pales to how ugly she is on the inside.

catfite on

Sucks for her because the baby can turn again before delivery since she’s only 37 weeks.

Anonymous on

Who the “F” cares about this skank.

Guest on

Drama Queen- it’s all about herself. Does she not care that the baby be born healthy? No she needs her sleep- it was sooo painful! Blah blah blah. Do the world a favor and never have another child – for the love of God!

Anonymous on

Seriously, pawn you kid off? . great parenting. God help the next spawn.

Anonymous on

Her big motivation for this was avoiding a C-section so she can continue to do her nude photo shoots without a scar. That’s the bottom line. Her phenomenal ego strikes again. They probably did this procedure early because she stomped her foot and demanded it. A C-section is safe, easy to recuperate from and leaves a minimal scar in most cases. He might have turned on his own anyway. Most women would wait it out and concern themselves with their baby’s safety and well being instead of having a panic attack at the thought of not being able to be naked in public again without a scar. News flash’re going to get old just like everyone else. There will come a time when you’ll be too old to parade naked and the only reason anyone will look is so they can laugh at you. Come to think of it, we are laughing now.

Sher on

Honestly, does she really think that she’s the only one who has ever gone thru what she has? DRAMA

Dawn on

I’m happy to hear that the baby is ok. She on the other hand, seems a bit selfish. Put the baby first, if you needed a C-Section, so be it. There are great plastic surgeons that could have take care of the scar. Now, she needs to sleep because she is not feeling well. What exactly doe she do all day anyway? The average mom does not have that luxury of sending her child away for a couple days while she is sick so that she can get better. COW

Kass on

Jen, I had this done as well. Two doctors, 30 + minutes, no iv, no meds…it was fine till about minute 20 then the pain was intolerable and I have a high pain threshold. . It was miserable and didn’t work. C-section for me. On a different note, she is shipping her child out to pawn on someone else so she can sleep …ummm, she has freaking nannies. Idiot.

Megan on

I beg this woman to please not have any more children. She sounds like a whiny little brat. “I want to get pregnant so badly”, “I hate being pregnant”, “I can’t sleep”, “My baby is breech”, “I may need to have a C-section”, “I just had the most painful procedure to move him”, “Wah, I have a cold so I can’t watch my daughter”, “I need to sleep”. Talk about hands-off parenting. She should not be procreating.

casmia on

Sooooo much drama and attention seeking. Man. “It’s probably even more painful thank childbirth!!” How’d she know? She had an epidural the first time. I’ve been told by a few friends that having their babies “turned” too uncomfortable at all.

What a whiny diva.

Mom on

Really…I had twins, one was in position, no problem birthing. Baby “B” was traverse, the doctor had to turn the baby into position. Baby “B” was born 4 minutes later. It was too late for any drugs or epidural. Stop the whinning already! And for petes sake, it’s only a cold! You need to send your child away….do yourself and us a favor, no more kids.

CJ on

OMG – she is such a drama queen. My sister had this with 2 f her kids and the first time the baby flipped again and wen back to breach position the next day. The other they didn’t turn until she was in labor in an attempt to turn him and he wouldn’t budge. It was her 3rd baby and they delivered him vaginally though breach. Not ideal but was well monitored and turned out good. Kim makes everything seem so urgent. Like getting tested for diabetes – every pregnant person gets tests for this! She acts like she is the only person who has ever been pregnant but I guess that goes with being married to Yesus.

CJ on

Do this procedure hurt as much as Kim claims? Also it sounds like she doesn’t want a scar so she can wear bikinis..If your life depended on having a c section then I think Kim u would reconsider that thought process..

Lisa on

I had the procedure, its not dramatic and was over in a few minutes.

Kisten on

The health of her baby should be her ONLY priority. While “turning” a baby is a pretty common procedure if needed, if you had to have a C section for God’s sake… have a C section! I’ve had 2 children and their healthy arrival in this world was my only concern!

cynic1018 on

that baby probably didn’t want to come head/face first outta that. I don’t blame him……………..

Mary on

My mom had this done with me and she said never again. She would have rather had a C-section.

