Kim Kardashian West: Pregnancy Is ‘a Miserable Experience!’

11/15/2015 at 02:45 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West isn’t holding back when it comes to her pregnancy lows (and woes!)

“Some people find it blissful, they feel sexy, they feel alive,” says the Keeping up with the Kardashians star, who will welcome her first son with Kanye West next month. “I feel completely the opposite!”

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Sheer Jumpsuit
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Though the mother of North, 2, says that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel gratitude for the experience. “Getting pregnant the second time was so hard for me,” Kardashian, 35, tells PEOPLE.

“I totally respect the struggle people have to go through. But that doesn’t mean I have to lie and say that it’s blissful. I find it to be a miserable experience,” she says.

Says the entrepreneur: “[My sister] Kourtney said she loved it and it was the best feeling and I don’t love one moment of it. And that’s okay! It’s one billion percent worth it.”

Keeping up with the Kardashians season 11 premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. (ET) on E!

— Aili Nahas

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Rebeccah on

I believe it. That’s one of the reasons why we chose not to have kids. I have no desire or interest in going through that experience. I respect others that do but as for myself? No, thanks Lol

Anonymous on

Of couse it is she cannot get to do as she fully likes.

Anonymous on

Of course she is miserable…she continues to try and pretend she is not having a baby. Wearing clothes and shoes that are not appropriate and would be uncomfortable even if not pregnant.

Gigi on

Get over yourself Kim K, I understand that pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and lollipops but keep it to yourself. Why publicly declare that pregnancy is a miserable experience. How many woman can’t get pregnant and would give anything to have a child.

Edy on

Shame on her! She can’t be clueless enough to not realize the thousands of women who would give anything to be pregnant and have a baby!

Nia on

I know everyone has different pregnancies but all those things she’s experiencing comes with being pregnant. I’f she doesn’t like being pregnant news flash don’t get pregnant. There are many women in the world who can’t get pregnant, while she can and she’s complaining. She’s complaining because she got fat that’s nothing that plastic surgery can’t fix

bea on

Kim, why not enjoy what you say you wanted. Act and dress appropriately and then maybe you will enjoy this time more.

Suzanne on

I wonder if it would be such a miserable experience for her if instead of putting business first, she put her health first. Gaining too much weight, constantly in heels, flying everywhere, it can’t be good for the baby, and it certainly wasn’t for her first. Some people just don’t have a clue.

Guest on

I commend her for being honest about not liking being pregnant… I hated it too! I spent 9 months being nauseous and feeling like crap. Yet, as she says, it was sooo worth it that we can’t wait to try for #2!

J.S. on

This may sound harsh, but she sounds like the type of woman who has a child and treats it like an accessory. She doesn’t seem like a very “motherly” type of person. From what I have read and seen in the past, she comes off as a narcissist of sorts. Again, I don’t know her personally, but that’s how she comes off.

Barbara on

OH Please this woman is such a poor excuse for a mother. Being pregnant isn’t a cake walk. I was an infertility patient for years and was finally able to have a daughter then twin sons. Each pregnancy was different but not east, Would I trade those experiences? Hell NO! Stop your whining Kim, and get over yourself. I feel so sorry for the children.

:( on

Maybe she will stop breading… If now she has the “perfect” family she should stop. It’s all about her and that nasty thing she’s with. Them kids are accessories!!! Poor kids

Janna on

How fitting since being flooded with daily news of the Kardashians is a “miserable experience” as well.

Anonymous on

Compleely agrees, stop the heels to make you swell and the tight clothes. You don’t need to be bring when pregnant but don’t be stupid either. I know plenty that cannot have children. Spolied Brat

Sunshine on

Pregnancy is a choice. You chose it. Live with it. Period.

Jamie on

She needs to stop– for a year she complained she wanted to be pregnant, but was having issues. Now she is pregnant and complaining its awful.

