Ice-T and Coco Welcome Daughter Chanel Nicole

11/28/2015 at 01:45 PM ET

Ice-T and Nicole “Coco” Austin have plenty to celebrate.

The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Chanel Nicole, on Saturday, Nov. 28, their rep confirms to PEOPLE. Born at 11:47 a.m. in Englewood, New Jersey, the baby girl weighed in at 5 lbs., 7 oz. and measured 18 inches long.

“Surprise!!! Look who came early!! Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole,” Austin announced on Twitter. “A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound baby girl.”

Added Ice-T, “Ladies and Gentlemen! Please allow me to introduce to the World … Baby Chanel 5.7 pounds. Love is Love.”

Ice-T and Coco Welcome Daughter Chanel Nicole
Coco Austin/Twitter

The pair revealed they were expecting during a July taping of their new show Ice and Coco and, shortly after, announced that they would be having a girl and revealed her name.

Baby Chanel is the couple’s first child together and the third for Ice-T, 57, who is already father to adult children Tracy and Letesha from previous relationships.

Doctors initially told Austin, 36, her pregnancy could be high-risk due to high blood pressure. The news caused her to reevaluate her health and make her body a “healthy zone,” she told PEOPLE in July.

She also recently opened up to PEOPLE about how she plans to raise a stylish daughter.

“She’s a shoe freak already,” Austin said. “She has a vast collection of shoes. It’s pretty amazing.”

Austin added, “I just think, Mom has a nice closet, why not Chanel have a nice closet? She’s already got her little ready-made heels [to be] walked out the hospital with.”

The new mom also talked about feeling ready for this new “chapter in [her] life.”

“I think it’s time. I think I’m in that stage in my life where I need this,” she shared. “I’ve done everything in my life pretty much career-wise and … I’ve been in a happy marriage for 15 years. It feels really, really good.”

She continued, “It’s time for me to make this big jump. I can’t wait to have a little character running around the house. It’s just meant to be.”

— Andrea Park and Aaron Couch

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Tieraney on

Congrats to them! That will be one loved baby girl!!

Anonymous on

I am so happy she waited till she was ready. No need to rush to have kids

Nikki on

awww so alert she is..what a cutie..btw..think she looks like Ice, has his nose..she is so…Congrates 2 u !!

Kara on

She is a cutie. Goes to show you, no matter how much money you have, your newborn still gets the same old standard hospital blanket as everyone else.

Welcome2TheWorld on

Something tells me this little peanut is going to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger! What a cutie pie she is! Hard to believe she’s a newborn in that photo, she looks a bit older and very alert! (And no, I am NOT accusing them of posting a fake picture)

Welcome, Chanel!

mschwellinger on

That is a cute little girl.

Juli on

She is adorable! Congrats to Ice and Coco for the birth of Chanel!

Bonita on

What a little doll!!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Miss Lavonne on

What a beautiful baby. I’m very happy for them.

Monkeyfox on

I was so happy to see only positive comments on this story! So happy for them, she’s precious. Enjoy mom and dad!!!

Jane on

Cute little lady! I’m glad momma and baby are healthy. I’ve met Ice and Coco when my dad worked in SVU. They’re both very sweet and genuinely nice people, and I’m very happy for them. I wish them a lifetime of health and happiness with their family!

Shanice on

Beautiful baby,low birth weight though. And CoCo,I know you want to dress her like a doll, but she’s not a doll. Keep her warm and comfortable, not in heels!

Heather on

Congrats to the both of u. Hope she is all u wished for. She is so beautiful.

micf on

she is gonna be so spoiled with love from mom and dad. she is so cute. i love her name too! congrats

Janice on

She is so stinkin cute. CONGRATULATION!!!

Lily on

Um, 5.7 lbs does not equal 5 lb 7 oz. Wonder if the mistake is’s or the new parents…. at least they have the excuse of being exhausted! But she’s cute, congrats to them!

Sue on

Good luck, and congrats, Ice and Coco!! She’s adorable!

Guest on


Bernadette on

Congrats IceT and Coco onChanel Nicole she is beautiful.

Lori on


DV on

She is precious!

(Considering she wasn’t due for 2 more weeks her birth weight isn’t low. Babies generally gain 1 pound per week in the last month.)

Anonymous on

Congratulations. She’s beautiful!