Mom Of Twins on

As a mother, you should know better than to compare your experience to anyone else. No two pregnancies are the same.

rubyovertherainbow* on

She is so full of garbage.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Stop looking for sympathy. Get off the pity pot and act like a real mother.

KT on

Is there really no other interesting news than the Kardashians because that’s literally all People does stories on. Versions aren’t that bad. Comfortable? Of course not. But for her to say it was worse than labor. Seriously, get a grip, get out of the media and go do something worthwhile with your life other than a sex tape and wearing way too much makeup.

Waahhhwaaahh on

Youtube ECV. There’s a really neat video that pops up first that shows the procedure. Kim is sooooo dramatic.

sandy on

I know- it HURTS!! Glad it worked.
Thank God for sisters & friends who help out when you just need some rest.

darena on

Don’t be so nasty and jealous. Medical procedures are not the same for every person who has to go through them. In her case it took a while longer than the hater who said it took 10 seconds.

Melissa on

Her outfit in the first photo is one of the nicest I have seen her in during a pregnancy. The white gown doesn’t attempt to hide her baby belly yet is stylish and age appropriate–she looks lovely!

Danielle on

Huh, try not wearing restricting clothing, high heals, and flying during pregnancy. Might have avoided the entire issue all together.

McKenna on

Such nasty comments from jealous trolls. . If you dislike everything Kardashian why are you taking the time to read everything about them and then post comments? It looks just the opposite. You seem VERY interested in this family and are lapping up everything about them on a daily basis.

mono on

Praise the Lord!!!! One thing I will not have to lose sleep over now!!!

egni knov on

Both my sons were breech births and I and my babies were fine.
Kim makes it all sound so horrible,grow up Kim or grow a pair,jeez

Kelly on

I had this same procedure done with my daughter 2 years ago. It took a couple of minutes and was successful. While scary to think things can go wrong, that is with everything. If I had to choose again, I’d go with the C-section. As my daughter was turned, the cord wrapped around her neck and as she came out, it tightened and she wasn’t breathing when she came out. We were lucky it was a brief period of breathlessness, but nonetheless, I’d do the C-section to prevent any possible issues. And this is not a guarantee…since this is her second baby, there’s probably enough room for him to flip back!

Danni on

Hurray!! I was wondering how I was gonna be able to sleep tonight…

egni knov on

They call it labor for a reason but Kim would not know anything about that.My two children were born breech without turning or c sections and guess what we all came through with flying colors.

jg1965 on

Boo frickin’ hoo. She is no different than any other pregnant mom. She really is a piece of work. No sympathy – she doesn’t know the meaning of pain/being uncomfortable. Pitiful excuse for a mother.

Stuff on

I think I must have the same due date she does (12/22) and I get more updates about her pregnancy than my own lol!

Anonymous on

Must be exhausting doing nothing. I can see why you need the rest, drama queen.

Ruby on

It’s sad that she would put her baby at risk to keep from having a scar!!

just my thoughts on

Well she should at least be commended for seeing a Dr and having them do this procedure safely at the hospital.
Unlike those Duggar girls who know they’re having huge children yet risk their lives and their babies lives in order to stay in the comfort of their own home.
Even though the last one nearly bled out from her own stupidity.
So instead of bashing Kim, you should see that she is responsible and actually cares about the health care of herself and her child.
Plus others could possibly learn something here. Like see a real Dr instead of some pretend midwife and an entire audience of family members.
People have babies in a hospital for a reason. And that reason is safety first!

Jenni on

She needs to realize she is not the first person to have this done and get on with it. I wish her well, but if she hated pregnancy so much, she should have adopted. No risk of having some pain! There are women who would do anything to be able to have the opportunity to complain about this to have a baby of their own.

Anna on

Whew – now I can go on with the rest of my day.

Christine on

Who in this world really cares!! So it was painful…toughen up buttecup!!! Kim Kardashian…you have no idea what pain really is until you have walked in the shoes of someone like Joey Feek’ s. Read her story and quit your ridiculous complaining.

