Fashion Stars! See Tori Spelling’s Daughters Debut As Mini Models

11/23/2015 at 01:15 PM ET

Tori Spelling‘s daughters are mini models!

The reality star’s girls Stella, 7, and Hattie, 4, seem to be as comfortable in front of the camera as their famous mother as they pose for MODERN QUEEN Kids, a children’s luxury accessory brand.

The sisters, wearing sparkly eyeshadow, smile as they model in a series of ethereal looks by Tutu du Monde.

Modern Queen Kids

Glammed up, Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s youngest daughter poses with her sister in the line’s Lush Couture Necklace and a Roamer onesie by Tutu du Monde.

Stella wears the Sparkle Pom Pearls Necklace by MODERN QUEEN kids and the Rolling Hills onesie from Tutu du Monde.

Modern Queen Kids

The girls also shine in solo shots, wearing items like Tutu du Monde’s Star Studded tutu dress and MODERN QUEEN Kids’ Wedding necklace. The necklaces featured range in price from $58-88.

The gorgeous accessories make one thing for certain: There may be two more famous Spellings in the future. They certainly inherited their mom’s looks!

Modern Queen Kids

— Lindsay Kimble and Aili Nahas

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guest on

Adorable girls but did they really bleach a 7 year old’s hair?

Elle on

Beautiful girls….

Lynn on

The child is 7 years old and clearly has bleached blonde hair . Who allows their 7 year old to bleach/dye their hair? What message does that send? That their hair wasn’t pretty enough ?? Insane!

sam on

as pretty as they look, it is so sad that her mom can’t give her some money. why would anyone with any dignity or self- respect do this to pre-teens?

Jj on

Do the girls really need to wear make-up? They are modeling for a CHILDREN’S brand, not Vogue. And I agree about the bleached hair on the 7 year old.

robyn on

WAY too much makeup on kids that young

Melissa on

Adorable! But i saw their thanksgiving special recently and Stella had brown hair, this has obviously been bleach, thats ridiculous!

Rikki1999 on

@Sam, these girls are not “preteen.” Hattie is a preschooler-she’s four. And Stella, with bleached blonde hair and blue eye shadow at seven? Tori needs to get off her behind and start earning some money, as does Dean.

mer on

I don’t know.. there’s something uncomfortable and disturbing about 4yo and 7yo wearing make-up. I know it’s for fun, but still..

Mrs. B on

Tori may not be much to look at, but her girls certainly are. They are absolutely adorable. In fact, all of her kids are good looking.

wendyw2407 on

Ugh, that poor girls hair is going to be RUINED. WHY would you bleach her hair?! Tori is a moron.

Erin on

It could be harmless Sun In, which we all used in the 90s as kids, so, maybe give the benefit of the doubt?

Linda_M on

Has Tori scheduled their boob jobs yet? Have trust funds been set up to cover future therapy for the girls?

Anonymous on

Sam, it’s not Candy’s responsibility to support her adult daughter’s family. Tori needs to learn to live within her means.

Anonymous on

Um they are too young to have so much make up.

Mandi on

Wow are those girls beauties!

What do you care ? on

Well, if it were Kim Kardashian’s kid North, most of you would be saying ” Go Kim ! ” North looks sooo cute”…..and other such nonsense. It depends on which celebrity it is really..I don’t approve of coloring a kids hair until they are 15-16….but then I am not Tori Spelling who BTW wasn’t Tori crying a few months ago about being BROKE ? If she is that broke, what the blaze is she having her child’s hair colored for. Bet that cost a least $150.00 if not more out there in CA……