Kim Kardashian West ‘Anxious’ for Delivery As She Reveals Baby Is Breech: ‘I Have Been Doing Everything I Can to Try to Turn’ Him

11/24/2015 at 01:55 PM ET

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Sheer Jumpsuit
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As Kim Kardashian West enters her 36th week of pregnancy, the reality star is opening up about the fact that her baby is breech — and all the ways she’s trying to get him to turn.

In a new blog post shared on her website and app Tuesday — which she admitted she wrote “while up at 4 A.M., a little anxious” for her delivery — Kardashian West says she’s “surrendered to the placenta issues” but that her latest concern is that her baby is currently in the wrong position for childbirth: His head is still facing upwards, and he was supposed to turn by 32 weeks.

Though breech babies are usually delivered via C-section, Kardashian West, 35, has been exploring other options.

“As I lay awake late at night, researching, I’ve learned that you actually can deliver a breech baby and I feel fortunate that my doctor Paul Crane is one of the few doctors that still does this. They just don’t even teach it anymore,” she wrote, adding that Dr. Crane was her mom Kris Jenner‘s doctor and actually delivered Kardashian West herself.

Kardashian West, who is already mom to daughter North, 2, also mentioned she’d watched a documentary called “Heads Up” on breech delivery.

“I found it very interesting that I do have this option to deliver a breech baby as opposed to just jumping into a C-section,” she wrote. “Obviously, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section — but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not.”

“I guess 4 percent of women are faced with [breech babies] — so, lucky me! It’s been hard because I usually go to my mom or [my sister] Kourtney [Kardashian] for baby and pregnancy advice, but they both — with nine total pregnancies! — have never experienced one of these crazy things.”

Though Kardashian West said her baby might be “just too big at this point” to turn (he’s over 7 pounds!), she has been trying “anything to still turn the baby,” including “intensive chiropractic work.”

“I lay practically upside down three times a day for 15 minutes,” she explained. “I play music in the right position and ice my belly in certain spots to get him to squirm out of the breech position. I even started accupuncture where I burn moxa (mugwort) on my pinky toe every day! I am even attempting hypnosis!”

Kardashian West also added that she will be trying “Version or ECV, which is a procedure to turn the baby from a breech position.”

“You should Google this and watch it because it looks so painful and scary and has to be done in the hospital,” she said. “So please wish me luck and pray the baby turns!”

“This whole delivery gives me anxiety, not gonna lie,” the reality star admitted. “I hope the baby turns and all goes well but I’m prepared for anything!”

Kim Kardashian West Tells Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian She May Have Gestational Diabetes on KUWTK

Kardashian West’s pregnancy issues will also be chronicled on this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In a new preview clip for Sunday’s episode, Kardashian West tells Jenner, 60, and Kourtney, 36, that she may have gestational diabetes.

“I think that this is just a wake-up call that, you know, things just might not be going the way that I thought they were, and that I just need to try to be healthy,” Kardashian West says in the video.

Watch the clip above to hear the whole conversation, and tune into Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E! to catch the full episode.

— Aurelie Corinthios

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guest on

well maybe if she would stop wearing clothing so tight he COULD move would help you stupid beeotch….

guest on

wel maybe stop wearing clothing so tight he could move?

Anonymous on

Maybe if your head wasn’t so far up your a**, the baby could have more space to move about in your uterus. Just a thought…

heather on

I don’t get If we wanted to know every minutia of Kim’s pregnancy, we’d go to her website and read about it.

Anonymous on

Babies often turn during labor. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions. I wouldn’t worry just yet. Try Chiropractic too!

Twinny on

What a difficult pregnancy! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be pregnant when you’re head is so far up your @rse!!!