Not a fan but ... on

I am not a fan of the Kardashian’s at all … never even read an article about them but this one caught my eye because I’ve had this procedure. A lot of the comments are saying it’s not painful and it was quick but perhaps it is different for everyone. Mine was EXTREMELY painful, went on for about 20 minutes and didn’t work. So painful, in fact, I punched the doctor to get him to stop. I would not wish that on anyone … not even an overly publicized, whiny, so-tired-of-hearing-about Kardashian.

jbecca on

Ladies, geezz….I am in no way a fan of this family they also get on my nerves. However…I had this exact procedure with my 2nd son. I had tried the exercises they gave me for 3 weeks and was unsuccessful, and I didn’t want a C-section either so sue me. But I am telling you it took what seemed like FOREVER and it hurt like a bitch. So, please, be a little human

Teresa Brown on

I KNEW better than click on this article but, like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop myself. I can honestly say I have never seen a more self-centered individual! She whines about not being pregnant, whines about pregnant, whines about maybe needing a C-section, whines that she doesn’t and has to send her daughter for a 2 DAY sleepover because she has a cold? She needs children as bad as I need a prostate exam – just saying!

Christine on

Who in this world really cares…toughen up buttercup!!! Kim Kardashian you have no clue about the meaning of pain. Why don’t you try reading Joey Feek’ s story…

Guest on

I, too, had that procedure done. I have to agree with Kim on this one. It was incredibly painful! I had 2 doctors working on me. They tried for over 20 minutes to turn my daughter into the proper position. Unfortunately, it failed. Those 20 minutes were hell. I’ve read some of the comments posted here from women who’ve also had this done & they said that it didn’t hurt. I think they are very fortunate! I would never want to go through that again!

Ugh on

Yes, it’s painful and dangerous…and it also doesn’t guarantee the baby will stay in the right position. My sister had to have this done and her baby turned back around. She delivered vaginally, breech…and I don’t know if anyone outside the family knows. Calm down, Kim, there are people with actual problems.

Tristan on

Like she really takes care of her child, they have probably 2-3 nannies-On top of maids, cooks etc.
And boo hoo, she has a sinus infection and flu…She lives in the lap of luxury-

So sad she is so vain-

S on

There are things far, far worse than having a C-section. Be thankful you have that baby regardless of how it comes out.

Anonymous on

I dint know Jack about Kim but the doctors wanted me to have this procedure. For the people who insist it’s not that big of a deal, I put forth that maybe you had small kids. My 11lb boy didn’t want to be turned. I let them try for about 30 seconds and then called it off. I was going to have to have c-section most likely, anyway. Why stress us both out?
I scheduled it for the 11th at 8am and he was born “early” at 7:15am.
I wonder why people demonized sections so much. You’re not less of a parent. At the end, I had a zero-drama, happy birth although I’m not sure what would’ve haooened if I wasn’t there at the hospital already. I went to 6cms in 45 minutes and he was 11.2lbs. and breech.
This is why I wouldn’t dream of having a midwife. Maybe if I had 3 previous pregnancies with no issues but you never know. As it stands, I had 2 c-sections with big babies (the 1st was 23″ long) and both were breech.
You never know with these little people.

Guest on

I normally don’t give a poo about her and think she get too much attention, but I don’t agree with everyone saying she is over-dramatizing her ECV. As women, we should know that we all go through different situations in pregnancy. Just because something was easy for you, doesn’t make it easy for the next. I had the ECV with my first. It hurt, it hurt a lot! My Dr tried and tried and tried to turn my daughter. She didn’t flip in 10 seconds and it was done. He tried twice, for a couple of minutes each time. I don’t know if it hurts like labor because we were never able to turn my daughter and I ended up with a c-section. But it was very painful and not very quick.

jp on

A friend had a baby in breach – she did exercises (even somersaults) recommended to her. She got the baby to move into the right position. I guess if Kim knew HOW to do an exercise she could have tried that. I guess the fake butt and boob implants might get in the way though.

Destonia on

Good Lord, I need a barf bag for the daily stories on this whale. Does she think she’s the only woman to ever give birth? She is a moron, no idea why People magazine continues to glorify that entire train wreck of a family. I think Rob is the only normal, sane one left.

