Christina Aguilera on Not Fighting in Front of Her Kids: We Have to Be the ‘Example of Peace’

11/16/2015 at 05:55 PM ET

Christina Aguilera is wildly entertained by the gift of motherhood.

While the songstress may have one of today’s most beautiful voices, it seems that her children may have another career path in mind: acrobatics.

“[Max is] a parkour nut — just think Ninja Warrior and he’s all about that goal one day,” Aguilera, 34, told PEOPLE about her 7½-year-old son during a private event for HopeLine for Verizon, where she shared an easy way people can help stop domestic violence with the purchase of an exclusive Verizon pre-paid bundle available at Walmart.

“He’s a little monkey and he’s so talented in that. He’s just so gifted with the gift of balance and he’s like an acrobat already,” she says. “He thinks my house is a circus tent.”

Christina Aguilera

And big brother Max’s funny antics may be rubbing off on Aguilera and fiancé Matthew Rutler‘s 15-month-old daughter, Summer Rain.

“Summer is starting to climb on things, too,” says Aguilera.

“Ever since she was born, she’s just had this exuberant light about her and if I wouldn’t have called her Summer — having known her personality now — I would have called her Joy because she just exudes joy all the time,” Aguilera shares. “She’s such a force that wants to live.”

Though Aguilera is returning to The Voice next season, she says she enjoyed her short hiatus, where she got to spend nearly every moment watching her kids grow.

“It was my purpose to take a backseat for a year and be a vessel for her to be born because she’s ready to live,” says Aguilera. “She’s all over the place, she’s on the go, always happy and always content.”

In the light of the hardships that Aguilera endured while growing up, she says she’s raising her children to be socially aware and responsible.

“I don’t even like arguing or having a little spat about anything in front of my children because we should always be the example of peace and tranquility and safety, which I didn’t have growing up as a child, so that’s first and foremost,” says Aguilera.

“I’ve learned from all of that and I’m going to encourage my daughter and my son, for that matter, to be financially responsible for themselves, to be hard workers.”

— Nicole Sands

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ree on

I get where she is trying to come from but she’s only doing her kids a disservice. If she can’t have a civil argument in front of them, that doesn’t end in crying, tears, or what have you, they are not going to learn how to handle conflict in their own lives. They need to know you can argue with someone and still love them. You can argue and come to an amicable conclusion without it being the end of the world. Sheltering them from that isn’t going to help them in the long run.

Deadlights on

That is unrealistic and deceptive act to portray, how are kids supposed to learn to discuss and resolve issues if you act like reality is rose colored lens?

I’m not talking about “fighting” with screaming, verbal or physical abuse. To raise your kids without setting examples of compromise, trying to calmly discuss issues and face problems is not going to help them in the long run into becoming a happy adult.

Callie on

Totally unhealthy. Kids should see their parents argue and resolve their issues together as a couple! She’s living in la-la land

Guest on

That hair 😖 Stay away from an open flame

Rhonnie on

Being a parent is the hardest thing to do and the easiest thing to judge. I applaud her for raising her kids her way, based on her life’s experiences.

Erin on

Arguing in a healthy, respectful way, actually helps children understand that you can love someone and also have a disagreement. I seem to remember her doing an interview years ago about how violent her parents’ arguments got. I would venture to guess that’s why she’s over-corrected, or at least portraying it that way in the public.

Yep! on

What is going on with her face? She looks very different, like her face has a completely different shape…..