Kim Kardashian West Reveals She Might Need a Hysterectomy After Delivering Second Child

11/16/2015 at 02:15 PM ET

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As Kim Kardashian West‘s December due date approaches, the reality star is opening up about what could potentially be a very scary delivery.

In a new post on her website and app, Kardashian West wrote that she’s trying to stay “hopeful,” but is still fearful of complications related to preeclampsia, the same condition she suffered during her pregnancy with daughter North, 2, or placenta accreta.

She explained that typically, a woman’s placenta is delivered following the birth of the baby whereas Kardashian West’s was not. As a result of the high risk condition, the star said she underwent the “most painful experience of my life” to have it scraped out by a doctor, by hand.

“With the issues I had last time, my risk of having preclampsia and placenta acreeta are increased and there’s not a whole lot I can do to prevent it, so my anxiety is a little high leading up to my delivery,” Kardashian West revealed.

“In a very rare case, I might need a hysterectomy after delivery if my condition is severe enough, but luckily my doctor doesn’t think this will happen.”

The 35-year-old, who has been fairly open about her second pregnancy (which she’s called the “worst experience”), said she’s trying to stress out less while she gets closer to delivery.

“My advice to anyone going through this or anything difficult during pregnancy is that all you can do is be hopeful, get the best information out there and just be prepared,” she wrote. “The more information you have, the better you know how to handle it!”

Preeclampsia and placenta accreta are not the only concerns Kardashian West has had during her pregnancy. In a clip from the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the star was worried that she could possibly have gestational diabetes.

“They saw more fluid than normal in my placenta, which could mean I have diabetes,” she said in the promo.

Needless to say, the star is ready to welcome her and Kanye West‘s baby into the world.

“I’m not sure why I don’t like the experience like others do. Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf— of how your body expands and nothing fits,” she shared on her site earlier this year. “I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel sexy, either — I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

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darena on

If you can keep one ovary at least after hysterectomy to provide estrogen, then there should be few side effects later. A woman having the surgery over 50 can get both ovaries removed since at that point they’re probably not doing much anyway. Huge weight gains can make a person more susceptible to diabetes when pregnant. Kim can power through this, taking comfort in the fact that she won’t have to go through it again. (No, I am not mean like the rest of the trolls who post on here).

Anonymous on

“Nothing fits” because she keeps stuffing her size 20 body into size 2 clothes.

G on

Sorry Kim, it breaks my heart to hear you say you feel gross being pregnant. I would kill to feel that “gross” you talk about. I am unable to have children.

canna on

This twit SHOULD have a hysterectomy. Her being unable to breed will only help the world…in ways immeasurable.

Julia on


guest on

her dress is courtesy of “Jimmy Dean” She needs to stop stuffing herself into clothes that make her look like a sausage! if she wore regular maternity clothes she & her kid could breath & not be trailer park trash.

Bonnie on

I have a daughter Kim’s age, and the placenta didn’t deliver when she was born. They ut me out for a few minutes and delivered it. I had bare bones medical coverage at the time. If they can do this for me, then why can’t they do this for her ?

Gina on

I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Dawn on

Maybe she should have a hysterectomy. All she has done since getting pregnant is complain about being pregnant! And maybe she would be a little more comfortable if she were to wear clothes that fit correctly. She always looks like a sausage stuffed into it’s casing.

Anonymous on

Why are you all so mean. She is allowed to feel what she feels. She has struggled to have one child and now hoped everything will be OK with another. It is very difficult for many to have a child. If someone succeeds, you need to be supportive and happy for them. Your day may still come too.

really on

Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if she took care of herself while pregnant instead of stuffing her huge body into skin tight ugly clothes, and flying all over the world she’d be in better shape than she is now….

v_dodds on

Considering Kim makes no bones about it, ‘”I’ve never been more miserable”, a full hysterectomy can be done while she has her c-section on Christmas. Once this baby is born and she has all that fat sucked out she can parade her naked body over all forms of social media. She will then be on top of the world again. She’s a terrible excuse of a woman, selfish.

jup on

she would not feel so big if she had not already stuffed silicone all over her body – her boobs, her butt, her lips. How nice that she says this so that it can be quoted online so her child can forever read about how she hated the pregnancy.