I became pregnant after being told I could never conceive and while it’ wasn’t always rainbows and kittens, I was never going to complain about it- it was something I was thrilled to experience- the good and bad.

Ginger on

Nothing wrong with having an opinion about what it feels like to be pregnant.

Sandy on

I honestly believe if she could pay someone to have that kid or order it online she would.

patti on

Then don’t get pregnant. Why is this even news.

Sandy on

She should complain, she takes private jets, rents floors of hospital wings and gets pampered to the max.

Try being a single Mom and raising it with a real 9 to 5 job. I get so tired of the pity party from someone who pretty much made the choice of sex and more on this kid. Be well, but complain, that is for the woman on her feet at Walmart.

Nicole on

A miserable experience is the public constantly having to see you and your family in the press. Especially pics of you stuffing your pregnant body into sheer lace body suits.


I feel her pain! I had 3 kids and it sucked! Love my kids but hated the pregnancy!

Shannon on

I totally agree but people look at me when I say it like i am saying i hate the baby itself. Until they have pre exlampsia or any other terrible pregnancy they shouldnt judge

Jane on

I hope she goes overdue….

Lewis on

Get over yourself you fat cow!!! You don’t enjoy it? Fine! Keep it to yourself you ungrateful b_!tch!!!! I hate her and all her family! Cannot wait till they are GONE!!!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utah chick on

Shouldn’t this site he renamed Kardashian Magazine?

freakinmimi on

Kim should really start acting like a grown woman instead of a spoiled child. She got what she asked for, a second pregnancy, and still she’s not happy. Like previous comments: there are many women who cannot conceive, and would be happy to put up with what Kim calls “her miserable pregnancy”. All I hope and pray is that these two bring no more children into this world, and fill them with their set of morals.

Bimba on

As for me Kim is a miserable experience.

Bomx on

I did too, they would say “you look so rosy” and I would just get so upset, who wants to look rosy? And I was SO athletic then. Thank you for being honest.

Song4Ten on

So she dresses like a slutty tramp to make up for feeling so miserable. Nice.

Anonymous on

Looking at KK is a miserable experience.

Sherae on

Entrepreneur? Is that what we’re calling her now?? Gosh, People Magazine, you really ARE on their payroll aren’t you? Not a complete day in the People office unless there’s about these talentless skanks, is it? Sad.

bugsforever on

I understand where she’s coming from, and I’m one of those lucky women who felt marvelous when pregnant.
She’s miserable, and she doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.
I just hope that for everyone’s sake, this is her last.

Jo on

Well, if we didn’t already know what a self centered creature she is, we do now. People with this attitude should NEVER be allowed to have kids. It’s pretty clear they will spend more time with nannies then parents and will grow up extremely insecure and lonely for parental affection. Mommies and daddies who are more interested in jet setting then parenting are pathetic and from what we have seen since the first kid was born we know it’s true. The only tie you see her with North is if there is a photo op handy. At least her sister spends REAL time with her kids.

ariana on

Good for her! I also found it a miserable experience. The last few weeks were extremely uncomfortable, lower back pain, haemmeroids, bladder urgency, sharp pains in the groin area, trouble breathing due to the lungs being squished, the painful delivery. She has the right to complain. It’s not a wonderful time for everyone.

Lara19 on

Don’t be so mean. She can complain if she wants to. It’s actually kind of interesting to hear from someone who doesn’t think pregnancy is the most wonderful experience of their life.

runningbacongirl on

I’m fine with what she said. Everyone doesn’t have the same experience. Women are under pressure to always say they are fine. Kudos to her for saying that her experience isn’t all sunshine and flowers. People want her to be real and then beat up on her when she is.

pattyfm on

She looks like an absolute clown in that outfit. She doesnt like pregnancy? GOOD, stop doing it then and showing every crack and crevice that you have to the whole world. DO YOU NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF GOOD TASTE?

