Gavin Rossdale on His Future: ‘My Children Come First’ (and He Has a Christmas Surprise for Them!)

11/22/2015 at 10:30 AM ET

Gavin Rossdale enjoys every minute of being a father.

The antics of his three sons with estranged wife Gwen Stefani — Kingston, 9 1/2; Zuma, 7, and their baby brother Apollo, 20 months, keep him busier than ever.

“The boys interact so well, and they truly love each other,” Rossdale, 50, told PEOPLE during the Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic gala at Florida’s Boca Raton Resort and Club on Saturday.

“They are so sweet and protective of each other, and they have little dance parties. I am always on the lookout to see what they are doing next and how they are working their naughty habits!”

Gavin Rossdale
Aaron Davidson/Getty

Rossdale, who split from Stefani this summer, looked tan and relaxed at the event. He wore a black suit with his hair pulled back in an on-trend man bun after an afternoon of playing tennis for Chris Evert Charities. According to the charity, they’ve raised nearly $22 million since 1989.

The Bush frontman takes his tennis game seriously and spends time during the year working on improvements so he can keep up with the pros that Evert brings to Florida each November.

“I play tennis in bits and pieces throughout the year,” he tells PEOPLE. “For me, it’s a big sport. And I play when I can.”

Meanwhile, he is busy working on a new Bush record and planning a 2016 tour around his children’s schedule. “My children come first,” he explains.

And that includes a special gift that his three lucky sons will receive on the day after Christmas.

“I am taking the boys on a special trip Dec. 26,” Rossdale reveals. “Where we are going is a big surprise!”

— Linda Marx

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Carolyn on

Your kids did not come first when you were with their Nannie. So very very sad!

BVS on

If he’s such a great father how come there was no mention of the daughter he refused to claim or speak to for years. Not buying his great dad act. Blake Shelton would be a much better father figure!

Not so much on

BVS- not so sure about Blake being a better father when all he brags about is being drunk and drinking and left his wife for Miranda. I guess we all have different standards. Lol

fiona on

sleeping w/the nanny while your wife is in the hospital after giving birth to YOUR son. you know what gavin? you suck!

jesse on

What a fool! Such a beautiful wife you had. You slept with the nanny? SMH.

Gwen on

Loves being a father because of the kids or lives being a father because of the nanny?

What a loser. He doesn’t claim his older daughter, cheats on Gwen with Courtney Love, and dresses up the nanny in Gwen’s hand me downs while sexting nudes from a few rooms away from his wife and kids that pop up on the kids iPad.

He’s not a decent human being, much less father.

truth2 on

Looking good!!!!..Focusing on the kids is important right now..Blake cheated on his first wife.!!.Yet he looks like the good guy?No..and Gwen going after a married man?.Umm they are all guilty of many things.Gavin is hot!

veggie mama on

If he really put the kids first, he would have stayed out of the nanny’s pants. Just saying…

Anonymous on

Surprise Christmas, you, me and the nanny..sorry no surprise!

bushfan on

great news!! we always love you Gavin and don’t give a damn about stupid gossip rumours.. Great that there will be a new Bush tour in 2016.. hopefully this time including Euro dates too..

redd on

@BVS he is actually very close to his daughter now and spends a
lot of time with her. Google it.

VirgotheVirgin on

It’s too bad your wife didn’t do the same thing. Sacrificing her children for work and money is pathetic.

Hea on

I thought better of him. I’m sure he had his reasons but still…

Anonymous on

Good fathers don’t have affairs with their children’s nanny. If you don’t love your wife anymore and you want to go out be with others (on more than one occasion, with more than one peron) than be man enough to tell her and get a divorce. Don’t run around treating their mother like crap, lying, sneaking and cheating. Respecting your children is called respecting their mother. Ask yourself, what sort of man does what he did & doesn’t that make him a shitty dad.

He treated his wife like dirt for years, he cheated many times and was forgiven and yet he pushed her and broke her down to the point that she had no choice but to leave him (an affair with yo

Christine on

I’m so tired of hearing these cheaters say their kids come first. Yeah, after the fact once they put theirselves first and their selfish needs. Who are they kidding. Maybe if they put their kids first they wouldn’t be in this situation.

dance2136 on

So when you were doing the nanny while your wife was pregnant exactly what were you thinking about…certainly not your children or your wife….the PR machine is in overdrive.

Grace on

Aw, now his kids come first.

Luigi on

I don’t trust Gavin. Gwen should be careful. He may just be taking the kids to England for good. What a huge headache Gavin has been for Gwen. A total piece of shit.

guest 4 on

well well well…. i do believe that the heading of this story is a BIG DIG towards Gwen… sooo glad she dumped him and is truly happy

nyc2 on

Yes it may be a dig against Gwen..Cause yeah she is running around after a cowboy all over L.A…How would you like to see your mom chasing after a man in a cowgirl suit all over town during a divorce?..Pathetic!I wouldn’t have taken her for such a desperate man-hungry woman..

bushfan on

people can be so darn judgemental and sigusting.. Why don’t you all bother to AT LEAST READ the article before comemnting? THis is m,entioning new music and tour coming fron Gavin and Bush, and.. what are youy all commenting about?? That BS about the nanny story.. BTW does anyone still believe that?( the story has been denied from a friend of that girl’s on a rfadio interview ) is that the only thing that comes to your mind talking about Gavin?? Wow!!!

BS on

“The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”–
Banging the nanny is putting yourself first and not putting your children first..

Jill on

This is all just more drama and speculation. NO ONE knows what happened in the marriage except Gwen and Gavin.

Nardia on

Don’t know exactly what the situation is, good luck to his kids and his family.