Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Welcome Daughter Saylor James

11/23/2015 at 05:15 PM ET

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Welcome Daughter Saylor James width=
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Kristin Cavallari has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

The former reality star and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, welcomed their third child on Monday, Nov. 23. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz. and measured 19¼ inches long.

Saylor James Cutler was born today at 1:32 p.m.,” Cavallari announced via Instagram.

The new addition to the family joins older brothers Jaxon Wyatt, 18 months, and Camden Jack, 3. Her arrival also means the designer is no longer the only lady in the house.

“She’s going to steal Jay’s heart, which will in turn melt mine!” Cavallari, 28, said recently. “I’m excited for the boys to grow up with a sister. I think it will help them to better understand and respect women.”

The couple, who’ve had their daughter’s name chosen for years, drew their inspiration from an unexpected place.

“We picked out this baby girl’s name when I was pregnant with our first,” Cavallari said in September. “I met a woman and her dog, and I loved her dog’s name. Funny enough, it was the name she had picked out if she had a girl, but she had boys, so she used it for her dog instead.”

The new mom, whose book Balancing in Heels will be out in March, has been counting down the days to delivery, sharing snaps on her Instagram along the way. In one photo, a bowl of ice cream rests near her belly while Cutler, 32, gives his wife a foot massage in another.

“Let’s see if these trigger points really work,” she captioned the photo.

In another photo, Cavallari’s bump is on full display as she makes a heart with her hands over her belly.

“Any day now…” she captioned the sweet snap.

Cavallari and Cutler made their pregnancy announcement in May through her official app.

“We’re at it again! Thrilled to announce baby number 3 is on the way! The Cutler crew keeps on growin!” she wrote alongside a photo of her making a heart over her belly.

Just two months later, the couple shared that they were expecting a girl — the first for the pair.

“The boys are so excited to have a little sister on the way!” Cavallari captioned a black-and-white photo featuring a pair of pink Converse.

— Naja Rayne

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Stella on

Great.. another unvaccinated baby.

nwmama on

Too bad the kids are not vaccinated, and will be a risk to other children.

Shawna on

It is their choice as parents to make. My children are not vaccinated. They are 10, 13, and 15 and I am very happy with my decision.

Kim on

Why do celebrities like the name James for a girl? Ugh. Give her a pretty middle name.

Susan on

She’s just a-poppin’ them out.

guest on

@Shawna, your own personal “happiness” about your decisions has no bearing on the health of your children OR others’. What an absolutely selfish thing to say. Get off your high horse and get a clue; vaccinating is the responsible AND healthy thing to do not only as a parent, but as a human.

Anonymous on

Yeah, I know it’s not my baby and all but I am not a fan of the name James for a girl. If they (or anyone, for that matter) are going to give her a unisex first name, it would be nice to give her a feminine middle name. For her whole life, whenever her name is seen on paper, people will always think it’s a boy. JMO.

Mono on

What a cute family!!! Very sweet!!! I love the name! All of their kiddies names are lovely. As for the parents not vaccinating their kids, well if it doesn’t affect ME directly, then it’s none of my business! Congrats!!!!

Brooke on

And we seem to have lost the name James to the girl side. It is definitely the “hip” middle name for girls right.

guest on

@Mono it DOES affect you directly. It’s called herd immunity. Educate yourself and look it up. Your live-and-let-live attitude is not healthy nor scientifically accurate in the context of vaccinating.

twelsh42 on

3 kids by 28. Ugh.

jones on

Best wishes to the family, but I agree with others that it is too bad she chooses not to vaccinate her children.

Charlotte on

Congrats on the baby, but terrible name.

And what’s this about her kids not being vaccinated?

Anonymous on

Very cute name! I’ve also been a fan of both Kristen and the Bears so this is fun news!! (and lots of people have 3 babies by 28 twelsh42)

twelsh42 on

Anonymous, I am totally aware of that and have some friends who have done so themselves and are quite miserable. I think your 20s should be a time to be crazy, free, find yourself, find what you love and mature emotionally. With the current divorce rate, you have a 50% chance of raising them alone. No thanks.