Lp on

Maybe if she didn’t dress like she shops at “Sluts-R-Us” and wore clothing that actually fit her for a change, she might feel a little better. And considering how she moaned and carried on about wanting to get pregnant, she’s done just as much moaning and carrying on now that she IS pregnant. Make up your mind.

Kathy on

Good. Then maybe this useless person won’t reproduce anymore.

Sally on

Call a whambulance.

judy on

Can u go away.

babs on

Actually, anything to do with the Kartrashians is “a miserable experience”.

MimiB on

She’s said she’s gained more than 50 pounds already… which would make anyone feel miserable. Hey KK, stop stuffing your face and try to eat healthy. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for a change. You might be amazed at how much better you feel.

nanam on

Heck yes I also am miserable that she is pregnant again! Lol

LIN on

It’s not near as miserable as having her and her family shoved down our throats daily.

HeatherReads on

After trying to get pregnant for a year & a half & then suffering a miscarriage, I’m going to have to ask Kim to please shut up. Do you know how lucky you are to have 1 beautiful child & another on the way? #spoiledbrat

Susan on

I bet her pregnancy would nicer if she spent it in comfortable clothing and shoes, working out and eating well. Sometimes you have to put high fashion aside for your health.

katie on

Must be nice to be able to afford treatment to get pregnant and be able to stay pregnant.

Ann on

She can complain if she wants, she is being honest. Not everyone experiences a good pregnancy. I did, it was the best time of my life but not everyone is like me. I am just more shocked by her hideous outfit! She is virtually naked and the overcoat does not help.

cheryl on

Misrable bitch….You should never have children….Sex tape bitch…

JJ on

I am with her

sandy on

Why do preg women always have to touch under their belly, its gross! Stand regular, (and in not such a fierce look miss k) eek, id be miserable too

Angel on

Oh Kimmie, this is all story driven… you were running out headlines… let’s hope your son doesn’t Google your misery…

Anon on

Could not agree with Kim more. Thankful for my baby but i hate the feeling of pregnancy.

Sandy on

Oh, poor you!!! Quit whining! You have so ridiculous comforts that it’s sickening. You have NOTHING to complain about. Give some of that cash to people who really need it, GET OVER YOUSELF and put some decent clothes on!!

Anonymous on

Your miserable because you miss being in good shape and instead of embracing your preganacy.

Anonymous on

This woman has once again proven that she is an inconsiderate ass! Did she even once consider the women who cannot have children or who have lost a child??? Why does she keep getting coverage- she is high-class white trash!

JRR on

Try wearing clothes meant for pregnant women and you’ll be a lot less miserable.

Lena on

But you had to more child support in case anything happens!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer on

Well, now you know how we all feel every time we hear your name :/

Janis on

If she hates being pregnant so much, she should just keep her mouth shut and not do it again. WE DON’T CARE WHAT SHE THINKS!

Anonymous on

News flash Kim, They actually make clothes for pregnant women. They are called maternity clothes. I recommend that you try wearing them and some sensible shoes. Then you might not feel so miserable. It has to hurt stuffing yourself into clothes that were to small for you even before you got pregnant and gained 50 lbs.

Gatorgirl on

I’m pregnant now with my first and last child. While I’m so excited about becoming a mom, I have felt miserable for a lot of the time. I don’t just have morning sickness I have all day sickness. No one can prepare for that. I have a full time job I have to work feeling like at any minute I’m going to throw up. I don’t feel bad about talking about the not so pretty side of pregnancy just because there are women who can’t have children. Their issues have nothing to do with my experience or Kim’s. In actuality I think women need to be more honest about how difficult pregnancy can be. In doing so it doesn’t diminish the miracle that it is.

dara on

I wish she’d just stay home until this is all over so we never have to hear about this…. or see it.

Gramma2three on

Hellloooooo. Then don’t get pregnant. Geezus.

Sunny on

It’s only miserable for us because we have to look at you in those ridiculous outfits.

