The Reason Why Flip or Flop‘s Tarek El Moussa Avoids Diaper Duty

11/24/2015 at 08:30 PM ET

Tarek El Moussa might split parenting duties with his wife Christina, but there’s one job that the HGTV star just can’t handle: changing diapers.

But the mom of two — the couple are parents to 3-month-old son Brayden James and daughter Taylor Reese, 5 — admits steering clear of diaper duty isn’t anything new for him.

“He never changed one of Tay’s diapers and I think he has changed one of Brayden’s,” Christina jokes. “He has a bad gag reflex.”

Tarek El Moussa Christina family photo
Christa Renee

While the Flip or Flop star might get a pass on dirty diapers, Christina says the pair works really well together when it comes to caring for their kids.

“Two is really hard,” says Christina. “First of all, we had only Taylor for five years. She is like the star of the world, obviously, so it’s a big adjustment for her to not have Mommy 24/7 just to her.”

She continues, “When they go down, [Tarek] takes one and I take one and we tag team and put them to bed.”

The couple welcomed son Brayden in August after struggling to get pregnant for more than two years, going through two failed attempts at IVF — including one resulting in a miscarriage at eight weeks — all just before Tarek was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Tarek El Moussa Christina family photo
Christa Renee

Now with Tarek in remission, the proud parents couldn’t be more excited about the newest member of their family.

“He is the most happy baby,” says Christina. “I call him my sweet Tarek because he looks like his dad, but he’s really sweet and super chill.”

For more on Tarek and Christina’s baby joy, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Emily Strohm

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Sara on

Gorgeous family I am a big fan of the show

heather on

Don’t know who this guy is but he sounds like a loser who just makes up an excuse to get out of diaper duty. The wife is stupid enough to believe it.

Patheticexcuseforadad on

Worst excuse ever. Man up and change a diaper. I don’t think I’d still be married to my husband if he was like that. Two people make it so two can take care of it. Pathetic woman for letting that slide.

Stacey McRae on

Well said Pathticexcuseforadad!

heather on

Isn’t this every guy’s excuse? And she fell for it? If he can wipe his own butt, he can change diapers.

heather on

What a giant baby this guy is. Perhaps he should be the one wearing the diaper.

Why would she fall for that lame excuse? How embarrassing for her!

susan sherlowsky on

you dont leave a guy just because he wont change a diaper such dumb comments if she doesn’t have a problem with it why the hell does everyone else

Janie on

Amen Susan Sherlowsky! The guy has survived cancer so I’m pretty sure he’s not a wimp.

Too many to count on

Huh. I feel like I was duped. I had no idea diaper changing was optional. If I’d known that all I had cough and gag and my husband would’ve had double doody duty, I’d have been all over that. 😉

Laura on

I’m a big fan of the show but I’m not surprised.. he does come off as kind of a sissy boy.

Kristi on

Just change the damn diaper!! Yes they can be nasty at times but you just do it.. My husband had never changed a diaper before our first was born and let me tell you he learned before we left the hospital!!!!!

LazyExcuse4aMan on

Does he gag when he wipes his own butt? Wimp

Patheticexcuseforadad on

Well Susan I think they aren’t implying they would divorce him for solely that reason rather a man like that usually doesn’t make for the best dad. Awesome dads do it all and love doing it. I can see avoiding it sometime but never for his own daughter? That’s just unbelievably sad and wrong. Like the others say, if he can wipe his own nasty butt daily I’m sure he can clean a diaper. What a wuss!

gymluv on

Seriously what is with the horrible comments? They have stuck together through a big financial loss, infertility, miscarriage and cancer. I am very happy for them on the birth of their baby boy. Beautiful family and his wife is beaming so she is very happy too.

Theresa on

What a darling photo of mom and baby! She looks great & I love that smile on the baby. And so what if she doesn’t care that he avoids diaper duty…it’s all about a TEAM effort and I’m sure he takes care of other things. That doesn’t mean she’s “giving in” or a weak woman…don’t overthink it.

Patheticexcuseforadad on

Odd that someone can battle through cancer and be tough and brave but say “noooo changing diapers is too much”. It’s not all that bad Tarek I promise you. Plus I’ve seen some of those places they flip and he wasn’t the one gagging and running away. It was always the wife lol.