Anonymous on

My daughter’s middle name is James and we call her; “Sadie James.” My father’s middle name was James, and he passed away about a year before she was born; so it was a way to honor him.

guest on

Very cute name! I like how people are using James girl’s these days. Congrats to them!

Jason on

I LOVE Lauren Conrad

Christy on

What does she see in him?! He’s a crappy Quarterback, not well liked and has a bad personality. #tradeup #outofhisleague

J on

In the case of Blake and Ryan using James… Blake is named after her grandfather and James is named after her grandfather.

J on

Vaccinating her children is her choice. I don’t agree with it and my children are vaccinated but I’m not going to put her down. Live and let live. Everyone knows her children aren’t vaccinated so they have the right to stay away from them if they so choose. How about just congratulating her instead of being snots?

Beth on

Her husband’s name is Jake not Jay.

J on


His name at birth was Jay Christopher Cutler. His name is not, nor has it ever been, Jake.

Ebeth on

Ugh, I hate the cutesy spellings. Also, parents who don’t vaccinate and mooch off the herd immunity caused by others vaccinating.

guest on

@J, so does this mean everyone in a grocery store should run the opposite direction when this person–or any other anti-vaxxer–approaches? What about on a train? On a flight? In an airport? In a church? On the subway? On the sidewalk? Anywhere? Really? Your logic is faulty.

Furthermore, it’s not snotty to point out that this woman is putting her children and others at risk for being a blatant health risk. Science proves this. The poor, uninformed choices she makes as a mother does not trump public health. You say “live and let live”–do you feel that way about murderers? Drug addicts? Pedophiles? Did you feel that way when Ebola was a crisis in Sierra Leonne? Again, your argument lacks logic.

The kids should be vaccinated, period. If they have a legitimate reason (e.g. a compromised immune system) for not being vaccinated, then guess what? THAT’ is exactly why this moron and all others who CAN vaccinate their kids, SHOULD.

JR on

Wow. Three kids, each 18 months apart. I hope she has lots of help.

Anonymous on

Happy NOT TO VACCINATE???? What kind of moron are you putting the health of others at risk!!!! Learn THE FACTS!!!!

Saylor on

We delayed vaccinating our two kids and I wouldn’t do it any differently. Both of my children are healthy and happy. And we only gave them the vaccinations that allowed them to enter school, 16, not the suggested 36 vaccines. I do believe there is a problem with over vaccinating children and adults. It’s a personal choice. Get off her case about it.

stacey on

I LOVE the baby’s name! I actually like all of her kids names.

Edie on

There is no question — Cavallari is one of the most obnoxiously conceited individuals in the US. What an arrogant person.

Monica on

Stupid parents, stupid name. And another unvaccinated child to spread disease. Jesus willing she’ll close her meat curtains for good now.

Sue on

@twelsh42…I had my fourth by 28…wouldn’t change a thing. Loved being a young mother. Kristin’s beautiful, has a beautiful family, and seems to love her life, who is anyone to judge?

Amanda on

He just seems like a real dick

Nanam on

First I have a big issue with the oxymoron term of reality star! Nope
Saylor isn’t some new name for a girl Christie Brinkley has one in her teens
and now I read she is a no Vax parent, ugh! Yes it’s their choice not to vax! Did these people not learn anything from the Disneyland measles outbreak?

Anonymous on

If I had 2 boys already and I had a girl, I would give a really cute GIRLS name. I’m not a fan of Saylor or James. Yuck!

cjm on

Saylor is such a dreadful name. Ugh.

Emilia on

Firstly, congratulations to Kristin and Jay. Secondly, I can’t stand the name James for a girl. Why is it suddenly such a popular name?? Thirdly, why would you not vaccinate your kids. As a mother you should be concerned about your own children and what if these kids catch some deadly sickness. How can you take the risk?? Then you will regret for the rest of your life that you didn’t vaccinate them when you had all the possibilities in the world to do so. I simply don’t get it.