KimSucks on

Kim you make pregnancy look awful!!!!!

gfrnbsn1 on

At she’s honest. I know a lot of women who felt miserable and hated it but they obviously love their children very much. Some people feel better than others. To bad men can’t give birth.

Narissa on

First time ever I like something Kim Kardashian has ever said. So many celebrities who get pregnant act like it’s a joyous time but it isn’t. I’m glad there is a celebrity who is honest about that!

Wahhhhh! on

Why the hell are you wearing a tablecloth!

Emer on

Someone wrote about being a poor single Mom. Those are the women that hVe kids to feel self worth!!!

The Free Woman on

LOL! She’s had it rough both times, thats for sure!

Exercise on

Single moms com
Animating. Then stop breeding!! You all do it to feel loved.

Megan on

That makes sense. She looks horrible!

wil on

I’m tired of woman being shamed for being honest about the pregnancy experience. I don’t like being pregnant at all, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the baby I get at the end! It does not make you a bad woman/mother/parent to admit that pregnancy is not comfortable or fun. And I’m ALSO tired of people shaming women for complaining about pregnancy because “some women can’t get pregnant and want to”. What does that have to do with ANYTHING? That is as idiotic as saying people should not talk about their own children because some women’s children have died.

D on

Wow what a self centered bimbo….complains when she can’t get pregnant, complains when she does get pregnant wah wah wah cry me a river..maybe you would be more comfortable if you didn’t wear your spanx 1000 times smaller than you should..10 gallons of s**t in a 5 gallon bucket.

lizlucier on

99.9% of pregnant women have felt absolutely miserable at the end of their pregnancies. I was two weeks overdue with my second, much wanted child, and I cried every day because I was so physically miserable. Does it mean I was a bad mother, that I didnt want my baby, or that I didn’t feel bad for women who couldnt have babies? NO. I just felt uncomfortable in my own body and wanted it to be over. That’s it. I don’t even like KK, but Jesus, people have to complain about everything and make it about them. You cant have a baby so KK should shut up about being miserable? Give me a break. And she says repeatedly that the miserable physical experience is worth it.

Emer on

Sungle moms. Stop complaining about the one thing you did to make you feel important.

Guest on

I have never agreed with these people but I totally have to agree with her this time. I have a sister-in-law who just glowed while pregnant,me on the other hand hung over the toilet the whole nine months!! I have 3 girls and thank god every day for them but for me it is the most miserable time ever but worth the whole time!!

nope on

And, you, Kim are miserable to look at. For most of us, it’s a miserable experience to open People mag and see multiple postings of you and your trashy family every single day.

Jennifer on

I couldn’t agree more. I hated being pregnant, and I had easy pregnancies.

OWW on

Wow…so much power from showing the world you suck in bed. Here’s a clue, because you clearly don’t get it….keep your legs crossed! Want a bigger family, adopt! And you can teach (well, you can have a team of nannies teach) them how to be a moronic drone like you. XOXO

Lisa on

So many wish they could have that experience and can’t. Pregnancy and child birth is not easy but it a sweet gift.

MW on

Top story? This is old news. Sad.

my opinion on

what a narcissistic vapid wench.

Bdjenej on

I’m not a KK fan, but I think people are being too harsh on her. She’s just being honest, and I think that’s important. Pregnancy is not always a wonderful experience for everyone. people are saying shut up don’t talk about it, and I think that kind of attitude makes women that don’t enjoy pregnancy think that something is wrong with them. We’re individuals, we don’t all feel the same way. It should be talked about. Also, she did say that even though she was miserable, that it was all worth it to have a baby, and that she respected what others with fertility issues are going through.

Nikki on

waaaaaa wAAAA oh pls Kim, what made you think the 2nd time would be different…you know how it is, yet you chose to get pregnant again…DONT FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AT ALL…STOP WHINING…think about those who CANNOT HAVE A CHILD..your SELFISH AND THINK ONLY ABOUT URSELF

hurrah on

As much as I detest Kim, I applaud her for being honest about the experience. Not everyone enjoys being pregnant, and they shouldn’t have to pretend that it’s an amazing experience if it’s not.

dancer92136 on

UNGRATEFUL….We have all been there and the gift of a child is worth it.