Audrey on

Too cute! 😊

Maria on

Congratulations to parents and a surrogate! Baby is adorable.

Janie on

Congrats to both! Chanel is beautiful just like her mom!

NatesMama on

Maria…Coco carried her baby on her own, if you read the article she talks about her high blood pressure being a concern.

Congrats to the new parents. She’s beautiful.

Yasmine on

Mazal!!! Glad that mom & baby are healthy! Enjoy your time together.

Loved their show on E!

Common on

Shouldn’t it be Iced-T?

Nene on

Congrats on your healthy baby girl!!!

Eugenia on

Aww, the same exact size as my girl! How precious!

Courtney on

FYI, 5.7 lbs does not equal 5 lbs 7 oz…

Robyn Wright on

Cute little girl!!

guest on

Really adorable!! Congrats to them!!

Shawna on

Maria – You are just making yourself look stupid saying she used a surrogate. She had no reason whatsoever to fake a pregnancy. What a ridiculous comment.

radmcawesome on

That’s going to be one loved little girl. Congratulations.

Ice and Coco are one of the few celebrity couples that’s worth rooting for.

TLC on

Congratulations Ice and Coco!

Dianne on

What a cute name for a cute princess!

J on

Her weight is fine. She weighed in at the average for a 36 week pregnancy at Coco was at 37 weeks. She had a normal birth weight. Stop looking for stuff to complain about and just congratulate them! Congrats, Ice & Coco. She’s beautiful!

Mom of 3 on

Congratulations! She’s adorable

Nahla on

Tracy and Nicole are two of the kindest, humble celebs you could ever meet. I was a catering manager and met both of them a few times on set, and they were lovely. He’s so attentive to her and she him. It’s nice she/he waited until the perfect time in their lives to have little Chanel, and I wish them all the best!

Lydia on

I had both my children at 37 weeks and they were 8lbs 5 oz and 7lbs 12 oz respectively. I didn’t realize that was big for 37 weeks. Congratulations are your sweet baby girl.

Fiona on

Cute baby!! Congrats to proud parents. Although I don’t believe for a second that she actually carried this baby herself.

drgrady on

She’s adorable! Huge congrats to them on their new family member.

Julie on

She is beautiful.

Tatanka on

Congrats. A baby is always a blessing!

patti on

She is adorable.

J on

Chanel already has her very own Twitter account and a new pic posted.

Katelyn on

Awwww soooo cute 😉

Fishy on

A few minutes old baby eyes are never open.

Knute's Niche on

As much as I try to like Tracy Lauren Marrow for his acting skills, after reading the lyrics to his music I just can’t respect this man.

I wonder if Tracy will refer to his daughter Chanel the same way he refers to females in his music, as a *itch and *hore.

Black *(Children’s)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect*; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

Critter Corner on

5.7! Somebody give that baby a milkshake.

Shawna on

Fishy – LOL! Could you say anything more stupid? Do you even have children? I have pictures of all 3 of my children with their eyes wide open within a half hour of being born.

Katie on

Congrations to Ice and Coco on the new addition.

mamaofthree on

She is a beautiful baby, and I congratulate you on being parents (again, for her daddy). If you find that she has difficulty eating, or other delays, I will say that she appears to have many of the features of Noonan Syndrome. She is a newborn, and I might be wrong, but it is often misdiagnosed and I have spotted it in babies before. All that to say, all of our kids are different in different ways, and enjoy this time with your precious little one!

Sunny on

I will never understand why anybody would make their child after a high end fashion label.

Kay on

Wow, what a cutie!!! I hope they don’t spoil her too much …. there are a lot of “Hollywood children” that turn out great. I hope she is one of them.

bellecattiva on

I am very happy for them, they seem sweet, and I’m sure they will be lovely parents. She is absolutely adorable. But with the shoes….c’mon now, please…..high heels cause serious issues for a lot of women. They’re not for children and developing bodies. Just let her be a child. Maybe she will like pink and purple and all things girlie, maybe she will like Vans and baseball caps. Either way, congratulations, glad Mom and baby are well, she is beautiful……enjoy!!

Sue's on

She’s so cute… She favors her father..

Angelica on

Aww she is very cute!

