Wes Chatham and Jenn Brown Celebrate Son’s Birthday – and Reveal the Sex of Their Second Child!

11/23/2015 at 07:30 PM ET

When it came time to celebrate son Nash‘s first birthday, Jenn Brown and husband Wes Chatham decided to blend two momentous occasions into one.

After honoring the adorable tot’s first year, the couple discovered the sex of their second child, who is due in May.

“We decided to reveal the sex this way because the timing just worked out perfectly,” sportscaster Brown tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Our doctor told us the date we would have the results of our blood work back and it was just a few days before Nash’s first birthday. We figured this would be way more fun than the doctor just reading it to us over the phone.”

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And it’ll be another boy for Brown and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 star.

The couple used a smash cake for the announcement, which was blue on the inside (and topped with a big “1” for the big brother).

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Neither star was aware of the sex before cutting into the festive confection — in fact, Brown was convinced she was having a girl.

“This pregnancy started off for me very differently than the first. I was sick the first few months, and with Nash, I had no morning sickness,” she explains. “For that reason, I thought we were having a girl. I was very surprised when Nash dug into the cake and it was blue.”

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The intimate celebration included healthy party favors from both USANA and Mabel’s Labels, as well as festive balloons and a special banner. Invites were sent through ECHOage, which allows guest hosts to select a charity — Brown chose Autism Speaks — to contribute funds to through the save-the-dates.

“I have friends whose kids are affected by autism,” she says of her decision. “I’m glad to have used this special occasion as an opportunity to not only celebrate but to help give back.”

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Brown says sharing the revelatory moment with her family and friends was something she’ll “never forget.”

“Nash loved his party. It’s the first time we’ve had a bunch of his friends over to the house to play and he kept wanting to share his toys with them. It was so cute,” Brown says.

“The cake was the best because he’s never really had sugar before so when he put the first taste of icing in his mouth, his reaction was priceless. He definitely ran around the house on a sugar high for a while!”

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The couple is “so happy” that their sons will be close in age and expect the pair to be “little buddies.”

With the sex now out in the open, Brown has moved on to preparations for life as a family of four.

“I have already been searching for cribs, and had a boy one and a girl one picked out from EVOLUR and now I can’t wait to get to design our baby’s nursery,” she says. “It’s so much fun, especially now that we know the gender.”

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Brown and Chatham shared the news of her pregnancy with PEOPLE just last week.

“We weren’t planning on having our second this soon,” she said at the time, “but we are loving the idea of having our children be close together!”

– Lindsay Kimble

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heather on

Who in the heck are either of these people? People Exclusive, really??

melissa on

Way to take the attention away from the 1 yr old bday boy… His birthday should b about him not gender of the new 1…. It’s bad enough they made him an ugly kid….. Here’s to: hoping the 2nd kid is actually cute and doesn’t look like he took a forceful kick to the face also….

Tee on

Nash is such a cutie!

To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit torn on how they chose to reveal their second baby’s gender. Part of me thinks it was neat simply because their family and friends were already gathered together, so it was a fun way to announce it. (I’ve always found gender reveal parties to be a bit overdone, to be honest.) But the other part of me kind of feels like it took away from their son’s first birthday. Took the attention off their son and put it all on their unborn child.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? And ultimately, it doesn’t matter anyone because it’s not my baby! Congratulations to Jenn and Wes on their new unborn son! Two boys so close in age sure will be fun!

bkable on

Tee – I’m right there with you!! I’m not against gender reveals but I think your son’s 1st birthday is not the time. Second or third birthdays, maybe but the first birthday is a HUGE deal and shouldn’t be overshadowed by the new baby.

Mary on

Seriously, to all of the people bemoaning that they “took attention away” from their son’s first birthday–come on. Like he even really realizes what is going on in the first place. Do any of you remember YOUR first birthday? For all you know it never even happened. I think it was a lovely idea to mesh the two–because all they did was cut a cake and see the gender, no big deal. I would probably do the same thing. My parents announced they were pregnant with their second child at my first birthday–you don’t see me sobbing in a corner over stolen thunder.

Poor kid on

Poor kid’s barely 1 and already having his thunder stolen by the younger sibling. How tacky of these nobodies.

Kathleen on

I am convinced these stories make the news because of the “sponsors” of the different parts – cake, invites, etc. The kid won’t remember the party and it is mostly for the parents and their friends. It was good that People told us who these two were because I honestly did not know.

Kristi on


Mary on

Glad I’m not the only one who had no clue who these people are.

Dawn on

Good grief, people, get a life already! I sure as heck don’t remember my 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthdays lol those parties are for the family and friends so great way to consolidate resources and celebrate family!

zoey on

@meliisa – what kind of ass jag says “It’s bad enough they made him an ugly kid” ABOUT A BABY. it’s a baby you dolt.

ItsBrittneyB on

1. There is no such thing as a sugar high.
2. Who are these people? Must be a slow day…