Sara on

I had an external inversion done with I was pregnant with my daughter. I was 2 weeks away from her due date, so I was very scared too. It’s painful, yes, but I rather go through that than a breech birth. That’s far more risky!

karen on

If I was that poor baby, I wouldn’t want to come out either.

egni knov on

Both my children were breech births and everything was fine no c sections .Grow up Kim

Guest on

Poor kid can’t moved because he’s bound up with spandex. Wear proper maternity clothes so he can breathe. What a dumb woman.

VB on

She’s not even due for a month. The baby could turn on its own. Give us a break! Our daughter was butt-first and I had an emergency C-section. It’s all about the baby’s safety, not vanity. Oh how I wish this woman would use a surrogate so she would end the complaining! Enough!!!

cds on

From what I’ve been reading, she is not due for delivery until December. The baby may turn himself by then — I guess she’s tired of being pregnant.

lisa love on

C Section she must need an excuse for a tummy tuck at the same time.

Victoria on

Don’t believe everything you read. Knowing how vain the Kardashians’ are, especially Kim, I suspect she’s too lazy to want a vaginal birth. It’s very rare an accredited OB will deliver a breech baby, mighty risky for a baby. This so called ‘research’ has more to do w/the enormous scar from a cesarian section and how it will disfigure her future nude modeling. Kim is one giant whiner.

Anonymous on

My baby girl was delivered and she and I are fine

Rosa on

May be you need to consult Armenian doctor who knows much about Armenian babies. Grow up woman, You don’t wear proper maternity dresses that’s why the baby don’t wont to turn around. He is afraid he might suffocate.

Anonymous on

C Section was easier recovery than vaginal birth in my 2 cases

Mia on

First Kim wrote this post on her website, she didn’t give an interview to People. Second to the people being negative and just stupid, breech births have nothing to do with the type of clothing you wear and it is a serious issue and to belittle that makes you people seem really small.
FYI- this ain’t Kim or a fan just someone who doesn’t like bullies or ugliness for no reason.

dancer92136 on

My son was breach…delivered him the safe way…a C Section, and I didn’t think twice about it. So a scar. Move on. I got the child that I suffered three miscarriages to get. Blessing.

Celebsarah on

She is the whiniest, most selfish excuse for a mother that I’ve ever seen. I hope she gets the vaginal birth of her dreams and little what’s-his-stupid-name gets to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the first baby to be born sideways.

celebsarah on

I hope the baby is enjoying these final days of the only privacy he’ll ever know. I also hope Kim gets her dream of having a vaginal birth and that the baby gets into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first baby ever born sideways.

catfite on

Does she have any idea how stupid she sounds? My first was breech at 38 weeks after being head-down at 36. I was hoping she’d turn again but was going to have a version (turned by the dr) at my 39 week appt. The baby flipped on her own and was head down at birth. The worst thing about it was the cord ended up wrapped around her neck because she was still so active until she engaged. Babies aren’t “supposed” to do anything like that; I’m sure they still “teach” version techniques to OBs. I wish her a healthy delivery but she’s a total idiot.

Pnut on

I can’t wait until this genetically modified male reveals to his family that he is gay. Or trans.

Judy on


Lisa on

It takes two doctors to move a breech baby. my son was breech and turned back two times, before he was born. There is nothing she can do to turn the baby. Leave to the professionals, who know where and how to turn a baby.

guest on

Is she the only woman to ever have a baby? Enough already. And wear clothes that aren’t painted on so he can move.

guest on

How about reporting on real people who live in the real world People?

maureen on


Anonymous on

She is an idiot.

OMG !! on

What will she come up with next? She’s a real piece of work. Maybe, they will find out the kid is actually a zombie and is eating her uterus. OR, if she doesn’t deliver by 7:02 AM, 12/7/15,, the kid will weigh 17.8 lbs & come out riding a unicorn. Sure only 2 percent deliver like that cause it’s rare.Never imagined she would pile this much bull sh it on just to get attention. Breech is not “rare”; happens a lot. My last son was over 10 lbs AND breech. No big drama. Had a C-section – VERY common.

crysrandy on

OMG! Who freakin cares. My baby flipped the last week of my pregnancy. Why is this news? WTH cares. And no – I did not read the article AT ALL. Just the headline because I DON’T CARE!!!! GAWD –

Courtney Bracey on

Csections are major surgery … Who wouldn’t be somewhat concerned about the risks. A lot of self righteous mothers on here today!