LS0919 on

Wow, God forbid she have a C-section!! I didn’t want to have a C-section either, but having a healthy baby was more important. She just rubs me the wrong way. It seems like she has griped the entire time. And now it’s like she is desperate to avoid having a 4 inch scar. Why? Because her body will be ruined? Is my body ruined now because of a scar that is a reminder of the biggest blessing in my life? Grow up.

Celebsarah on

Plenty of time for baby to turn back. smh

Laura on

It’s not “just a scar” from a c-section. Anyone planning more than 3 kids CANNOT have c-sections because of the risk of DEATH of the baby and mother due to placental problems in future pregnancies. Remember Tori Spelling nearly died in her 4th pregnancy because of elective c-section scar effects? Wanna guess how many kids Ms Kim plans to have eventually?

Tiff on

I don’t see why a c-section scar would matter to her. All her photos are photo shopped anyway, I am sure that would be easy to cover.
Glad the baby is doing well but unfortunate that it has Kim and Kanye for parents.

noneya on

OH MAN OH MAN, tonight is going to be SUCH a better night of rest than last night was! I was up all night pacing and wringing my hands because of Kim K’s breach baby. Honestly, this is really some important s h it.
The only reason I click on these articles is to find out if maybe People got the headline wrong and Kim K actually got on a boat and sailed out to sea never to return. Guess I’ll just have to keep wishing…tis the season after all.

T. Rachelle on

I know exactly what she went through because I had the exact same thing done 20 years ago. It was very painful and it did not work for me. My baby was still breach and came out toes first. Please stop saying that Kim Kardashian is just looking for attention. She is a real person with real human feelings. The procedure is real and it is very very painful. Please look up the medical terms to verify before you speak negatively on the subject.

gymluv on

Maybe if her clothing was not skin tight, the baby could have turned on his own. I mean she might as well have a waist minimizer corset on the baby in utero! And come on, she is not out of the woods yet because of a COLD?? Holy chit, get a grip, so detached from what real people endure every day. She probably has someone wiping her nose for her. I am so happy she does not want more kids, she has whined enough for 100 pregnancies already!

fatalreview on

oh please it never was–just not in the birth position cause she was not far enough along yet-surprised Ms Munchhausen by Proxy 2016 hasn’t forced early labor by punching herself in the stomach or drinking castor oil-Kanye obviously won’t be buying nay million $$$ “push present” if she doesn’t hold it in til Christmas day but that isn’t stopping her incessant irritating whining the cow is determined to make the whole world miserable as a pregnant hore-namely her-no hore wants to be pregnant it cuts into business-and why Kimode is not motherly in any way -too self absorbed and greedy to ever be a mother

She on

But the process of raising that child will be more complex…We should pray for strength and patience for the actual mothers aka babysitters working for this Adams ” family”.

Bob on

more drama from the queen of drama–risks are minimal and epidural is available if desired and needed. Whole procedure probably took 1 -3 minutes so presumably less “sooo painful” than she wants you to believe. Maybe she should count her un=earned blessings and stop “sharing’–who cares!

Laura B on

ECV is not very painful at all. I’ve had it done twice, once at 37 weeks and again at 39 weeks (both with my third child, who flipped back into breech after the first version). I’ve never had a c-section but I’m pretty sure one of those would have been MUCH more painful and difficult to recover from.

Lauren on

I am not a Kim Kardashian fan by any means, but I did have the exact same procedure done when I found out my baby was breech. I have a pretty high threshold for pain, but the ECV was one of the worst experiences of my life. Incredibly painful. I had two doctors pushing literally as hard as they could to try to turn my stubborn boy. After three attempts and what seemed like an eternity (real time – 5 to 10 minutes), baby hadn’t budged one inch and I ended up having a c-section anyway. I would say that for me, the ECV was more painful than the c-section recovery. So while I understand that this procedure is easier for some and not so much for others, please don’t just dismiss the potential risks and painfulness of it just because it wasn’t a terrible experience for you personally.

Allie on

I find it hilariously hypocritical that someone who is stuffed full of fillers, implants and toxins like Botox is so damn concerned about one little scar. Having a healthy baby, no matter what route the doctors choose for your delivery, should be priority one. Kim is a vain, selfish woman and I pity her children. They will never come first.