Rebeccahtex on

I am not a fan BUT show me 1 woman that hasn’t complained at least a little about being preggers. I know it’s easy to throw stones guys but on this one, give her a break. It’s uncomfortable in the end no matter how you dress.

Deb on

C’mon people not everyone thinks being pregnant is sunshine and roses but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have kids.

Louisa on

No, you’re a miserable experience , Kim. That sadly we as the public are forced to endure….

Lana on

Didn’t People already write this article a couple months ago?

Miserablybumpy on

I think everyone saying that she should be grateful because there’s so many women who can’t get pregnant are forgetting that she herself struggled to get pregnant. I struggled for years and would have done anything to have a baby of my own. Once I was blessed with a pregnancy, the sickness began, vomiting 24/7 for 6 months, feeling nauseous and tired every second of the day. The aches and pains were unbearable. The acid reflux and barely being able to move….complications and worries. Then the horrific pain of labor. Would I take it all back? Of course not!! I would do it 100 times to get my children. But it was indeed a miserable experience.

Melissa on

Kim Kardashian being pregnant makes ME miserable…Seeing her huge belly, boobs and feet constricted in her torturous outfits makes for a long 9 months for all of us. Do us all a favor, pay a surrogate or zip your mouth!

Anonymous on

I feel so sorry for anyone who can not enjoy those wonderful months
Four children later, and I wouldn’t have been without it

AnnaM on

Shut up.
Gosh, Kim’s face looks so plastic.

Sue on

She’s a miserable human being so it shouldn’t surprise anyone with her crappy attitude

natasha on

How she dresses is irrelavant to being pregnant. Every woman should be able to wear what they want. I’m not a fan of hers but others are and that’s why she is written about so often. I am pregnant with my third child and I hate being pregnant as well. Would I change being pregnant? No, not for anything in the world. The end result is worth the time and being miserable. She did choose to have another baby and she is at least honest about how she feels about the pregnancy. Even in this article she says it’s worth it. If you don’t like her, don’t read the article. And no one should attack her based on what she wears. That’s just pathetic.

myuntidydesk on

Oh shut up, Kim. Maybe if you wore clothes that fit and did not gain over 50 lbs you’d feel better.

Ana on

Wow. That outfit. It’s interesting. I believe in the past she mentioned they tried for a year to get pregnant. That actually falls within the normal range of time. I don’t consider that a struggle. She’s used to getting what she wants when she wants it. And North was unplanned. reality check.

Jen on

For everyone saying she is terrible for saying pregnancy isn’t blissful, get over yourselves. Some of us have extremely high risk pregnancies and fight for every minute. And it is hard! That doesn’t make us ungrateful for our children.

CJ on

I felt the same way about pregnancy!I did not continue to wear sky high heels, full makeup,and uncomfortable clothes.She could make it easier.

Kelly on

She is just so gross. What a pig!

Anonymous on

This is what Gisele meant when she said some pregnant women eat like they are a garbage disposal. She is disgusting who wants to see her fat thighs it’s just gross why not just go naked and get it over already.

wil on

Based on most of these comments it is WOMEN who are miserable! I cannot believe I am saying this, as I do not care for the Kardashians, but I would befriend her any day over the hateful bitter shrews posting here!
Pregnancy is not a fun experience for everyone (I am almost 8 months along and have not enjoyed a moment of it), and admitting that is perfectly ok. Just because some women cannot have children doesn’t mean those of us who can should have to “shut up”. To those of you special snowflakes who say that, it is VERY hard to feel sympathy for your fertility problems when you take it out on other women. Your struggles do not give you the right to tell other women to shut up. Her pregnancy and her opinion about her pregnancy has nothing to do with your life. If you can run your ugly mouthes, then she can too. Get off your high horses.