Kim – I hope your baby is healthy however you deliver!

mike on

you could push a 20# baby out of your vagina. its had plenty of use..

v on

i also had this problem, we used some sort of chinese intense after trying just about everything else. this did the trick. my son turned 5 hours before the birth so do not give up hope. and check out where you can get the intense sticks.

London Devine on

My daughter was born at 36.5 weeks due to pre eclampsia and was breech all the way up till 2 he’s before I had an emergency c section (bc of my health not hers). With the use of an ultrasound and some manipulation she turned. It was a little painful but mostly uncomfortable pressure even with the epidural in I felt a lot of pressure. But she turned and stayed put. Born almost 6 lbs 2 he’s later and 21 inches long. She is now 7 4’3 and a half she is very leggy and just long. For being a preemie and her first dr telling us she would always be a small fry she has proven her wrong since 3 months old she is about as tall as the 3rd graders and just signed on to take classes at IMTA. But as for the breech baby thing she still has a lot of time left for that baby to turn around they can even try acupuncture to help I heard it works well!

She's SO Dim on

WOW – ain’t buying her latest pity party. NO ONE has every been pregnant before – like her. Cause she’s just so “special”. Had three boys. All over 8 lbs. 1 breech. No C-sections. Don’t think this latest announcement is true. Sad to think she makes up this drama for attention. Really don’t doubt she would, though.

Lola on

I knew it!! An excuse for fat Kim to get out of the pregnancy early by having a C section/tummy tuck at the same time. She is sick of being pregnant so she is using this false excuse so that she can get a c section a few weeks early no matter how it affects her child. She is the worst person on the planet!!!

rubyovertherainbow* on

She’s full of garbage. She’s just looking for a reason to explain the early c- section so she can get that kid out of her.

Please... on

Please…get that melon-head out of your azz & put on some loose clothing – caftan maybe; and let this kid MOVE!! Had him tied down with spanx and tight clothes all this time Surprised he’s grown at all. FYI, DimHo: 7 lbs is not a big baby.

Lola on

And FYI Kimmy please stop getting nose jobs!! Your nose is starting to look like Michael Jackson! You are 3 procedures shy of looking like cat woman!! UGLY!!!

Sly on

Anyone buying this load of horse apples?

robyn on

Please we all know that in the end she will get a c section and then have a tummy tuck done again at the same time.

Anonymous on

Lord she’s such a drama queen. She acts as if she’s the only woman ever to give birth.

Shell on

Gawd she looks like she came out of Lamar’s whor.. house in that picture. The clothes are ridiculous and the plastic face that goes with it.
I am so glad she hates being pregnant so much – we can keep our fingers crossed that this is the last we will ever have to hear about a pregnancy with her. It never ends.

Maggie on

I wish I was blessed to have one child, I could not get pregnant!!! I wish the bitch would shut up already!!!

Maggie on

I wish I was blessed to have one child only to find out I could not get pregnant. I wish this B*tch would shut up already!!!!

Sister Mary Margaret Magnificent on

That poor surrogate has had a difficult time, it seems.

Patricia on

The haters are making her baby too scared to come out.

Kathy on

She is so full of poo.

Anonymous on

there are skillful doctors that can rotate the baby under epidural – my doctor needed one grip to rotate my son.

zoey on

look, we get it, y’all hate her. take a step back and look at what you’re saying about a real person her unborn baby. you guys are gross.

amyinoaktown on

Maybe all the negative karma has come back to her…saying how she hates being pregnant..not sure I would want to come out either.