kb on

The placenta issue is exactly what happened when I delivered my daughter and there was the choice of “pulling” it out or surgery, my dr. opted for the 1st. Yes it hurt, even more than labour but it did not make it as dramatic as she is making it sound. It’s more common than we all know as my friend who delivered her daughter 3 days after had the same issue and they only did it surgically because she had been in labour for over 24 hrs. already. Can’t stand drama queens

Lily on

Bonnie, I just had a baby a few months ago and the placenta didn’t deliver. I had undiagnosed placenta accreta, and hemorrhaged badly. They weren’t able to separate the placenta from my uterus in time, at the rate I was bleeding out. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. This is probably what they’re saying MIGHT happen, in an extreme case, with Kim. Best of luck to her. I may not like her much, but nobody should have to go through that.

brownin329 on

She’s probably just scared. That is all.

Melanie on

Bonnie, if her blood pressure was through the roof it may not have been safe to give her general anesthesia.

Sandra on

Follow the doctors advice and do what is best for you and the baby. She is allowed to feel whatever way she wants to about her pregnancy and if you have an issue with that I suggest you stop clicking on the articles that cover her.

Princess De on

It makes me mad this is news. I had to have a hysterectomy at 29. Couldn’t have any more children. My one son is a miracle. Give me a break…

Ashln on

She’s in the spotlight so she’s going to try and create all this hype around it. I experienced both conditions with both of my pregnancies and everything was fine afterwards. She’s using these conditions as an excuse to the public for why she won’t have anymore children.

Anonymous on

She is a disgraceful human being

Summer on

Most women who struggled with fertility and miscarriages, like myself and others close to me, are just happy to be pregnant. Yes, it’s often uncomfortable. I had hyperemesis gravidarum and pre-eclampsia. But I would never moan and complain like she does because I’m just happy to have a healthy baby! Everyone knows she chose IVF to do ssx selection to have a boy. She should at least Google infertility before pretending she had it. 6 months of not conceiving at her age is NOT infertility, particularly after she had no issues getting accidentally pregnant with North. Using something that is so painful for.many women for dradra and fame is disgusting.

Nell on

If she has placenta accreta as she claims, this would have been immediately caught on first u/s and monitored throughout. In addition, a c section would have been scheduled as well. She can stop lying and crawl back into whatever hole she came out of with her bullcrap excuses.

Bimbo on

The lengths this woman go for sympathy!!! Bleurgh!!!

Mildred on

Kim. Get over it. A lot of women have the same problem and don’t whine about it. Tell your doctor to do a c- section. She wears those tight clothes to try to look motherly. Instead she looks like a blimp and now it will take her two years to loose those 60 LBS claims are only 50. If she was becoming gestionally diabetic they would know that already . Still would like to know how she found out it was a boy baby sooner then anyone would ever know …is she all padded up to look pregnant??? Maybe in fact there may be a surrogate carrying this baby boy. I still have my suspicions
Those Kardashians can and will pay for anything they want.

Guest on

I think she makes up these worst case scenarios just to stay relevant. Hope she does have a hysterectomy or gets her tubes tied. Not sure the world can stand the drama of a 3rd one. And nothing fits…REALLY??? Try something that is your actual size; maybe that would work dumbo. Must take several people to get her into those sausage cases she insists on stuffing herself into. Is somebody telling her that she actually looks good in those clothes? Stevie Wonder maybe??? 🙂

redchair1 on

well at least she can’t have any more kids so that’s a good thing

Anonymous on

When will the verbal diarrhea stop?!?!

katedfw on

I would give anything to have been able to have children and here she is complaining. I found out when I was 16 that I couldn’t have kids and that fact ended every serious relationship I ever had. My ex always said it didn’t matter to him but guess what…it did. He left me and now has 4 kids. Yeah, that didn’t hurt much!

So think before you open your mouth. Some people haven’t had such a privileged life…

Anonymous on

Isn’t this very personal information that doesn’t need to be shared with the public?? I mean, it’s nobody’s business about how she had to have her placenta scraped out, for crying out loud. Ughhhh, Kim, just SHUT UP.

cj on

Dress for your pregnancy and I bet you’d feel better. You can’t be comfortable being squeezed into clothes that don’t fit and that bind your boobs and belly. Every pregnancy and delivery is different but I’m sure you will have a “story” to tell even with a scheduled C-section.