But cute kiddos tho!

share on

There is NO remission in thyroid cancer! This guy is an idiot as is his wife.

Change your child’s diaper, idiot!

guest on

If you upchuck, you up

LIN on

Beautiful family and my most favorite show.

cj on

I have been wondering about them having their 2nd baby. I knew she was pregnant but never saw an announcement or anything. And everyone chill on the diaper comment he made. Big deal. I couldn’t handle when my toddlers threw up and my husband always took care of the major clean up and even did the laundry. I handle the doctor appointments and shots for the kiddos and the one broken arm because it made him dizzy to see his son with a compound fracture. It’s called team work and knowing what we can handle. So she gives him a pass on diaper duty and he likely gives her a pass on other things too. I love their show and enjoy their dynamic and they seem very much a strong couple and family. Kudos.

Eli on

Funny how men claim to be superior but can’t change a diaper. Hopefully that cancer does in him this time. What a typical a**hole.

Sandy on

Best wishes to the little family.

bkable on

What does he do when he’s alone with the baby? Or she’s busy doing something in another room?? “Hey hun?? I think the baby needs a change…?” I’d be leaving diapers under his pillow if that were my husband.

Patheticexcuseforadad on

Well CJ unless your kid is bulimic I can only assume the vomit happens maybe a few times a year unlike a diaper change which is sometimes a dozen times a day. A DAY. Your argument is pathetic just like you probably are. You can always tell which women are the sad low self esteem ones who let things like that slide. I can see maybe not a daily change but not one single one for his daughter? So I bet his wife was still changing them even when she had the flu and other sicknesses we get this time a year.

Patheticexcuseforadad on

I’m sure there nanny is the one that does 99% of the changes so chill people. Have you not seen this show? I bet they aren’t even home enough to see them let alone change a diaper.

megan on

What a lazy parent. What would happen if he & his wife divorced, or god forbid she died ? Then who would change the kid’s diaper ?

Nik on

I think this article was written in light-hearted fun, serving as a public birth announcement for the couple. I can’t believe the comments and that people took it so seriously. I see why there is so much negativity in the world. People can’t even be happy for a couple celebrating a new baby after infertility and cancer. Geez…that’s sad! Congrats to the couple on their new addition!

Meghan on

What a Beautiful family!
Who cares if he doesn’t change diapers! It’s their choice! If it doesn’t bother her then who cares?

Tammy on

Those of you who are freaking out because he won’t change a diaper need to get a life. Believe it or not, there are real problems in the world.
I love this family and I love their show!

Anonymous on

The picture of Brayden laughing up at his Mom is precious. They have such a great show. Tarek – buy a box of surgical masks and get in there dude – I’ve seen some of the houses you’ve gone into – a diaper is nothing!!

Dawn on

Cute family.

Cindy on

If this is the worst thing this guy does, big deal. He fought cancer, maybe that makes him more sensitive to smell. He is a good provider, and the love he shows his wife and children is palpable.

Kim on

I cannot believe that people want to be so nasty and say such horrible things and focus on the diaper issue when this young couple with 2 small children to raise have just gone through some pretty devastating times. I’m sure they are just thankful that the cancer was found in time and she isn’t having to do everything by herself as she would if she lost her husband. I have seen the show many times and they are both great parents. I just hope he continues to move forward with treatment and becomes cancer free. Changing diapers is a 2 year stint raising kids is a life long pleasure I’m praying they get to share for many years. Oh, yes my husband did change diapers but I wouldn’t have left him because of the other 99.9% of the things he did do and the love we have for one another. God bless this family.

Kristina on

I’m a fan of the show but seriously…. They can go through 2 rounds of IVF just to have a second child but he can’t change said child’s diaper?! Seriously, I didn’t realize certain aspects of raising a child were optional!

Kat on

It’s not difficult at all to change diapers! Learn to change diapers.

Stacey on

So happy for this family! This is just for publicity, people…relax! I am sure he will change a diaper or two! Congrats to the happy couple and big sister!

bebe on

Cindy and Jani, he’s still a punk. Thyroid cancer has a 90-something percent survival rate, and there’s usually no chemo. This is not meant to be flippant, because when I had my scare I certainly didn’t want to have cancer, but he needs to change a freaking diaper and suck it up.