Patricia on

If you want to utterly destroy your faith in the goodness of mankind, just take a good look at these tragic people who spend their days spouting virulent nasty hate, committing act sof emotional violence, on some random show business family who have some minor show on some obscure cable channel that you have to read the channel guide to find.


“…..need to try and be healthy.” She decides this just before the kid comes?? Fly all over the world. Wear crap that doesn’t allow proper blood flow or movement for the baby, inject the lips & face with god knows what AND gain 100 pounds. WOW. Nice planning.

Patricia on

You can see who the ugliest people in the world are by running a Kardashian story and looking at what trash shows up to shower hate.

Red Skye on

Newborns move all the time. Sometimes they will come out of the breech position. This is a much different pregnancy compared to “West.” Every pregnancy is different.

lily gonzalez on

The most digusting woman I have ever seen grow up ms plastic

Patricia on

The sad thing is that People makes a lot of money off of these nasty emotionally abusive types. It’s like providing a venue for the emotional abuse of celebrities is part of their business plan on the Internet.

goodie on

Take off the knickers and use the camera flash….he’ll head right towards the light!

Holly on

If the baby is breech, it won’t be the end of the world. It will just be a different delivery than she’s hoping for. But there is also still time for him to move into position. She also needs to realize that she can’t fit into those skintight dishtowels she calls clothes Put on an oversize sweater and sweatpants and relax.


Newborns move all the time. It’s not unusal to be breech prior to delivery.

vcpfreeman on

My daughter was frank breech and I opted for a c section. Turns out, she had a knot in the umbilical cord and it was wrapped twice around her neck… sometimes they are breech for a reason and I would hate to think of what might have happened if we had tried the ECV. Also, she was huge lol

Rachel on

She asks like she is the first human ever pregnant with a breech baby… Or a baby for that matter.

DJ on

Good Grief! Babies usually don’t get into position until just before labor starts. She needs to educate herself before making these stupid declarations!

Lee Wright on

I had twin boys, the second was breech and too late to turn so he came out backwards….. he was fine… stop whinning, wearing clothes that are too tight and let the poor little thing be able to turn around around, start thinking about him instead of what you look like, you vain creature.

Donna on

That’s what happens when you wear your clothes so tight. Hopefully he doesn’t have deformities. I had a high school friend who’s baby was born with muscle deformity because she wore her clothes tight.

Sandra on

He’s just being stubborn, he’ll turn right side down at the last minute and come out just fine. Now, if he still chooses the hard way out, do whatever it takes to get him here safely.

Titi on

God forbid she has a c section scar….the horror!!


quit popping outs kids. nobody cares if the kid is breech or not. have a C-section you fool. you can always get another tummy tuck and lipo like you did with the other pregnancy

Sharon on

Her cooch is so big, she could drop a 28 lb kid and not feel a thing. I have never heard a person whine like she does. Doubt there’s any drama or danger at all. Just the fact she has eaten her way to 200 lbs and is trying to say it’s a ” life threatening condition” and not her fault. Even her crazy mom calls her out for eating so much.

Zee on

Bet she’s felt the kid move cause he’s so bound tight with the spanx. OR, cause the surrogate’s still in the picture. Interesting she moved in with Kris again – just like with North.

Judith Hauver on

I think she should wear loose fitting clothes during her pregnancy. What she has worn hasn’t allowed her to even let a good fart they’re so tight. If she does have a C-section, I hope the scar is from ear to ear.

Tiffany on

My daughter was breech, it’s really not a big deal.

and LMAO about her clothes being too tight and that’s why the baby can’t move. Makes sense to me!

Judith on

I think she should wear loose fitting clothes during her pregnancy. What she has worn hasn’t allowed her to even let a good fart they’re so tight. If she does have a C-section, I hope the scar is HUGE. Maybe they can cut off some of her fat ass, too.

PoorKid on

Nice try, People. US already revealed the baby will be born closer to Thanksgiving rather than Xmas because poor Kim hates being pregnant.