Jean on

To Fishy,babies can be born with their eyes open,my daughter was born with her eyes open so you assuming that because she is a few hours old her eyes shouldn’t be open is wrong.

hanun on

too small. Her mom didn’t provide the ideal environment. And the baby is about a third of the size of one of the mammary glands, well, counting augmentation. She might be a nice person (how much charity work does she do?) but how can you be a good mother with those fingernails, that hair, that narcissism and superficiality? It’s like Kim Z…..good grief

nikki on

awwwwwwww so alert she is, she looks like her dad…congrats!!

Shalla on

@ Surrogacy trolls
Coco has posted photos of her baby belly for the past 37 weeks. You can’t fake that, and she looked awesome. You’re probably the same Beyonce surrogacy trolls. Get a life.

Chrissy on

Super cutie. Best wishes to all.

Guest on

What a peanut…I hope that her early arrival and low birth weight are not related to her mommy restricting weight gain during pregnancy. Congrats and good luck to the happy couple.

Anonymous on

love the name–normal name also!

Duh on

Fishy, a few minutes-old baby is usually covered with amniotic fluid as well…meaning that this is a picture from probably a few hours later or day after birth…

lo on

I know them and I felt the baby kick in her belly!

Swade on

Congrats Ice-T (Best rapper of all time!) and Coco! What a cutie!

Viv on

I am appalled by what our world is turning into……..this woman and her partner of SEVERAL years just welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl…….yes, the baby is tiny – but I doubt they would be all so cheery/posting tons of pics if baby wasn’t healthy.
When will people start to understand that every pregnancy is different? That women carry it differently all around? What is the point of accusing the woman of a fake pregnancy? Plus, why does everyone feel the need to criticize a parent’s name choice/how they dress their babies/other minor details?
As a Social Worker, I look for the parent’s ability to raise their children in a loving, healthy and caring environment – my mom didn’t push me into wearing heels and I still loved it and started doing it so when I was 8yrs old. My point is, the child can have a parent’s influence, but if she is raised in a loving environment, she will have a personality of her own……’s easy to criticize a parent’s choice when you don’t walk a mile in their shoes!
I don’t judge people based on what the media portrays, specially bc realistically speaking lots of what is said is for the purpose of adding content into an article, but reality is wayyyy less glamorous…I do have a feeling though that both Coco and Ice T. have waited for a VERY LONG TIME in order to bring this little girl into the world…so if they want to spoil her and shower her with love, let them be.
If they are good people, then I am sure baby will pick up a thing or two on how to be nice person as well. Stop all the hate!!!

Baby on

Beautiful girl! I love the name! They didn’t go for a crazy celebrity name. Good job parents!

Mary on

Naming your child Chanel just proves that they see this baby as an accessory. It’s not as if Coco is the mother’s real name and the babies name went along with it.

Anonymous on

Happy for u both love to u stepone403

Stepone on

Happy for u both love to u stepone403

Kat Davis on

Just so happy for them! I’ve followed Ice T for years, both as rapper and actor. He’s good at both ~ and I’m thinking he’s probably a great father! And Coco is so smart to wait til she was ready for a baby ~ I was so Young when I had mine…. I didn’t get to be the mom I wanted. Congradulations to them both!

Cherish on

That is not a mixed race baby. Ice T is not the daddy!

Felice on

She is adorable. Best wishes😀

Lisa on

She was an early little bird! Adorable…….looks like Daddy around the mouth! So happy for Ice and CoCo………Congratulations! God bless you all on her arrival!

Vee on

Congratulations!!!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Beautiful family.

Anonymous on

I have 5 children. All weighed between 4lb 12oz & 6lb 1oz.

Tricey on

Aww she cute she Looks like da da forreal that is all Ice congrats you two Lover her name tooo stay blessed

Jolly on

That is a cute bambino.

icky on

Congrats to the couple. Watch Law&Order religiously, and glad to see Ice-T looking so happy. And good to see the baby is healthy. What a cutie — sure looks like Dad.

Teree on

Congrats Ice and Nicole! Chanel looks like her Papa! Always happy to see good people getting their Family started. God bless you all!

Me87 on

Omg that’s what I was gonna name my daughter Congrats

linda on


Nallie on

She is a cutie pie LoL.

Kevin on

What’s this balloon chested bimbo’s claim to fame, that she’s married to Ice T??

alaskabaybe on

So beautiful!! Mom and Dad are so very blessed! Happy birthday, Chanel!