Allie on

This is what Gisele meant when she said some pregnant women eat like they are a garbage disposal. Who wears such outfits when they are pregnant , her thighs are disgusting. She should just walk around naked already, get it over with, really gross us out.

Andrea on

Then stop barebacking with Kanye West and stop whining. She complained that she couldn’t get pregnant and now that she is pregnant she’s whining again. Stupid broad!

Anonymous on

Let me start off by saying I do not like Kim, K, wish she would just go away. That said, all of the folks bashing her for telling the truth aren’t looking at the big picture. For once, she is actually doing a good thing. MANY women do not enjoy pregnancy – that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate that they were able to get pregnant, or appreciate the gift at the end, but sometimes, it sucks. If we are only allowed to say that pregnancy is all sunshine and roses, then we give other women a false picture. Then women who don’t feel blissful and beautiful think there is something wrong with them, and begin a hard but wonderful journey of parenthood thinking that they are terrible, or abnormal..
Bottom line is, yes, sometimes pregnancy totally sucks, and you count the minutes until the baby is born, and that is OKAY. It’s normal for some of us. It doesn’t make you a bad person to feel that way.

Denise on

I guess she never heard the phrase if you have nothing good to say they say nothing at all….I dislike them as it is but this is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time I’ve heard negative comments from her on pregnancy after she claimed how hard it was for her to get pregnant… she should be in some of our shoes that do everything in their power to get pregnant and still nothing..that spend countless hours crying over failed IVF cycles…no words for her… what a difficult life she has….please!!!!!!

iceblurose on

Didn’t she complain for like a year that she couldn’t get pregnant??? And now that she is, she complains it’s awful? Get over yourself, Kim, with pregnancy you take the good and the bad. And if it’s so awful, stop breeding- i’m sure no one would complain if there were less Kardashians in the world to hear about constantly!!! I’m also sure there are millions of women out there who would love to get pregnant.

And describing her as an “entrepreneur” is funny! But I guess that sounds better than “Former Amateur Sex Tape Star,” “Failed Dancing with the Stars Contestant and Singer,” “Ambassador of Everything Annoying,” “Purveyor of Cheap Clothes at Sears,” or “Talentless Reality Star.”

karen on

there are so many much more important thing going on in the world right now, than this rubbish. Can she not stay out of the news for more than 1 day? seems not. Next thing will be every time she passes gas we have to know about it………. for goodness sake………. go away!

Anonymous on

Lady shut up and thank God you’re able to have a baby… Please dress appropriately, you look like a stuff sausage in this outfit.

Guest on

Of course she doesn’t it…it’s the part the nanny can’t do for her…

Sara on

Well is she wore maternity clothes, comfortable shoes and wasn’t so vain, she probably would enjoy it more. Everything is always about her, her kids deserve better.

Sue's on

Lady shut up and thank God you’re able to have a baby… Please dress appropriately, you look like a stuff sausage in this outfit.

Valerie on

Didn’t even read the article. The title made me angry enough. Why do a magazine like People keep giving these idiots more time and space online and in their magazine? Having a child is a wonderful experience. I am sorry she is not smart enough to realize it. This whole family only thinks and cares about themselves. People, please start putting some good stories about normal people online and in print or you will lose my magazine subscription and have one less person looking at your website.

Suze on

First she bitched about her infertility “struggles.” Now it’s about her pregnancy misery. She needs to get over herself and try to be a good parent. It would be nice to see her kid smile once in awhile.

gymluv on

I hope it’s true that a mom who is miserable while pregnant has a child that gives her a really hard time. Because I cannot stand listening to this ungrateful, selfish and insensitive woman. I cannot wait until she gives birth so she shuts her miserable whining mouth up for 2 minutes. There is no way she is grateful to be pregnant which is a slap in the face to those who would give anything to be pregnant.