Sandra on

He will turn eventually, just give him time, but having a back up for the back up is prudent.

On a separate note…To all the folks posting mean stuff, have you not figured out yet that Kim is moving quite nicely through life, as we all should be doing, despite all the negative, mean, hurtful and in some cases down right evil things people say about her. If nothing about Kim or her family remotely concerns you, why do you concern yourself with them? IJS

celebfan on

She’s so dramatic. I’d be willing to bet the gestational diabetes results turn out negative and this breach issue will resolve itself by childbirth. She’ll do anything for a storyline and reason to blog. BTW, who would actually pay to access her website/ app when the media publishes the contents anyways?

karl on

Seriously???? OMG! When the kid starts moving down the birth canal in breech position, THEN you have a problem. At 36 weeks, there is still time for the kid to turn. All it takes is one lousy half-somersault. Fake drama, mama!!!!! smdh!!!! Quit wearing sausage casings so the kid has some room to move!

Bethany2384 on

Hmmm turning a baby can be very dangerous. I knew a girl who had it done at 38 weeks and after it was done they discovered no heart beat. Apparently the umbilical cord was very short and it tore. This was a while ago but still terrible to hear about. I’d opt for the csection personally.

mic on

she was so unhappy she couldnt get pregnant. now complain she is.time for a k-section

love on

why doesn’t this woman ever smile? I mean, I think I’ve seen her teeth. They’re not bad. She always looks so harsh and mad and I don’t get it? Smile girl you have lots to be happy about right!

guest on

I swear I have never seen someone that want people to feel so sorry for her. UGH! BYE KIM!

Ali on

Oh my gosh! Shut up! She’s not due for another month, so there is plenty of time for the baby to turn and if it doesn’t, you get a C-section, end of story. I am tired of her complaining about being pregnant.

Susan on

I love reading some of the stupid stuff she’s trying. Some people will believe anything! How about jumping up and down on your left leg while pointing your right hand at the head of the baby and singing down, down, down….

freya on

I have to say that even though there is a remote connection. This is what happens when you put your vanity and materialism ways ahead of your need to have a safe delivery and the health of your child. Kim Kardashian is much more pre occupied with the thought of being gifted a very expensive jewelry than the thought of giving birth safely with a healthy child. Maybe she should learn how to pray for a safe delivery of a healthy baby FIRST than the that damn jewelry. she might be rich and have a lot of money and can afford to pay the most experienced and great professional doctor to see her through but still it will not guarantee her everything she ever wanted. SHE IS STILL A MORTAL BEING WHO WILL NEED TO BE MORE REALISTIC AND SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT SHE TRULY WANTED. AND WHAT IS TRULY MORE IMPORTANT IN HER LIFE CAUSE SHE IS NOT GOD’S EXCEPTIONAL CREATURE ENTITLED TO BE GIVEN EVERYTHING. NO ONE IN THIS WORLD IS. SHE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL ON PRAYING AND WISHING WHAT SHE NEEDS IN THIS DELICATE AND FRAGILE TIME OF HER LIFE.

Winter Haven on

If you don’t care why would you take the time to read the article and comment? THE HATE IS REAL YA’LL!!

Keri on

Maybe the baby is trying to get as far away from her manhole as possible!

bellabee on

Love that people hate her so much and always complain that “if we wanted to know every minutia…” but STILL click on the article. If you REALLY don’t like something, then just don’t click on it. Duh! I don’t like tea, so I don’t buy it. Same principle. What’s so difficult about that?!

Like her or not, I wish her a safe delivery for the sake of her child. Every pregnancy is different.

threemonkeys on

Aren’t devil babies breech?