Kathy on

Hey Kimmy….the baby can always flip back to breech any time before you deliver. Do the world a favor and get your tubes tied so you won’t have anymore children.

Pam on

What is this idiot going to do when she has two kids? Pawn them both off on Kourtney who is already dealing with 3 young kids of her own? What a loser! Maybe if you lived the real world Kim, you would have to deal with being sick, a young child, and being pregnant. Oh and let’s throw in going to real job 40 hours a week, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning your house, etc. When you do all that, then maybe you have a legitimate right to some sympathy from someone. Until then, suck it up!!! Why can’t your husband take care of his daughter if you need rest? Isn’t that part of his job? Or is he above that also just as yourself. I can’t stand this loser!

Jenn on

Um, I’ve watched a whole bunch of these online, not a single mother even winced.

Callie on

This chick needs to have this baby because I am sick and tired of hearing her b*tch and complain!!!!! Pregnancy is a blessing but she just whines!

Anonymous on

Oh, poor KK….I’m pretty sure she’s the first woman ever to have a breech baby….the baby can go back breech position again….its not a fool proof method.

Callie on

Thank goodness she wants to sleep, maybe now she won’t take any pictures of herself or talk. One can’t talk or take pics when sleeping so we won’t have to hear her complain or see her face!!!! YAY.

BooHooBear on

GO AWAY!!!!!!! I HATE THIS WOMAN. She acts like EVERYTHING that happens to her is special and exclusive to her alone. What a self centered piece of trash. Yes it’s painful when someone is pushing hard to move your baby. But women get this done everyday and I don’t hear them complaining to the media. Trash.

D with an Opinion on

This is stupid and more undue stress for the baby. A c-section isn’t a risk to the baby or the mother nowadays either. Both my kids were breech and delivered via c-section with no issues. We discussed a version for 5 seconds and the risks are NOT worth it one bit. Plus, the baby can turn back around!! She’s so stupid!!

sally on

She plays the victim so much she needs to carry her own body chalk.

Anonymous on

I had that procedure (which in my case failed) and the pain was UNBELIEVABLY bad, and I am VERY stoical (had no pain meds for a colonoscopy, stayed alert throughout, have no pain meds for dental procedures either). and to all you who are lecturing about not avoiding a C-section….avoiding those is a desirable thing. Better for baby, better for everyone.

laura on

I had that procedure (which in my case failed) and the pain was UNBELIEVABLY bad, and I am VERY stoical (had no pain meds for a colonoscopy, stayed alert throughout, have no pain meds for dental procedures either). and to all you who are lecturing about not avoiding a C-section….avoiding those is a desirable thing. Better for baby, better for everyone.

Dawn on

Wow — I can’t believe how judgmental people are. Everyone perceives pain differently and everyone’s experience is unique to them. Great for you if the procedure was not bad, but don’t assume she’s a wimp because she felt a lot of pain!

Many of the comments sound very self-righteous and smug. She doesn’t need to “grow a pair” as many of you said, but you need to grow up!

Frank on

Wouldn’t want to get a C section and mess up that bikini line!

Lisa Joy on

Lord Jesus help kim feel better and heal her body and give her strength have mercy on her and her family help Kanye to be strong and give her strength and heal her of this cold. Amen.

Karie on

They can flip back. Deal with it sweetheart…what life is all about.

nootaramus on

what a relief ! I bet the baby’s tail was causing some problems too. and of course, the lips and butt. now all is well and soon another little monkey will bless this couple.

shark on

My son was 9 lbs 11 oz and I declined to have the doctors manually turn him. I let nature take it’s course and had a normal vaginal delivery. (He turned on his own) Kim was probably hoping her water would break so she could end her miserable pregnancy.

me on

just because you have been through it and it only took ten seconds or wasn’t painful doesn’t mean that is how it works for everybody. and for those complaining about this not being news, well duh…it is the celebrity babies people page…. don’t read it!!!!!