Janey on

I ‘ve got an idea for you Kim! How about you wear COMFORTABLE shoes and clothing and stop being at each and every event daily trying to stay in the news? How about you and your husband and child chill out at home? You could save yourself a few hours a day in hair and makeup and CHILL?

My pregnancies would have been miserable too if I lived in the circus you do!

gymluv on

And the only reason she hates being pregnant is because it is the one part of motherhood that she cannot get a nanny to do for her. If Kanye had not insisted on her trying to carry their child, she would have paid a surrogate in a hot second.

rubyovertherainbow* on

You feel miserable because you’re self centered, vain, and pre occupied with your looks instead of the life growing inside of you. You’re a miserable person and deserve to feel miserable all the time. Your looks will fade and it will kill you.

Zal on


Cathy on

And she makes us miserable. If she is so unhappy, stay at home.

Anonymous on

“It’s one billion percent worth it”…the baby seems like such an after thought. My second pregnancy was hard on my body, but everytime I felt that little baby kick, it reminded me of the bigger picture and the tiny little person I would hold in my arms soon. I can only hope that behind closed doors, when she’s not selling her ‘brand’ that she is sitting in sweat pants, watching North doing something silly and APPRECIATING everything that she has…including the new baby on her belly.

Anonymous on


ChattyMcWalker on

“It’s one billion percent worth it”…the baby seems like such an after thought. My second pregnancy was hard on my body, but everytime I felt that little baby kick, it reminded me of the bigger picture and the tiny little person I would hold in my arms soon. I can only hope that behind closed doors, when she’s not selling her ‘brand’ that she is sitting in sweat pants, watching North doing something silly and APPRECIATING everything that she has…including the new baby on her belly.

Carrie on

So sorry that pregnacy is hard. One must keep tags on the weight gain. Most of us have dealt with this without complaining! I hope my girls get something from this – that you have to be responsible for your body and your image. Kim get over it!

Jen on

GROW UP KIM!! There’s many woman who can’t get pregnant who would love to feel what you feel, even the bad. You are SPOILED BRAT who shouldn’t even be famous. If you don’t like what pregnancy does to you then please do us all a favor and stop having babies with the world’s biggest JERK! By the way, your taste in clothes is horrible! Please dress appropriate to your age.

Skiwoman on

Kim should be careful what she says for the sake of her children.

Anonymous on

Why am I reading this?

Levitico on

Why am I reading this?

Brandy on

It’s not all about her, that’s why she’s miserable.

Jean on

She is a gross human being in a gross family married to a gross man.

Anna on

It would be a lot less miserable if you stayed home and wore sweat pants like any normal person! I actually love Kim K, but don’t torture yourself in skin tight dresses and stilletos and then complain!

Gmama on

Three babies and these were the worst two symptoms:
1. The constant taste of metal in the mouth, despite taking prenatal vitamins before bed
2. Vomiting so violently that I would piss myself.

Labor was a breeze, even when the pain meds didn’t work. It was all worth it though.

Robin on

Hey Kim, you are a miserable experience.

Deb on

What a martyr.

Eve on

I try and try to sympathize with the woman, but sorry it’s hard.. she’s an idiot.

Kate on

I may not be a Kardashian fan but I can get behind this with Kim.

mommea on

Miserable and selfish people have miserable pregnancies!!!!!

Cck on

Wasn’t this the same person who complained about not being able to get pregnant. Now she is close to the due date and now is complaining about being pregnant.. There are woman who can’t get pregnant who would love to be in her shoes. She is ungrateful for the gift of a baby. If you don’t want any more kids then have her husband get clipped.

Sparkle on

I’m not a fan but at least she is being honest. It’s refreshing!

Anonymous on

She is just an unhappy person!

Fran on

What the hell is she wearing!? A tablecloth or curtains?