L&D nurse on

Everything that comes out of this bimbos mouth is a lie. A way to get sympathy, attention and “mommy points”. Lets pretend she really did carry both babies. That she had a c-section with her first child, and let’s say she really did want to attempt VBAC with this second one, fine. But VBAC with a breech baby, NO WAY would any responsible OB agree to that. This poor excuse for a mother just wants people to think she had no control over how she’s birthing her children, when the fact is, she didn’t and still doesn’t want to tear her vagina, or something just as trivial. If she cares so much about how people judge her, she should keep her private life more, oh I dunno, private!

Rgood on

Mine was breech at 36 weeks as well and I had a successful version done at 37w5d. I had heard it was so painful but it turned out to be only mild discomfort for about 30 seconds. I tried lots of chiropractic work as well and moxa sticks but the version did the trick. Good luck!

MrMeToo on

I’m not a Kim K fan but no one wants a difficult pregnancy or worries about the health of their baby. Show a lil compassion.

kitty62862 on

I sincerely hope everything turns out well.

Don’t worry about the C stats, they don’t teach breech delivery anymore because too much can go wrong.

Not a fan, but no one wants to see anything go wrong.

luca on

well she is the first woman to have a breech baby… yes, lets all pray for her. **eye roll**

angie on

They’re going to cut open this pig??? God knows what will come out of her.

Anonymous on

The little punkin’ might not be due until December (which is next week, folks), but at 7 pounds it might be anytime now. That’s a big boy already.

Nancy on

Whine whine whine whine whine!!!! I had a c-section and it’s not that bad. You’re not supposed to do any heavy lifting or over exert yourself for a while afterwards, but like she does anything like that anyhow. Maybe if she ate better and took care of herself, she might not have to worry about gestational diabetes. Also, the constant tight clothing probably didn’t give that poor baby any room to move. Surprised the baby can breathe at all!

Monique on

Uh, I don’t think that is called breech, it’s called “your baby is not due for one month” despite the fact that you would like it to be sooner …nature knows otherwise.

Nanam on

Oh the drama of her 2 pregnancies! Best be glad you didn’t marry Jim Bob or one of his boys, Kim!don’t these Kardashian Jenner keep anything to themselves?

breechboy on

There is a thing called a “version” that they try at about 36 weeks. My son was footling breech, which is pretty hopeless, and the attempted version was one of the most painful experiences of my life (and I have been through a LOT of painful things). A linebacker sized person, along with my doctor, tried to persuade fetus to flip head over butt. Fetus was having none of it and PUSHED foot really hard against my poor cervix. I am stoical but tears poured from my eyes, and fetus would NOT flip, nossir. Head was jammed against my ribs. Didn’t help that I have a banana-shaped uterus, fetus was really crammed in there, one arm over its head. So…had to have C-section. Not fun not fun, scar still hurt 5 years later. Baby weighed 8 pounds.

Francine on

I wonder who told Kim that Botox and facial contouring help turn breech babies?

Deborah Boersma on

Kim needs to realize that she’s not the first woman ever to be pregnant and understand that things happen when you’re pregnant. Babies are born breech every day. I don’t think it’s as rare as she claims. Lots of women commenting on here have had breech births, myself included. Her pregnancy is like many other women, we just didn’t broadcast it to the world or appear to be ungrateful for the process we go through to achieve a miracle.

us tech on

Get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. (I worked with an OB/GYN that swears by that)

Jenn on

Oh the drama! This woman is so self-absorbed. 3-4% of all babies are born breach. Almost 4 million babies are born in the US every year. So around 120,000-160,000 babies are delivered breach each year in the US. She acts like she’s the only one who has to deal with this. Of course she’s nervous. Giving birth is no walk in the park, no matter how it’s done. I’m expecting my first and quite frankly, I’m terrified. But please spare us the dramatics. You are no more special than any other mother. I was born one foot first, vaginally, 2 two weeks past term, long before c-sections were so routine, and so were millions of babies before me. Just be glad your child is being born in an age when and a country where you have the best doctors and technology available to give your child the highest possibly chance of being perfectly healthy.