Nikki on

saylor?????????? and JaMES??? why do parents pick these awful names for their kids, and a girl on top of it…dont they think of what the girl will go thru with a name like this????

Anonymous on

This baby name is as stupid as their vaccination mindset. They both seem not very smart…nor relevant. Just take your bad opinions (and quarterbacking skills) and go away.

Fran on

Named after a dog, lovely….and this whole family is tasteless

SA on

I recently had my third, a girl, after having two boys, the oldest of whom is three as well. Three kids three and under? I don’t care how much help they have, this family is in for a rough ride. It’s been an exhausting year for us, and my kids are easy, all things considered.

Anonymous on

A article about how a nobody chose a dogs name for her kid? Super.

Lucia on

Ok, for all the people freaking out about her choice not to vaccinate, stop and think before you type. Think how vaccinations work. For example, before you travel to a foreign country where they don’t vaccinate, what do you do? Get your shots. Why? To protect yourself from getting a disease or illness. So the vaccination protects you, right? So if you and your children are vaccinated you are not at risk. Why do you care if she chooses not to vaccinate?

Intheknow on

Now if only Cutler could play football worth a damn!

Connie on

@Lucia. You are only partly correct. Yes the vaccinated are mostly protected, however the unvaccinated put the whole community at risk for reintroduction of illnesses that are nearly or wholly eradicated. The very young and the elderly are at risk to contract illnesses even if they have been vaccinated, so it is not completely accurate to say if you are vaccinated you are protected. It is a slippery slope but if she sends her kids to school they will have to have some of the shots.

Ann on

Hope she gets her kids vaccinated this time!

Dolly on

Saylor Cutler is a crappy name.

Saylor James Cutler is triple crappy.

Lynn on

Good for them! Now maybe he’ll go ahead and retire to spent time with his children because he is definitely not helping the bears.

Melissa on

I don’t really get it…not vaccinating and the name too…I mean to each is own, however, not vaccinating your children put MY children at risk so now I care lol After I had my son Liam and was super excited to have a girl, we named her Audrey Lauren C. – it may not be “modern/edgy” but it’s a classic name that everyone will pronounce with ease!

Kan on

Jay has made so much money, now he can retire to raise his 3 young kids lol.

Lyoness on

Nice name…I immediately thought of Christie Brinkley’s daughter when I heard Saylor. It’s cute. James is popular as a middle name. I know someone who daughter has that middle name. Her father’s name is James and this was their last baby.

lilly pond on

What is with the name James???? So stupid.

Shawna on

twelsh28 – That is your opinion, doesn’t mean it’s right. I had all 3 of my kids by 26. I am now 36 and am very happy I had them all young. Oh, and my husband and I have been married for 16 years and happier than ever.

KT on

Will she announce another pregnancy in 9 months? You bet she will. She’ll say she wants a sister for her daughter.

Anonymous on

@Shawna Vaccinating your kids is not a matter of opinion. Of course a doctor can’t force you to do it. All they can do is ‘strongly advise’ you to vaccinate. That simply means do it.
Please, please educate yourself properly about vaccines. What you are doing is harmful to your kids and other kids as well.
I work in medical research. You can’t imagine the amount of false information that exists out there.
I hope you read the facts from reliable sources and make the right decisions as soon as possible.

Rachael on

Congrats to them… why does Cutler look so bored and uninterested in everything he does?

Anonymous on

My daughter’s name is Saylor. It’s my maiden name. 🙂

To all of you that think it’s an ugly name – please be nice to others.

Rose on

Why not Saylor Jay Cutler? At least Jay’s after the father and original. James reminds me Blake’s daughter.

Anna on

I applaud your decision not to vaccinate! Congratulations on the third baby!

Terr on

Leah Jenner used James for her daughters middle name, Jeniffer Love Hewitt also did…James? Girl? 🤔

Bill Rickmann on

Congrats to both of you. I had a grand daughter in May also.😊 So looking forward to football season. Jay is gonna lite up some numbers! #Cutlersbiggestfan

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