Nia on

I completely understand what she is saying and as a person who has an extremely low fertility rate I can appreciate her honest. The people who love their pregnancies and boast about the benefits of motherhood are the ones who make me sad. I always pray that I can get a little sliver of the happy pregnancy process those women get. However, people who are honest and say you know what I don’t like it,but the outcome is what matters are more relatable for me. Idk maybe it’s because I don’t hate her or dislike her that makes me statements okay with me, but I feel like some people want her to be someone she isn’t. She is Kim Kardashian. She is suppose to be this glamorous, over the top, open book. She is a reality star for crying out loud. At least she is being honest. That’s all I could ever ask for.

Marty on

I completely understand! I’ve gone through IVF twice but pregnancy was still an awful experience. It’s still very worth it!

Anonymous on

Appreciate her honesty…my experiences were no walk in the park either. But, as she said, holding your sweet baby in the end makes it all worth while 🙂

Guest on

Agreed! I love my girls more than anything, but pregnancy for me was miserable! Gestational diabetes, bleeding, emergency c-section, swelling, just crappy.

robyn on

I have never seen someone who whined so much about wanting to be pregnant and then once shes pregnant complains all the time. I am going to go out on a limb and say she got pregnant cause Kanye wanted another child, not because she wants one.Be grateful you can have a child. There are thousands of women who want kids and cant.

ann on

I really don’t care for Kim, but I agree that pregnancy isn’t that comfortable of an experience. I got so tired of people trying to tell me that I basically wasn’t allowed to feel irritated about it because I was soo very lucky to get pregnant at all. I’m like yes I am lucky, but at the same point I am still very uncomfortable. Can/should you really turn off or deny your feelings because other people don’t deem it appropriate? I certainly didn’t share my feelings with very many people, just close family so its not like I was whining to the public like Kim. But still. It is what it is.

Deb on

If it is miserable, then shut up, and stop posting your pregnant belly all over the media. What makes you so special? Motherhood has been around since the Stone Age. You don’t see scribblings on Stone Age walls with pregger bellies. Get over it!

Danielle on

She’s too vein to enjoy pregnancy. Ditch the heels and designer whatever the heck it is you’re wearing and just ‘be’. I wouldn’t let my husband, let alone Kanye try to dress me while I was pregnant. The world that you demand attention from will have much more respect for you if you just ‘be’ instead of ‘trying to be’.

rm on

Her sister Kourtney strikes me as way more motherly. Never heard her ranting about being pregnant. It is still a privilege to be pregnant..

Rebecca on

I find this to probably be the most real think this woman has ever said! She says it is 100% worth it she just does not like being pregnant. I 100% agree! I hated being pregnant but I love both of my children. I feel for women who can not get pregnant as I am sure she does as well. And to whoever commented on her attire and footwear GET OVER IT! She can dress in a freakin unitard if that is what makes her feel beautiful. Do I agree with anything else Kim K has to say probably not. Do I think she will ever read this, absolutely not but I will say this anyways. Thank you for your honesty. Admitting something like this to a magazine as popular as this one took courage. Sure a lot of mean spirited people will have something to say but I say GOOD FOR YOU! If that is truly how you feel yet you love both your children that is what matters! Not the blissful glowing happy pregnancy that people expect REALITY people THAT is what this is.

April on

If it’s so miserable you shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place. There are More important things in the World that is going on without hearing you’d families drama, get over Yourself

Isabelle on

Well, maybe if you dressed and behaved like a pregnant woman, you wouldn’t feel so miserable…feeling comfy 24/7 is a must and there is no way you feel comfy looking the way you do. AND…think of the women who cannot have children, how do you think your comment makes THEM feel?

ZainNoorLukas on

There’s no point in discussing it, but for sure there is something utterly unlikeable about this woman and her husband. I wish them no ill will, but why oh why won’t they ever decide to live lives of privacy and discretion????

Anonymous on

She is such an idiot. Does she know how many women are trying to have children, but can’t? She should shut up and thank God for the gift of carrying her own child.