Anonymous on

Isn’t this very personal information that doesn’t need to be shared with the public???? Do we need to know her placenta had to be scraped out? For crying out loud, Kim, SHUT UP already.

Connie on

@Mildred – They did IVF and gender selection! That’s how they knew it was a boy so early. She also never had infertility problems. She is a drama queen and fake.

Reading is Sexy on

I will wager Kim creates a lot of “chaos” surrounding the birth of her child, so as to distract from the plastic surgery procedures she will undergo to put herself back together again. Nothing is ever new with this klan, round and round they go with mass media manipulation. Got to admit, they can tell lies wholeheartedly, it is a talent.

Stacy on

Poor lady. I wish her a safe, fast delivery with minimum pain and no complications. And a healthy and happy baby.

ldavis13 on

No sympathy here. She should be feels that pregnancy is such a “miserable” experience.

lauren on

It must be a joyous occasion for her since pregnancy makes her so miserable. There will probably be a hysterectomy party on KUWTK.

anonymous on

Kim K is the most selfish person I have ever seen. She thinks of only herself. It is always all about her. If she would wear clothes that fit she would be better off. Why do you think people are really interested in what Kim is doing. She acts like she is the only one that has been pregnant. My daughter had 2 babies both with diabetes. Unfortunately it affected her kidneys. She is now on dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant so look around Kim there are people out there worse off then you.. She must also have some really stupid drs a simple test tells them if you have it or not and I’m surprised they haven’t done it already They usually do in the 7th month. Really! get over your self put your big girl panties on and deal with it .

Phillywilly on

Give her a break. You have no idea of what she is going through, personally. People magazine asked her these questions, and she answered honestly. It’s shocking that you all have such strong opinions about a person you don’t even know.

betty on

No one cares.

robinepowell on

Maybe she’s uncomfortable because of the way she dresses? I’m not saying you have to go around in sweats and baggy shirts, but something a little loser then what she considers maternity wear.

Beverley on

These conditions are all threatening for both Mom and baby. However because she is being monitored she is in good hands. Moms out there please, read and learn because there was a lot to learn in her disclosure. Some women do gain quite a lot of weight during their pregnancies whilst others do not have to worry. Having gestational diabetes, Pre Eclampsia, placenta accreta are serious ailments and are never good but if we can use all this information positively rather than ridiculing the messenger, it can be useful knowledge…..her choice of clothes not!!! Not all women like to be pregnant that does not mean that they do not love their babies. I feel for her. Removing a placenta manually is quite painful…..How I know? I was a midwife….

kay on

Both pre-eclampsia and placenta acceta are very serious complications. Some, not all accretas can be diagnosed on ultrasound. I takes a skilled clinician. Knowing beforehand, you can be prepared for a catastrophic hemorrhage. Several of our patients spent time in ICU after receiving multiple units of blood and replacement products. If she had a c/s, she should have been sufficiently numb during the manual removal of the placenta, at which time the accrete would have been discovered (btw, kim, all doctors use their hands to remove the placenta during a c/s, my sympathies if you weren’t numb for your surgery). Both conditions can reoccur or neither can. Having suffered from infertility, and having several friends wish with all their hearts they could feel as poorly as she does to hold a baby in their arms, I’ll just not comment

Claire on

Emergency hysterectomy = = lipo. Sooo transparent and vulgar.

