Wild Thing! Coco Austin Displays Bare Baby Bump in Animal-Print Bra at 36 Weeks

11/24/2015 at 10:46 PM ET

CoCo Austin may be nearly nine months pregnant, but she still looks amazing!

The mom-to-be shared a baby bump update on Instagram Tuesday and her relatively tiny belly was on full display as the model rocked a cheetah-print sports bra and leggings.

“I’m behind on my baby bump pics! This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days I will be 37 weeks!” she wrote. “I’m really proud of my new baby blog which 5 new posts were just added. I got the idea to do one in the middle of my pregnancy when so many people were asking questions.”

She adds, “I’ve spent hours writing and incorporating photos with my words…Soon I will post all bump pics.”

Coco Austin pregnant bra
Courtesy Coco Austin

Austin, 36, is expecting her first child — a girl to be named Chanel Nicole — with husband Ice-T in December.

“I took the test and when I found out, I ran downstairs. He was on the computer and I was bawling, screaming. He thought someone died,” she told PEOPLE about first learning she was pregnant. “He was just as surprised as me.”

Austin hasn’t let pregnancy slow her down; aside from changing a few eating habits, she’s still rocking sky-high heels and cleavage baring outfits.

One thing’s for sure, she’s going to be one hot mama!

— Naja Rayne


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Bee on

thought her name was coco T

ImALadyToo on

Who, besides her husband, wants or needs to see this?! People have no sense of modesty any more!

Anonymous on

Get a real life

Kelly on

Get a life.

Carole on

Why do celebrities think that us commoners want to see their bump when they are pregnant. This is getting so old, Demi started it and now everyone bares all. It is a bump on a pregnant woman. Big deal

Teffie on

I’m not sure about others but when I was pregnant I never took pictures in my bra and published it out to the public…

Marissa on

Tiny belly. Look like she is completely pregnant in her enorm Kardasssss!

Tammy on

That’s about the size I was when I was six months pregnant (the belly… not the chest or butt).

rose on

I agree with the other comments, her belly looks small for 36 weeks but that may be because everything else on her is so big. She seems like a sweet lady none the less. And if she wants to share her pregnancy joy with bump pics then more power to her. I prefer them to her nearly naked ones.

K Wilhelm on

Kim, this is how it’s done. Coco, you look amazing and not one complaint!

Anna on

Go coco

Photoshop on

Her bump looks very strange. It’s very small andthe shape is odd, also skin and bellybutton look strange. So my question is: Is it real or fake? Anything is possible folks.

BTW women with bigger bumps can look amazing too. It’s not the size.

Really on

OMG she is so gross. Needs to change her name to coocoo. Freak.

Kat on

I’m sorry for her, the pictures, week after week, after week of her belly are disgusting!! especially the butt one that is bigger than her stomach!! Why do women think everyone wants to see their stomachs!! save it for your husband or significant other.- The world does not want to see it!! Trashy Women!

megan on

Fake pregnancy, with doctored photos + a surrogate somewhere

TLC on

Her baby bump is so tiny for 36 weeks. By that time, I looked like if you stuck a pin in me, I would literally pop! S/N love IceT’s character on Law & Order SVU. My favorite TV show these days. Congratulations to them!

Ashlie S on

I love baby bump pics; they are so much better than half of the pictures out there. I don’t understand why people think that because you’re pregnant you should hide your bump away. Also, to all the people saying this pregnancy is fake; don’t you think if that were true she would have a larger, more realistic looking bump that would make you all happy so you wouldn’t say “it’s a fake pregnancy”? Come on, get a life.

Kestrel on

Hey, whatever. My youngest was almost 11 pounds and I couldn’t fit behind the wheel of my car. My SIL still wore jeans until the last 3 weeks and she’s about this woman’s size.
My only issue is with the “baby bump”. It just sounds derogatory to me. Then again, women complaining they feel like whales and that they’re unattractive kind of bugs me, too. I had 2 wonderful pregnancies and never felt better but some people don’t have it so easy. Princess Catherine, for one.
Having a baby is such a magical experience that it seems like moaning about it is sort of disrespectful. Like complaining sbout a gift.

Anonymous on

The outfit of leopard is lovely.

Kiki on

So Happy for you & Ice T and you look fantastic. Can’t wait to see that first pic of baby Chanel

Volly on

Yay she may change her name to coco Ice-Tee.

Nice on

Her belly is pretty tiny but maybe she is carrying it in her behind and ta ta’s. My sister had the tiniest bump to. I remember going to Walmart with her the night before her cesarean and she had on this black catsuit with a little top over it and some heels…. some girls that she went to high school with stopped her and invited her to the club! She was like I’m having my baby in about 10 hours , they almost fainted and couldn’t believe she was pregnant (she just looked like she had put on a few pounds and a small few being that she was probably around 125 and was a normal 118) they was like where is the poor baby LOL. I replied have you looked at her butt…. It was huge lmao. My question for Coco is , where is her linea nigra! I never escaped the linea nigra and my sister’s tiny bump didn’t either.

Anonymous on

Her bump is kinda tiny but not uncommon, I know many women have been pregnant into 7 or 8 months and still look small. It depends on the person, the person can still have healthy baby even if the bump is small.