kap on

I deliverd TWINS vaginally, with one of them in a breech position….it is done often! While it is not the ideal position for a baby to be in for delivery, it is common and many Drs will let a woman deliver naturally, even with a breech baby. It is not the huge deal it is being portrayed to be in this article…

Anonymous on

Who cares?

jamaro on

She’s an idiot. If she hadn’t been so stupid by wearing 2 and 3 pairs of SPANX during this pregnancy (because she’s so vain) the baby would have probably been able to move around and position itself to face head down! I do not feel sorry for this vapid woman. Now, yet again, she wants the world to feel sorry for her. She needs to have a hysterectomy so she can’t have anymore children. She doesn’t take proper care of the one she has now!…..All they do is buy her expensive things…that’s how they show their love! Pitiful!!

Me my self and I on

Dislike them all

canna on

He’s trying to stay as far away from that nasty exit hole as he can. Smart kid. Poor thing.

Marie on

Maybe she will have 70 hours of labor like Jill Duggar.

BBB1975 on

What a drama queen.

harry on

Try taking it up the…….again!

jsjlr on

Turning the baby is going to hurt like a mother f

Kris on

Maybe she should not have waist trained up until the time she got pregnant Her organs are smooshed together and baby is probably tight in there. Also, she wears the tightest clothes in town. Maybe let the baby breath a little bit. Boo hoo. Like no other woman has ever had to go through this before. She is a whiny brat.

edie on

My brothers and I were breech and over 7 1/2 lbs and we all survived and we were born in the 1940’s too.

Janey on

Is Kim selecting her C-section date and giving us the heads up? I delivered twins, second one breech. Both vaginally. Doctor put his hand in my uterus and turned baby. Longest 5 min of my life but lived to tell the tale 🙂

Anonymous on

Oh brother. My daughter was breech and i had to have a c-section. My daughter was 9 lb 12 oz. There is nothing wrong with having a c-section. For her i guess it’s a vanity thing. I would worry about complications with a breech birth.

patty on

Oh, yes deliver breech, lest we have c-section scar and not able to take excessive instagram bikini pictures within a month of delivery.

guest on

what makes you think we care. I have read several of the comments so far and everyone is in agreement. report on something else other then the Kardashians. Oh and by the way she would know by now if she had diabetes. Her dr would have performed a test in the 7th month. what a self centered witch. she needs to put her big girl panties on and deal with it. She acts like she is the only one that has every be pregant.

Justamea on

C-section…she’s so full of it…

Anonymous on

my baby turned breach while I was in labor. 9am – ready to go. 3pm – breached. So there’s that.

Liza on

Both my babies were breech, and both were turned by a Dr doing what they called an external inversion, and 38 weeks.
Why doesn’t she just do that?

wendyw2407 on

Omfg babies can turn way after 32 weeks….another non story she’s putting out there for publicity. Just like how she revealed she had “complications” which turned out to be, she had complications with North so she is at risk to this pregnancy. So she doesn’t have complications, she just could. And plus, if she had placenta accreta like she claimed 2 weeks ago she would need a csection anyway, so the breech comment wouldn’t matter. Which is it, Kim? Can’t keep your stories straight?

j on

She doesn’t want a C-Section cos shel have a nasty scar. In the eyes of Kardashians that is the ultimate disaster!

Misty on

EVERYTHING with her is so dramatic. This is a common issue, along with all her other ‘complications’. It’s like she thinks she is the only person to have any issues with getting pregnant or to become pregnant. God. Stop your whining already.

K Wilhelm on

Kim acts as if she is the only one ever to have a baby and issues. I honestly feel she hates the experience because she can’t be a sexpot, if she ever was. I am so over her whining and the family in general. Final straw her expecting a $1,000,000 “push” gift when the true gift is the baby.