Anonymous on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. Im an l&d nurse and can tell you that 37 weeks is an appropriate time to do a version. They don’t do them later because babies get too big to move after that. I can also tell you that this is often an incredibly painful procedure. i have assisted in many and the amount of pressure put on the mothers belly to rotate the baby from the outside makes this unbelievably intense. If some of you ladies experienced a version with very little pain, you are not the norm and cannot speak for all versions. It all depends on how far they have to move the baby, how much fluid you have, and how willing your baby is to be moved. I’ve seen doctors barely push on the moms belly have have babies move into position and I’ve also seen two doctors simultaneously pushing so hard their arms were shaking and they were covered in sweat. i can assure you, that hurts.

Choosing to have a version to try to avoid a c/s is in no way a bad choice, whatever her reason is for not wanting a c/s. Surgery is not without risk and frankly a vaginal birth is still the optimal way to have a baby, both for the health of the baby and the mother. Also, some have suggested that she should just have a vaginal breech delivery. It is very difficult to find a doctor who will do a breech delivery anymore so it probably wasn’t an option for her. I’m not a fan of this woman, but cut the woman some slack.

Jenny on

I find Kim to be a vapid person who got lucky through an unfortunate set of circumstances. But as I read these comments, most of them are from women who criticize Kim, who actually has an audience thanks to you people who will not stop commenting on articles about her, for being a drama queen and acting like she is the only woman to ever have a baby. But all you ladies are doing is criticizing her and then spilling your own stories like you are the only women who ever had a baby.

Now, what happened to the crowd that was so sure she is not really pregnant. I find Kim and her whole family to be pretty despicable on many levels, but you guys won’t cut her a break at all.

Katherine Bacher on

Would you say he’s gone… South, West?

Another Day in Paradise on

Please Kim, shut up already. You are the most boring, self-centered person I’ve ever read about. With few exceptions, this entire family is a bore! Between the Kardashians, the Duggars and Justin Bieber, it makes me want to throw my computer away!!!

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Some people have high tolerance for pain and some don’t. Of course there are people eager to throw stones because they don’t like the Kardashian’s , but continue to click on every article that pertains to them, so they can let other people know. So sad, :/

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suck it up buttercup..

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Give me a break that procedure is not that hard to handle at all.

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Should have looked up the WEBSTER TECHNIQUE. No trauma to the mom or baby. #natural #justsaynotoECV

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Oh Please.. she doesn’t want a C-Section because of the “Scar” it will leave! I get so tired of reading about this woman!!

Amanda B. on

So she’s willing to risk her baby’s health/life just so she can “feel” better about not having to think about a possible c-section?!?! Absurd. She’s only 37 weeks and there’s still plenty of time for the baby to turn around. She’s proving that her vanity is worth her baby’s life. I hope the baby turns back.

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Only six months along? I thought she was due at Christmas? She’s going to explode, oh wait, the Spanx will keep the kid in..

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I had 4 c-sections- given my oldest child is 22 and my youngest is 5-(yes 1st and 22 and my fourth at 40) My Doctor would not even suggest or hear anything I stated about this turning procedure-! In a way I’m glad as all my children were big at birth 8 & 9 US pounds. I seen this procedure done on The Baby Delivery TV show and it looks excruciating Best of luck to them

Stacy on

I’m glad it worked

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Why is she accused of not being concerned with her child’s health because she chose to have the baby turned? While C-Section is a rather safe procedure, there are still possible risks associated.While some women chose c-section, many others prefer to give birth naturally if possible. And so what if she doesn’t want a scar.

As for the pain and length of her procedure, every pregnancy is different. Therefore, no one can compare and say she is just being a ‘drama queen.’ If the shoe were on the other foot, I am sure many of you would not appreciate it.

As for her being sick with a cold and sinus infection, who the hell cares that she has her sister over to help for a couple days. Ummmm…..have any of you had a sinus infection before??? I know I have and they are not fun. Some of us do not have people to come in and help when we have a sinus infection or cold, but at least she does. After all, she did just have a baby too. Therefore, some much needed rest I’m sure would be good for her. I’m sure some of you have had help before too just needing rest. Also, at least it is her sister who is there helping and not being pawned off on to a nanny ( even if it was, who cares. It isn’t our business).

People are so damn judgmental and jealous and nasty. I say congratulations to the Kardashian/West family. Glad mother and baby are safe.