Soleil Moon Frye Expecting Fourth Child

11/15/2015 at 10:30 AM ET

Surprise! Soleil Moon Frye is pregnant again!

The actress, 39, took to Twitter on Saturday night to reveal that she is expecting her fourth child with husband Jason Goldberg.

“Excited to share some big news. Feeling beyond blessed,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself holding a positive pregnancy stick.

Soleil Moon Frye pregnant
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

After posting the message, Frye, who is already mom to daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 10, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 7, and son Lyric Sonny Roads, 20 months, (very appropriately) attended the 2015 Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles where she happily told PEOPLE she felt “fantastic” at “13, 14 weeks” into her pregnancy.

“I can’t hide it anymore,” she says of deciding to share the news. “I couldn’t find a dress that could hold me together!”

Due in May, Frye admits that the news of a fourth child was a bit of a shock — and the couple is in for even more of a surprise since she and Goldberg have decided not to find out the sex of their baby on the way.


“We were so surprised by this amazing, little miracle, that I think, now, we’re just like, let’s keep the surprises going,” she shares. “This was definitely a really happy surprise. It was not something we were planning on, and yet, we could not be more excited and thrilled.”

As for the rest of her brood, the star says, “I think we were all in a state of shock, and yet, just so thrilled. The kids are over the moon about it. Poet and Jagger are ready, again. They’re like, ‘Okay, let’s go for it!’ And Lyric doesn’t quite know what’s going on. I just always tell him to kiss the belly, and he’s kissing my belly a lot. And I’m really excited for him to have a little one to play with.”

Now in her second trimester, the excited mom-to-be and her family are already thinking about life with the new baby.

“Jagger now is like, ‘Well, I’m not the middle child anymore,’ ” Frye explains. “We have [two daughters] that are so close in age. Then to have Lyric to have someone close in age, I think it will be fun.”

Plus, she adds, “We have built-in babysitters at our fingertips.”

— Michelle Ward Trainor and Reagan Alexander

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Tee on

Congratulations to Soleil and family! So exciting!

Andrea on

Jagger is a horrible, horrible name

Summer on

At 13 weeks, it’s a bit early for her to be holding her “baby bump,” even for a 4th child. And it always irritated me when parents brag about having their older kids babysit. You had the kid, stop saddling your other kids with the responsibility of them, especially at 10 years old! What is she, a celebrity Duggar?

ksu2000grad on

I was thinking that Poet is the oldest too. Congrats to them and their family!

klutzy_girl on

I’m excited to see what name they come up with for this baby. Congratulations to them!

Meg on

@Jackie — I thought the same thing! Come on Soleil you’re 39 yrs. old, time to lose “like”.

Beck on

Surprise? Didn’t plan? Um, have hubby pull out? If he ejacts, you will get pregnant. Not rocket science, lady. Wow.

Andrea on

Congrulatons to them on the new addition.

Momo3 on

Yes she does talk like that last time she was pregnant we where shopping in the same Halloween store and she was rudely on her phone yelling at someone and like was every other word used

myuntidydesk on

While I wish them well, I hope if she has another boy, she names him something a little more masculine than LYRIC. That kid is going to get so teased one day.

jackson on

it would be unseemly to joke about shooting her, so can someone smother her?

“planning on” isn’t even grammatical. You can plan TO and plan FOR, but plan ON? What a twit. Unplanned pregnancies are so Neandertal.

Anonymous on

Why would she be trying to hide it?

Pam on

Ooh her son’s name Lyric is just stupid.

Anonymous on

Love them! Congrats.

Anonymous on

I think she’s joking about the babysitting. Number four was probably unplanned, and at 39, she may have thought she was done. As for hiding it, she’s probably so petite and/or skinny, so will show earlier, and would rather announce it herself, instead of a gossip site. They sound happy and excited about the baby, so congrats to the whole family!!!!

thesportygirl on

It’s amazing how critical people are about a woman who announced her pregnancy. Everyone likes to pick every little thing apart….she knows how babies are made she just wasn’t actively trying there is a difference maybe she was on BC maybe the condom broke you don’t know the story but like to criticize. It also doesn’t matter what you name a kid all kids get made fun of for something if its not their name it will be something else. My cousin had the same scenario with 2 older and now 2 younger and loves having the older kids help out and be more involved it’s not always “Babysitting” but its nice to be able to take a shower without worry. I hope when you criticize people it makes you feel really good cause otherwise I have no idea why you do it.

carla on

Really people? You really think you are going to get pregnant EVERY time you have sex with your husband? Just stop it. For all you know, she was on BC and still conceived. As a woman who just turned 39 and who is happily married with four kids, I would be SHOCKED if my doc said I was pregnant tomorrow. Has nothing to do with us not knowing how babies are made (DUH), but as best as we can help it, we are done. Another baby would be a true surprise at this point. SMH. The asinine, judgmental comments on this site always astound me.

Gloria Sanchez on

Hey Jackson sounds like you’re so green with envy (green eyed monster) too bad you can’t be her—successful with money, adoring hubby ( active sex life) and wonderful kids! It’s nice to have a big family, the more the merrier. You’re stupid to think that she would have her 10 yr old babysit the young ones. She can afford to hire one if she plans a date nite with hubby. Live your life and stop spewing vile comments cuz you’re miserable! Get a life.

Joey Pompano on

Having her all preggo like that makes me want to slip her my big sausage even more!

Valarie on

Her kids name are interesting! Like Poet and Lyric, sounds very romantic!

joan on

Summer,everyone shows at different times. She is a short person, and we short people show and carry different than tall people.

joan on

When I was 10, I became a big sister for the 2nd time. My other sister is less than a year younger. And I helped my step mom out by babysitting. I took care of my little sister, changed her diaper and watched her so my step mom could cook or take a shower or just nap while my dad was outside taking care of the farm. We weren’t actually babysitting, but we were taking care of the baby.

Earth on

Thanks for contributing to the demise of the planet. Pollution abounds, species have become extinct, all because self absorbed people like you believe that they should be allowed to have as many kids as they like despite the stress that they put on the ecosystem. Hope you are happy, rest assured your children and grand kids, if there is a planet left by then, will not be happy because of the selfish decisions that you made to contribute to overpopulation.

live from las vegas on

did they enter a contest to see who could come up with the worst baby names?? jeez…….. i know, i know, you’re a celebrity so your celebuspawns have to have names that are “different” and “quirky” but i’m sure there’s a line somewhere between quirky and ridiculous and soleil, you crossed it about three kids ago! i can’t wait to hear the name of this one – bruce lee hambone sandwich goldberg?

Pam on

Very happy for her family! Congrats!

robinepowell on

Congrats to Soleil and her family! Here’s hoping baby #4 is another boy. Even Steven. :o)

Claire on

Yay for them!
@Beck you may want to learn about how babies are really made. A man pulling out be fore he “ejects” isn’t surefire.
BTW, how many do you have? Are they named FF and Rewind?