Stacy on

poor lady. I hope the baby turns naturally (and soon)

Rosey P on

He won’t turn because he doesn’t want to face that skank vagina

Bob on

I hope the baby kills her either through bloodloss or like in Aliens when it bursts through the chest.

abq505 on

Breech births are not all that uncommon. Even midwives deliver babies line this during homebirths. I’ve even seen videos of women delivering their own breech. Not ideal of course but not uncommon.
It’s just unusual for doctors today who donor allow a woman’s body suck what it was meant to do.
Of course if there’s an emergency intervene but there’s not necessarily needed that they do a c- section. Maybe if the baby is in some sort of distress or too large for the birth canal.
Also all three of mylife children were in breech position passed 32weeks and all flipped in time for delivery.

Angela Christine Hulett on

My 1st son and my 4th son were breech. I had my 1st son naturally. They tried 2 times to turn him, but he would only flip back upwards. So they just let me have him breech. Now my 4th son was breech, again they tried to turn, but they had to stop because his leg was already in the birth canal and if they had continued to try it would break his hip. So he was born via c-section. So it can be done. She needs to get over herself. If it wasn’t for there dad, they would be nothing.

Trazza on

Rejoice, Kardashian haters! Versions are extremely painful and can cause an emergency situation that risks mother and baby’s life. Would you be happy if that happened? Seems like it from all the vitriol. People show no compassion toward this human being. We are all just human beings.

julie wallace on

I call BS, she is just looking to justify an early c-section along with the designer tummy tuck.

c on

A baby can turn at any time.Sometimes during labor. She is such an idiot.

blessedwithboys on

I hate myself for saying this, but I do believe I have a newfound respect for Kim!

birth doula on

People, relax! I’ve seen ‘Heads Up’ (excellent documentary) too and she is right that she is lucky, Dr. Crane is one of the few doctors in LA who still has the skills to deliver a breech baby naturally. I’m no fan of Kim, but good on her for looking for the facts and realizing she does have choices, an automatic c-section is NOT the only possibility when you’re carrying breech. There was a flawed study which showed bad outcomes for natural breech birth that stopped most doctors doing them, but a re-analysis of that data showed the study’s authors were wrong and ACOG now says that with breech babies both natural birth and c-sections have about the same risk. She’s actually being smart and empowering herself with the correct information… sure, it might be a change for usually dimwitted Kim, but good on her!

Anonymous on

Who cares? Why does she even have kids?

alasanon on

wow, SO MUCH JEALOUSY!!!…Why are you condemning a pregnant woman?? SO RUDE!!.. For shame on everyone condemning this poor woman or ANY pregnant woman, for that matter!!.. She’s not a criminal or Nazi… She just trying to have a baby safely & avoid more complications. Best wishes, Kim K.

Kristy on

If she’s only 6 months along, I guess she’s not due at Christmas? I can so see her having a C section and not caring about the health of the kid, just not wanting to gain another 50 lbs. And, who tweets and posts and gives interviews about how much they hate being pregnant? Bad enough that her kids are going to see EXACTLY what they popped out, over and over and over and with different men.

Anonymous on

Why in the blazes is everyone so concerned about Kim K ? You all act like she is the first woman to give birth. So WHAT ? This bitch knows everything, so she obviously should figure out on her own how to give birth to a breech baby. MY GOD…..the comment Kim made a couple of wks ago about how FLAT her stomach was in the morning, and by the middle of the day it just “pops out “…..just shows you how stupid she is….come on, I have had 5 children and my belly never just “popped ” out….in the afternoon. Where does she get these ideas ? For months and months she has made dramatic comments about her pregnancy, from having Placenta Acreida ( sp) and now the baby’s breech. Again…SO WHAT ? If she actually had Placenta Acredia(sp) her doctor would have insisted on her being really careful, a lot of bed rest etc. No Dr. would have approved of her jet-setting all over the country like she did. Not only that, but what is it lately with women not wearing maternity clothes ? Do they think they look good dressed like a stuffed sausage ?