Andi on

And how does cramming the baby & placenta in with latex, in the name of “fashion”, help her cause?

poundpuppy29 on

I think you guys are very mean I don’t have any kids yet so I don’t know myself but to be as nasty as you guys are says more about you then her she is allowed to have opinions and feelings maybe she was hoping the second pregnancy would not be as difficult I know I have heard and read that is the case sometimes. For some of you I think you should remember jealousy is an ugly trait that should be discouraged. I don’t know her personally and I don’t have cable so I have only seen her show very rarely but she is not Hitler she is not Satan is she materialistic and vain yes but she does love her family and friends she is not all evil just like every other human

Jackie on

She MIGHT have an emergency with the placenta, she MIGHT have diabetes, she MIGHT have an emergency hysterectomy, etc etc. Same thing with the first kid. IF any of it were true, might garner some sympathy. Please …. if her mouth is movin’, she’s lying – for drama, sympathy and media coverage. NONE of these things have slowed her flying, partying or eating. SHE IS A NAURAL BORN LIAR.

jenna lee on

Kim just hope and pray you and your beautiful baby boy will be safe and there are no complications, that will harm either of you.
Dont dwell on the worst scenario always think of the best.
You are better than most of us women that has had complicated deliveries. You are fortunate to have the best Doctors in the world, and private care, from start to finish etc. So count your self priviledge not disadvantaged.

Erin on

Attention whore

Meena on

Just because some woman can’t get pregnant and/or have a hard time, it doesn’t mean that Kim K. has to enjoy her pregnancy or is selfish if she does not. One situation has nothing to do with the other.

Edie on

That is like saying the sky might fall, but scientists don’t believe it will actually happen. She is just not too schmart.

fatalreview on

give it a rest cow-your half sisters have eclipsed your selfie pornn gig and you are now irrelevant whining and developing Munchausen Sydrome for attention will not help-keep your self inflicted medical conditions to yourself-if your placenta grows into your uterus because of the corsets and spanx you wear while gaining 70 lbs in less than 7 months through gluttony and lack of self control no one wants to hear about it

Alysse on

I don’t understand why she was in such severe pain for the procedure to remove the placenta. I also did not deliver my placenta, and it had to be surgically removed. They put me under heavy sedation, it was not general anesthesia but I was completely asleep, and I felt nothing. Also, no complications afterwards. If my HMO can do that, then why was it an issue with her top notch medical care? If she is telling the truth, she should look for another doctor.

Christine on

Thank God! Now, would your very low-IQ, seriously mentally deranged husband in name only please get neutered.

Sheila pete on


Xan on

@Meena, couldn’t have said it better. I am 5 months pregnant with a very wanted and loved first baby and am still in shock at how crummy I have felt. I am deeply happy and excited emotionally, but feel physically horrible. Nothing wrong with admitting that. We’re all human.

verla on

As much action as that thing has seen, it probably does need to be removed.

Ellen on

There seems to be a lot of inaccurate information….and hate in the comments below. You don’t have to like Kim, but my gosh, if you are a woman can’t you at least find a way to support other women in the process of bringing a child into this world!?! Pre-eclampsia is fairly well studied, known and monitored, although complications surely can arise. Placenta accreta is another beast all together not something to “get over” and deal with, but rather can be a very serious and fatal condition. It isn’t always diagnosed and even when it is, the doctors typically do not know the extent that the placenta has attached, or invaded into the uterus or beyond (yes, in accreta the placenta can grow through the uterus and attach onto other organs) until the delivery. Hysterectomies are typically performed as a means to control or stop profuse hemorrhaging. Yes, women can and do still in die in childbirth, even in medically advanced nations. For those of you whom have posted below, had the condition and it wasn’t a big deal, lucky you. I am aware of many women, myself included who things didn’t go so easily and are incredibly thankfully to have lived through it. I have never watched the Kardashian show and have no intention to, but I certainly wish her the best with her upcoming delivery.

Sbreezy29 on

If she’s so worried then maybe she should start the nesting phase, and stop constantly thrusting herself in the public eye every day for attention! Its not like she has a real job and works 40+ hours like most American’s!

Edie on

Is there no way for us to plug directly into her thoughts and know EVERYTHING she thinks and feels and perceives? How many more articles can be posted that share her deepest, darkest secrets and private ideas?

Anonymous on

Kim probably needs to relax, not worrying too much. She is right, be prepared, so when the due date comes, she is ready.