Anonymous on

@bebe Do your research. When his cancer was diagnosed, it had already metastasized to the lymph nodes. It was more complicated than cancer confined to the thyroid only.

Commentor on

@bebe Do your research. When his cancer was diagnosed, it had already metastasized to the lymph nodes. It was more complicated than cancer confined to the thyroid only.

Gretchen on

Oh so it’s hard for him to change a baby’s diaper? Does she get to handle all the wonderful parts of taking responsibility for having a baby and he just gets to play with it? Get a clue, it’s something both parents should be doing.

I’ve seen their show, they buy & flip homes. They both remodel houses that are in horrible conditions and some have dead & decaying animals that have to be removed before they can begin to remodel. He’s one for saying he can’t change diapers but certainly can handle removing the most disgusting, putrid, gag-inducing dead critters those houses were home to.

reneadijab on

For goodness sake, Haters, calm down. My husband – who is a veterinarian for God’s sake and has seen all kinds of horrible things that I could not handle – had a hard time changing our child’s poopy diapers. That’s okay. As the Momma, I could handle it, and he did lots of other things. It is okay to split up the work without someone feeling like they are taken advantage of… this is supposed to be a light hearted story… relax…

giselle32 on

@Share Sorry pal, u r the idiot. It is one of the most curable cancers. I, for one, am happy for Tarek & Christina. Lovely couple. Why get your knickers in a twist, making a fool of yourself in the process, over things like diapers if she isn’t bothered by it?

ldstep on

He’s an idiot and she is equally stupid, and desperate, for marrying such a jerk. I’m sure he demonstrated how much of a jerk he is prior to marrying him. Any guy that won’t change a dirty diaper (HIS OWN CHILD) because of a ‘gag’ reflex is a sorry excuse for a man. In a few years she’ll be divorcing this guy for all sorts of reasons. She’s an idiot for tolerating such a jerk.

Lila on

Lots of angry people here. I’ve watched Flip or Flop since the beginning and have always delighted in Christina’s and Tarek’s obvious love for each other and for their daughter. If they’re happy with the division of parenting duties, why should anyone else criticize that?

Guest on

I love the show and this couple. That said, what?!!! I have seen Tarrk cleaning up much worse at their flips…some of the most disgusting bugs and waste (and bug waste) you can imagine. It is usually christina who gets grossed out and bails. Maybe this is their balance, she gets the diapers, he gets the houses…;-)

Kay Pasa on

How does he get a pass? What if his wife became very ill or was hospitalized? Would a mom get away with never changing diapers? Why would a supposed progressive site like People promote this idea of a man not changing diapers?

Tracie on

There is a lot of jealousy and unhappy people on this page. I mean people have their own way of doing things, just because its not YOUR way doesn’t make her weak or him a wimp. I know that if my husband got sick during diaper changing I would rather just do it cause it would give me 2x the amount of work if he does it and gets sick. Grow up people and just keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say. They have a beautiful family and I think most of you wish you had a little bit of what they do and being that you don’t it makes you feel like you should bash them, like your opinion matters or something. Seriously get over it!

Rich M on

Not everyone is up to diaper duty. Never bothered me too much. I’ve been peed on , changed washable cloth diapers and even been thrown up on. All part of raising kids. One day they will have to change mine, ha ha.

mizstephens on

All these negative comments must be the local bunch that can’t stand them. Personally I think they are jealous of them. She is beautiful, has impeccable taste, he has a talent for picking houses and they have built up a nice business not to mention their beautiful children. Diapers???? Who cares!!!!

Jackie on

Well obviously these comments were made some time ago but I will respond anyway. To all of you with nothing better to do then belittle Tareq and Christine… get a life! She is smart, a lot smarter then you are obviously. She picks her battles I’m sure. She most likely gets way more out of that marriage by backing off from the small stuff. I’m sure he does the same. Poopy diapers are hardly worth the battle. I guarantee you she is smart. If it’s no big deal to her, then it’s none of your business. And to you patheticexcuseforadad, a good dad is not determined by the ability to change a dirty diaper. Your depth of thought amazes me.

Traci on

How could they welcome him in August and he be three months old?