Kim Kardashian West: How Kanye and I Are Picking the Baby’s Name

11/18/2015 at 10:05 AM ET

There’s been plenty of buzz over the potential moniker of Kim Kardashian West‘s baby boy, due in just a few weeks. (Easton West, anyone?)

But the reality star, 35, insists that she and husband Kanye West haven’t chosen a name just yet.

“It’s like the last thing that Kanye and I did when [2-year-old daughter] North was born,” Kardashian West tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We didn’t name her for like seven days. I feel like it will just come to us.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West son's name

And there certainly won’t be shortage of interesting names to choose from. “[My nephew Mason and niece Penelope] come up with different names all the time,” says Kardashian West. “I think it’s so funny.”

As for North, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says her daughter has her own idea of what to call her future sibling. “She just says, ‘Baby brother,’ ” Kardashian West says with a laugh.

“[We ask her], ‘What should we name baby brother?’ [She says], ‘Baby brother!’ ”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays on E!

For much more from Kim Kardashian West, including details on her pregnancy and her family’s turbulent year, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Aili Nahas

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Ella on

Tough to come up with a direction, when you’re a Kardashian. Took 7 days to come up with North West.

just sayin' on

Just use the same compass, there are three other directions on there.

Emily on

I’m betting on a Kanye Jr.

Anonymous on

how about bob?

Tara on

I refuse to believe it took them 7 days to come up with North.

And the son’s name is clearly going to be Easton

Sue on

Really? 7 days? I didn’t think she was THAT stupid…wow

Banaads on

I’ve got bets on South West

Ally on

I’m willing to bet money that it’ll be Yeezus.

Justamea on

How stoopid

Baby fever on

Wild? Go? Old?

Geez on

Why not South? The one and only compass family.

seila on

7 days to come up with north??? please, when she was pregnant everyone asked her if the name was going to be north and she deny it, when the girl was born, it turns out it was in fact the baby’s name. stop lying kim

Lyn on

I’m thinking that it will be West West. Because they are just that dumb.

Maxine on

Probably South? So her kids will have North and South!

Denise on

Who the hell cares? Thank god that this is hopefully the last time these two breed and we have to have it thrown in our faces constantly about nonsense “Top Story” news. How about doing some real reporting on stuff that actually matters to your readers

Molly on

Who cares.

Anonymous on

What about South West.

Anonymous on

What about South West

Volly on

Um it take 7 days to come up the name North.

Anonymous on

His name will be Wild Wild.

susan on

Now I know why Kanye doesn’t smile: He looks like a pedophile when he does.

whatever on

They’re picking that kids name out of my nose….and (shocker) it will be “South” because Anna Wintour’s cat said it was a good idea. Such posers.

Elena on

Ray J West sounds nice!

Shawn on

Yeezus Kanye Easton West.

Ginger on

How about Easton? So it will be East and West. Sort of.

Just a Duck on

Whatever they come up with, can’t be worse than what they named the first kid.

Figg on

I think they should name the baby “True.”

whocares on


Turttles on

She’s LYING! When they announced that she pregnant she said that they already chose a name for the baby and that it is a traditional name.

terry on

I kinda like Spurgeon, if you want to know the truth.

Gumby on


Gumby on


Who on

Brother West

Guest on

Sad that People has nothing better to report on this morning than these losers.

B on

That’s a nice picture of those two.

fatalreview on

uhhhh they came up with North when she was barely pregnant-and they “leaked” it social media and then kept themselves in the gossip by then denying it -so just more lies-Kimmode is a pathological liar she has no idea herself what the actual truth is -like she thinks she actually looks like her re-painted photoshop fantasy PR shots-they have already picked some lame name since Kuntye wants her to stuff it back up her gapping cervix till Christmas Day it will probably be something lame to denote he is a “deity” like Reign or Saint or Yahweh-like it proves he is god like-since they obviously GMO’d the kid to be a boy Kuntye is pretty delusional and confused about his existence

Anonymous on

Who cares. Paris, France is important, not these uncaring liars. Lamar Odom will haunt you for the rest of your lives, you big liars

Anonymous on

All my bets are on Wilde West.

Anonymous on

its Joseph

Doesn't Matter on


Klamidia on

DI – REC- SHON JAY MALL WEST has a nice flow to it.

Olly on

Nothing matters after “Spurgeon”

Vagerific on

Compass again?

Nancy on

Another slow news day….right PEOPLE? Another article that says NOTHING just to fill space! Why don’t you actually write articles about “real” people and their lives? So glad I no longer waste my $$ on your magazine!

canuckchick on

that poor kid.

Albertine/Jacqueline Côté on

I would not be surprised if she named him something unique LOL. This couple is hilarious LOL. Babe West maybe is a contender? Whatever the name I’m sure it will be awesome lol. 😉

kris on

Kanye looks like he’s waiting for the short bus.

marie on

Probably name him Angel, how about Scott Disick West?

Sarah on

Kim can’t even keep her own lies straight…she did an interview months ago and shared how they named North. She said that they were at lunch when Anna Wintour repeated the rumor that they were going to name the baby North and said it was fabulous or something. Kim said she and Kanye decided then to name the baby North. Now Kim is saying they waited days after birth until a name came to them. What a pathetic narcissist lying about how she named her child.

Andy on

And who gives a fig?

Liz on

Not true. On the episode of her baby shower on KUWTK she told e everyone the name would be North. Why lie about it?

j.s. on

A family of lying narcissists… That child won’t stand a chance, no matter what they name him.

Marissa on

Easton & we r done

luca on

phew. good thing we know what Kim is thinking about since Kylie has had all the news stories the last 24/hrs

Kestrel on

It’s going to be something like Royal, Marquis or Baron…..something person-of-importance style.
She might be vain and dumb but he’s just insane.

Not a Fan on

no they picked a name way before North was born, on the series, Mamma Kris refered to the baby as North way before she was born…just saying

Pam on

How about “BRUCE”

whatevs on

please! she was saying what noth was going to be the 2nd they found out it was a girl. then tried to play it off like they weren’t choosing that. they will name that poor child easton and she will be the, continued, laughing stock of the planet for being so self absorbed

LIN on

They can’t possibly come up with a name dumber than North…or can they?

Tish on

I’m sure it will be dumb like the last name you picked. Luckily, your kids can change it when they are 18.

Carole on

You know, PEOPLE used to be a pretty good magazine, now it is just a rag. Surely there is something more important going on than the daily stupidity of the Kardashian’ s, my main concern for those children is that they are allowed to be children, loved, respected, fairly disciplined, etc. Not dolls or toys to be displayed, for their selfish, self serving parents.

Kimmode on

Toilet West.