Anonymous on

First, she is allowed to say she doesn’t like being pregnant. Not everyone likes it, period.
That said, it makes no sense to me that she says she feels gross but yet walks around in see through clothes…or skin tight, unflattering clothes.
She strikes me as honestly having a serious attention seeking mental disorder. Everything she ever does is always as dramatic as possible. Couldn’t get pregnant for 6 months and suddenly she’s ‘battling’ infertility. Pre eclampsia, placenta acreta, diabetes, preterm labor, ect, ect, etc. I hope she doesn’t turn to hurting her children for more attention after she is done having babies

Ib on

I’m really grateful Kim is being so honest about some of her complaints about pregnancy. It’s not a pleasant experience for some of us. This doesn’t diminish how much we feel blessed to be pregnant. It’s just nice to feel validated that for everyone it’s not all roses and sunshine.

Nat Z on

When I was pregnant with my first child 27 years ago I did develop pre-eclampsia and they also knew my baby was a very low birth weight but back then ultrasounds were not as advanced as today so they didn’t know the reason for the weight. When I had my c-section they discovered I had placenta INCRETA (a more severe form of accreta) and they were afraid they would have to do a hysterectomy but with the help of many caring doctors they were able to avoid that. I did have significant blood loss but blood transfusions were still risky back then so I just had to wait until I got better which took 6 months.
At that time my doctor told me I should never risk another pregnancy since my condition was so serious and could possibly happen again. After 9 years I happened to get pregnant again so I was considered a very high risk and monitored very closely. Even though I did everything right I did develope gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia so severe that my liver was shutting down so my son had to be delivered by emergency c-section 6 weeks early. The doctors performed the surgery prepared for the accreta and to do a hysterectomy but lo and behold I did NOT have it again and made it through everything just fine with a healthy 6 week early 6 1/2 pound baby boy!
My reason for posting this is to show that not only poor little celebrities can suffer this condition but @regular” people can too and they can not only get through it just fine they also do not neccessarily get it again. It is a serious condition that more people should be educated about and since Kim has the platform I wish she would actually educate the public about it instead of just trying to get sympathy for something she just gives little hints about.
I do wish her and her baby well and I hope she will help other people so that they are able to learn about this serious condition.

Phillipa on

All of her inflammation is due to all the chemical products that she use everyday, creams, hair lotions, nail arts, make up, etc. All of these chemicals substances go into her body and damages everything. So, her pregnancy problems come to her artificial way of life

Angel on

She has no idea what what she is in for…go ahead Kimmie have the hysterectomy & I will pray for you…

Irish on

I’m going to defend her, even tho I don’t even like her.

My pregnancy sucked so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I had severe all day sickness that left me bed bound for 9 months. I lost weight. My once beautiful teeth rotted from the vomit, thus causing me to go get a root canal unmediated because I was pregnant which hurt to high Heaven! Yea I felt it all. Drill, nerve, everything. I was vomiting about 10 times a day, everyday. Toward the end my ankles and feet swelled…and then I developed deep blood clots that traveled to my lungs and almost went undiagnosed. I then had to have a filter inserted in my groin, go up they my vein in my abdomen and removed from my neck!

Listen all you infertile bitter women….stop judging! Your pain doesn’t mean others aren’t suffering in a different way!

j on

All of you need to quit judging her and live your own life’s. To me, it sounds like some of yall are jealous. Live Kim alone and go on with your lives. I can’t believe you’re judging people that you don’t even know. C’mon people let it go!

becka on

Most women I know to didn’t enjoy their pregnancies, and they were a lot less eventful that hers seems. She says what so many others say, parts of it are miserable, but it’s worth it.

Why do you all feel the need to tear her down for this? I wouldn’t care, as I don’t particularly like her, but when you put her down like this, you put down every woman who didn’t 100% love the “miracle” of pregnancy and childbirth. No one enjoys backaches, or bloating, or throwing up all the time, or the constant stress of what could go wrong. That’s nothing to be guilty about.

My own mom hated being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she was a bad mom or a selfish person. In fact she was selfless enough to go though it again, as much as she hated it, to have my brother.

Kim is doing that too. Sure she’s not the most talented or the most classy, but tearing her down for her honesty is a little low.

Susan on

You’re just too vain and shallow to enjoy pregnancy. You said if you ever got pregnant with a second child you would never complain about pregnancy ever again. You would just be grateful. Well that lasted only a few months.I cannot count the number of articles,quotes from you saying you hated being pregnant. You should have been thanking God every day for being so blessed.